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WooCommerce Product Designer is widely used to design and customize the products on your WooCommerce Shop. Customers can design their desired product and get the estimated price for their customized product.


As the name suggests, the Product Designer for WooCommerce by Design’N’Buy
merges the power of product personalization with the leading eCommerce

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By using WooCommerce product designer plugins, you can offer your customers the ability to customize their products on your website. This is a demanding feature in today’s era, especially for websites that deal with printable and customizable products.

Instead of letting your customers define their customization in words, let them show you what they want! This helps in curating products exactly as the customer’s requirements and thus improves customer satisfaction and sales.

This article discusses the top 10 WooCommerce products designer plugins to use in 2022 with easy to use interface and advanced features to help you utilize its advantages and save time.

  • 10 Woocommerce Product Design Plugins 2022
  • What Are Some Must-have WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins for 2022?
  • What is The Use of WooCommerce plugin?
  • Why Should You Choose WooCommerce for Your Online Store?
  • What Are The Benefits of WooCommerce?
  • What Does Product Designer do?
  • How do WooCommerce Plugins Work?
  • What WooCommerce Plugins do I Need?
  • Are WooCommerce Plugins Free?
  • How do I Use WooCommerce Plugins?
  • How do I Download WooCommerce Plugins For Free?
  • How Many WooCommerce Plugins Are There?
  • Can I Resell WooCommerce Plugins?
  • Are WooCommerce Plugins Safe?
  • How to Keep Your WooCommerce Store Safe
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10 Woocommerce Product Design Plugins 2022

1. WooCommerce Products Designer by ORION
woocommerce product designer 

This product designer plugin is deeply integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce and is also compatible with all their themes. This plugin enables you to add the functionality where your customers can create their own designs, logo, business cards, sticker, and much more before placing their orders. It works for any product and has an intuitive user interface for easy creation.

Key Features
  • Customers can add cliparts and edit their images with filters.
  • Supports PNG and JPG image formats.
  • Equipped with a text, image, and clipart editor.
  • Suitable for business cards, labels, mugs, t-shirts, and much more.
  • Define custom pricing rules and increase prices based on the number of elements added.
  • Control the color used and image dimensions added by customers.
  • Customers can also use their Facebook and Instagram pictures in their designs.
2. Fancy Product Designer for WooCommerce
Fancy Product designer

With the Fancy Product Designer plugin for WooCommerce, you can give your customers the freedom to design and customize their products such as t-shirts, caps, mugs, phone cases, business cards, etc.

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It has an easy-to-use interface with a layering system, so you can track all your applied designs. Moreover, it has upload zones and bounding boxes for easy and accurate customization. 

Key Features 
  • Customers can choose colors from the color picker tool.
  • Supports PNG, SVG, and JPG data formats.
  • Customers can also upload files from their gallery and social media accounts.
  • You can customize the layout of the product designer by only adding in necessary elements.
  • Text and image editor is available.
  • Control the price of each added element by assigning different prices.
  • Fully responsive on all types of devices. 
3. Product Designer for WooCommerce
woocommerce product designer 

If you want to increase customer satisfaction and revenue, then using the Product Designer for WooCommerce is the right choice. This enables your customers to design their products according to their needs and improve customer experience. It also helps in driving more sales and attracting new customers. It is easy to install and set up.

Key Features 
  • Adds a “customize product” button on a single product page that leads to the designer page.
  • Customers can add cliparts, images, shapes, and texts.
  • Customers can also download their design from the “my account” or “thank you” page.
  • It has 16 pre-made product bases available.
  • Admin can customize the product designer layout for each type of product.
  • Admins can also individually and dynamically price each element.
4. WooCommerce Custom Product Designer
woocommerce product designer plugin

This WooCommerce product designer enables you to customize the interface by changing the size, position, and color of the layout. Moreover, it is extremely easy to install and set up and requires no programming knowledge. It also supports all types of products and is responsive on all devices.

Key Features
  • Powerful product designer with drag and drop feature to resize and locate your images or design.
  • Layering feature so you can track and sort multiple edited layers.
  • Customers can add vector files.
  • Integrated with Google Fonts and gives access to 600+ fonts.
  • Customers can also save and reuse their designs.
  • Price configuration options where admins can set different prices for each element.
5. Zakeke Interactive Product Designer for WooCommerce

The Zakeke Product Designer for WooCommerce is used for product customization. Thus, by enabling this feature on your site you can gain customer approval, more sales, and increased revenue. It is easy to install and set up. Once activated, you need to create an inventory of customizable products and publish them. It supports products like shoes, jewelry, clothing, etc.

Key Features
  • Customers can also upload their own images or use the millions of integrated Premium high-quality images by talented designers.
  • Create a clipart library for customers to choose vectors from.
  • Customers can add and edit text easily.
  • Enables customers to see a real-time 3D preview of their customized products. 
  • Charge different prices for each customization.
  • Responsive on all devices. 
6. WooCommerce Multi-Step Product Designer
WooCommerce Multi-Step Product Designer

This is a feature-filled WooCommerce products designer plugin that consists of multistep forms, product customization, and cost calculator tools. It is also fully integrated with WooCommerce and compatible with its extensive shopping cart system, shipping, and payment methods. The multistep forms are used for customizations or services that require multiple selections. Moreover, it is responsive on all devices.

Key Features 
  • Multi-layer product designer with text and image editor.
  • In the multi-step forms, the options can be displayed as checkboxes, text input, file upload, and radio buttons.
  • Adjust prices for each customization and step.
  • Prices are added/deducted when a step or element is selected and the total cost is calculated.
  • Customize designs with drag and drop builder.
  • Supports PNG, SVG, and JPG data formats.
  • Customers can also select different layers and lock/unlock them easily.
7. NBdesigner

NBdesigner is another WooCommerce product designer plugin that enables you to create beautiful designs with just a few clicks. Admins can customize the layout, add multiple fonts, create PDF, and download designs. Whereas, customers can do a freehand drawing, add clipart and elements, edit text, and much more. It also has an interactive user interface with multiple options for precise customization.

