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A hoodie is a perfect clothing item because it provides just the right amount of warmth to get you through the autumn and winter months. Plus, they’re cozy and comfortable, but still stylish, especially if you opt to create your own custom designs.

Custom hoodies can be used in many ways, such as in advertising your brand, sharing your art, or just making your wardrobe more creative and personalized.

Long gone are the days when companies used to slap logos on shirts and move on to more important matters. Branding companies have grown into convenient and versatile establishments that are ready with experienced personnel who are happy to help you every step of the way.

  • Reasons to Start a Custom Hoodie Business
  • Why do People Order a Custom Hoodie?
  • Why Does Your Company Need a Custom Hoodie?
  • Why Should You Introduce Custom Hoodies For Your Brand?
  • How Can I Sell Custom Hoodies?
  • What Should You Keep in Mind While Purchasing Custom Hoodies Online?
  • How Much Should a Custom Hoodie Cost?
  • What is The Purpose of Hoodies?
  • What Are Some Types of Hoodies For Men?
  • What Are Some Unique Ways to Rock a Hoodie?
  • How do I Start a Hoodie Business?
  • How do You Market a Hoodie?
  • How Much Does it Cost to Print 1000 Hoodies?
  • Can a Hoodie be Business Casual?
  • How do You Make a Homemade Hoodie?
  • At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Hoodies?
  • Why Hoodie is so Popular?

Reasons to Start a Custom Hoodie Business

The key is to choose products that will always be in demand. One such product idea is custom hoodies. Currently, the market is seeing steady growth. For instance, the global winter wear market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.3% % from 2019 to 2025.

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This clearly implies that the sales of winter apparel are sure to go through the roof.

Above that, what if customers get to flaunt their fashion besides keeping themselves warm by wearing ‘custom’ hoodies or pullovers? Wouldn’t it be great? Customized hoodies have emerged as one of the latest fashion statements and everyone loves wearing them.

1. Can Be Potential Promotional Tools

A hoodie is a popular garment and people love wearing it. This is the reason a custom hoodie can be a great promotional tool for various brands. Currently, promotional products’ market size is $16b.

By printing their logos or taglines, brands can make custom hoodies their sand-out sales tool. When more and more people notice the custom hoodies; they would want to connect with a brand and avail its products/services.

You must have seen in umpteen ODI Cricket series that various cricketers wear customized t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and whatnot. The names you see on those t-shirts and hoodies are actually the names of the sponsors who promote their brands alongside that ODI series.

When the general audience notices these brand names worn by cricketers, these sponsor brands get more traction and their revenue grows.

Potential Promotional Tools

Start a custom hoodie business, and also let shoppers design your offerings with a product design tool.

2. Hoodies Are a Good Product Idea for Selling as Gifts

How great would it be when your customers become the reason behind big smiles on their near and dear ones’ faces by gifting them beautiful custom hoodies?

Be it Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas, or any other festival or occasion; a beautiful customized hoodie can be a perfect gift idea.

They also make for great mementos for family reunions, vacations or as wedding favors. Personalized hoodies will not only cheer them up but also become mementos for them that they would cherish forever. Plus, a custom hoodie is for all – kids, adults, and the old.

3. Enable Product Customization to Sell More

While you are out on the streets in the winter, won’t you like wearing a customized hoodie with your name, a favorite cartoon character, or something personal printed on it?

This is exactly what customers want too. They also want to stand out and look ‘different. If you offer them the freedom of customization, they can customize the hoodie the way they want. They may also customize it to match with their jeans or sneakers to look dashing.

And when they succeed in turning heads with unique and beautiful designs; they would definitely consider buying more from your store.

Brush Your Ideas Product Design Tool makes it possible to offer customization on your website. End users can upload images, add text, clipart, and more.

personalized tour of our product
4. Hoodies Are Highly Versatile

Custom hoodies are not only fashionable but also highly versatile. You can pair a hoodie with almost anything you want.

For instance, pairing a hoodie with track pants gives you a perfect gym look. Pairing the same hoodie with trousers; you are all set for going to the office! Put on your denim jacket along, you can hang out with your friends on a holiday.

It is this versatility of custom hoodies that they are always in high demand – especially during winters.

Secondly, unlike several apparel or accessories that are gender-specific; a hoodie is for anyone and everyone. They are comfortable, warm and can be trendy and casual for everyone.

5. Good Replacement of Sweaters

Though old is gold, old-school woolen sweaters may sometimes look odd – especially when you want to wear something ‘modern’ and ‘fashionable’.

For instance, if you are on a tour to a high-altitude area and the weather doesn’t allow you to flaunt your t-shirts and shirts; custom hoodies can come in handy.

A custom hoodie won’t only save you from cold but also help you stand out in the crowd. This is the reason that hoodies can be a great alternative to sweaters and engage customers better if personalized.

6. Represent Your Personality

‘If you are good at something, never do it for free’ – a famous dialogue from an unforgettable movie ‘The Dark Knight’.

You must be wondering why I am telling you all this. Well, there is a point I want to make here.

Just like this dialogue, there are many other dialogues from various movies across the globe in different languages that are evergreen. And so are some characters in those movies.

If any such dialogue resonates with your personality too and you want to send out a message, why not get it printed on a hoodie?

