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The people doing the farming are called gold farmers, and they earn anywhere from $100-$200 per month. In the business hub of gold farming, China, there is an estimated 100,000 “professional” gold farmers who rake in $200 million USD each year.

It’s not surprising given the formidable success of games like World of Warcraft and how loosely the Chinese government has handled this situation. More on this topic is below.

  • What Should you Know About Gold Farming?
  • How Much do You Make Selling WoW Gold?
  • How does the WoW Currency Work?
  • What is the Fastest Way to Earn Gold in the New World?
  • How Much Gold can you Farm in a Day WoW?
  • How do you Farm Gold in Minecraft?

What Should you Know About Gold Farming?

In the U.S., a gold farmer can sell the virtual currency they earn in a day’s work for around $13. In China it would sell for just four dollars. LIM: It’s by exploiting the differences and selling to cash-rich, time-poor gamers that Chinese gold farms prosper.

Is it legal to sell WoW gold?

Selling gold is not inherently illegal. Company A is basically selling their employees’ time as a service — we’ll go out and get you a bunch of gold, and you pay us for doing that for you.

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These are some of the essential farming tips for beginners:

  1. Impeccable Market Research.
  2. Solid Business Planning.
  3. Choosing the perfect crop.
  4. Starting Small.
  5. Exploring Diversification.
  6. Completing Documentation.
  7. Get Additional Knowledge.

Is selling gold in WoW illegal?

There may not be any illegal acts, but they violate Blizzard’s terms of service. Selling gold is not inherently illegal. Company A basically sells employees’ time as a service.

If you buy World of Warcraft gold coins, you may be punished by Blizzard. Therefore, anyone, any website that claims that they are legal or legal is not true. But so far there is no law about RMT, so it is not illegal, it just violates the rules of the game.

Where are sweatshops located in the United States?

Today, most documented cases of US sweatshops occur in California and New York. Between 2008-2012, for example, the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division investigated over 1,500 employers in the garment industry in Los Angeles, San Diego, and surrounding areas, finding labor law violations in 93 percent of cases.

Gold farming is the practice of playing a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) to acquire in-game currency, later selling it for real-world money. People who hold full-time employment as gold farmers often reside in developing nations.

How Much do You Make Selling WoW Gold?

As of October 09, 2022, the average WoW Gold price on PlayerAuctions is $19.54 per 200K Gold. In the past 7 days, the WoW Gold price ranged from $17.63 to $555.89USD per 200K Gold..

More than fighting off monsters and engaging in fantastical quests in the gameplay itself, users often have their hands busy managing their resources in the wonderful World of Warcraft currency. The WoW economy is, in fact, a self-sustaining entity on its own with enough bearing to be relevant in “real world” economy.

It has been said that longevity is one of the key benchmarks of a great game. Despite its relatively old age, WoW still has enough significance to shape real-world economics–even more so than its contemporaries in the MMORPG realm.

To give you an idea of the magnitude that the WoW economy has reached, here’s a little tidbit for you: Last year, WoW currency had actually surpassed the value of the Venezuelan currency—the Bolivar—seven times over.

How does the WoW Currency Work?

To understand how the WoW economy works, you have to know the importance of WoW tokens. WoW tokens are flexible currencies with which you can buy necessary game resources on Blizzard. The bottom line is that money makes the world go ‘round—even the virtual one.

When you have money IRL, you can afford to buy WoW tokens to have enough clout on Blizzard. Players with deep enough pockets can exchange tokens to buy commodities from Blizzard ranging from WoW gold (for in-game items and resources), other games aside from WoW, overall game time, as well as other services.

Other games have only virtual currency, whereas WoW tokens are a different type of beast altogether. With the robust economy courtesy of the voluminous in-game trading of WoW resources, it’s really no wonder that WoW managed a feat such as becoming more valuable than an actual country’s currency. If you want to know how much WoW gold is worth in Dollars, then simply scroll up and input the necessary data to see the current market price.

Market pricing, while having a tendency to be unpredictable, is not entirely beyond conjecture. With this tool, you can effectively track both current and historic WoW market trends. If you’re looking for trends within a specific period, you just have to select a different time frame ranging from 7 days up to a full year.