Key Features 
  • Supports SVG and JPG data formats. 
  • Share your designs on social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google.
  • Drag and drop feature to arrange layers.
  • Customers can add cliparts, texts, and upload images.
  • Administrators have the option to accept/reject designs once submitted by customers.
  • 200+ pre-made templates are available.
8. MyStyle Custom Product Designer
MyStyle Custom Product Designer

The MyStyle Custom Product Designer consists of features that offer customers to design their products and see a live preview of the finished design. The product customizer also enables high-resolution printouts, uploading images, and creating graphics. It is also quick and easy to install and consists of multiple advanced design tools to streamline the process and give the best end results.

Key Features
  • Integrated with WooCommerce shopping cart system.
  • Customers can design their products by uploading photos, adding custom texts and patterns, and design multi-side products as well.
  • The print-ready files can be downloaded from WooCommerce Order history in the admin dashboard.
  • Admins can also add new backgrounds, elements, and fonts.
9. Lumise Product Designer for WooCommerce
Lumise Product Designer

This WooCommerce product designer plugin is perfect for your printing business needs. It has a feature-filled and user-friendly interface that enables customers to create complex and beautiful designs easily and within minutes. It also consists of pre-built templates, which admins can price accordingly.

Key Features
  • Integrated with Pixabay and Openclipart for vector resources.
  • Responsive on all devices.
  • Customers can import/export their designs.
  • Customers can also import images from their social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram.  
  • Supports PDF, SVG, PNG, and JSON data formats.
  • Image and text editor is available.
  • You can select the area of customization by selecting the edit zone with your mouse.
10. Product Designer by PickPlugins
Product Designer by PickPlugins

This product designer plugin is deeply integrated with WooCommerce and consists of all the necessary features required to create customizable products. Moreover, customers can design multiple sides of a product, add text, clipart, images, and much more.

Key Features
  • Customers can add cliparts and shapes.
  • Consists of 50+ Google Fonts and stylize it however you like.
  • Customers can add barcodes and QR codes to their products.
  • Unlimited pre-made templates are available.

What Are Some Must-have WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins for 2022?

We have listed the top 10 Product Designer Plugins below:

1. Product Designer for WooCommerce 

Must-have WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins for 2022

Product Designer for WooCommerce is a premium plugin developed by FantasticPlugins. It allows your users to customize the product as per their preference and purchase from your shop.

Some prominent features of this plugin are,
– Ready to use 16 Product Bases
– Edit zone can be customized for each product base
– Multiple Product Attributes to add components like product color, size, gift wrap message, etc.
– Price can be set separately for each customizable component
– Users can save their designs
– Output files are of print-ready quality 300 DPI.

Price: $99

2. Fancy Product Designer | WooCommerce WordPress

Must-have WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins for 2022

Fancy Product Designer is a premium plugin developed by radykal. It allows you to design any type of products without any limitation and can customize your products in multiple ways[Advanced Colour System, Text Transformation etc].

Some prominent features of this plugin are,
– You can set flexible prices for products and elements
– It tracks all applied designs
– Images and graphics can be transformed with various options like changing positions and size
– It allows you to compose your own interface by using various layouts
– It has the capacity to use it on any device and in any language

Price: $69

3. WooCommerce Custom Product Designer

Must-have WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins for 2022

WooCommerce Custom Product Designer is a premium plugin that is developed by dangcv. It allows drag and drop to change the size, a position of the interface and can setup layer with each product.

It offers the following features,
– It allows you to add text, change color, font, Style, etc
– You can save and re-use your design
– It supports all devices format
– It supports any printing method

Price: $50

4. Woocommerce Products Designer – Online Product Customizer for Shirts, Cards, Lettering & Decals

Must-have WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins for 2022

Woocommerce Products Designer is a premium plugin developed by orionorigin. It helps your customers to design/customize logos, shirts, business cards and any prints in your WooCommerce shop before the order.

Some of the features offered by this plugin are as follows,
– Unlimited Fonts which can be used by adding/removing any web font as per your needs
– It includes some photo editing effects such as grayscale, sepia 1 & 2, invert, blur etc
– It helps you to create unique designs
– It allows you to define a custom color palette that can be used for any text, shape or vector
– Social Network Integration supported

You can use this plugin as,
– WooCommerce T-shirt designer
– WooCommerce Phone case customizer
– Online business cards, postcards etc
– And more

Price: $61

5. WooCommerce Custom T-Shirt Designer

Must-have WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins for 2022

WooCommerce Custom T-Shirt Designer plugin is a premium Plugin developed by wpproducts. It is used to design or customize T-shirts. It allows customers can design their own t-shirt as per their needs by using add text, Number or logo, color, Font Size, Alignment, etc. A customer can view the preview of a T-shirt as designed.

Some of the key features are,
– Customers can upload their own Design/Image/Logo to print on the T-shirt
– You can add Text or Numbers on the T-shirt product
– Normal and curved text can be added to the T-shirt
– Text and Image can be a drag, move and rotate
– Place Text or Images in any position of the T-shirt

Price: $30

6. WooCommerce Multistep Form & Product Designer

Must-have WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins for 2022

WooCommerce Multistep Form & Product Designer is a premium plugin developed by axentmedia. Using this plugin, you can sell any type of product which require customization/end users need to be designed by themselves like t-shirts, mugs, printing cards etc or you can sell any types of services. It is fully integrated into WooCommerce and uses a WooCommerce shopping cart, products management, payment and shipping system.