Sometimes, you want to show a particular aspect of your personality to people around you without saying a word. You might want them to know your ‘life mantra’, your favorite quote, or something else that represents ‘you’.

Customized hoodies with quotes, movie dialogues, a couplet, or anything else can let your customers project their personality strongly.

Hence brands like Spreadshirt offer design tools to let customers customize hoodies to flaunt their style.

7. Hoodies Are for All Body Types & for All Occasions

No matter how or what the event is – customized hoodies can fit in. Out on a family outing or a business party – grab your hoodie and you are good to go.

Customers can customize hoodies as per the occasion – formal or informal. Theme-based or color-coordinated custom hoodies can work wonders for large events.

Additionally, the hoodie is a clothing item that is for all body types.

Why do People Order a Custom Hoodie?


When you wear a customized hoodie, you communicate one thing, uniqueness. The more unique your style is, the more you’ll draw attention because your look will share something special, a personal message that is authentic, real and original. In a world full of copies, people crave originality, and if you can offer them that, then you are one step ahead of the crowd.

There are an overwhelming number of styles, and finding one that communicates who you are can be a little challenging. Also, sometimes you just want a change. What do you do if you don’t want to follow the masses blindly? You create your unique fashion, and own it.

Perfect Mementos

Hoodies are also the perfect souvenirs and snuggly gifts, especially in the fall and winter, and will serve at least two purposes. Keeping your loved one warm, and communicating how much you care about them.

Gifting your friends, your family, or your romantic partner with a warm, customized hoodie shows thoughtfulness because you had to take some time on the design. It’s the perfect gift for someone you share memories with because you can also print photos on your custom hoodies.

Or, custom print hoodies can be passed out at university and high school alumni celebrations as mementos. They can be given to former students as a way of celebrating the years spent studying and learning together.

Short Waiting Times

There was a time when printing custom clothing used to be a difficult task. In fact, orders could even take months to complete. However, the process has gotten so much cheaper and more accessible these days because of new technology, like better printing machines that can print intricate designs quickly and reliably.

Now orders are completed in record time. Order your custom hoodie and receive it in 5-7 working days! You can also ask for a 3D virtual mock-up of your custom-designed hoodie to see how it will look once it’s created.

Generate Revenue

If you have a fantastic and unique style, then maybe it’s time for you to make good money on those designs. If you’re interested in fashion and becoming an entrepreneur, this is a low-risk way to try your hand at making your own clothing. Pick out your favorite hoodies, submit your design, and you are good to go.

You could sell your custom hoodies in a local shop, or even in your own online store. When you’re ready to expand, you can try branded t-shirts and other merchandise next, so that you grow your brand awareness over time. Before you know it, your brand could be a hit.


Branding used to be a complicated task, but the process has been simplified by new options. Companies can now manage small batch orders, which are very convenient since they’re able to accommodate different budgets and requirements. After all, people have varying needs.

When you’re sprucing up your wardrobe, ordering gifts, or launching a brand, it helps if you don’t have to place huge orders because it might weigh you down financially. You can start with as little as you need and work your way up.

Why Does Your Company Need a Custom Hoodie?

Impact on Brand Awareness

Creating an exciting customized logo for your brand will look great on a hoodie. It will seem more creative and thought out, which will help make more conversions.

Many people love wearing hoodies, including your customers. They’re more casual, but still look stylish. This is one of the reasons that customized branded hoodies are one of the best and most affordable forms of advertisement.

Plus, you don’t need to pay anyone to advertise for you. In fact, they pay you! This form of advertising can take your brand message where conventional advertising could not have reached. Also, branded advertisements on clothing are more trusted than many other forms of disruptive ads.

Increased Loyalty

Rewarding customers with customized hoodies is sure to increase a customer’s loyalty. Gifting your top customers with fashionable, branded hoodies is a nice gesture that can positively affect your customers and make them more loyal to your brand.

Improved Team Spirit

Making similar customized hoodies for your employees this fall is another great idea for your company, especially if your team is working remotely this year. Not only does it provide team members with something warm to wear, but it can also improve their team spirit.

It may even boost their performance and make them feel like they’re part of one big family. This creates a sense of responsibility and a need to work towards the greater good of the whole group.

Your Custom Designs

Anything that has been customized is always more meaningful and appreciated, especially if it serves its primary purpose well. Custom hoodies and shirts are an overall popular item, so whatever your reasons are, placing an order this fall may be the perfect time to design your own hoodies. Keep your co-workers, customers, and loved ones warm, and show them that you care.

Why Should You Introduce Custom Hoodies For Your Brand?

Many companies sell unique graphic hoodies to their customers but designing your hoodie wear adds glamour to your overall look. Hoodies are not just right for events but also for traveling, gym, sleeping, and a lot more.

Here are a few reasons for which every brand should start dealing with customized hoodies for their customers.

1. It gives a better fitting

No one wishes to buy a hoodie of an oversize just to fit in the cloth. Oversized hoodies give a saggy look which adversely impacts your look and personality. Wearing fit custom hoodies shows your body in a proper definition.

Healthy guys mostly prefer to custom their hoodies as they work hard in the gym to flaunt their body and a saggy hoodie can’t take it away. Other than just flaunting, fit clothes often gives the comfort of wearing.

