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Alibaba is different from conventional marketplaces you encounter in your daily routine. On the platform pricing and selling methods are other. Alibaba is a e-commerce business hub for most Chinese manufacturers. Besides, many manufacturers worldwide have also joined the league.

The platform offers its own popular products based on minor order quantities and price ranges. Here you have to negotiate the prices, verify the quality, and source it to your destination. If you are trying to get more details about the e-commerce platform, here are some quick facts.

  • Alibaba is the best option for wholesalers.
  • The platform is also fruitful for buyers who need custom white label products.
  • It is a full-fledged platform for those who need to import good profit margins in bulk.
  • The products here are good quality and low-priced than any other online market.
  • Manufacturers and industries are selling these themselves in bulk.

In this article, we will share with you some items that will sell fast and make you money on the Alibaba platform. Let’s get into it.

  • What is the Most Bought Product from China?
  • What Products Sell the Most in China?
  • What Sells Alibaba?
  • What Product is the Best Seller?
  • What is a Low-cost, High-profit Product?
  • What are Some Low-cost, High-profit Product?
  • What are the Best Sellers on Alibaba?
  • How can you Find Top-selling Products on Alibaba?
  • How can I Earn From Alibaba Without Investment?
  • How buyers make money with Alibaba.com
  • How Sellers Make Money With Alibaba.com

What is the Most Bought Product from China?

China is a major producer of unique and inexpensive goods. By sourcing the right items to import and sell, Chinese merchandise can be used to drive profitability and growth by yielding high margins. Below, we identified the 10 most profitable items to import from China.

1. Hydrocolloid Patches

Search Volume (monthly average):Amazon: 25K
Google: 47K
Wholesale price (per 100 units): $2.80
Retail price (per unit): $6.00
Potential profit (per 100-unit order): $597.20
Potential profit margin: 99.53% 

Hydrocolloid wound dressing has been around for a while, but these small patches recently gained overwhelming popularity for their acne-soothing properties. The product is typically made of benign, gel-forming agents such as pectin or gelatin that absorb excess fluids, so the risk of consumer misuse or allergic reactions are low.

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This product ranks No. 2 in the Beauty & Personal Care category on Amazon’s Best Sellers list and garners thousands of searches under the keywords “pimple patch” and “acne patch.” Thanks to their simple and lightweight composition, hydrocolloid patches can be bought and imported from Chinese sellers for pennies per pack.

These expenses typically take a sizable bite out of your bottom line, so be sure to consider them when estimating the profitability of a product or venture.

2. Tempered Glass Phone Screen Protectors

Search Volume (monthly average):Amazon: 93K
Google: 7K
Wholesale price (per 100 units): $31.00
Retail price (per unit): $6.99
Potential profit (per 100-unit order): $668.00
Potential profit margin: 95.57%

Screen protectors are a great product to import from China and turn a healthy profit—but search volume data shows that certain models are smarter investments than others. Currently, iPhone XR and iPhone 11 protectors are the most in demand, but be wary of a changing market as new models are released.

3. Disposable Face Masks

Search Volume (monthly average):Amazon: 143K
Google: 712K
Wholesale price (per 100 units): $50.00
Retail price (per unit): $6.98
Potential profit (per 100-unit order): $648.00
Potential profit margin: 92.84%

It should come as no surprise that PPE face masks are in high demand given the COVID-19 pandemic. These products are lightweight, easy to ship, and simple to manufacture—ultimately resulting in high margins. Plus, disposable masks currently rank highly in multiple categories on Amazon’s Best Sellers list.

If you choose to import and sell face masks, be sure to list them properly and receive any certifications or lab-tested ratings from the supplier. Masks with certain designations (like N95) are regulated by the FDA and may require additional customs clearance.

4. Garlic Presses

Search Volume (monthly average):Amazon: 57K
Google: 32K
Wholesale price (per 100 units): $88.00
Retail price (per unit): $11.59
Potential profit (per 100-unit order): $1,071.00
Potential profit margin: 92.41%

Garlic presses are small, manageable goods that are in high demand due to their effectiveness in the kitchen. These tools are available in numerous variations and can be sold with complementary accessories (as shown in the photo above). This provides ways to stay competitive in the wide pool of garlic presses currently on the market.