Some of the major features offered by this plugin are as follows,
– Powerful multi-layer product designer
– Manage multiple forms, steps and items
– Powerful form step designer
– Complex product price calculation
– Easy conditional system for linking steps

Some of the other features are,
– Fully responsive design for all devices
– Design items can have image, text and image uploader
– Allowing fonts from Google Fonts, Common Fonts or any other font uploaded from your computer
– Customers can jump from a step to another step using conditions
– Customize colors, fonts, texts and currencies
– Supported formats for image layers are JPG, PNG and SVG

Price: $20

7. Woocommerce Online Products Designer

Must-have WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins for 2022

Woocommerce Online Products Designer is a premium plugin developed by loise100. It allows you to design any WooCommerce products and fully customizable.

Key Features offered by this plugin are as follows,
– Responsive and User-friendly design tools
– Unlimited clipart upload at the design
– HTML5 online designer
– Design output – SVG file, pdf, image and DPI image

Price: $33

8. Simple Product Designer for WooCommerce

Must-have WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins for 2022

Simple Product Designer for WooCommerce is a premium plugin that is developed by smartcms. Using this plugin you can allow your customers to design the product according to their needs. It is suitable for many types of businesses such as T-shirts, jackets, glass, football, card, printing services, etc.

Price: $29

9. Product Designer

Must-have WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins for 2022

Product Designer is a free WordPress plugin. It allows you to display Product Designer anywhere on the page on your website by using shortcode. Also, it allows adding unlimited clip art via custom post. Text can be used with fancy font family, font size and color.

Features offered by this plugin are,
– Unlimited clip art with the category
– Design preview
– Unlimited product sides
– Text art
– It supports 50+ handpicks stylish google font

10. MyStyle Custom Product Designer

Must-have WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins for 2022

MyStyle Custom Product Designer is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to customize the product by using MyStyle Custom Product Designer. Using this plugin you can allow any customer to design their own graphics with a photo-realistic live product preview and can generate the print file for the order to exact high-res specs (Full-Mode only). Customers have live product previews throughout the design experience.

Key features offered by this plugin are,
– Allows customers to design their own products on your website
– It allows you to add New backgrounds, foregrounds or fonts
– Print-ready image file generation
– It integrates with WooCommerce products

What is The Use of WooCommerce plugin?

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It makes creating and managing an online store simple, with reasonable levels of flexibility and several vital features such as inventory and tax management, secure payments and shipping integration.

It is a free plugin. It lets you turn a WordPress website into an eCommerce store. WooCommerce is fully compatible with the functions on your WordPress site. It allows you to add products, a shopping cart, and checkout options.

WooCommerce offers many helpful features, like order tracking, customer engagement, delivery status updates, inventory management, and more. With over 27 million downloads to date, WooCommerce powers 99% of all WordPress stores. WooCommerce has a low degree of difficulty. It’s easy to use for beginner site owners.

Why Should You Choose WooCommerce for Your Online Store?

There are plenty of eCommerce plugins to choose from, so why choose WooCommerce? Simply put, WooCommerce offers WordPress site owners unparallel compatibility, flexibility, and ease of use. But let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of WooCommerce. Here are 10 reasons to use WooCommerce for your online store.

1. WooCommerce Pricing

When a new retailer is choosing a platform, price is likely to be a major factor. Ecommerce applications range from free to many thousands of dollars per year, but that difference in price isn’t necessarily related to the capability of the application. Thus, the first reason to choose WooCommerce that we’re highlighting is that it’s free to use.

WooCommerce is competitive with leading enterprise eCommerce applications, but because it’s free, any business or entrepreneur can take advantage of its capabilities without having to commit to expensive support contracts or proprietary software licenses.

You should note that certain third-party applications for payments with WooCommerce and other extensions may cost money, but this will not be directed to WooCommerce themselves.

WooCommerce Additional Plugins to choose
2. WooCommerce Is Modular

To really understand what WooCommerce is, we have to examine its modular framework. Just like WordPress, WooCommerce includes a rich set of features that can be extended with the addition of plugins.

Retailers who use WooCommerce benefit twice from this modularity: they have access to thousands of WordPress plugins and themes as well as hundreds of eCommerce-specific extensions built just for WooCommerce.

The genius of a modular system is that it helps to cultivate a community of developers who build extensions to add specific functionality, something that isn’t possible with monolithic applications. With the right plugins, setting up a WooCommerce store can be the perfect eCommerce platform for every retailer.

Those plugins may expand functionality in regards to shipping, payments, how products are handled, and more. WooCommerce themselves have developed and recommend several additional plugins when using their store.

The add product screen in WooCommerce is very similar to WordPress
3. WooCommerce Is WordPress

“But isn’t WooCommerce just WordPress?”
The implication being that because WooCommerce is constrained by its parent application, it can’t be as good as a purpose-built eCommerce application.

In reality, the link between WordPress and WooCommerce plugin is actually a benefit of WooCommerce. WordPress is hugely popular because it’s so flexible and functional.

Millions of businesses choose to use WordPress because it provides the best foundation for their sites. It’s fast, secure, and easy to use. The compatibility between your existing WordPress themes and WooCommerce themes will make for a very smooth integration.

WooCommerce inherits all of the strength and reliability of WordPress and uses it to build a world-class eCommerce experience for retailers and their customers.

WooCommerce products don't have to be physical
4. WooCommerce Can Be Used To Sell Anything

Another fun way to answer someone who asks, “What is WooCommerce?”— It’s a way to sell anything.

WooCommerce is incredibly flexible. If you want to sell something, you can sell it with WooCommerce. That includes physical products, digital products, subscriptions, appointments, and much more. Whether you intend to sell a single digital product or an enormous variety of physical products, WooCommerce is the Swiss Army Knife of eCommerce applications.

Choose WooCommerce because of its incredible dev community
5. WooCommerce Has A Vibrant Developer Community

Both WooCommerce and WordPress are open source, which means that retailers are free to change or add core features, build new extensions, and create custom themes. For some less popular eCommerce applications, it is difficult to find developers capable of doing that work and if you can find a developer, they are expensive to hire.