Too tight or too loose stitch can be problematic for the customers to wear the hoodie often. With fitting customization, you get ease at your neck area along with the appropriate sleeve lengths. If you are tall, you need the sleeves accordingly. So the manufacturing organizations must take up the initiative to custom hoodies rather than just producing the ready-made ones.

2. Use of better quality materials

It is very often that you have no idea about the materials and other stuff used to make the ready-made hoodie you chose. Giving the customers a chance to custom their hoodies might open up a window for them to bring in their materials or select one form your collection.

Their judgment towards the quality of your material will bring reputation to your fashion organization. The ready-made hoodies are manufactured in bulk orders, and therefore quality is compromised during the process.

The ready-made graphic hoodies are not examined with detailing by any professionals, and consequently, the quality check is neglected. If you live in a cold area, then you might need better fabric materials to withstand the cold throughout the year, so you need to be precise while selecting a material.

The companies must allow the buyers to choose their material, and then the buyers can customize the hoodies according to their desire by implementing their custom design.

3. Highlights personal style of every individual

Mostly people do promotion through their clothing. If you are running a company and want your company logo on hoodies, then it is possible with customization available within the manufacturers.

A company logo embedded hoodies for the company represents the workspace and builds a brand image of the company amongst the employees. Many business owners prefer to bulk order hoodies with logos for their employees as well.

Moreover, if you are not willing to be just professional and want to replicate a style and go for engraving the photo of your favorite icon or movie or just your name, it is all up to you. You can also try various hoodies design collaborations to make it look even more trendy and cool. Few companies take bulk orders to manufacture customized hoodies for companies and even for individuals.

4. It saves shopping time of the customers

Mostly people spend a lot of time for selecting an appropriate hoodie to match their style and outfit. If they get a chance to put their design on to their hoodies then they do not need to spend much time looking for the right one, they can just custom design it. It might take a couple of days or a week for the preparation of the hoodie, but it is worth the wait.

It is better to wait for your designer hoodie to be prepared rather than entering a store and looking at your favorite hoodie go out of stock. Make it unique and look different amongst the crowd. Every company dealing in providing custom hoodies must be crystal clear with the customer’s requirements and then proceed with the work.

From the materials you choose to the design you engrave on it, everything is done by keeping the quality in mind. So it eventually lasts for a longer duration than the ready-made ones. If you are planning on to invest an amount on buying a hoodie, then spend it on customizing it as it would keep you free from hoodie shopping hassle for a long time.

How Can I Sell Custom Hoodies?

If you have in mind hoodie business ideas, here are a few steps that will help you start quickly.

1. Choose the Style

When it comes to styles, hoodies come in two different styles/designs. The first one is basically a pullover that has no zip while the second one is a hoodie with a zip.

Though both of them are convenient and comfy, the custom zip-up hoodie gives you a little extra ease as you can ‘zip’ or ‘unzip’ it anytime.

For sports events like a marathon or race, a zip-up hoodie is a better option as the user can unzip and remove it anytime they want without having to use both your hands and straining much.

A zip-up hoodie is more similar to a jacket that the user can choose to keep open or closed as per the weather.

Below are the two most popular hoodie styles.

selling hoodies

On the other hand, for outings in very chilly weather or working in extremely cold places etc.; custom pullover hoodies act like t-shirts and are more suitable to wear.

As a retailer, you should keep both styles at your store to offer more style options for buyers.

2. Don’t Forget Fabric Quality

The most important purpose of wearing a hoodie is comfort. Therefore, no matter which material you pick for your hoodie, it should be comfy and of excellent quality.

A high-quality fabric also ensures the durability of the hoodie which helps make it last longer. Also, the fabric should be nice-looking to assure customers that they can wear it on any occasion without worrying about their looks.

Quality custom hoodies go a long way towards increasing your customers’ satisfaction.

No matter how wide a range of custom hoodie designs you offer, there may still be a few customers who would think your designs don’t fit their purpose.

As the customer is the king, you can’t let them go away dissatisfied, right!?

So, what is the solution?

Let your customers take full control of hoodie designs in their hands. You can do it by integrating an online product design tool into your store.

Equipped with a user-friendly design interface, industry-specific layout, and cutting-edge features, an online product design tool will give your customers all that they need to unleash their creativity.

3. High-resolution Images

Make sure that the image or design printed on the hoodie is in high resolution. For that, you will need to use a good-quality printer to avoid poor and blurred images being printed on the hoodies. Also see to it that your hoodie design is neither too overpowering nor too small to be noticeable.

4. Focus on Colors

While creating customized hoodies, focus primarily on two colors. The first color is that of the hoodie while the other one is the design.

Choose the colors in a way that they are in contrast. This implies that if you choose a light color for the hoodie, your design element should be of a darker shade and vice-versa.

Only when you choose complementary colors for your hoodie, will it stand out and people will actually be able to notice the design. Or else, the design will get lost.

Now that you have understood how to design hoodies; there is one more thing that you must understand.

What Should You Keep in Mind While Purchasing Custom Hoodies Online?

According to the latest trends of the market, custom hoodies have been made. The whole procedure of the customization of the t-shirts as well as hoodies a fun experience for the customers as it is also easier to personalize the hoodies.

Bulk quantity of online hoodies and t-shirts will make it convenient for the suppliers as well as customers. You must remember a couple of things that are time saver while purchasing custom t-shirts and hoodies online.

