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Anyone who is ready to put in some work can make money online from Google. Home based businesses have grown in number over the past few years and this number is still increasing. Google is a name that keeps popping up when online business is being discussed.

This is because it is the largest search engine and is a major determinant of the profitability marketing on the internet. Because of the importance of Google to online marketing, it is vital for every online marketer to understand how Google works.

This understanding will enable you to take advantage of the resources that are made available by this online giant. Google is not just for searching for information. It can be a great source of income for you if you know what to do.

Here are a few ways to make money online with Google.

  • How Can I Make Money on Google?
  • How do Beginners Make Money Online With Google?
  • How Much Will Google AdSense Pay me?
  • Can I Work Online For Google And Get Paid?
  • How do Google Apps Make Money?
  • 8 Ways to Earn Money From Android Applications on Google Play
  • How Can I Get 1$ on Google Play?
  • Who is The Best Earning App?
  • What Can a Scammer do With a Google Play Card?
  • Can You Get Free Google Play Codes?
  • What Are AdSense Sites?
  • How Do You Get Paid on TikTok?
  • How much does TikTok pay?
  • How do I Turn my Google Play Card Into Cash?
  • How do I Get a Google Pay Card?

How Can I Make Money on Google?

Affiliate Marketing

Most webmasters who earn money from affiliate marketing direct their site engine optimization efforts towards ranking on Google. This is because more than 80% of online searches come from Google and it is a very great source of traffic. If your website is properly optimized, it will be ranked high in search results and it will attract more visitors.


Adsense is another popular way to make money online with Google. Adsense adverts can be seen on thousands of websites all over the internet. If you have a popular blog or website, you can apply for an Adsense account from Google.

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When your account is approved, you will be able to place Adsense ads on your web pages. These ads can be in text form or graphics. You are paid when your visitors click on the ads. It is an excellent way to make residual income especially if your website has a lot of visitors.

Blogger And Youtube

Google also provides other platforms that can give you the opportunity to make money online. Blogger is a free blogging platform where you can setup as many free blogs as you like. Blogging is very profitable and doing it on a free platform saves you a lot of money. YouTube, another Google website, is the largest video uploading site on the internet.

YouTube marketing has enabled a lot of people to make money on the internet. All you need to do is to learn how to create interesting videos that you will upload to your YouTube account. Place a link to your site in the video description so that the viewers can visit your website.


If you have the money for PPC adverts, you can consider Google Adwords. It is a very popular and effective PPC advertising platform. Adword adverts are what showed up as Adsense on Google partner websites. Adwords can be a profitable way to drive targeted traffic to affiliate websites, CPA offers and sales pages. However, it is vital to do proper research before you start spending money on PPC ads.

Lastly, another way you can make money online with Google is to choose Google checkout as your payment processor. It is a convenient and effective way to receive payment on your website.

How do Beginners Make Money Online With Google?

So, you’re interested in making some extra money on the side online with Google. There are a ton of ways to make some coin online. In fact, many of them can be turned into a full-time gig.

Knowing what avenues work best for you and your skill-set, and how to use those avenues correctly, is the key to making money online these days. And once you establish a presence online, it’s much easier to maintain it and keep the cash flow going.

1. Start a Blog

Without a doubt, the most popular way to make money with Google is to create a blog. Setting up a blog is actually pretty easy to do, and once you link your site to Google AdSense, you can start raking in the cash.

It goes without saying that you need to have a basic understanding of SEO, and plenty of great ideas that people want to read about, to make a blog work. But if you’re a creative person, or if you have a unique spin on a certain topic, people may be interested in reading what you have to say.

It’s worth noting that the blogging community is heavily populated. Depending on your niche, it can be hard to get the ball rolling. Figuring out how to get people to actually find and read your content can be difficult, to say the least.

But if you can create a blog that people find and enjoy, you can turn it into a full-time gig, complete with a steady income, all from your living room.

2. Write an eBook

Ways You Can Make Money Online With Google

It wasn’t too long ago that, if you wanted to create and sell a book, you not only had to write the book, but you also had to try to sell it to publishers. This means that it was very possible that you would go through all the hard work that it takes to write a book and never actually make a dime off of it.