WooCommerce advantage here is that retailers benefit from a large pool of developers and WooCommerce professionals. If you need to make changes to your WooCommerce store, it won’t be hard to find someone to do the work for you. And further, its widespread use and network of developers makes achieving optimal WooCommerce security much easier.

WooCommerce Sales Analytics are easy to use
6. WooCommerce Includes Powerful Analytics

Another way to address the question of “How does WooCommerce work?” is through analytics. Built-in analytics are another WooCommerce advantage, because the more you know about your customers and the way they interact with your store and its products, the better.

Out of the box, WooCommerce provides an extensive set of analytics displayed in a clear and intuitive interface. Additionally, it’s straightforward to integrate WooCommerce with external analytics services like Google Analytics with extensions.

7. WooCommerce Grows With Your Business

When choosing an eCommerce application, it is a good idea to think about the future of your business. It might be small now, but in time it will grow and you should choose an application that is capable of supporting a busy store without imposing too much complexity in the early days.

One of the benefits of WooCommerce is that it supports stores ranging from the tiny to the immense. It can scale from a few products to many thousands, and from a handful of shoppers a day to hundreds of shoppers per second. As your WooCommerce website grows, so can the functionality of your online store.

Spectator is just one example of a great WooCommerce site
8. WooCommerce Provides World-Class Content Management

As you might expect from an eCommerce application based on the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), WooCommerce is no slouch where content is concerned.

Content is an important component of eCommerce marketing, sales optimization, and search engine optimization. Together WordPress and WooCommerce offer a wide variety of content management options, including blogging, landing pages, email marketing, and product descriptions. WooCommerce-compatible SEO plugins like Yoast WooCommerce SEO make it easy for retailers to optimize their content for search.

9. WooCommerce Is Fast

WordPress and WooCommerce can provide a fast and responsive eCommerce experience for online stores of all sizes. This is a key benefit of WooCommerce.

You can also speed up your WooCommerce store by combining it with performance-optimized WooCommerce hosting that’s specifically engineered to maximize performance. Standard web hosting is capable of supporting WooCommerce, but it cannot provide the highly optimized PHP, MySQL, server, and network environments necessary for a responsive low-latency eCommerce experience.

10. WooCommerce Is Made For Selling

Another WooCommerce advantage is that it’s designed for selling. It includes everything a new eCommerce retailer needs to get up and running:

  • Over 100 payment gateways that can be easily integrated with your store.
  • Multiple WooCommerce shipping methods with configurable shipping zones and shipping classes.
  • An intuitive backend for stock management, refunds, order management, email management, and everything else you need to efficiently manage your ecommerce store.
  • Choose from thousands of configurable and mobile-friendly free and premium WooCommerce themes or build a custom theme to give your store a unique look.
  • World-class documentation that provides the guidance for new ecommerce retailers that need to get up-and-running.

What Are The Benefits of WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the most favored and commonly used eCommerce solutions today on the Internet. Based on the WordPress platform, and developed by the same team, it provides a simple, powerful and feature-rich digital shopping solution. WooCommerce is suitable for anyone who wants to sell their products online.

1. WooCommerce is free

WooCommerce is a free, open-source WordPress plugin. It is easily accessible for everyone who is just starting out in eCommerce.

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS platform in the world – the estimation is that 25% of websites are running on WordPress – and provides direct developmental support to the WooCommerce plugin. A WooCommerce store can be installed and opened for business in a very short amount of time compared to custom-made web shops or more complicated CMS solutions.

2. Easily customizable through themes

Once a custom website is live, it is often extremely difficult and expensive to make changes. With the WooCommerce platform, one can easily switch back and forth between appearances. This is accomplished by use of different themes, either free or paid. Paid themes can cost up to $100, and receive dedicated support from their development team. A good place to look for premium WordPress – WooCommerce themes is ThemeForest.

3. Available Features

WooCommerce comes with all the features a new web shop requires to function properly, from listing of new products to orders and billing. It enables users to sell anything, from physical products to digital downloads.

However, the code is kept lean through its modular nature, providing only the essential features users need at any specific time. This means that WooCommerce will work fast and reliably with the basic features, but can be expanded as needed.

WooCommerce main features:

  • unrestricted customization
  • built-in-blogging
  • easily manageable product categories
  • tags and attributes
  • product ratings and reviews
  • product sorting and filtering
  • location customisation: currency, language and measurement units

There is also no limit on the number of products you can sell or images you want to use for each.

4. Your WooCommerce store belongs to you alone

Selling products or services via a third party is subject to that party’s rules and terms. This is a problem many online sellers experience, so it is good to have your own web shop, even if only as a backup, in case there are issues with your Amazon (or similar) store. If you’ve worked on branding in the past, customers will find you through organic search if they have trouble finding you on Amazon.

5. Security

The WooCommerce development team works closely with security experts, such as Sucuri.net, to provide their customers with the safest online experience possible. Security updates arrive quickly, and you can implement them with just one click. If you regularly update your WooCommerce platform and plugins, you will have a very reliable and safe platform on which to do your business.

6. Large number of official extensions

There are over 400 official extensions for WooCommerce, ranging from analytics, payments and shipping, to marketing and accounting. These are official extensions, created and supported by the WooCommerce development team, and countless other third-party extensions.

Very much like themes, third-party plugins are either free or paid, and are often sold on markets along with the themes. These extensions, or plugins, make life much easier, as they are usually easily integrated into an existing web shop.

Bear in mind that all extensions you would order from a web development agency could easily cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, whereas WooCommerce extensions and plugins rarely exceed $20-30.

