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Individuals who are good writers can easily earn money online with Associated Content now known as Yahoo Voice. This is a website that is created to provide a platform for people with different backgrounds to create content. It publishes a continuously expanding collection of original multimedia content that is insightful and engaging.

Information seekers can easily find the knowledge that they want by browsing through the categories on this website. As an Associated Content writer, you can expect to be paid about $3 to $20 for content that is accepted. You also get $1 for every thousand page views. You can get your money almost immediately because payment is made three times a week. But first, what is Associate Content?

What is Associate Voice

Associated Content (AC) now known as Yahoo Voice, was a division of Yahoo! that focused on online publishing. Yahoo! Voices distributed a large variety of writing through its website and content partners, including Yahoo! News. In early December 2011, its owners Yahoo! announced a major shakeup involving the introduction of a new service, Yahoo! Voices, which would replace the Associated Content site and take on the bulk of its content, while some 75,000 items would be retired under the new site’s more stringent content submission rules.

Signing up with Associated Content

If you want to earn money online with Associated Content, you have to open an account on the website. Individuals who provide content on this site are called Content Producers or CPs. Start by choosing a username that does not exist already and then create your profile. You are free to use your real name but a lot of CPs use pen names. New content producers are usually advised to go through Getting Started so as to get tips from Associated Content. You should also introduce yourself at the community forum.

Creating content for Associated Content

Now that you have opened your account, the next step is to start creating content. It is the content that you submit that will enable you to earn money online with Associated Content. You will make more money if your content is about a hot topic that is very popular. It should be unique and original. You will also have to learn how to use keywords appropriately. You can either choose evergreen topics that will continue to get page views for a long time or you can write about current topics that will bring immediate traffic. Stories that are easily searchable will help you to make more money.

Getting ideas for content

You need to produce a lot of content if you want to increase your earning potential on this website. Some established CPs who regularly earn money online with Associated Content have hundreds of articles on the site. If you have articles that have not been published, you can easily upload them to AC. You will be able to produce a lot of articles if you write about topics that you know. You can do some keyword research on your area of specialization so that you can find ideas for topics. It is also vital to be up to date with current affairs. You can easily get a lot of page views if you are the first to upload an article about an issue that is
in the news.

Earn money online with associated content by promoting your content

AC pays about $3-20 per article but most articles are on the lower end. However, the new performance bonus makes it possible for CPs to get paid for page views. This makes it important for you to promote your content so that it can get a lot of page views.

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