Explore options
Just go online and explore all the options that are available. So, you have to the one that will fulfill all the customization related to your hoodies and t-shirts. An ample number of online stores is there over the internet that will help you out. In this way, you can get what is best for you and what you can expect over these sites.

Reviews and Ratings
When you are going through the options that are available online, make sure the company gets good reviews by the side of their customers. Shortlist the hoodies and t-shirts and then, read the reviews about the particular quality of hoodies and finalize accordingly. Reviews could make a difference that what you want and what you are getting in return from a particular online store.

Various Customization Options
Options for customization is in numbers for custom hoodies or t-shirts and other options will also base upon the hoodie’s material, type of hoodie or t-shirts material, thickness, color and type of print. In every way, these options of customization will make the hoodies and t-shirts better.

Go through the Size Chart
The tricky part is to buy hoodies for men as compared to buying the same for girls or women. Various sizes of hoodies and t-shirts are available across the globe but the same size is measured in different ways across different nations. It would vary from one person to another. Before ordering hoodies and t-shirts online, just check out the size once and avoid the hassle by confirming the same.

Stay Connected with Designer
It is quite better to consult with a professional designer and talk to the experts that will help you out to enhance the ideas with more creativity. A great design dealt by the designers whether the hoodies or t-shirts for men or it is for women, no matter.

Sample Products
Few of the companies provide some type of sample products to their customers. It will help customers to review the quality of hoodies. This will also ensure that whether the material is good or not as per the choice of the customers.

While exploring different options for buying a custom t-shirt and hoodies, compare the price as well. The strategic skills for marketing can be seen through the price of a definite piece of material. At a cheaper price, hoodies, and t-shirts provided by some of the online stores could prove beneficial. But look for the quality that is provided at the same price of products.

Coupon Codes
Over the online stores, it is a trend to get a special coupon while making a purchase. In the case of hoodies and t-shirts, discounted coupon codes save a lot of money. Even, it is also possible to buy great quality of t-shirts or hoodies at an affordable price.

Return Policies
Return options are always available when an order is made for custom hoodies or t-shirts for girls or for boys. It is convenient through the return options as if you are not satisfied with the received product, then it can be returned. Door pickup service is also offered by some of the websites.

Review the Experience
Liked the product or not but it is obvious to post a review about the particular product. Do a review of the quality and services offered by the particular store. DO you have any problem with the product?

Always mention it in your review. Compare the desired product with what you get after order. Moreover, also share your overall experience with people, so that they can get an idea about the store while purchasing

How Much Should a Custom Hoodie Cost?

Custom hoodies bring your team, group or company together. There is no better way to stand out as a group than in a Custom Hoody. Understanding how the price of making your Custom Hoody is calculated is not very complicated. It depends on a few common factors depending on the type of print or embroidery which needs to do.

With the knowledge of how the cost of a Printed or Embroidered Custom Hoody varies, you can choose the best printing method depending on your budget and specific requirement. Alternatively, you can go about designing your Custom Hoody keeping all these parameters in mind. You can learn of the methods of Hoody Printing and the pros and cons of screen vs digital printing.

The various factors that determine the cost of Custom Hoodies are:

  1. Product chosen. For eg. Zip up or non zip up hoodies
  2. Colour of product chosen. White is usually cheaper than other colours
  3. Number of hoodies being customized
  4. The type of hoody customization required. For eg screen printing, DTG, embroidery or sublimation print
  5. The locations on the hoody which need to be printed
  6. If screen printing, the number of colours in the design
  7. If DTG printing, the size of the print and the hoody colour
  8. If embroidery, the size of the design to be embroidered and the number of colours in the design
  9. If sublimation printing, the size of the design
  10. If Vinyl Cut printing, the size of the design

Special design needs like glitter, reflective, gold and silver foil will cost extra. You can find out instantaneously the price for your Custom hoodies

The approximate prices for Custom Hoodies with 1 colour print in front are:
Sample prices:
Shirt QuantityNon Zip-up HoodiesZip-up Hoodies
6-20Rs 691Rs 722
21-50Rs 656Rs 684
51-100Rs 624Rs 670
100+Rs 601Rs 662

What is The Purpose of Hoodies?

The good thing about hoodies is that you don’t need to have a lot (you can wear them with almost anything), you just choose one and that one will last you ages!

Here are some purposes served by a hoodie: 

They are excellent for jogging and exercising

If you are a woman, hoodies hide your goods and help you avoid wardrobe malfunctions, making them the best type of clothing to wear when you exercise or do yoga or go for a run.

And for both men and women, hoodies also help you sweat more. And sweating means detoxing, and detoxing means a good workout. 

It is possible to layer underneath or not wear anything underneath

Another cool thing about hoodies is that you can wear many layers underneath and it won’t be noticeable and it won’t look bad. You can even wear nothing underneath and no one would know (*wink)!

You don’t have to worry about how it should or shouldn’t look  

Here’s the deal with hoodies, it’s hard to feel self-conscious wearing them. There is no right or wrong way to wear them – you put one on and you’re ready to go!

With a hoodie, you don’t need to worry about not making a mess with your food or rumpling the material with your bag or sitting a certain way to preserve the material. Who would wanna deal with those, right? Hoodies are too cool and casual for those concerns! 

It gives you a sense of belongingness

Remember what your school hoodie did for you? Hoodies make you feel like you belong to something – an organization, a university, a company – and it can also reflect your personality and beliefs.