7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WooCommerce is running on one of the most well-established platforms in the world, which is highly adapted to SEO guidelines as provided by Google. Aside from the entire platform being “out of the box” SEO friendly, it also makes SEO optimization of your products much simpler.

WooCommerce provides an intuitive interface, where the main product details and any information regarding SEO can be entered and stored. On top of that, there are excellent third-party SEO plugins that can help you optimize every post and page on your website.

8. Informative analytics

Without proper analysis of your efforts, it’s difficult to create a solid actionable sales plan. WooCommerce has very intuitive and simple built-in analytics. For those who have little or no experience with tracking implementation, built-in analytics make things especially easy.

Sales by date, most wanted products, customer information…all of these are viewable in pie charts and understandable graphs. Beyond that, it’s a simple process to activate Google Analytics in WooCommerce, for additional data and deeper analysis.

9. WooCommerce simplifies your work process

WooCommerce facilitates up-selling and cross-selling, the entire platform being built to simplify these processes. It has incredible support from a large community of users who are working in online sales and are improving and streamlining WooCommerce on a regular basis.

10. Extremely affordable and flexible

Compared to most platforms, a WooCommerce solution is always significantly more cost-effective. Design, production, and installation of a custom web shop can last for months. A WooCommerce shop, depending on its size, can be set up in a matter of days. Design changes can be very expensive, and generally also take longer with a custom web shop.

With WooCommerce this is a question of implementing affordable new themes. Additional features can be implemented quickly, with negligible costs, whereas custom-made web shops demand longer development process and, therefore, larger investment.

What Does Product Designer do?

Oftentimes, a product designer is essentially a UX designer operating under a different job title but with even closer ties to development and business functions. It sometimes entails a bit less focus on research and more effort collaborating with cross-functional product teams and engineers.

This means product designer roles can be more technical than UX design positions, with some requirements aimed at understanding front end development. Holistically, job descriptions typically include the following responsibilities:

  • Partner with other members of the product team to establish key objectives and measurable outcomes
  • Lead or contribute to the process of evolving inspirational ideas into well-designed products
  • Help gather and transform user needs and functional requirements into sketches, concepts, wireframes, and prototypes
  • Task or work with UX researchers on exploratory studies (e.g., user interviews, ethnography, surveys) and iterative testing (e.g., usability testing)
  • Flex a mix of visual and interactive design skills, using standard tools of the trade, to build beautiful and easy-to-use experiences
  • Lead various UX and design projects from end-to-end
  • Work with branding, style guides, and design systems to ensure smart and consistent applications throughout user journeys
  • Participate in design feedback and critique sessions

How do WooCommerce Plugins Work?

WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress. It lets you turn a basic website into a website with a shop. WordPress can’t do that by itself. If you install and activate the WooCommerce plugin you can add products, a shopping cart and a checkout.

You will also be joining a lot of other WooCommerce store owners. It’s the most popular e-Commerce plugin for WordPress. It powers over 30% of all the world’s e-Commerce stores.

WordPress and WooCommerce are both free and open source software. This means that both are available for anyone to download and use the software for free. The open source model also allows anyone to modify and change the software.

Both WordPress and WooCommerce are developed by volunteer teams of developers from all over the world.

What WooCommerce Plugins do I Need?

Some of the plugins listed below are free, but more often than not you should expect to pay for WooCommerce plugins. Sometimes it’s a small one-time fee, but sometimes you need to pay monthly.

Having said that, keep reading to learn about our favorite WooCommerce plugins.

1. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips has a large following and for good reason. Invoices and packing slips are required for a wide variety of businesses, but this type of smooth functionality isn’t provided in WooCommerce.

Therefore, the plugin lets you automatically attach PDF invoices to certain emails. Not only that, but you receive options for creating and printing packing slips, whether it be in bulk or individually. The simplicity and streamlined nature of the plugin are what draws most users.

2. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist mimics the “Favorites” list that you can find on many larger ecommerce stores, like Amazon. It’s not for every brand, but it often makes sense to give your customers a way to save certain products for later.

The plugin integrates with WooCommerce for a seamless transition. Customers are then able to check back in and find their favorite products for purchase later. This potentially boosts your own sales and makes for a nicer interface for customers.

3. Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce

Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce is a plugin that cleans up your product pages with consolidated tabs. This way, you can title tabs with information like descriptions, specifications, reviews, and more.

All of the tabs you add to your store support multiple forms of content such as images, video, and text. You manage the tabs in the standard WordPress editor, without any need for custom coding.

4. Beeketing for WooCommerce

Beeketing for WooCommerce serves as one of the top all-in-one marketing tools for WooCommerce. More than ten marketing features are packed into the plugin, including tools for cart abandonment, boosting online sales, and improving your email marketing.

The feature-set is hard to cover in a few paragraphs, but you can expect to be wowed by options for cross-selling, upselling, email capture, loyalty programs, and more.

5. WooCommerce Customizer

WooCommerce Customizer expands the number of adjustable settings in WooCommerce. These customization options are already available in WooCommerce, but you typically have to custom code to make them work. Therefore, the WooCommerce Customizer plugin is there to make those tasks easier with visual settings.

From changing the number of products displayed on each page to modifying the login text, this plugin suddenly makes advanced customization possible without needing to hire a developer.

Are WooCommerce Plugins Free?

There’s big money in ecommerce, so the majority of extensions come with a price tag. Fortunately, though, not every WooCommerce plugin has to break the bank — there’s actually a really good selection of free options out there (if you know where to look).

If you’re looking to further your store’s traffic, revenue and/or appeal without spending a small fortune, the following options should be right up your street.

1. YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

For the vast majority of products, no on-page factor has a bigger impact on the conversion rate than the product images displayed (other than, perhaps, price).

Customers want to see what your products look like, they want to inspect them for quality and they want to be sure they prefer them to a competitor’s. Do you really expect customers to achieve all of that from a tiny, barely discernible photo?

