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Great Ways to pick up Money Making Method in 2020

Most often, people have skills, but they don’t have some better ways to utilize their skills to earn for them. There are plenty of ways to make money that you can use to make a handsome livelihood through your expertise or liabilities. Liabilities do have the capacity to earn money for you. Using different ride apps and property renting apps can make it easy for selling such kinds of services.

Earn by selling your photographs

Do you also spend all your time with your mobile making yourself selfies and grimaces? Congratulations, you will like this idea to make money quickly.

It’s about selling your photos on image banks. These pages connect photographers (you) and companies or people who need to buy photos (to illustrate a blog, a brochure … whatever).

These pages are elementary: you register, upload your photos, and someone buys them. The idea is not to try to sell one of your pictures at 100 euros but to sell 100 photos at 1 euro.

Obviously, your photos have to be interesting, original, well made. They have to stand out. Think that many people have had the same idea, and these image banks have millions of photos. That’s why I have bad news: the safest thing is that your selfies don’t work.

Instead, your photos should be of nature, of food, of moments of life, of landscapes, of groups of people working.

Do not forget to label them correctly (that is, add a lot of information for each photo so that people can find them more efficiently) and, voila!

And now the million-dollar question: Jimena, how much can I earn by selling my photos? Well, that’s like everything: it depends. If you have just photographed a unicorn, you still get enough money. It also depends on the platform where you register: particular give you 50% of the price of the sale of your photo, others give you 0.25 or 0.30 euros. The minimum sale price of a picture is usually 50 cents or 1 euro.

The best-known websites are Fotolia, Shutterstock and iStockphoto. Most will approve your photos first.

There you will learn from everything: the best platforms, how much they pay you, what types of photos to upload, tips to improve your photos. The truth is that the article (and the blog in general) are pretty cool. You find some money-making ideas that can lead you to have a small business in your future. It is all up to you how you interpret these ideas to find the suitable one for you. 

Make money with your car

Why do you not drive to make money? Between depreciation, repairs and the price of fuel, a car can sometimes become a real financial burden. Fortunately, it is possible to compensate for some or all of these losses. Thanks to the following methods which you can take advantage of your car.

You can find many ways to make money by selling your rides to earn up to 200-300$ just by working three to four hours. In this kind of job, you are boss to yourself as there is none to ask you to be online in specific times. You may go online anytime 24/7 to earn a few bucks for your family. Other than this way, there are many online money making ways in which you can opt for any of them to earn money by working online.

Share your trip experiences. And don’t travel alone!

Very popular on the Internet, sharing your particular experience of trips is an activity that thousands of people do every week. Some for not being alone in their cars, others for meeting new people, and others also to make some extra money.

The idea is simple. Instead of travelling alone on a regular route, why not do it with other people? This way you can earn a few euros which you have spent on your fuel.

For example, the one-way trip Madrid – Valencia, you can find it from 15 euros in BlaBlaCar, the journey is a bit longer than by train, but obviously, it is cheaper, especially if you have not planned to travel well in advance.

Besides, who knows, maybe you could find your soulmate? ?

And for Latin America, you will ask? Here are several platforms where you can share your journey with your audience.

BlaBlaCar in Mexico, Carpoolear or Coviajero in Argentina, Quota in Colombia are the best journey sharing platforms that have a pool of people from the relevant countries, and these apps pay you when you have crossed the threshold level. Along this all, YouTube is one of the best ways to make money through your videos globally. Over YouTube, you come across a world level audience to share your experiences. Travel vloggers are making a lot of money through their vlogs.

Don’t you use your car? Rent it to other individuals.

As discussed in the introduction, renting out your liabilities in your local area is also one of the potential ways to make money. People use these tactics all over the world to make money by taking full advantage of different digital means like Drivy and AirBnB. 

In Spain, Drivy and also Amovens (where you can also share trips), they propose to rent your car to individuals, in exchange for an amount of money. If you do not use your car very often, it is one of the proper ways to make a handsome amount of money, instead of leaving it parked in the garage. Everything is designed so that the exchange is in the best possible conditions, and insurance contracts are included in the payment.

This practice is increasingly common and allows people who need a car at good prices than if they go to a rental company like Europcar or Hertz. For example, you can rent a Peugeot 307 at € 3 per hour or for € 23 per day, in Amovens.

Tripndrive aims to entertain travelers who want to share their car. Are you going on a trip? You leave your car in an airport parking or at a station (free!), And Tripndrive is responsible for paying for parking and renting your car to other individuals.

In Latin America, this practice is less developed. I only found the Tomatucar website for Mexico. But if you know another, or for another country, do not hesitate to share it in the comments.

Run an advertisement on your car

Of course, advertising is not only on the Internet or in mailboxes. You can also advertise different products/companies, turning your car into an advertising medium. You can put an advertisement on the rear moon, the driver’s door, the hood, etc.

There are several advertising agencies looking for cars to run ad campaigns of their customers. And people use their car to explore such ways to make money. In this regard, you are required to get in contact with a company which deals with such services. Now, your car proves to be a mobile ad player who can earn you money up to 150-200$ without getting engaged in any physical activity to make money.

If you have a car you will also be interested in knowing some ideas that allow you to save, here are some tips with which you can save a few euros a month.

Earn a few bucks through errands and favours 

Yes, it is also possible to do some favour to people around you and earn some money for that. You will not have a profit like that of a top footballer, but your wallet will get a few pennies for a better living. Here are some examples you could try.

  • make money by doing favours
  • Help your neighbours!

You can offer them a favour by renting out your car to your neighbour if he does not own a car. He will pay you for the support you granted him.

Sell your service in the local area

This method is valid for both young people and adults; it is a good idea to boost your monthly income. It can be mowing the lawn, helping with the iron, repairing your neighbour’s computer or making purchases, the chances are not lacking to do some errands and help others.

You can leave your house and knock on the door of your neighbours and propose their help; I am sure that in less than 10 minutes, you will already have a few errands to take care of. An easy way to earn money … and earn the love of neighbours. And it works anywhere.

In this digital era, you may take advantage of different apps to sell your services if you are a good fit for those jobs available on that platform.


These all ways are occasional to make money anytime you want. All the liability-centred ways to make money have opportunities to make money anytime. When it comes to selling skills for making money, you may have to put some effort into making yourself a valuable resource. Then, you can earn money, and this all needs you to spend your valuable time so that you can earn at the end. 

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