Wearing a Wiccan hoodie is one way to let other people know that you are one peace-loving and nature-worshipping child of the Earth! 

It can feel like a hug

Hoodies are ultra-comfortable and cozy, especially ones with a perfect blend of cotton and polyester. This is why hoodies are a popular item of clothing to wear to bed or even just lounging around on cold days, nights or seasons. To many people, a hoodie is a security blanket.  

What Are Some Types of Hoodies For Men?

If you are looking forward to adding a classy hoodie to your closet, you can opt from any of these cool hoodies for men.

  • Slim fit Sweatshirt Hoodie: Appropriate for outfits in which you can use them as a shirt or ones in which you need to add more layers over the hoodie. For instance, smart casual look in winters.
  • Zipped Hoodie: Easy to wear style, perfect for outfits which may require taking off the layers. For instance, travel outfits.
  • Oversized Hoodie: Apt for casual weekend looks. You need to pair these with slim fit jeans or joggers, and you are good to go.
  • Long Caped Hoodie: A good option for statement styles in the cold months.
  • Turtleneck Hoodie: A smart option for a drastic, extraordinary look.
  • Sleeveless Hoodie: A perfect option for when you are wearing a hoodie during cardio. The sleeveless hoodie is often the go-to choice of athletic men with a sculpted body.
  • Fur Lined Hoodie: A Hoodie that has the fur element will give off a luxurious, glamorous look. 
  • Waterproof Hoodie: Made with water resistant material like a parachute, these hoodies are very useful and come in handy during the rainy season. 
  • Denim Hoodie: Though not very common, the denim hoodie is a classy garment that can be paired with lighter colored ripped jeans or cargo pants for a rugged look.

What Are Some Unique Ways to Rock a Hoodie?

Here are eight outfit ideas using hoodies that will help you achieve a distinguished look:

1. Fall Outfit with an Orange Hoodie and Military Print Pants

An orange hoodie will team fairly well with black chino pants to create an effortless fall outfit. Throw in a pair of black minimalist style sneakers to complete the laid-back look with panache. 

The fall weather is mostly cool. Therefore, the hoodie for this type of outfit should ideally be in a premium quality, weighted fabric such as wool or fleece. Also, the weave should be tighter as a loose weave is more appropriate for warmer days.

You can use any type of pants for this outfit, like chinos, joggers, or even track pants. You can also reverse the style of this look by opting for a black hoodie and brown or burnt orange chinos.

casual outfit with orange hoodie and black chinos
2. Black Hoodie with Cargo Pants and Windbreaker Jacket

Does pairing a hoodie and a jacket seems a bit exaggerated to you? Shun your apprehensions by building a monochrome outfit using both the hoodie and a jacket. 

This classy combination has a black pullover hoodie under a black windbreaker jacket. Cargo pants in black are the apt choice of trousers for this casual outfit. If you are looking for a more chiseled look, go for a black denim jacket and black joggers. Throw a solid black cap and black trainers into the mix to finish off your all-black, dapper look.

man wearing a black denim jacket over a black hoodie
3. Wearing a Hoodie in Summer  

Imagining this clothing combination, a question may come up in your mind. Is wearing shorts and a hoodie weird?

The answer is “Absolutely no!”

In the hot days of summer, teaming up a comfortable hooded sweatshirt in a breathable fabric with shorts is probably the best thing you can do. Refer to the image below. The pairing of this grey hooded shirt with denim shorts looks very cool and comfortable. 

grey hoodie with denim shorts
4. Wearing a Hoodie to the Gym 

A hoodie made with sweat absorbing, cool fabric and fits you well is the most appropriate gym wear. You can opt for a zipped hoodie or a pullover one according to your preference. Pair it with either track pants or yoga pants, put on your trainers, and you are good to go.

man wearing a grey hoodie and track pants

If your activities at the gym involve a lot of sweat shedding, then the outfit suggestion below is the right choice for you.

Yes! Wearing a hoodie during cardio is possible if you choose a sleeveless one in a moisture wicking fabric. Build the outfit by pair the hoodie with gym shorts to show your muscular physique in the best way!

5. The Trending Combo of a Hoodie and Bomber Jacket

The pairing sounds weird as both the bomber jacket and the hoodie come in a loose silhouette. However, quite an urban look is achieved when you wear a stylish leather bomber jacket over a slim fit hooded sweatshirt. The key to nailing this look is to choose the correct fit of both the essentials so that the overall look doesn’t seem overblown.

Go for a regular fit blue denim for this outfit, and complete the sophisticated look with a pair of aviator shades.

6.  Streetwear Style Outfit with a Baggy Hoodie

An oversized hoodie looks great with a red plaid flannel. The streetwear look is the most effortless way to make you look dashing. For the trousers, green chinos make a perfect combination, and so do the beige sneakers that add to the charismatic look. 

Another unique street style look suitable for winters is to pair a navy blue wool hoodie with a corduroy shearling jacket.

navy blue hoodie with a corduroy shearling jacket
7. Smart Casual Outfit with Blazer and Hoodie

Wearing a hoodie in a smart casual style? Definitely a great idea! 

But only if you know what type of essentials to pair with the blazer.This indigo hoodie with drawstrings fits the man perfectly. This is why pairing it with the navy blazer and jeans in grey is a successful way to build a smart casual look. The outfit looks sharp even with minimal accessories like brown chukka boots, wayfarer shades, and a leather strap watch.