You can even select your server to see specific prices. These features enable you to predict future WoW market trends, so you can buy low and sell high. Perfect timing, after all, is the key to playing the market the right way.

What is the Fastest Way to Earn Gold in the New World?

In New World, gold is the main in-game currency the players use to purchase equipment, materials, houses, and even settlements. Technically referred to as “coins,” it is also used for crafting, repairing, and trading activities. You can obtain coins as a reward for completing various activities such as missions, expeditions, crafting, and trading.

New World gold farming is the process of intensively completing activities to stock the main in-game currency while using the most efficient acquisition methods.

1. Use the Trade Skills

On your way to level 60, the most profitable gathering skills will be mining, harvesting, and skinning. As for refining skills, you should focus on smelting first, as it pairs up perfectly with your mining. Then work on your stonecutting. The next one should be either weaving or leatherworking, ending with woodworking.

Note: Start working on your crafting skills only if you are planning to use the Town Board missions as a leveling tool (and, in that case, focus exclusively on Armoring and Weaponsmithing). Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend investing your coins into crafting skills early on.

2. Use the Trading Post

You can start making gold by selling the raw materials gathered while leveling up and questing around the map. Once you understand how the Trading Post works and the value of the key items on the market, you can begin item flipping and maintaining it as an alternative gold farming method. However, we would recommend this only if you are an advanced player. Otherwise, you could be risking your coins by making the wrong decisions.

3. Complete Missions

Another money-making method while leveling in New World is completing as many missions as possible on your way to level 60. While questing in a specific area, try to pair up and simultaneously work on the main missions, side missions, and even the faction missions as long as it’s worth it (XP and gold wise).

The best ways to make money on a fresh level 60 character

  • 1. Use the Trade Skills

Once you reach level 60, you can start farming for gold by using your gathering skills to obtain Tier IV and Tier V resources. Mining and Harvesting remain the best gathering skills to focus on, as Orichalcum Ore and Wirefiber sell for lots of coins! Logging and skinning can be some decent options as well.

Try to get your refining skills to level 200 as soon as possible. You will be making a lot of money by selling those daily cooldowns we previously discussed (Asmodeum, Runic Leather, Phoenixweave, etc.). I strongly recommend getting them to max level in the following order: Smelting, Stonecutting, Weaving, Leatherworking, and Woodworking.

As in what crafting skills to focus on for a fresh level 60 character, the best money-making crafting professions will be Armoring, Jewelcrafting, and Weaponsmithing. Once you have enough coins to spare, you can start working on the remaining crafting skills in this order: Engineering, Furnishing, Arcana, and Cooking.

  • 2. Use the Trading Post

Now that you have a level 60 character, you should know how the Trading Post “Buy Order” and “Sell Order” features work, so it’s about time to start flipping items in return for some nice profits.

If you were still wondering how you can make money in New World by using the trading post, here is the answer: you sell your Tier IV and Tier V raw materials obtained with your gathering skills, and you use the flipping method to buy (items) low and sell for higher.

  • 3. Use the Faction Tokens

As previously mentioned in this gold farming guide, you can make a lot of gold by selling Runes of Holding. These items are always in high demand, so you cannot go wrong with farming faction tokens and selling these items to the players in need. At this point, your character is level 60 with full access to all the end-game zones on the map, so you can start farming for these tokens as efficiently as possible.

If you didn’t know, nowadays, the Outpost Rush PvP activity rewards players with faction tokens besides gold, umbral shards, and many others. So you can quickly transform your faction tokens into a money-making tool and make a lot of gold while having a lot of fun!

  • 4. Farm for Trophy Components

This is one of the easiest ways to make money in New World. Once you are level 60, all you need is some luck gear and a good farming route, and you’re ready to go. Trophy components are some of the most expensive items in the game, they are always in high demand, and even if you are dealing with some RNG and low drop chances, all you have to do is open chests. That’s all.

  • 5. Farm Outpost Rush

OPR is the perfect money-making activity, especially for PvP players, as it’s a steady income for gold, expertise bumps, PvP gear, umbral shards, and faction tokens. You will need all of the mentioned above while progressing towards the end-game, so Outpost Rush is definitely a go-to option for any new level 60 character.