Well, selling a book to thousands of people is now a realistic option for everyone, thanks to eBooks. So if you have a story to tell, fiction or nonfiction, consider writing an eBook and selling it via the Google Play Store.

Much like a blog or website, this does require you to have some creative ideas or an interesting story to tell. But if this sounds like something for you, go for it and see what happens!

You won’t have to worry about finding a publisher to work with, but you will have to figure out how to get your book out there for people to see and read. But if you can generate some interest in your book online using social media, and get your creation near the top of the list in the Google Play Store, you can earn a nice paycheck.

3. Create an App

Did you know that over 81% of adults in the United States currently own a smartphone? And what’s on all those smartphones? Tons of smartphone apps.

Ways You Can Make Money Online With Google

So if you have an idea for a cool smartphone app, and think other people might be interested in it, consider making an app and selling it via the Google Play store.

Perhaps you’re big into fitness and are always creating new workout regimens that you and your friends love. Film some videos and share those routines on your app. People are always looking for fitness tips online, so the market for something like this is already thriving.

Or maybe you have an idea for a mobile game that hasn’t been done yet. Create it, promote it, and you may just have the next billion-dollar mobile game on your hands.

4. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the entire world, with over 30 million daily members. Because of this, thousands of content creators flock to the website daily to make videos, and money, using the platform’s wide reach.

If you have a fun personality, some skills with a camera, or both, a YouTube channel could be the perfect side hustle for you. Like everything else on this list, with the right amount of hard work, this could turn into a full-time gig one day.

Similar to a blog, you connect your YouTube channel to Google AdSense to start earning money based on advertisements that are put on your channel. If you can build up a solid following on the site, and create a loyal group of subscribers, you can make good money online by posting a few videos a week.

5. Create a Podcast

One of the most popular entertainment mediums right now is podcasts. There isn’t a niche that exists on the internet that doesn’t have a podcast (or a hundred) related to it.

Ways You Can Make Money Online With Google

Much like YouTube has given anyone the chance to be a TV star, podcasts have given anyone the chance to be a radio host. So if you think you’d be good at creating unique audio content on a regular basis, do some research on what it takes to have a successful podcast.

Perhaps you and your friends have interesting and funny conversations about the latest happenings in sports. If you’re all into gaming and are always debating which new games are the best out currently, talk about it in a podcast.

Recording those conversations and posting them to various podcast platforms like Google Play can indeed make you money. Of course, you’re going to have to know how to use that platform correctly to make said money.

Things like ad sponsorships and an eCommerce store with merchandise related to the podcast can lead to you making some serious cash online.

Advertisers will pay you if you get a good amount of downloads on your podcast episodes. If you build a solid fan base, you can sell merchandise related to your show, and even create a tour and do your podcast in front of a live audience.

6. Take Surveys on Google Opinion Rewards

Are you someone who has an opinion on literally everything? From random products to movies and TV shows, if you’re an opinionated person, then Google Opinion Rewards couldn’t be more perfect for you.

Google Opinion Rewards offers people the opportunity to take paid surveys online that cover a wide variety of topics. Sure, you won’t make a ton of money per survey, but they’re quick and easy and you can take as many as you want.

This doesn’t have a high ceiling like some of the other items on this list. But if you’re looking to make some side money, this is one of the best options on this list.

7. Explore Google Remote Careers

Finally, you can’t talk about making money with Google without talking about actually working for Google directly. To say that Google is a massive company would be an understatement. They’re one of the biggest corporations in the entire world, and as a result, they’re always hiring new people.

They’re always looking for people who want to work remotely in a specific field. So explore Google’s Remote Careers page and see if anything jumps out at you.

How Much Will Google AdSense Pay me?

There are many advertising programs that can help you earn money nowadays, but the most popular is Google AdSense.

This advertising program was launched in mid 2003 by Google and is currently the most popular advertising program on the Internet. It provides a good opportunity for webmasters and site owners to monetize their traffic — every year, Google pays over $10 billion to its publishers.

If you’ve asked yourself, ‘How do I make money with AdSense? Here is the answer.

Google charges advertisers per ad click. Publishers get 68% of the click amount (or 51% when it comes to AdSense for search).

The commission you get depends heavily on the competition and CPC in the niche. In practice, the commission per click can range from $0.20 to $15. The majority of niches bring less than $3 per click to publishers. However, there are some niches that can be extremely profitable.