5. Jade Facial Roller Tools

Search Volume (monthly average):Amazon: 41K
Google: 48K
Wholesale price (per 100 units): $70
Retail price (per unit): $7.99
Potential profit (per 100-unit order): $729.00
Potential profit margin: 91.24%

Facial rollers currently rank as one of the top items in the Beauty & Personal Care category on Amazon’s Best Sellers list; they’re used to soothe the skin and prevent aging.

“Semi-precious” gemstones (such as jade and, to a lesser extent, rose quartz) are the material of choice for these rollers. They retain temperature better than other substances and provide an attractive aesthetic.

The jade used for these rollers is typically much lower in quality than jewelry-grade material, which allows it to be manufactured and imported at a highly affordable price. At the same time, natural gemstone materials fetch sizable retail markups despite color imperfections—making facial rollers a profitable product to stock.

6. Cellphone Car Mounts

Search Volume (monthly average):Amazon: 140K
Google: 24K
Wholesale price (per 100 units): $220.00
Retail price (per unit): $24.98
Potential profit (per 100-unit order): $2,278.00
Potential profit margin: 91.19%

Similar to garlic presses, phone mounts for cars come in a wide variety of styles—giving you a better chance of attracting buyers despite the thick competition.

The retail price can vary depending on features like magnetic hold and charging capabilities, but nearly all products in this arena are small, easy-to-ship, and evergreen.

7. Ring Lights

Search Volume (monthly average):Amazon: 95K
Google: 234K
Wholesale price (per 100 units): $470.00
Retail price (per unit): $39.99
Potential profit (per 100-unit order): $3,529.00
Potential profit margin: 88.25%

Ring lights are popular with social media users and both casual and professional photographers. Many of these products come with a stand that elevates the user’s phone, but some only provide a ring-shaped light. Other features are optional as well such as dimmability and light temperature adjustment.

These products are somewhat larger and less sturdy than other recommendations on our list—which can complicate shipping. But their demand and high margins make ring lights a worthy consideration.

8. Backpacks

Search Volume (monthly average):Amazon: 383K
Google: 186K
Wholesale price (per 100 units): $600
Retail price (per unit): $35.99
Potential profit (per 100-unit order): $2,999.00
Potential profit margin: 83.33%

Backpacks are versatile, profitable, and can be easy to fit into any niche. While the simple keyword “backpack” yields hundreds of thousands of searches every month, more refined keywords such as “school backpacks,” “backpacks for girls,” “backpacks for boys,” and “laptop backpacks” are highly popular as well.

When choosing backpacks to import, consider which features your target consumer would want—such as USB charging ports, anti-theft compartments, or school supplies organization.

9. Water Shoes

Search Volume (monthly average):Amazon: 101K
Google: 120K
Wholesale price (per 100 units): $290
Retail price (per unit): $16.99
Potential profit (per 100-unit order): $1,409.00
Potential profit margin: 82.93%

Water shoes are designed to be sleek, lightweight, and durable—which lends to their fit as a great product to import from China. They have a variety of outdoor and fitness applications such as swimming, surfing, wakeboarding, fishing, and even car washing.

10. Wireless Phone Chargers

Search Volume (monthly average):Amazon: 204K
Google: 62K
Wholesale price (per 100 units): $248
Retail price (per unit): $13.99
Potential profit (per 100-unit order): $1,151.00
Potential profit margin: 82.27%

Wireless charging is now a commonplace feature in modern smartphones, so the market for wireless chargers is thriving. These devices come in varying levels of wattage (typically 7.5W, 10W, or 15W) that correlate to the speed at which they can charge a device—but most phones can only handle 7.5 to 9 watts.

When sourcing wireless chargers to import, your best bet is to go with a product listed as having “Qi” functionality. This refers to a standard construction of wireless technology; Qi chargers are compatible with Qi phones, and the vast majority of modern smartphone batteries charge through Qi.

What Products Sell the Most in China?