The best ways to make money in New World’s late-game are:

  • Flipping items at the Trading Post
  • Crafting Gear Score 600 End-game items
  • Selling your refining cooldowns
  • Selling Named Items from Elite Zones level 62+
  • Selling Legendary Trophy Components
  • Selling Mutated Expedition carries for gold

Things can be different depending on the server, but the most popular items to keep an eye on are:

Item TypeExamples
Raw materialsOrichalcum Ore, Wirefiber, Ironwood
Refined materialsAsmodeum, Runic Leather, Phoenixweave, Runestone
Crafting setsArmorer, Weaponsmith, Stonecutter, and Smelter sets
Crafting recipesTier V Legendary Patterns from Aptitude Boxes and Arena Caches
Trophy componentsPrecision Armoring Tools, Ancient Mandible, Corrupted Totem, Stacked Deck, Loaded Dice
Major TrophiesMajor Luck Trophy, Major Armoring Trophy, Major Weaponsmithing Trophy
Best-in-slot crafted itemsLevel 600 items with the best stats and perks, Voidbent Set, Blunderbusses
Mods, Charms, and ShardsSquirming Vines, Drop of Ironwood Sap, Sliver of Consecrated Iron, Shard of Consecrated Iron, Reinforced Orichalcum Great Axe Charm

How Much Gold can you Farm in a Day WoW?

One of the easiest and best ways to make gold in WoW without too much effort is to run the old raids and mass vendor off all the low-level loot you obtain from the bosses. With decent gear at max level (around iLvl 197, which you can achieve through upgradeable covenant gear and world quest rewards), you can easily single-handedly smash through most of the raids from Classic up to Legion content. 

Besides breaking up the monotony of spending all your time in the current expansion (especially as Patch 9.1 continues to linger months away), running old raids allows you to obtain multiple transmog appearances for your toons. After all, what’s the point of being rich if you can’t look amazing at the same time?

We recommend focusing on the raids from Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, and Legion for higher profits.

Another straightforward method on how to make gold in World of Warcraft is simply doing world quests in Shadowlands. Obviously, the ones that reward gold would be your main focus, averaging around 250–320 gold per quest. If you have War Mode on you, you earn an extra 10% (15% if you’re Alliance, due to faction imbalance) gold bonus from those world quests. 

However, there is considerable value in knocking out any world quest that you can do, solely for the reputation gains.

Tips for Speeding Up Your Run 

Movement speed is king. The bulk of enemies will die in literally one or two hits, with bosses typically taking less than fifteen seconds of actual fighting. Your goal is to get from one boss to the next as quickly as possible, as the bulk of gold and vendor-worthy items drop from them.

For that purpose, we recommend three classes in particular due to their move speed buffs and kits:

  • Druid: The undisputed king of movement speed. With most specs providing the passive Feline Swiftness (15% constant move speed), the talent Tiger Dash (45-second massive speed boost), the ability Stampeding Roar (2-minute 60% move speed boost), and the constant 30% speed buff from being in Cat form…well, it should be pretty clear why we recommend this as the best. You can also use your Travel form in any mountable area without having to waste time mounting up and stealthing past encounters you don’t want to engage in with Prowl.
  • Rogue: All specs have access to Fleet Footed (passive 15% move speed buff) and access to a talent in their second row to further boost their mobility by 15-20%, depending on their spec. We recommend going Subtlety, as its focus on burst damage allows you to kill some bosses before they can activate any intermission, immunity, or transition phases. Additionally, Shadowstep can help you warp from target to target even faster while using Stealth to skip any annoying adds. 
  • Hunter: With all specs providing access to Trailblazer and the talent Posthaste, the hunter can stay on the move while constantly clearing ground by spinning around using DisengageAspect of the Pack provides another movement buff while the talent Barrage can quickly wipe out an entire room that you’ve kited. 

Don’t worry too much about bag space. In some raids, your bags will inevitably fill up entirely with all the loot from bosses. However, any boss loot that doesn’t fit in your bag will end up in your character’s mail. This doesn’t apply to gold and trash mobs, so make sure to pick up anything you want to keep from those. And by the Light, turn on Auto Loot in your settings (Escape -> Interface -> Controls -> check Auto Loot).