There are two ways to discover the most profitable topics:

1. Estimate an average cost per click in the niche with the CPC Map tool:

Ways You Can Make Money Online With Google

You can see that the three most expensive niches in the US are Insurance, Online Education and Marketing & Advertising. If you are just about to start a blog and choosing the topics to cover, these numbers will be extremely useful for you.

2. Check the CPC of a particular keyword in the Keyword Magic tool:

Ways You Can Make Money Online With Google

This tool is powered by the biggest keyword database in the world (over 14.6 billion keywords as of August 2019). You can just enter a seed keyword (“adsense”, for example) and it will give you tons of related search terms with CPC, search volume and competition level for each of these terms.

the amount you earn doesn’t solely depend on the cost per click value in your niche. It also depends on how ads match your audience interests, where the ads are located on the page, etc. So pay attention to the content of your website, its look and feel, and test different placements within a page to find the most efficient option.

Traffic Is The King

Finally, and most importantly, your earnings also depend on the amount of targeted traffic to your website. You can choose the most expensive niche and pick the best placements for your ads, but it doesn’t make sense if nobody comes to your website or blog.

Keep in mind that only a very small number of your visitors will click the ads (there are no official statistics from Google, but usually webmasters report that 1% to 2% is quite a good CTR). Most probably, the clicks will bring you less than $1 per click.

Now you can calculate yourself how much traffic you need to earn the amount you want. Therefore, if you want to make money with AdSense you should have large volumes of traffic. This will require a lot of work and a lot of unique and quality content.

This means that it is always reasonable to create a website on a topic you know a great deal about. It will be much easier for you to generate a lot of quality content and this work will be pleasurable. Do not expect to make $1,000 per month with a 10-page website. It is recommended to create at least 20-30 pages of content before you start working with AdSense.

Why Should I Use Google Adsense?

If you are thinking about making money with Google Adsense, here are some of the advantages of Google AdSense

  • A huge number of publishers and advertisers. As of today, over 10 million websites are using it.
  • High level of security, safety and transparency for both advertisers and publishers. This is another good feature of AdSense. Google acts as an intermediary between the two sides and is mindful of the whole process being transparent and clear for everyone. All the necessary metrics can be tracked within your Google Analytics account.
  • Variety of ad formats. In AdSense, advertisers can run text, images, HTML ads, video ads and much more, and in many different sizes. As a publisher, you can experiment with different ad types and figure out which ones drive the most revenue.

Tip: check which sizes are the most used by other publishers and learn from them. For example, in our own study, based on the analysis of over 63,000 advertisers and publishers, we found out that the most popular ad sizes are 728×90 and 300×250:

Ways You Can Make Money Online With Google

Can I Work Online For Google And Get Paid?

If you are serious about making money online from Google, then this article will play an important role in your journey to online riches.

Even if you work with just one online job, you can make excellent income from Google.

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is much better & easier than any other money-making option available on the internet.

That’s the reason, more than 2 million people choose Google AdSense to make money from their blogs and websites.

Yes, you heard right. You need a website or a blog to make money from this Google online job. But creating a blog is super easy today. Even a 10th class student can start his blog or website in 30 minutes.

You can earn $500 to $20,000 every month from Google AdSense. If you are wondering how, here are some simple steps.

  1. Start a blog.
  2. Write articles and publish on your blog regularly. (Anything that interest you like entertainment, finance, fashion, cooking, politics, hobbies, cryptos, etc.)
  3. Apply for Google AdSense account.
  4. Once you get the approval from AdSense, place AdSense ads on your blog.
  5. You will earn money for each and every time a visitor click on those AdSense ads.

This online job is known as blogging in the internet world and you will be known as a blogger.

2. YouTube

Do you know YouTube has created hundreds of millionaires in India in the last 1-2 years? Yes, there are many richest Indian YouTubers you can find.

Today, it’s much easier to start a YouTube channel and earn money from it. You just need to find a profitable niche and create videos in your niche.

YouTube ads are one of the most popular ways to monetize your YouTube channel. You can make money by becoming a YouTube partner and showing ads in your videos.

There are many other ways like making sponsored videos, affiliate marketing, selling merchandise, etc.