If you want to display your images loud and proud, we recommend the YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier plugin.

When visitors hover their mouse over your images, they’ll see an enlarged popup of your products. You can configure the dimensions of this popup, as well as the zoom levels for optimal viewing.

2. Booster for WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce is kind of like the Jetpack plugin… but for WooCommerce. That is, it doesn’t do just one thing. Instead, it offers a modular set of 100-plus features that can enhance and tweak your WooCommerce store.

The keyword there is modular. Because you can choose to only enable the specific features you want to use, Booster for WooCommerce isn’t going to bloat your site with stuff you don’t want.

So, what can Booster for WooCommerce help you to do? Well, there are too many features to list, but here’s the basic rundown, divided into different categories:

  • Prices & Currencies — add currencies and currency exchange rates, bulk convert prices, set prices based on user role, plus a lot more.
  • Button & Price Labels — change the add-to-cart button, add a custom label for free items, plus more.
  • Products — add booking products, set up cross-sells, enable crowdfunding, plus more.
  • Cart & Checkout — customize checkout fields, create special coupons, and more.
  • Payment Gateways — add custom gateways, charge fees for certain gateways, set different gateways based on currency or country, and more.
  • Shipping & Orders — set a minimum order, add a shipping calculator, set different shipping methods based on conditions, plus more.
  • PDF Invoicing & Packing Slips — enable PDF invoicing.
  • Emails & Misc — various backend customizations, plus an option to add custom emails.

All in all, there are a ton of features in one free package, making this one a good Swiss Army Knife for your store.

3. Stripe Payment Gateway

In the past, WooCommerce supported only one payment gateway out of the box: PayPal Standard. However, this gateway was hardly desirable for most serious store owners, as customers were diverted to the external PayPal website to make payment.

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

As such, most ecommerce stores install a payment gateway that facilitates card payments onsite — typically, Stripe or PayPal Pro.

If you opt for Stripe, I have good news: The official WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway is available completely free of charge.

Now, in the past, you’d have had to download and install this extension like any other plugin. However, because of the immense popularity of the Stripe payment gateway — and PayPal Pro, too — WooCommerce has streamlined the installation process.

You can now install the Stripe gateway during the WooCommerce installation wizard at the click of a button. After syncing your store with the Stripe API, you’ll be able to accept Visa, Mastercard and a whole host of others.

The one downside is that Stripe isn’t available globally. To date, Stripe works in 30 countries (with an additional four in invite-only beta testing), so make sure your country is on the list before committing — the US, UK and Canada are already supported.

And if Stripe ain’t your thing, the official WooCommerce extension store stocks ten other free payment gateways, including the aforementioned PayPal Pro, plus Amazon Pay and Square, among others.

4. WooCommerce Direct Checkout

If you ask your visitors to jump through too many hoops, some of them will simply abandon ship — a conversion opportunity lost in an instant.

Now, the default WooCommerce checkout process isn’t overly flabby: Storefront > product page > shopping cart > checkout.

Even so, there’s still an opportunity to streamline the checkout process. Enter WooCommerce Direct Checkout.

The plugin lets users skip the shopping cart completely, meaning the typical customer journey will look something like this: Storefront > product page > checkout — much like Amazon’s ‘Buy Now’ button.

Example of replacing the "Add to Cart" button with a "Buy it Now" button

And, if that checkout process still isn’t streamlined enough for you, the plugin can also add ‘Checkout‘ buttons directly to the shop page. This means visitors who know exactly what they’re looking for can skip the product page screen, too.

Best of all, you can download, install, and configure the plugin in under two minutes. The settings screen is as efficient as the checkout procedure it creates!

5. WooCommerce Menu Cart

WooCommerce Menu Cart is another plugin that aims to refine the checkout process.

The plugin adds a shopping cart button to your menu, making it super-accessible from any page on your website.

The shopping cart button fits the menu seamlessly, and can be fully configured to your liking. This includes the option to display the number of items and/or sub-total in the menu, a choice of ten cart icons and the menu alignment.

If your theme already includes this functionality, you don’t need this plugin. But if it doesn’t, this simple plugin is a lifesaver.

How do I Use WooCommerce Plugins?

With your website up and running, it’s time to install e-commerce functionality with WooCommerce. There are three ways to do this.

  • Create a free account on WooCommerce.com
    • Sign-up for an account on WordPress.com and WooCommerce.com
    • Select from:
      • A pre-installed solution with a trusted host
      • Auto-installing WooCommerce if you have a WordPress site already
      • Download the zip file and do it yourself
  • Install WooCommerce
    • Download the WooCommerce plugin
      • Download the plugin
      • Go to your website
      • Go to: Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload
      • Select the downloaded plugin
      • Install
      • Activate
    • Search for the WooCommerce plugin from within your website
      • Go to your website
      • Go to: Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search Plugins
      • Search for “WooCommerce”
      • Install
      • Activate

Upon activating the plugin, you are prompted with a Setup Wizard. We strongly advise following these steps, as it takes you through initial setup.

How do I Download WooCommerce Plugins For Free?

1. Go to “Plugins” in your WordPress dashboard

Start by going to your admin panel – http://your-domain.com/wp-admin/ and click on “Plugins” in the sidebar menu:

WordPress plugins menu

2. Click on “Add New”

You can find the “Add New” button near the top of the page:

add new plugin in WordPress

3. Find your plugin via search

What you’ll see next is a page that shows you a short list of featured/recommended plugins, and a handy search field on the right – this is the one we’re going to use.

Input the name of the plugin that you want to install in that search field.

plugins list

Now, the great thing here is that you don’t even need to input the plugin’s whole name. For example, I’m just going to use “revive” and press the enter key on my keyboard.