China is the leading E-commerce market globally with a revenue of more than $2 Trillion and expected to reach $3.5 Trillion with a growth rate of 6.7% by the year 2022. Clothing, Footwear and Textiles are the most popular products to sell online in China.

Internet penetration rate in China reached more than 70% is the main reason behind the development of eCommerce along with Amazon-like Online Selling Platforms & Marketplaces in China.

We have prepared the list of best-selling products in China through which you can run a successful eCommerce business.

  • Electronic gadgets
  • Skincare items
  • Games
  • Apparels
  • Baby items
  • Books
  • Sports goods
  • Jewellery
  • Footwears
  • Handicrafts
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Health Supplements

What Sells Alibaba?

There are many popular products on Alibaba like smart TV that are high in demand. Many industrial machines and very high-ticket products are selling in high amounts. But there are many risks affiliated with those popular item. 

Following are the key points that you should consider buying a product from Alibaba:

  • The product should be of low net worth and high-profit margins.
  • The volume and weight ratio should be the least.
  • The product should not be very fragile and delicate.
  • Don’t buy products like glass crockery. As they could get damaged during pallet movement.
  • Don’t buy clothing from Alibaba unless verified every item size. It is better not to take the risk if you are a newbie without proper guidance and supervision.

There is no method or available tool to tell you the top selling product on Alibaba. So, considering the key points, the following are the top 10 Alibaba best selling products:

1. iPhone Tempered Glass

​Iphone Tempered glass

iPhone tempered glass will remain high in demand until the existence of Apple Inc. Tempered glass for iPhones has a clear lead over other products on Alibaba. This product is compact and lightweight.

Moreover, if you put these products in your Amazon FBA, your monthly charges would be pretty low. 

2. Portable charging bin

​Portable charging bin

The charging bin is number two on Alibaba’s list. A portable charging bin is a case for AirPods, earbuds, phones, and watches. A mobile charging bin can charge these gadgets.

Portable charging bins are high in demand these days. The charging bin for AirPods and earbuds are topping these. 

3. Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

​Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

Wireless Bluetooth earphone is number three on the list. With the increased use of cellular devices, related items are high in demand too. That is why wireless Bluetooth earphone is a hot selling item. You can research the colors and shapes you find out would be likable. 

4. Necklace


The necklace is another top selling products in many countries. People worldwide adore necklaces with names, small symbols, or minimalistic art. Jewelry will never go out of demand. There could be a change in the style, but this never went down. 

5. iPhone Case

​Iphone Case

iPhone Cases are Alibaba top selling products. Simple iPhone cases with a variety of colors provide options to the customers. Likewise, other mobile gadgets this is another hot selling thing. So, these iPhone case would also be high in demand for a never-ending time. 

 6. iPhone Cable

.Iphone Cable

iPhone magnetic cable is another Alibaba best-selling product.

It has more vital magnetic and fast charging and data transmission. Both sides are of metal. It has a detachable magnetic connector. That is easy to snap on, reducing abrasion during inserting or plugging out the cable. 

7. Rainbow Brushes

Rainbow Brushes

These are not ordinary brushes in rainbow colors. Rainbow brushes use a special kind of bamboo in production with multicolor.

You are not the only one who wants to try this product with its unique colors and nature of origin. Rainbow Brushes are one of the best-selling products.

8. Nail Art Design

Nail Art Design

The eye-catching designs of nail art. The phenomenal shades of nail paints and the variety make it a hot selling item. The impressive look of the product can also become a cause of a large number of orders.

Nail art design is one of the top trending products high on the charts. It is also among Alibaba best selling products.

9. Various Necklaces

Various Necklaces

Necklaces at such a cheap rate make it a leading market segment that attracts many customers. You may choose different designs but be careful to check the rates. The provided variety of necklaces has made it a top selling products. 

10. Teeth Whitening Powder

Teeth Whitening Powder

Teeth are part of first impressions. Many people judge your cleanliness by your teeth. So, products like these are viral products. They can become a trend in a go with a good ad campaign.

It should have some positive effects; thus, More than 50 000 people ordered it till April. 

What Product is the Best Seller?

