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If you’ve been following the PS5 news, you’ll be aware that due to its current shortage and primarily online-only sales, it’s very impossible to find this machine. If you don’t mind spending more money on a bundle that also contains the PS5, GameStop has restocked a number of bundles right now.

If you’re curious about what each bundle contains, we found two that might be worth your money.

The PS5 Digital Edition bundle costs $600, or around $200 more than the console alone, and comes with the console, one-year memberships to PS Plus and PS Now, an additional DualSense controller, and a $20 GameStop gift card. Purchasing all of these items individually would tally up to the same $600, so you’re not forced into a marked-up price.

The second bundle is $730 in price. You get a PS5 with a disc drive, two $70 titles (Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War and Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Launch Edition), an extra DualSense controller, and a $20 GameStop gift card for that amount. If you were to purchase all of these things separately, they would typically retail for around $720 before tax, so there would be a slight price rise.

Today at GameStop, a third bundle is also available for purchase. A PS5 system with the disc drive, three games (Marvel’s Avengers, Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Launch Edition, and Hitman 3), an extra controller, and a $20 GameStop gift card are all included in the $760 package. If you want all of these add-ons, adding up all of these goods separately would cost nearly the same, thus there isn’t any price gouging going on.

What is Included in a PS5 Bundle?

Due to how much better it is than its predecessors and the changes made to the system, the PlayStation 5 is one of the finest videogame consoles in 2023. There has never been a better moment to enter the gaming market, with SSD technology allowing games to load quickly and enough power to display some spectacular visual visuals.

In 2023, there are a tonne of amazing packages available, all of which include the best games. You might not know which one to buy with so many bundles and entry points available. The best combos to fully experience Sony’s system are highlighted in this buyer’s guide.

The PlayStation 5 Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition is one bundle you will want to pre-order. The console looks stunning with the Spider-Man design and the clash of colors between black and red, referencing Venom and Spider-Man. The bundle also includes a digital copy of the game that is bound to be one of Sony’s greatest hits of 2023.

The controller is also adorned with a theme, resulting in a fantastic appearance that is bound to leave an impression. The PS5 controllers and consoles were black until the PS5, which is white, so the Spider-Man bundle is a return to form most finely by adding red. This bundle is a limited edition, so grab it while you can. It’s a prestigious bundle that will please collectors and Spider-Man fans alike.

Final Fantasy 16 has delivered a strong impression with its outstanding graphics and storytelling. This FF16 bundle has the PS5 disc version, a controller, and a digital copy of the game. If you love RPGs and want to enter the action with the breakthrough game of the year, this bundle is perfect.

The bundle includes some bonuses for Final Fantasy 16, including the experience, money boost accessories, and a weapon. In addition, this PS5 version is a revision from the original, featuring a redesigned motherboard, heatsink, and cooler. The result? It uses 10 percent less power than the original PS5, a welcome upgrade when considering the rise of electricity in some regions.

If you want the PS5 bundle with the most promising game, the God of War Ragnarök bundle aims to please. Ragnarök was a Game of The Year contender along with Elden Ring, and it is a videogame that showcases what gaming’s finest can achieve.

The bundle features a disc version with a digital copy–by this point, you can notice this is a trend of Sony when it comes to releasing bundles–and a controller in the default white color. A bundle with a game such as Ragnarök is a great way to experience what PlayStation 5 exclusive games can bring to your videogame table. It is the best value as it’s slightly discounted from the original price and can sometimes be found at a discounted rate.

Horizon Forbidden West is a beautiful PlayStation 5 game that excels in immersion and getting lost in its world. The colors and environments in the video games look gorgeous, and you can notice that when even the most superficial details, such as wood and sticks, appear skillfully crafted.

Once again, the bundle is a disc console version with a digital copy. The disc version console can accept physical games instead of only digital ones. This bundle shines with the haptic feedback feature as Horizon Forbidden West masterfully implements the feature. When moving inside fields of red grass or using your bow to shoot an arrow, you can notice the controller delivers meaningful vibrations.

Everyone knows Call of Duty. A popular series that has remained at the forefront of gaming for decades, the Modern Warfare 2 bundle excels at including a superb entry point to multiplayer. Modern Warfare 2 brings the beloved and classic experience of Modern Warfare 2 to new heights in this entry.

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The bundles come with the standard colors for the console and the controller, the disc version, and a digital copy of the game. Call of Duty is a great game to consider when buying a console bundle, as it comes with the complete package: A single-player experience, a multiplayer one, and a survival game mode (not zombies, is spec ops). Overall, a terrific bundle to consider.

The Playstation 5 Digital Edition is the only bundle in this guide that doesn’t come with a disc drive, meaning it cannot play physical game copies. What makes the option appealing is that the price tag has been reduced drastically, and depending on the bundles you compare, you could save almost half of the price.