Today everyone wants to start their YouTube channel to make money from it but most people make mistakes while running their channel and that’s the reason for their failure.

Here are the exact steps that will help you to grow your YouTube channel and earn regular income from YouTube.

  1. Choose a niche (according to your interest, trend or profit)
  2. Create your YouTube channel
  3. Create quality videos (initially it may seem difficult but with some experience, things will be easier)
  4. Upload your videos on your channel
  5. Learn ways to get more views and subscribers
  6. Apply for YouTube partner program when you meet YouTube requirements.
  7. Start earning through YouTube ads. But you can use other monetization ways from day one.

3. Google Ads

Affiliate marketing is the one of most lucrative ways to make money by promoting an online merchant like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Clickbank, etc.

There are thousands of companies that provide affiliate programs. You can join some of the best affiliate programs, promote them online, and earn lots of money.

Here are the exact steps to earn money using Google Ads-

  1. Select a niche that you are passionate about like health, tech, sports, finance etc.
  2. Choose the best affiliate program in your niche & join it.
  3. Build a landing page to write a detailed article or review about the product.
  4. Signup for Google Ads account.
  5. Create ads camapign for the landing page. You need to research keywords and create excellent ad copies for high conversion
  6. Collect affiliate commission for every sale or lead.

Google Ads is not easy. You need to pay everytime someone clicks on your ads. You need to learn it properly before you create and run campaigns there. If your ads are not good, you can make a loss.

How do Google Apps Make Money?

Have you ever wondered why people use mobile phone applications? The simple answer to this question is that mobile phone applications offer a lot of conveniences and it is the sole reason why people use mobile phone applications.

The people who use Android apps demand it to be quick, effective, and visually captivating. In order to learn how to earn application revenue, it is essential to learn about the ways in which payment is usually made in the Play Store.

The payment method works in the following ways in the Google Play Store.

  • In the case of paid android applications, the amount of money the application will make will be credited to the account within 30 days period.
  • The payment method of the Google play store is based on a 70:30 payment ratio. It means that for the money the application makes 70% of the money go to the application owner and 30% of the money will be kept by the Google play store.

 According to statistics, the global revenue of Android is almost 71.3 billion dollars in the year 2019. During the years 2017 and 2018, the revenue growth of Google Play Store increased by 27.3%. The percentage of increase in the application downloads was found to be at 13% in the case of Google Play Store.

8 Ways to Earn Money From Android Applications on Google Play

A variety of different strategies are present for Android applications to make money. These different strategies are incorporated inside the Android application to get maximum revenue. Check out these strategies and apply them to your application. You can use one strategy or multiple strategies at the same time in your Android application to gain revenue.

The details of these strategies are as follows:

1. Using In-App purchasing

The majority of the gaming applications present over the Google Play Store involve using in-app purchasing. In-app purchasing is a very powerful option that is available for the developers to incorporate within their Android applications.

The in-app purchasing option works in a way that some special features or functionalities are introduced in the application that requires money. To get access to the special features and functionalities the users use different kinds of payment methods to make the purchase and acquire their required items within the application.

In this way, revenue is earned with applications. Ensure that the functionality that is present in in-app purchasing, improve customer satisfaction and involvement in the applications. One common example of In-App purchasing is the game Candy Crush. This game earns a revenue of around $800,000 a day with the help of in-app purchasing. 

2. Using In-App Advertising

In-App advertising is another powerful option that can be used for earning money with android applications. Different companies are present that offer in-app purchasing. These companies use different models that are used for advertisement.

One famous model is known as cost per click model for the advertisement. The partnered company usually requires a small commission from the advertisement. One rule of thumb for using in-app advertisement is to use relevant advertisements that conform to the content of your application.

3. Try to use a subscription model for the application

Using the subscription model inside the application proved very successful for many companies. The Netflix company is an example of a company based on a subscription model. Try to offer search content and material to the target audience that shows some real value. Try to make interesting content so that the users would like to spend more time on the application.

By engaging the audience into using your application, you can get profit from your application. Therefore, using the subscription model for your application can prove a great way for making money from the application.

4. Try to create an Android application that runs on multiple Android devices

Imagine that you have created an application and it only runs on mobile phones. Surely, you will miss the users that use applications over their desktops and tablets. One simple solution to increase the audience of your application is to make the application compatible with different Android devices.