4. Install your plugin

Once you see the plugin you’re looking for on the list, all you need to do now is click on the “Install Now” button. When you do that, WordPress is going to fetch the plugin and have it installed on your site. It works much like installing a new app on your phone.

revive search

5. Activate the plugin

There’s one final step. When the installation is complete, click on the “Activate Plugin” link that has just appeared:

plugin install complete

It’s done! The plugin has been activated, and WordPress will let you know about this fact through a small note at the top of the page:

plugin activated

How Many WooCommerce Plugins Are There?

Let’s hit it off with some raw numbers. They will make it immediately obvious why this platform is that big of a deal.

1. There are currently 4,414,537 live websites using WooCommerce.

(Source: BuiltWith)

And it’s not just about quantity. In the top one million sites, there are 61,311 sites using WooCommerce (or 6.13%), which is an increase since last year. Considering this is a highly targeted platform, mostly visited by users with buyer’s intent – 6.13% is actually a huge deal!

2. WooCommerce is used by 7.4% of all websites.

(Source: w3techs)

This is the percentage of websites using WooCommerce as of January 2021. In comparison, WordPress is used by 39.7% of all sites.

Back in 2018, 5.7% of all websites were using the plugin, and in 2019 just about 4.7%. As other WooCommerce statistics also suggest, the WordPress plugin is constantly growing.

3. WooCommerce has 82.5 million downloads (and counting).

(Source: WooCommerce)

As you can imagine, the number is constantly changing. There are over 82 million downloads in January 2021.

Even though WooCommerce is free, the number is still impressive. For 70 million businesses to decide to trust the plugin – there’s bound to be something to it.

4. WooCommerce powers over 29.35% of all online stores.

(Source: Datanyze)

According to 2021 statistics from Datanyze, WooCommerce is a clear-cut winner. The second-largest market share goes to Squarespace Online Stores with 21.15%, followed by Shopify with 12.69%.

Further analysis of the information in the Datanyze Universe, reveals that WooCommerce is number one because it currently supports 629,227 websites. Squarespace has 453,474, while Shopify falls behind with 272,146.

5. WooCommerce powers 22% of the top 1 million ecommerce sites.

(Source: BuiltWith)

The platform leads the way as the most popular choice among the top 1 million ecommerce sites. It’s ahead of both Shopify and Magento, with 18% and 13% respectively.

This is an especially good stat for the platform and speaks well of the WooCommerce market share. And it’s even more impressive considering that a lot of these 1 million ecommerce sites, generating the most traffic, have big budgets and probably rely on enterprise solutions. Whereas, WooCommerce and its mother platform WordPress are usually more popular with smaller sites.

Let’s see how this looks in numbers.

In the top 100,000 sites, the leader is Shopify with 21% and WooCommerce is third with 12%. In the top 10,000 sites, Shopify is again at the lead with 23% and WooCommerce shares 4th place with Oracle Commerce with 6%.

WooCommerce is shaping up to be an extremely popular option among smaller businesses. Companies with higher revenue tend to favor Shopify instead.

Can I Resell WooCommerce Plugins?

There are two major ways of selling and earn money from your plugins. You can either sell the plugins on your own website, or you can sell the plugins on a third-party marketplace.

Let’s get to know about the two ways you can sell your WordPress plugin.

1. How to Sell Plugins Using a Marketplace

Selling WordPress plugins on a marketplace means you can get exposure early on. Marketplaces have hundreds of thousands of buyers who are looking for plugins.

CodeCanyon is by far the largest and most popular marketplace to sell your plugin. However, you can also sell on other large marketplaces like Codester or Mojo Marketplace.

In order to sell on a marketplace, you have to create an account and upload your plugin on their website. The marketplace quality assurance team will then review and publish your plugin on their site.

While uploading a plugin on a marketplace be sure to ensure the following things to increase sales.

  1. Attractive Product Description: Product description is required to submit a plugin on a marketplace. A relevant, catchy product description increases the chance of sales.
  2. Product Image: Having better product images have a big impact on plugin sales. Highlight important parts with modern design to stand out.
  3. Demo Site: A demo site where users can see your plugin in action is crucial. Users like to know how your plugin can perform and a demo site gives you the chance to show them.

Due to the high number of visitors on the marketplaces, your plugin will have more chances to get noticed. However, all this comes with a price. For every sale on marketplaces, you have to share a big share of your earning.

If you decide to sell your plugins on your website or any other place besides the marketplace, the charges will soar even higher.

2. How to Sell Plugins from Your Website

Another way you can sell your plugin is by using your website. But there are more than one thing to worry about when it comes to selling plugin on your website. You’ll have to attract people to your website, so you need a marketing strategy. You’ll have to be extremely helpful for people to find and choose you.

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And finally, you’ll have to software licensing on your own. As soon as you start selling digital products, i.e. WordPress plugins, licensing becomes a major issue.

There are a couple of licensing service providers that can help you manage license.

  1. WooCommerce, the largest eCommerce plugin, also provides a licensing service.
  2. EDD or Easy Digital Downloads is another popular tool to manage licenses.
  3. CodeCanyon not only lets you sell plugins on their website but generates a license for your plugin.
  4. Appsero, a SaaS product that helps you manage your license in a better way. With Appsero you can handle your license from other providers, or generate new licensing.

Selling WordPress plugins maybe a bit complicated, but it is also a platform where you have a lot of opportunities. Over 35% of all the sites in the world used WordPress to build their site. That means you already have an enormous number of prospective customers.

Are WooCommerce Plugins Safe?

Sites built on WooCommerce are in themselves secure, but site owners still need to be constantly on the alert. Every second, somewhere in the world hackers are hacking a new site. It doesn’t matter to them whether it is a big or small Woocommerce website — they will hack it just the same.

Security problems can appear when you or your incompetent developers:

  • handle deployment incorrectly
  • configure security issues improperly
  • forget about site maintenance
  • forget to update the site to the latest version

Therefore, if you want your website to be secure and successful, do your job well and protect your WooCommerce site.