A majority of e-commerce stores fail because they can’t find trending products to sell online. With so many products already available in the market, finding one that sells the best has become an arduous task, especially when there is endless competition and every second e-commerce store is trying to follow the same strategy.

f you’re confused about what to sell online, then the most common strategy of finding trending products is this: You go to AliExpress flash deals page and search for products that are trending and you import products to your store and start promoting. This strategy is a hit and miss.

We’re not saying that it won’t work, because it does work sometimes, but you have to put in a lot of effort and time. That’s why it is better to understand the type of products that have the potential to sell online.

Here are the top characteristics of the best trending e-commerce products:

  • Unique, or Eye-Catching: Make sure that the product you have selected to sell is unique. It shouldn’t have a clone available. Or, it should not be already available in brick and mortar stores in your area.
  • Difficult to Find: If the product is unique, people will definitely try to search for it. This means the demand will be high. Many e-commerce store owners will try to introduce the product on their stores. Now, you have to take the lead and start marketing it.
  • Price Is Not Available: Make sure that consumers can’t find the actual price of the product. Most of the dropshippers are buying products from AliExpress and selling products online on their e-commerce stores.
  • Available for a Healthy Markup: On average, dropshipping products range between $10 & $40. This is because people can easily spend this amount online to buy products. The behavior is called buying on an impulse. Anything that is above this price tag makes people skeptical. And, they start to think ‘will they get value from this product?’ or ‘should they buy it for this price?’ They then end up comparing prices on various ecommerce stores and buy from those that have the lowest price.

Now that you know the top characteristics of trending products to sell, here is a list of those products that can double your conversions.

  1. LED Submersible Lights
  2. Scented Candles
  3. Beanies
  4. Portable Projector
  5. Bluetooth Speaker
  6. Smart Watch
  7. Temporary Tattoos
  8. Bookends
  9. Vegetable Chopper
  10. Neck Massager
  11. Ice Skates
  12. Back Cushion
  13. Portable Blender
  14. Nail Polish
  15. Wireless Phone Chargers
  16. Phone Lenses
  17. Shapewear
  18. Strapless Backless Bra
  19. Doormats
  20. Car Phone Holder

What is a Low-cost, High-profit Product?

The profit or net margin represents the difference between an item’s cost (inclusive of all expenditures) and the cost for which you sell it. A product with a high-profit margin has a huge net profit after all the expenses have been included in the sale, while still not dissuading the prospective customer.

In other words, a low-cost, high-profit margin product can be purchased cheaply and sold for a substantially higher price. For example, this means that if you can buy an item or digital product for $4 and sell online for $40, which is quite a big yield for such a relatively low investment.

There are different meanings behind the terms “low cost” and “high profitability” depending on the business. What one e-commerce business may find inexpensive may prove to be slightly expensive for another one. A large online business with years of profitability under its belt, for instance, may consider $60 for a product to be quite reasonable, more so if it can resell that product for $180. A newer, downsized business might be reluctant to commit to spending $60 on a per-item basis in wholesale eCommerce.

What are Some Low-cost, High-profit Product?

Let’s check out the different types of products you can sell to achieve a high-profit margin.

1. Portable blender

The portable blender has become one of the popular products online. It is ideal for fitness enthusiasts, as the trend of keeping fit continues to gain momentum in 2023. The goal of keeping fit is very close to the hearts of consumers, and of course, a healthy diet is one of the best ways to achieve this. Hence they must consume natural foods and beverages. Therefore, an opportunity to market portable blenders and make profits.

It is essential to keep in mind that, while you are promoting these portable blenders, you should be careful to ensure that they are of good quality, as low quality is not appreciated by the public.

2. LED submersible lights

LED submersible lights become a terrific feature to be installed in swimming pools or Jacuzzis. Given the fact that the majority of people have started spending most of their time at home, the popularity of LED submersible lights has significantly grown, and the demand for these lights is expected to rise further throughout this year.

Therefore, this can be a great product to sell this year, especially with the summer season approaching promptly.

3. Cell phone lenses

Cell phone lenses are designed to assist in taking better photos. They come in a wide range of configurations. You should search for those that have improved image quality and a greater quantity of orders when selling them in an eCommerce store. Cell phone lenses have been around for several years and continue to be among the best-selling merchandise in the majority of eCommerce stores. It is great to observe that to this day, these lenses are still very popular.