It is important that all users have access to all applications and have quick access even to information like unblock pirate bay. Create your application in such a way that its graphics and other assets are compatible with running on multiple Android devices regardless of their size, resolution, and versions.

5. Finding a sponsor for your application

Using sponsorship for your Android application is also a clever way of getting money from apps. For using sponsorship, first, you have to find a company or a brand that is using a similar application like yours in the Android marketplace. After searching the company, You get their sponsorship, and customers for your company will increase.

6. Freemium

This mode of monetization is very interesting. Freemium model includes the process in which different companies offer advanced versions of their mobile phone applications to the target audience. In this way, the users will spend an amount of money in exchange for the application. It is one of the most profitable and guaranteed ways of making money from apps.

The basic idea behind this freemium is that the core premium features of the application are kept in lock and they are only unlocked for the people who want to spend real money on the features.

7. Research your competitors

In the world of Android apps, different competitors are present in the Android marketplace. To make an application successful, it is necessary to research the competitive applications that will be in competition with your application on the Play Store.

For getting successful among different competitors, it is necessary to make applications with captivating and unique features that are new for the target audience.

Create such new features for your application that are very useful for the users and they engage the interest of the users in using the application. Doing proper research about the competitors and creating an application that stays ahead of the competition is a sure way of earning money from publishing app on the Play Store. 

8. Invest your time in researching the profitable categories of the Android application

One of the most extremely important points of creating an application is to ensure that there is a requirement for that application in the market. If you create an application with no target audience, there is no way that such an application can be successful.

Before creating an application, it is vital to invest time and do proper research in searching for the profitable niche of the android marketplace.  Some common categories of profitable Android applications are :

  • Social media applications,
    • Music-related applications,
    • Applications dedicated to entertainment purposes,
    • Games,
    • Business and finance applications.

How Can I Get 1$ on Google Play?

One of the best ways to earn free Google Play credits is for Google to give them to you. By signing up for Google Opinion Rewards, the Google survey team will send you surveys to complete. You will instantly receive credits for each survey completed allowing you to earn up to $1 per survey.

What you can do with Google Play 

Google apps that will help you get started include:

  • Games for Android devices and Chromebooks. 
  • Rent or buy movies or TV shows.
    • US Only: Download Google TV
    • Non-US: Download Google Play Movies & TV.
  • Read or listen to books, news and publication subscriptions.

If you plan to buy apps or something within the apps you download, set up a payment method.

Set a payment method to use with all apps

You can use this payment method to buy apps, or items within the apps you download from Google Play, including the apps mentioned above. When you add a payment method, you’ll automatically get access to thousands of books, movies, TV shows, and games. 

  1. Open the Google Play app .
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap Payments & subscriptions and then Payment methods and then Add payment method.
  4. Choose the payment method you want to add.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Who is The Best Earning App?

For those looking to make money in an easily accessible way, apps provide plenty of avenues to consider. You can use your smartphone to take surveys, pick up a side gig, sell your unwanted stuff and more.

Here’s the scoop on seven free money-making apps.

1. Ibotta

How it works: Ibotta lets you earn cash back on in-store and online purchases at over 2,000 supported retailers. Originally for groceries, it has expanded to include clothing, entertainment and eating out, pet supplies and other categories.

Offers can be product or retailer-specific — and some will automatically be applied. For others, you’ll need to complete an additional task such as watching a video or taking a poll.

There are three possible ways to earn cash back in stores: Add offers and submit your receipt in the app after your shopping trip, link your retailer loyalty accounts or purchase a retailer gift card through the Ibotta app. For online purchases, you shop through the app or with the Ibotta browser extension on your computer.

Payment: PayPal, digital gift card or direct to a bank account.

2. Rakuten

How it works: Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) rewards shoppers with up to 40% cash back on purchases from well-known retailers, restaurants and food delivery services. Users can also earn cash back on travel, gift cards and more.

It’s straightforward: Create an account, tap on the store where you want to shop in the app, then make the transaction through the portal. You can also link a credit or debit card to your Rakuten account to earn cash back in-store — as long as you activate the deal through the app first.