Make use of LFR queues. Is traveling between each raid and trying to reset them too time-consuming for you? Well, speak to any of the NPCs that let you queue for the expansions’ LFR raids. LFR is one of the best ways to make gold fast with running old raids, as you can leave the raid like a normal instance once you’re done with it and speak to the NPC to queue up for the next one.

Don’t waste time constantly stopping to loot. Round up as many trash mobs as you can without having to make a considerable detour in your run. Head around a corner to break Line of Sight and force all the mobs to come running to you and group up in a large cluster, then use an AoE ability to kill them all. 

Doing this lets you mass loot in a single action without having run to each and every corpse. It’s an especially valuable strategy when the trash mobs drop worthwhile loot and are easily gatherable, such as the entry guards in Heart of Fear (MoP), who drop chunks of gold and Motes of Harmony.

Learn where to die to save travel time, and use the game’s equipment manager. Most raids are designed into various wings, and having to backtrack to access the rest of the raid is an annoying waste of time. Typically, dying and releasing will spawn you at the foyer or start of a wing, so if there’s a cliff, a bottomless pit, or lava that you can plunge yourself into, do so. A good example is the Tomb of Sargeras (Legion), where after killing the Desolate Host boss, you can walk right off the edge and respawn in the main lobby instead of making the five-minute walk back.

However, doing this tends to damage your armor’s durability and cut into profits with repairs. To prevent this, we recommend using the equipment manager to create a “Naked” and “Armored” set and drag them to your action bars on the side. Simply equip the “Naked” set (which shouldn’t include any gear with durability), die, respawn, and slap back on your “Armored” set of usual gear. This is also a great way to save on repairs if you’re about to die of fall damage anywhere in the game. Just remember you can’t swap sets while in combat.

How do you Farm Gold in Minecraft?

Farming Zombified Piglins

Coming back to Zombified Piglins, there’s a far more efficient way to extract gold from them. Building a farm high above the Nether roof is no mean feat, but once it’s set up, you’ll have more gold than you could ever possibly want.

The only limit on the rate you generate gold is the rate at which the Zombified Piglins can spawn, so it’s safe to say you’ll be swimming in sparkly nuggets before long. The farm is also fantastic for XP, so it makes a rewarding project to add to any world. Once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever played without it.

Mining In A Badlands Biome

The badlands biome, formerly known as the mesa, has a few special properties. Abandoned Mineshafts can generated at surface level, allowing you easy access into caves to go mining. Once you do start exploring underground, you’ll notice the badlands’ other main benefit — gold is everywhere.

Gold can generate at any Y-level in badlands biomes, and ore veins spawn ten times more frequently. It’s difficult to look around a cave in a badlands biome without seeing gold ore. The badlands are an exceptionally rare biome, but they’re worth the trip for the riches they hold.

Raiding Bastion Remnants

Gold is everywhere in the Nether, but nowhere is it more common than Bastion Remnants. These imposing structures generate with numerous gold blocks as part of their design, making up statues, treasure troves, and even just parts of walls all around the building.

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Though the risks are high due to the dangerous Piglins, the rewards are spectacular — raiding just a couple of Bastions could net you multiple stacks of gold blocks. Considering one gold block is worth nine gold ingots, the spectacular payoff is obviously worthwhile.

Just Going Mining

Perhaps an overlooked way of acquiring gold, simple mining can be a great way to net the shiny ingots, along with numerous other valuables. Gold ore generates in blobs of 1-13, from Y-levels -63 to 30 (0-32 pre-1.18), so it can be found relatively quickly once you’re deep enough.

There are numerous ways to mine, so find one that works for you and embark on your very own underground adventure. You’ll likely find more than just gold — diamonds, lapis lazuli, redstone, and emeralds are just some of the treasures you might encounter.

Conquering Ocean Monuments

Ocean Monuments present a late-game challenge to players — to beat one, you’ll need to fend off deadly Guardians while slaying the three Elder Guardians, all while avoiding the peril of drowning. Success brings many rewards, however.

In addition to rare prismarine and sponge found around the Monument, you’ll be able to plunder the treasure room — a large chamber at the back of the Monument — and leave with eight gold blocks, making Monument raiding a pretty good way to get gold in bulk.

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