Cell phone lenses earned a reputation in the mobile handset market. Known for their ability to magnify the images taken twice, they empower photographers to capture mesmerizing photos at the touch of a finger.

The technology of cell phone cameras consistently surpasses anticipation. With further strides in cell phone cameras, there will also be more demand for attachable cell phone lenses in the future because more and more people have started exploring cell phone photography.

4. Posture corrector

In general, the posture corrector makes a great product to sell in any e-commerce store. Designed to support people’s spines by helping them hold up straight and tall. It is also a recommended product by multiple physiotherapists.

Reaching out to the targeted market that needs posture correction is going to make your product sell in great numbers. Individuals have genuinely stepped up when it comes to addressing their posture.

Most notably, since remote work has taken the rise, posture has consequently become very essential, as such it is expected you observe an increasing online search of this item. This is where you need to optimize your products online through SEO and use diverse digital marketing and social media promotion techniques to reach your target audience.

5. Garden hoses

The garden hose is a profitable product perfectly designed for the car wash or watering of the garden. With a spray gun that is fully adjustable and is supplied in lengths of 25 and 100 meters.

In the past couple of years, the garden hose in particular was the top-selling garden tool. As of this year, it is sure to attract a larger number of buyers.

It can be argued that the garden hose sells the most during the summer season. Therefore, be sure to invest in it!

6. Permanent laser hair removal machine

Permanent laser hair removal machines are becoming increasingly in demand with an escalating tendency. They are an outstanding product to market, certainly with the restrictions placed on salons throughout the pandemic. The best part is that they come in numerous cheaper options readily available on the market and are in high demand.

All in all, the trend is constantly on the rise because of the surge of pandemics, hence a great product to sell.

7. Winter coats

During the winter season, style and comfort are very important and both men and women like to wear coats during the winter season.

They are ideal to be marketed entrepreneurs who have an online fashion eCommerce store and want to market unique products to increase sales during the season.

Because of their trendiness, winter coats are great products to add to an eCommerce store thus easier for you to sell. Therefore, you can use the right marketing strategy such as social media ads towards the end of the Fall season and during the winter months, as they tend to be high in demand in Winter.

What are the Best Sellers on Alibaba?

Below are the top 10 products on Alibaba in terms of reselling. These are the most commonly bought items by customers. You can purchase them at low rates and resale them for high profit easily.

Face Shield

How can you Find Top-selling Products on Alibaba?

Alibaba is one of the leading e-commerce marketplaces in the world. It is home to the world’s largest business-to-business marketplace. Sellers in global markets look on Alibaba to source the most popular products for their online stores.

However, identifying the best-selling products on Alibaba is not that simple. First, you’ll have a difficult time finding the appropriate match because of its volume. Furthermore, there are several scams that you should be aware of.

However, there is no reason to be disappointed. After reading the following strategies, you will understand how to find the top-selling products on Alibaba.

  • Conduct deep product research

The basic yet most important part of finding the top-selling products on Alibaba is the research itself. If your initial research is accurate, you’ll soon find the most popular products easily on Alibaba.

While the initial research, you must be extremely careful regarding the keywords. Try to use as specific keywords as possible. For example, if you want to buy wholesale clothing, you should know which kind of clothing are popular now.

Rather than “women clothing”, it’s better to search for “women’s organic cotton t-shirt”. The more specific the keywords are, the easier you can find suitable suppliers on Alibaba.

Once the initial search is completed, it’s now time to dig deeper.

You should now contact the manufacturers directly, and discuss the MOQ, wholesale price, samples, delivery and many essential factors with them. With the information, you may choose the one that suit you best.

  • Analyze product ratings, sales, and reviews

Another great strategy to find top-selling products on Alibaba.com is checking reviews, sales, and product ratings.

The most popular products in any category will often draw a high number of buyers. It means that they have a large number of orders as well as a large number of buyers’ ratings & reviews.

Analyze product ratings, sales, and reviews

Simply go to the specialized product category or any other category that interests you. Alibaba will display “Recommended For You” items first.