Rakuten credits the cash back to your account after it confirms the purchase with the retailer, which it says can take a few hours to several days.

Payment: PayPal or check.

3. Swagbucks

How it works: Swagbucks is a cash-back and rewards app. You earn points, called “SB,” by shopping, taking polls, watching videos, playing games or fulfilling other tasks through Swagbucks. You can redeem those points for gift cards or get cash back to your PayPal account. The total points awarded can vary by task.

For example, surveys are typically worth about 40 to 200 SB points each. The minimum balance required to redeem depends on the payout option you choose, but some gift cards are available for as low as 110 SB.

Payment: Gift card or PayPal.

4. Fiverr

How it works: Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace that features gigs in over 200 categories, such as programming and video and animation. Create an account first, then you can set your profile as a “seller” highlighting your expertise. Post the gig you’re offering, which will include pricing and a description of your services.

Clients, known as “buyers,” can click through and place orders. You’ll get paid once you complete the job. Fiverr assigns seller levels based on performance. As you move up each tier, you’ll be able to sell more “extras,” such as a faster delivery time.

Payment: PayPal, direct to a bank account or credit to a Fiverr Revenue Card (a prepaid card). Minimum withdrawal amounts vary, and you may be charged a withdrawal fee, depending on which option you choose.

5. Upwork

How it works: Upwork connects freelancers to gigs in writing, design, marketing and other categories on the marketplace. First, you’ll create a profile. It should include information such as the field you’re interested in plus your qualifications, availability and desired rate. Then, you can submit proposals. Clients will review them and offer projects if you seem like a good fit.

You begin each month with a set number of “Connects,” which are like credits that allow you to contact prospective clients. You can earn or pay a small sum for more Connects, but you won’t be charged when clients contact you. You can get paid on an hourly or per-project basis.

Payment: Direct to U.S. Bank, direct to your bank account, wire transfer, Instant Pay, PayPal and Payoneer. Charges apply to some payment options, so be sure to check Upwork for details.

6. OfferUp

How it works: OfferUp, which combined with competitor Letgo in 2020, functions as a local marketplace you can use to sell your stuff. If you want to reach a broader audience, OfferUp also allows shipping within the continental United States.

Create an account and snap a picture of your smartphone, car, sofa or whatever it is you’re selling. Once you add a title, description and price, you can post your listing and chat with buyers directly through the app. Then, you’ll ship to or arrange a meeting with the buyer.

Payment: Cash or deposit to debit card or bank account.

7. Poshmark

How it works: The Poshmark app is tailor-made for selling clothes, accessories and even home decor. After signing up, you take or upload photos of your item, fill out a description, price it and share the listing.

You can also feature items in the app’s “Posh Parties,” which are virtual shopping events centered around particular brands, categories and themes. Poshmark emails you a prepaid shipping label once a purchase is made. Then, you send the package.

Payment: Check or direct deposit to a bank account.

What Can a Scammer do With a Google Play Card?

If you’re a victim of a scam involving Play Gift Cards, here’s what to know:

Get my money back

Google Play Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash, not reloadable and non-refundable, unless required by law.

Any information that you can give will allow us to investigate and may help us prevent future scams.

Replace my stolen or lost gift card

Google Play gift cards cannot be resold, exchanged or transferred for value, so we will not be able to issue you a new gift card. Please read the Google Play Gift Card Terms of Service for more information.

Report the scam to proper authorities

Immediately report the scam to your local police department and the Federal Trade Commission.

Report the scam to Google

If you report the scam, you may be taking actions that can help stop the scammer and may help us prevent similar suspicious activities in the future.

Avoid scams in the future

Scammers can use different ways to trick people into providing Google Play gift cards.

In most situations, the scammers will call, saying that you owe money for taxes, bail money, debt collection, and more. Then they’ll tell you that to avoid getting arrested, or getting your SSN, or physical items taken, you have to pay them using gift cards.

  • Google Play gift card codes can only be used to buy on the Google Play Store. Google Play gift cards cannot be used to pay for taxes, concert tickets, bail money or any other items that are not on the Google Play Store.
  • Never provide gift card codes to anyone that you do not know as payment. Once you provide the codes to a scammer, they’ll likely spend the funds on the card immediately.

How do I Get The Free $10 on Google Play?