8. Preppy Style Outfit: Wearing a Jersey Over a Hoodie

The last suggestion is for men looking for a comfortable yet contemporary outfit idea for a preppy style.

You can wear a dark-colored jersey over a slim-fit hoodie to create a clean-cut look. Choose a pair of khakis and black leather loafers with this look.

preppy style with jersey and a cream hoodie

How do I Start a Hoodie Business?

Ready to start your own line of hoodies? Designing hoodies is great target market because face it – everyone loves a great hoodie! Is there such thing as having too many hoodies? Probably not at least in my book. There are so many ways to approach designing hoodies. We will touch on a few.

Step 1 – Designing Your Hoodies

Designing your hoodies is truly the fun part. You can have hoodies with all-over prints (sublimation), hoodies with logos or phrases, hoodies with solid color fabrics and more. There are truly no boundaries when it comes to exercising your creative juices when designing your own hoodie line.

The first thing you want to do is create a few design sketches so that you can show them to others. The purpose of showing other people your designs is it will help you hone in on your style.

It will help you pick which are your strongest designs that you can move to make once you get to the manufacturing stage. Getting feedback will also help you save money so that you only produce your most viable designs.

So how do you create your hoodie designs? It is recommended you go with hoodie design software like Digital Fashion Pro. Using a fashion design software program is the way that most designers and clothing lines choose to do their hoodie designs.

Clothing manufacturers will want you to provide them with professional sketches and artwork. The awesome thing about using clothing sketch programs is that you don’t have to know how to draw to use them. Another benefit is you can easily swap in fabric choices, prints, logos and design details.

The designs below were created with Digital Fashion Pro Software. As a new designer, it is important for you to create your own designs vs. hire a fashion designer. You should want to have your signature, time and sweat all over your designs at least in the beginning stages. It will help you out in the long run even when and if you do decide to hire other designers.

You want to create designs that are fresh and innovative. You can create designs that capitalize on current trends or phrases. There are many hoodie designers that have catchy slogans on their hoodies. You want your designs to stand out. You want to have a meaning behind your hoodies and your brand that people will enjoy supporting. 

Step 2 – Official Starting Your Company

After you have created your designs you will want to official start your business. We always recommend first creating designs so that you can make sure that you become good at the number one aspect of having a fashion company.

If you don’t have designs that people like then there is no point of starting your clothing line. If you don’t have the passion and dedication to get your designs off the ground then going forward with registering your fashion business is pointless. Through designing your leggings you either realized that you love your designs or realized that maybe designing isn’t for you.

At this point you want to officially register your business with the proper government authorities, register your trademark, get a domain name for your clothing line – check out Godaddy. If you have a name in mind it is never too early to lock down your domain name. You also want to write a business plan for your hoodie line and marketing plan.

Step 3 – Getting Your Hoodies Made

Now you have your designs. You have your official hoodie business. The next step is bringing your designs to life. You have many options. If you want to go with printing your designs on blank hoodies that is an option. You can even get embroidery put on blanks.

Creating your hoodie designs this way may be the most economical way of producing your hoodie line but it does not leave you too much freedom for customization.

If you do decide this route – try to get blanks that do not have tags in them so that you can easily get a company to add your own tags. If you want to be perceived as an authentic fashion brand then company identification and branding is extremely important.

You can also choose to manufacture your hoodies from the ground up. This is the way that most fashion brands operate. This method offers you the greatest amount of freedom. You get to really create unique designs where you put your stamp on every aspect of the garment.

However, with this step is is necessary that you do your homework. You need to quickly make yourself an expert in construction, measurements and fabric analysis. This is not hard to do but you do want to put your research hat on. You want to go from just wearing your hoodie to laying it out on a table and looking at the nuts and bolts of that hoodie.

When it comes to manufacturing your hoodie from scratch you want to have your garment measurements, regular hoodie sketch (front and back), technical hoodie sketch and related artwork. You also will want to have a Pantone Book for picking your colors. If you need to have a certain color then using the Pantone Guide will help you communicate your color choice to manufacturers for the dyeing process.

You can also have a seamstress, sample-maker or apparel factory make your design. It is at this stage that you also want to look into tags, labels, hardware and packaging. All of these items will play a part in determining how much it will cost to produce your hoodies per unit.

Once you have your per unit price you can then set your wholesale and retail price. You also want to check the quality of craftsmanship for your designs. You want to have fit models try your styles on to ensure proper fit. You want to photograph your styles with people wearing them and without.

Step 4 – Launching Your Hoodie Line

Now that you have completed your business plan and you have got samples and or production made it is time to sell your line. You want to set up an online retail website. You can set up a WordPress Site or go with shopping cart software like 3DCART or Shopify.

You can decide to do both a blog site and connect it to a shopping cart platform. You have many options. You want to set up a Paypal Account so operate as your credit card processing. They have free options that will not cost you monthly. You want to approach retailers.

Additionally, make sure you have a presence on social media. You want to get the word about your hoodie line in every way that you can. Sell, sell sell and re-order popular styles. Be sure you are keeping an eye on your profit margins.

How do You Market a Hoodie?

You can start by focusing on what sets each hoodie apart from the others on the market. That means taking things like the lion print on this 3D hoodie and getting the most out of it in your marketing.