The great majority of the goods shown in this section have at least 4 stars, indicating that they are highly demanded items.

When you checking the information of suppliers, you can also understand which products are hot-selling now. So, in this way, you’ll be able to find best-selling products on Alibaba.com.

  • Study best sellers products of Acom

Find best-selling products by visiting the top sellers’ page is also a good way for the buyers. The “Alibaba Best Sellers Products” page features the top-selling products and their manufacturers in various categories and locations.

You may filter the results according to your preferences. To reach the list, go to the Alibaba.com website and click “Top Ranking.”

The most popular items tab organizes products according to the number of consumer queries. This page, on the other hand, rates items according to the number of orders, reviews, and views. Both listings are updated regularly to ensure their accuracy.

How can I Earn From Alibaba Without Investment?

It can be difficult to secure readily available supplies of earn money from home without investment products in Western markets, which are being challenged by an array of factors from manufacturing to delivery logistics. For this reason, many Western businesses are turning to Chinese wholesale providers of the essential business products that they - and their customers - need on a ready basis.

Dropshipping is an online business idea that works well on Alibaba.com. This business model lets you make money without really investing a lot. It involves listing products online without keeping stock. Instead, you purchase from a third party to fulfill the orders you receive.

How buyers make money with Alibaba.com

Typical buyers on Alibaba.com include wholesalers who want sources for products from suppliers, retailers who want to buy in bulk, sourcing agents, and end consumers. Here are some ways buyers can make money off this B2B e-commerce platform:

1: Open an account

You need to log in to Alibaba.com to start anything on the platform. Simply open a buyer’s account and add your name and location information.

2: Seek high-quality product ideas

One of the ways to make money as a buyer on Alibaba.com is by reselling the products you buy. That’s why it’s a good idea to determine what products you want to resell. Alibaba.com is a great place to conduct market research to help you find bestselling and profitable products. The products you choose to sell should have a viable market.

3: Source for products

Once you know what to buy, it’s time to start sourcing the products on Alibaba.com. Ensure you source at wholesale prices to make a cut when you resell. You can filter your searches based on your location and MOQ.

4: Look out for verified suppliers

There are a lot of suppliers and sellers on Alibaba.com, and going through them one after the other can be overwhelming. A good idea is to compare sellers and look out for verified or gold suppliers. These suppliers will have a badge on their profile, showing they went the extra mile to verify their business for Alibaba.com.

5: Look for Trade Assurance

Trade Assurance is a guaranteed feature that protects buyers by ensuring the payments you make are safe. This feature also ensures you receive high-quality goods by holding payment escrow until you receive your goods. Also, if you get defective goods from a supplier with Trade Assurance, Alibaba.com can intervene.

6: Check for reviews

Some of the things you should look out for when sourcing for suppliers includes reviews, number of transactions, response rate, and on-time delivery rate. Checking for these helps you filter out sellers to get the best quality at the lowest prices from the most trusted suppliers.

7: Connect with suppliers

You’ve sourced products and filtered out suppliers; it’s time to contact the shortlisted suppliers. Communicate with them to ask questions, negotiate, or request customization.

8: Place your order

Once you’ve decided on a supplier, you should place your order. As a buyer, it’s best to order in bulk because this is how you get fair prices. Also, you can consider requesting a sample to verify the quality of the Alibaba.com products you want to buy.

9: Make payment and receive goods

Now, make your payment through Alibaba.com secure portal and give the correct shipping address. You will receive your goods in no time based on your chosen shipping method.

10: Resell products

Once you have your products, you should start your online business by reselling them. You can sell the products at a higher price than you got them to make a profit. That’s why you need to look for the best deals to sell at a reasonable price for both you and your prospective buyers. You can resell your goods on Alibaba.com or any other online store.

How Sellers Make Money With Alibaba.com

Typical sellers on Alibaba.com are suppliers/manufacturers that sell their own made products and wholesalers that sell manufactured goods in bulk. Here are some steps for sellers to make money on Alibaba.com:

1. Open an account

You need an account on Alibaba.com to start your online business. Alibaba.com offers different packages depending on your location. To create an account, visit Alibaba.com and choose “Seller” as your role.