The digital version cannot use physical games. Still, unless you are a collector or like to have physical copies, that lack of a feature could be either detrimental or easily ignored. In the newest gaming generation, videogame delivery has been facilitated thanks to digital copies that allow for effortless downloads, enabling buyers to enjoy a game the same day they purchase without leaving home. If your videogame store is far from your home or you rather not wait for a package, digital can be beneficial.

These bundles offer something different, whether it be another videogame, features, or a revisited console version. There had never been a better time to jump into video games or own a console than 2023, especially with some of the newest bundles.

The Spider-Man bundle is exquisite. That is a known fact. If you want a PS5, what better option than a Spider-Man theme console with Sony’s newest high-budget game? The controller also looks unbelievably amazing, and its limited edition adds a certain flair of distinction! Otherwise, the digital version can save you a lot of money if you want a PS5 and focus on something other than physical games or stylish differences.

Do I Get Free Games on PS5?

In recent years, free-to-play games have become more popular, flooding the market with games that you may play for dozens or even hundreds of hours without spending any money. It can be intimidating to comb through the catalog and choose one to play because there are so many games and so much variation. We’ve compiled some of the top free-to-play gaming options for PS5 players.

Although some of the PS5 games listed below may require payment, they are all free to start playing. Expansions and aesthetic improvements are frequently included in items that are not included in the main free game.


An unsurprising entry for the list, Fortnite is a mega-hit that continues to take the world by storm. This stylized battle royale game has a variety of game modes to participate in to test your skills, an ever-evolving map to explore, live event spectacles, a robust creative community, and hundreds of original and licensed IP crossover cosmetics. There are plenty of other games like Fortnite worth playing, but the original is still worth diving into.

Apex Legends

Another prevalent battle royale on the market, this FPS from Respawn continues to grow and evolve with frequent updates adding brand new characters (Legends) to play as, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. 

Genshin Impact

The action RPG from miHoYo provides hundreds of hours of content to play as you explore the fantasy world of Teyvat. Build up a party of varied Genshin Impact characters with unique abilities to defeat powerful enemies and solve challenging puzzles. Complete with a compelling single-player campaign, there’s something for everyone!

Destiny 2

The legendary looter shooter from Bungie became free to play in 2019. With the base game available to everyone, it’s never been a better time to become a Guardian and begin combating the Darkness. With consistent updates and major expansions throughout each year, there is more than enough to keep you coming back time after time. Most recently, the Lightfall update brought additional paid content to the game.

Astro’s Playroom

A break from the live-service titles thus far, Astro’s Playroom from Team Asobi is pre-installed on every new PS5, meaning you’ll have instant access to this adorable but incredibly fun and competent platformer as soon as you boot up your console! As a loving homage to PlayStation’s history and making full use of all the new Dualsense controller features, this short but sweet title should be one of the first PS5 games you play on the console.


This third-person RPG from Digital Extremes has grown and evolved to the point of it being near unrecognisable to its more basic beginnings. With deep customization, build optimization, regularly released Warframe armors,  and an insanely simple but compelling gameplay loop, Warframe is a title worth testing out for the dashing mechanic alone!

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Call of Duty’s prestige battle royale game, Warzone 2.0 has rotating Seasons bringing new Operators, weapons, maps, gameplay mechanics, and more to players who drop solo or in squads onto Al Mazrah or the newly released Ashika Island map.

Falls Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Developed by Mediatonic, Fall Guys was an instant smash-hit when it debuted in 2020. This platforming, mini-game based battle royale has an adorable art style, ingenious level design, and a fast frenetic gameplay loop as you compete against others to be the last bean standing.

The Sims 4

Another divergence from the battle royale standard, The Sims 4 became free-to-play towards the end of 2022. This installment in the iconic life-sim franchise provides the base game at no cost, with innumerable expansions and DLC available for purchase should you wish to add to your gameplay experience.

Path of Exile

Set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast, this online action RPG offers a wide array of customization/build options and though the game is always online, it can easily be tackled solo for those players accustomed to dungeon-crawlers like Diablo. 

Rec Room

A social and creative hub, Rec Room provides a number of social spaces and activities to partake in, and games to play, and content is continually updated by the community who produce their own minigames and activities. This title is a joy to meet new people, and chill with friends, and can even be enjoyed in PSVR should you own the headset!

War Thunder

A vehicular combat game that has a wide variety of modes for you to partake in, from arcade battles and more realistic warfare, to recreations of real historical conflicts, War Thunder lets you get behind the wheel and/or control of numerous vehicles; boats, planes, tanks, and much more!

World of Tanks

Striving for a more arcade-style gameplay experience when compared to a game like War Thunder, this MMO gets you right into the action as two armies of tanks go to war on giant battlefields. Commandeer various tanks from wars past and secure victory!

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