How to Sell Hoodies Online

After all, focusing on the line element allows you to target a niche market of lion lovers.

How to Sell Hoodies Online

A niche that is quite specific and yet still averages between 1 and 10,000 searches every month.

  1. Well crafted product descriptions
  2. Product-specific FAQs
  3. Blog

to boost your efforts will all help you optimize your store for search engine visibility. And it can get you in front of those thousands of people who are looking for lion hoodies online every month.

You can also target these people on Facebook by segmenting an audience that likes “Lions, online shopping, and fashion.”

And over on Instagram, why not post pictures of your lion hoodie using the hashtag, no surprises here: #lionhoodie.

hoodie 3d oberlo

It has a few hundred posts and it’s a super relevant channel for you to promote your 3D lion print hoodie.

But what about hoodies that aren’t as interesting as wolves and the universe and lions, like our plain hoodies?

Well, if we promote them smartly and make them interesting they might just be in with a chance of sales. You can do that by making a Facebook video ad for your plain hoodies. If you do go the extra mile and do this, Facebook charges you less for advertising and you end up with a higher chance of making conversions.

Use the video as a demo ad to entice customers to your store. You can do this in minutes using a smartphone. Just give it a try! Demo ads are powerful assets for your marketing, and they’re not that difficult to produce.

Now if you run a store with a multitude of plain hoodies in a bunch of colors make sure your ad leads users to a collection page. That way you can see which colors or variants of your hoodies get added to customers’ carts the most. And then you can run retargeting ads on products that you know are more popular than others.

How Much Does it Cost to Print 1000 Hoodies?

Would you like to know how much Hoodie pricing is? Hoodie pricing is for a Cotton Heritage color hoodie or hoodie of equal quality. Minus $0.50 per hoodie for white hoodies. Sizes Youth XS through Adult XL. Add $3.00 for adult sizes above XL. Shipping charges and California sales tax (CA customers) apply.

Quantity1 Color2 Color3 Color4 Color5 Color6 Color
1 – 23.
24 – 49$2.95$3.55$4.20$4.85$5.45$6.05
50 – 74$1.85$2.25$2.60$3.05$3.55$4.05
75 – 99$1.40$1.75$2.05$2.40$2.80$3.15
100 – 249$.95$1.25$1.50$1.75$2.10$2.25
250 – 1,000$.75$1.00$1.25$1.50$1.85$2.10

Can a Hoodie be Business Casual?

It has gotten harder to know what to wear to work these days. Offices all over the country are increasingly casual. But, business causal does not have to mean unprofessional. There can be a lot of confusion about what constitutes an acceptable outfit in the office, especially for younger staffers who have never known anything other than today’s pervasive dress code ambiguity.

There seems to be a trend toward avoiding formal dress codes, possibly as a reaction to what is perceived as young employees’ desires to work in more casual, less rule-bound environments. However, not having a written dress code leaves many people confused and makes it difficult for managers to address situations where an employee is dressing unprofessionally.

It is certainly possible and advisable for dress codes to allow for personal choices, inclusiveness and flexibility while setting boundaries. If the professional appearance of your workforce is important to you and your company, expected norms should be clear and be in the employee handbook for everyone to see.

If your company has an official dress code, does anyone really understand it? Policies that describe dress codes using only generalities and jargon, such as those that instruct employees to dress ‘appropriately,’ in ‘business casual’ clothing, or in a manner ‘consistent with your business interactions,’ are full of interpretation and haziness.

Far better is a policy that also provides explicit details. Often what is most useful is to define what is not acceptable. A policy that states, ‘sneakers are not permissible footwear unless necessary for health or medical reasons,’ does not leave employees in a guessing game.

A policy that establishes that jeans are not appropriate in the office except on Fridays creates an expectation that is hard to misinterpret.

How do You Make a Homemade Hoodie?

Want to make your own hoodie? You’ll need these supplies:

  • About 2 1/2 yards sweatshirt fleece.  Make sure this stretches at least 10% widthwise, 30% for the cuffs and hem band
  • 1/4 yard rib knit for the cuffs and waistband
  • Eyelet kit
  • 36″ Shoelace
  • Mallet
  • Fusible Interfacing scraps
  • The pattern

After downloading and printing the pattern follow the pattern instructions to cut out the pieces.

step 1 - Sew a Hoodie - Make a Hoodie for Men or Women - Unisex Hoody - Melly Sews

Next you’ll follow the eyelet instructions on the box to insert eyelets on the marked spots.

step 2 - Sew a Hoodie - Make a Hoodie for Men or Women - Unisex Hoody - Melly Sews

Place the two hoods right sides together and sew along the curved edge. Note – you should use stretch stitches throughout this project. Fold the casing to the wrong side, and stitch right next to the edge. Be careful when stitching near the eyelets – you may have to raise the presser foot and hand cranks the machine to get past those parts.

step 3 - Sew a Hoodie - Make a Hoodie for Men or Women - Unisex Hoody - Melly Sews

Thread one of the shoelaces through the casing and then set the hood aside.
Fold the curved and side edges of the pocket 3/8″ to the wrong side and pin. Stitch the curved edges.

step 4 - Sew a Hoodie - Make a Hoodie for Men or Women - Unisex Hoody - Melly Sews