2. Invest in being a verified or gold supplier

Although sellers can join the platform for free, it’s best to invest in being a verified or gold supplier. Why is this?

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Being a verified supplier shows prospective buyers that you are reliable and trustworthy. For this reason, they are more likely to do business with you than with a seller without verification badges.

3. Offer products that sell well

No doubt, some products sell better than others. As a seller who wants to make money on Alibaba.com, it’s best to sell products that will attract customers. There are different product ideas you can sell; you just need to research to find out products with a large market.

4. Consider dropshipping

Dropshipping is an online business idea that works well on Alibaba.com. This business model lets you make money without really investing a lot. It involves listing products online without keeping stock. Instead, you purchase from a third party to fulfill the orders you receive.

5. Set up a compelling storefront

You need to set up an online store where people can view your products and profile. A great way to make sales on Alibaba.com is by setting up a compelling storefront. Ensure you post high-quality pictures, post a lot of products, and update your business profile. The more compelling people find your online store, the more likely they will buy from you.

6. Invest in Trade Assurance

With a Trade Assurance, buyers become more confident in doing business with you. That is because Trade Assurance protects buyers against fraudulent transactions and defective goods. As emphasized earlier, this feature offers buyers protection, especially when products are not shipped at the right time.

7. Sell at wholesale prices

People buy on Alibaba.com not just because they can source a wide variety of goods but also because they can buy at a low cost. As a seller, it’s best to sell wholesale goods and ensure your price is fair and competitive. Buyers always look for the lowest rate to buy the products they need.

8. Reach millions of buyers

With Alibaba.com, you have access to millions of buyers from all over the world. That means you can extend your business and do business with those who aren’t in your country.

9. Take advantage of live streaming

Digital media like live streaming lets you reach a wider audience and connect with them. Alibaba.com offers a live streaming feature where sellers can display their products in real-time. You can display your goods, show how your products work, and reply to inquiries from prospective customers. Also, livestreaming your products or warehouse shows that you are a legit business owner and increases the trust of your buyers.

10. Leverage Alibaba.com digital marketing tools

As a seller, you don’t want to underestimate the power of promotion and marketing. It is through promotion you reach more customers and make more sales. You should also consider optimizing your product name and descriptions using specific keywords people search for. Also, Alibaba.com offers some marketing tools to boost your visibility and get insights that will help improve your marketing strategy.

11. Use social media to boost brand awareness

Your promotion doesn’t have to be limited to Alibaba.com. Social media is a fantastic way to boost brand awareness, and it’s no wonder that 73% of marketers believe that their marketing efforts on social media are highly effective. For this reason, it’s best to have a social media marketing strategy to help people know more about your business and what you offer.

12. Reply to inquiries

Buyers will always want to ask questions and negotiate your products’ deals, and you should be available to respond. The faster you respond, the higher your chance of selling to them. This is because, in most cases, buyers don’t just message one seller. They message multiple sellers, and the ones that reply faster have a greater chance of getting their products sold. Alibaba.com will inform you when you receive a new notification from a potential customer.

13. Find customers through Request for Quote

Another way to get customers to buy from you instead of waiting for their message is by reaching out to them directly. How?

Alibaba.com has a Request for Quote feature where buyers highlight the kind of products they need. If your products match the description, you can reach out to them by recommending your products.

14. Process orders and payments

Congratulations! You received your first order, and it’s time to process it. When customers order from you, you should ensure you receive their payment through one of Alibaba’s payment methods. Also, use their preferred shipping method to get the goods to them.


Alibaba.com is the world’s largest B2B eCommerce platform and a great place to start your online business and make money. This marketplace lets you set up a storefront, reach a wider audience and sell to a global market.

Are you a manufacturer or wholesaler with products to offer? A great way to boost your business sales is by leveraging Alibaba.com to find millions of retailers and buyers. To start making money on Alibaba.com, open a seller account, post your products and start processing received orders.

As a buyer, you can also make money on Alibaba.com by sourcing products at a low rate and reselling them at a higher price. To get started, visit the buyer’s site to create an account and start sourcing for products.

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