Power up in over 1M Android apps and games on Google Play, the world’s largest mobile gaming platform. Use a Google Play gift card to go further in your favorite games like Clash Royale or Pokemon Go or redeem your card for the latest apps, movies, music, books, and more. There’s no credit card required, and balances never expire. Treat yourself or give the gift of Play today.

Redemption instructions:
Only use this gift card’s code on Google Play. Any other request for the code may be a scam. Visit play.google.com/giftcardscam.

To redeem, enter code in the Play Store app or play.google.com/redeem.

Get Google Play $10 Gift Card for free with Swagbucks

Sign up for Swagbucks

  • Sign up for free with just your email and password.
  • Earn 1000 SB
  • Complete surveys, take advantage of promos, find shopping deals, play games or watch videos.
  • Redeem your points for Google Play $10 Gift Card
  • Exchange your SB for a Google Play $10 Gift Card.

Can You Get Free Google Play Codes?

Google and app developers discharge free Promo Codes every once in a while, which may be utilized to create in-app purchases, purchase discounts, and also receive free game Apps.

You will realize that Google Play Code is acceptable overall on all Google Play platforms, plus these play codes can be utilized for the majority of apps and games. By employing these Google Play Store codes, you’re able to buy any superior variant applications and unlock in-app top features of programs and games.

You can purchase different apps like Google Play Music subscriptions, books, and movies from Google Play Store using Google Play Gift Card Codes. With these Google Play Gift Card Codes, you can buy the premium version and unlock many games and apps for all the functions.

If you use the free version of games and apps, you can enjoy the basic functionality, but unlocking the premium version will give you access to all the features. However, paying for the in-app purchase to get those premium versions will be a waste of money over digital products.

In order to avail of the premium versions and numerous features, you can utilize the Google Play Gift Card Codes for this purpose.

With the help of a sufficient amount of credit in your Google Play account Gift, you can be able to purchase many apps and premium versions. You can also send these apps and Google Play Gifts to your family and friends. But you have to use them before they get expire and you need a credit card to buy Google Play balance Gift.

You can utilize the Google Play Redeem Code free in order to redeem your Play Gift cards. Follow simple steps and redeem your gift card codes.

  • On your Android device, just open the Google Play Store, if you want to use the gift card codes.
  • Then, in the next step, go to the “Menu” and select the “Redeem” button.
  • You will see a window appearing on your Google Play Store and press “Use” and give confirmation to use the code for your gift card.
  • Once, the whole procedure gets completed, you can check your account balance in the payment section of the Play Store.

So, just follow the above-mentioned steps and claim your Google Play Gift Cards. Hence, you can use your Google gift card codes and utilize them on your Google Play account easily. Therefore, these are the few tips to consume your free play store redeem code method for purchasing different apps and games.

Moreover, these are some easy yet reliable techniques to generate your google play card code and redeem the code as well. For more details, you can visit Giftcardgenerator.co website and remain updated about any coming offers on how to get the play store to redeem code.

What Are AdSense Sites?

AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by displaying ads next to your online content. With AdSense, you can show relevant and engaging ads to your site visitors and even customize the look and feel of ads to match your site.

Google AdSense provides a way for publishers to earn money from their online content. AdSense works by matching ads to your site based on your content and visitors. The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products. Since these advertisers pay different prices for different ads, the amount you earn will vary.

The AdSense Program differs in that it delivers ads served by Google Ads to your site. Google then pays you for the ads displayed on your site based on user clicks on ads or on ad impressions, depending on the type of ad.

AdSense gives you instant and automatic access to a huge source of advertiser demand, which means competition for your ad spaces, more relevant ads, and ads for all your online content.

How Do You Get Paid on TikTok?

TikTok has grown rapidly in recent years. It has approximately 17 million monthly active users in the UK, rising from around six million in 2020. Meanwhile, the TikTok app is on course to reach 1.5 billion global users in 2022.

So, how can users make money from TikTok and its fast growing audience?