Place the pocket on the shirt front, aligning centers and bottom edges. Fold the top edge of the pocket 1/2″ to the wrong side of the pocket, then flip the pocket up so that it’s right sides together with the shirt.
Stitch across the top edge of the pocket to secure it, then flip it back down so that the bottom edges are aligned again.

step 5 - Sew a Hoodie - Make a Hoodie for Men or Women - Unisex Hoody - Melly Sews

Sew the two side edges of the pocket to the shirt front.
Place the shirt front and back right sides together and stitch across the shoulders.

step 6 - Sew a Hoodie - Make a Hoodie for Men or Women - Unisex Hoody - Melly Sews

Open the shirt up flat. Match the center of the sleeve to the shoulder seam, right sides together.
Pin the rest of the sleeve into the armscye and stitch.

step 7 - Sew a Hoodie - Make a Hoodie for Men or Women - Unisex Hoody - Melly Sews

Fold the shirt right sides together and match the sleeve seams. Sew the underarm and side seam all in one continuous seam.

step 8 - Sew a Hoodie - Make a Hoodie for Men or Women - Unisex Hoody - Melly Sews

Fold the cuffs and waistband to match the short edges, right sides together. Stitch short ends together.
Fold each cuff wrong sides together, matching raw edges. Mark quarter points on the cuff and waistband, as well as on the sleeves and shirt bottom. Match the quarter points of the cuffs to the sleeves and the waistband to the bottom edge. Stitch, stretching cuffs/waistband so they lay flat agains the shirt as you stitch.

step 9 - Sew a Hoodie - Make a Hoodie for Men or Women - Unisex Hoody - Melly Sews

Match the hood seam to the center of the back neckline.
Overlap the front edges of the hood at center front approximately an inch. You want the left side of the hood to be agains the neckline and the right edge behind it. Pin the rest of the hood around the neckline, adjusting at center front as necessary so that the hood goes all around the neck. Stitch in place.

Perfect Cozy Hoody - Sew a Hoodie - Make a Hoodie for Men or Women - Unisex Hoody - Melly Sews

And you’re done! Enjoy the warmth of your new cozy hoodie.

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Hoodies?

The cold weather is just around the corner and that means that warm winter clothing is being dug out of wardrobes across the county. For some, that means cardigans, others woolly jumpers, but for many, it means a hoodie.

Gone are the days of the popular garment being the choice of petty thieves and crooks – and nowadays most people have one or two in their bedrooms. But apparently, at a certain age you become too old to wear one.

That’s according to a study from fashion discovery website Style Compare who asked respondents to give the age at which they feel they were or would be, too old to don their favorite hoodie in public.

Jonny Challenger, the founder of Style Compare, said: “We wholeheartedly support everyone’s right to wear what they like, where they like and when they like, regardless of age.

“But we conducted this research to gauge perceptions of certain items of clothing and we were particularly interested in hoodies as a symbolic item of youthfulness.

“They’re often used to portray adults dressing younger than they should.

The study concluded that 26 is the age you become too old to don your favorite hoodie.

Why Hoodie is so Popular?

One of the reasons behind its popularity is that they are the most comfortable outfit to be worn by men or women. Hence they gain popularity and are considered as the trendiest clothing item.

Hoodies are everyone’s choice whether a man, woman, teenager, or adult. The hoodies have gained popularity in past few years since people have considered them as the most comfortable and versatile clothing item of all. Hoodies have become a staple outfit for every wardrobe no matter what the season is, warm or cold, everyone loves to wear these fashionable shirts with attached hoods.

Hoodies are one of those clothing items which everyone wants to keep in his closet to keep their closet look simple and versatile. Hoodies make one’s look cool and fashionable. Also, gives a personality an attractive look. Hoodies effortlessly give an eye-catching look because of their variety of styles and colors.

As compared to the other clothing items, hoodies are less costly and their washing is easy and less time-consuming. They are the perfect combination of comfort and style. They can be worn on any occasion except some formal and special occasions.

Read Also: T-shirt Designs and Brands: A Marketing Tact

These can be paired up with other items such as jeans or denim paired up with sneakers for a classy and casual look. Or a blend with a coat or a jacket.

Some other reasons behind its popularity are mentioned below:

■ Hoodies are the perfect outfit to provide warmth on cold days. For a warm feeling or during spring sunsets these can be wear and are very useful.

■ While you are traveling to other parts of the world that are mostly cold, you can carry along.

■ You can wear hoodies on top of any cloth without the need of changing the one you are already wearing.

■ Hoodies provide a feeling of comfort, warmth, light, and softness while you wear them at home or during lazy weekends. They are very useful while you are going out for a walk. For this reason, they have become popular because some other clothes are too tight and uncomfortable that becomes a hindrance for you to move.

■ They are easily paired up with other clothes just like jeans, shorts, or khakis. They can be used to wear while going to school or a grocery shop, you can grab a hoodie quickly. It is up to your choice either you want to wear it with shoes, boots, slippers. They always look outstanding.

Hoodies are used by sports fans as well. Besides the support they provide, hoodies also provide a good shelter to the sports team to save them from heavy rain, cold, and wind while they are out on the pitch.


Custom Hoodies are not just style statements but also great promotional tools. By including customized hoodies in your clothing line business, you are sure to appeal to a larger audience. And large profits will follow leading to the immense success of your new venture.

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