There are three main ways to make money from TikTok:

  • earning money directly from TikTok through its Creator Fund
  • partnering with brands to post sponsored content
  • selling your own merchandise via the platform

To get in a position where you can start making money, you’ll need to follow these key steps:

  • build your following – you can start attracting the attention of brands with around 50,000 followers
  • identify a niche – if you have a smaller number of followers, developing a niche such as history or fishing can help you to get noticed
  • post regularly – make sure you’re consistent and don’t lose momentum by taking long breaks between posts
  • jump on trends – TikTok is known for its viral dances and music videos – can you incorporate the latest trend into your content?
  • engage with your followers – the more interaction you have with your followers, the better your sponsored posts will perform

How much does TikTok pay?

The amount of money you can make from TikTok is unlimited, but it varies.

Some of the world’s best-known creators earn millions of pounds through the platform each year. For example, according to the Digital Marketing Institute, US creator Addison Rae has made around $5 million from her TikTok videos.

It’s estimated that the most popular creators can make up to £10,000 per post. However, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to generate significant income directly from TikTok unless all your videos are getting lots of engagement.

That’s why it’s important to explore a range of revenue streams, including partnerships and merchandise.

You can calculate your estimated income using a TikTok money calculator.

If you’re looking to become an influencer and make money from affiliate marketing, it pays to have a multi-channel strategy. This means building your following across different platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, as well as TikTok.

Developing your online brand across several platforms can help you to get in front of a wider audience, build trust with your followers, and ultimately create more opportunities to make money.

That said, here are some other ways you can make money solely from TikTok:

  • song promotions – record labels and music promoters often pay influencers to promote their artists’ songs
  • collect virtual gifts and tips – you can earn extra revenue by creating content that your followers enjoy. TikTok has some useful tools (see above) to help you collect gifts and tips
  • create in-feed ads – Use TikTok Ads Manager to promote your merchandise or any services you offer
  • become a consultant – if you’re already making money from TikTok, new creators could hire you to offer tips and advice on how to get started

How do I Turn my Google Play Card Into Cash?

A huge number of applications are available for download via the Google Play store either for a cost or free of charge. In order to make purchases on Google Play, various methods can be used. You can either use a credit or debit card, gift card or deposit money in your Google Play wallet.

In case you want to transfer your Google Play balance to your bank account you can easily do so by following a few simple steps.

  • Sign into ‘Payment’ methods.
  • Thereafter, you will reach Google Play balance. Click on Transfer balance. 
  • You will be asked to enter the amount you want to transfer.
  • After that, you will be asked to confirm the payment method.
  • Then, for the last step, you will have to click transfer.

The list of steps mentioned above is for when you are using a Desktop. In case you want to transfer Google Play balance to your bank account using an Android device, the steps are as follows:-

  • Go to the Google Play app.
  • You will see a Payment button at the bottom, click on it.
  • Under the ‘Google Play balance’, click on cash out. 
  • Thereafter, enter the amount you want to transfer. 
  • After that, confirm the payment method.
  • Then finally click on Transfer.

So, there you go! The steps to transfer Google Play balance to your bank account are so simple. 

Google Play store has thousands of apps across every category possible. Some apps may be free to download, but many have their premium versions also which enable you to access their upgrades as well as additional features.

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In order to pay for the premium subscription, you can use your Google Play balance. The app directory is being constantly upgraded which means you can access all the latest apps and their updated versions from time to time. You can not only buy apps but music and books too.

How do I Get a Google Pay Card?

The new Google Pay card is a virtual Visa debit card that you can set as an NFC card, so now spending that money a friend sent you is as easy (and presumably quick) as setting your Google Pay balance as your NFC card and tapping your phone against a store payment terminal.

You can add cards, bank accounts, and other payment methods to Google Pay.

Important: Some features only work with certain payment methods

  1. Sign in to Payment methods.
  2. At the bottom, click Add payment method.
  3. Click Add credit or debit card.
  4. Enter your card info.
  5. If you’re asked to verify your payment method, choose an option from the list.
  6. Find and enter the verification code.

Note: After you add a card, you might see a small temporary charge on your account from Google. This charge checks that your card and account are valid. It won’t affect your balance and will go away soon.


When it comes to making money on the internet, Google is at the top of it. Google is the lifeline of almost everyone looking to make money on the internet.

The funny thing is, a lot of people get on Google to search for ‘how to make money online’ when they can actually make money on Google itself! There are many ways to make money online with Google and believe me, they can make you a millionaire.

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