How to Keep Your WooCommerce Store Safe

Any site is at risk of being hacked. Hackers don’t care whether your site is large or small. Do not think that this will not affect you — always protect your site! This is how you protect your income and your customer’s data. Do you always lock your apartment or house when you go? Why not do the same for your business?

These tips are like your little army that is on guard, protecting your WooCommerce site.

1. Update WordPress to the latest version

Each new WordPress core release is an improved version of your site and its security. Put your trust in the capabilities of the WordPress team. Therefore, be sure to update your site to the latest version to reduce the chance it can be broken.

2. Use security plugins

Most owners choose WordPress because there is a plugin for any problem. Be sure to use one of the security plugins to create another layer of security and add one more invisible shield. It is important to install only one security plugin so as not to overload your site.

3. Choose a secure and reliable hosting

Reliable website hosting is like a solid foundation for your house. How can you build something good in a swamp? The better hosting you have, the more opportunities you will have to develop and protect your site.

4. Create strong usernames and passwords

Almost all sites are hacked through weak and simple passwords. Set a password and username without any bindings. If it is a meaningless combination of capital and small letters, numbers, and signs, it will keep your WooCommerce site much safer.

5. Use 2FA

Two-factor authentication is another way to protect your website. This way, even if attackers manage to guess your password, they will not be able to bypass the next level of verification. There are many options for 2FA, but the most common and most reliable is sending a special code to your phone. Hackers simply don’t have access to this option.

6. Add SSL certificate

SSL is already a must-have metric for security and reliability for eСommerce sites. Google marks safe sites with a small green lock icon, which means that all user data is secure. Use HTTPS so that customers will trust you with card details and confidential information.

7. Do backups regularly

Backups involve copying all of your website data. That way, even if something happens you can always restore access to it. A backup is your guarantee of peace of mind, no matter what happens to your WooCommerce stores.

8. Limit login attempts

Sites are most often broken with brute force attacks. If you put limits on the number of failed login attempts, you can protect against these.This principle is similar to that used by bank cards. After several incorrect attempts, the IP address will be locked.

9. Change the admin username

We suggest you avoid the standard username admin because it makes life so easy for your hackers. It’s like voluntarily giving them your site. Like your password, create a meaningless username.

10. Up-to-date themes

Up-to-date themes not only include trendy designs and visually appealing WooCommerce stores, they also include up-to-date security updates. The newer the theme you use, the more updated the security is and the less threat it poses to you.

Woocommerce Custom Product Designer

Allowing customers to design their own products is one such strategy that has huge potential. If you have a WooCommerce store, and would like to offer an option to customers to design products, you will find several plugins to help you with it.

We will discuss some of the best custom WooCommere product designer plugins you can install on your store.

WooCommerce Custom Product Designer

This is a comprehensive solution to offer product customization on your WooCommerce store. Store owners will be able to change the color, size and layout of the editor according the nature of the product. Moreover, the editor is especially user-friendly with powerful features to change colors, font and text, and a drag and drop interface.

KILB Product Designer

KILB product designer plugin offers a comprehensive option to let your customers personalize products on your store. You can feature different types of products such as mugs, posters, t-shirts, etc., and let customers add their own designs.

The plugin lets customers add their own images, or choose from the available images. They can also experiment with the font, and add QR code to products.

Product Designer for WooCommerce

This is another great option to enhance customer experience on your store by letting customers personalize products. Customers will be able to design different aspects of the products on a unique design interface to which they will be redirected from the product page.

Images, text, clip art or shapes can be used in the designs. Customers can design the product first, and then add it to cart to complete the purchase. Store owners will have the option to charge customers for individual components as well.

Design ‘N’ Buy

As the name suggests, the Product Designer for WooCommerce by Design’N’Buy merges the power of product personalization with the leading eCommerce platform.

With this solution, online printers get access to a comprehensive web-to-print solution that enables you to sell custom items such as t-shirts, caps, mugs, greeting cards, and more.

This WooCommerce Custom Product Designer integrates directly into your shopping cart, thus making it easy for your customers to design and place an order from the comfort of any device.

When it comes to customization, you can offer editable templates for various products that your customers can personalize and order. You have the complete freedom to choose which and how many products you would like to sell online.

There is also an option of a live quotation calculator, which helps them estimate how much the print job will cost them. In addition, match the design studio theme and colors with your company branding from the backend.

You do not have to just stop at product customization for WooCommerce when you choose Design’N’Buy. There is a lot you can do on your online print store as well.

Fancy Product Designer

This is one of the most flexible WooCommerce product designer plugins. You will be able to decide which products you want to offer the personalization option, and what part of the product.

Interestingly, it offers a layered system for design, which will help you keep track of the applied changes. It supports different file systems such as PNG, JPG and SVG. The plugin also offers an advanced color system as well as interesting text and image transformations.

Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress | Lumise

This product designer plugin supports different kinds of customizable products from cards to hoodies. It offers a convenient user interface and advanced features to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Some of the features include Mask Layer, Photo Effect, Curved Text, etc. It supports multiple file formats such as PNG, SVG and JPG; and offers a versatile edit zone for diverse products.

Product Designer For Woocommerce

WooCommerce Multistep Form & Product Designer

This is another convenient option with multilayer product customization options. It offers seamless integration with WooCommerce and lets store owners manage diverse forms, steps and products in their stores. The plugin also offers conditional linking and supports complex price calculations. PNG, SVG and JPG formats are supported.

Responsive Product Designer for WooCommerce

You will be able to let customers personalize diverse product types on your store using this plugin. Customers will be able to add images to the product editor and position it as per their requirement, and then go ahead with the purchase. The plugin offers a very convenient interface, and has a wide range of features for a great user experience.

Designer Suite for WP

This plugin works for you if you are selling a wide range of products such as t-shirts, business cards, mugs, etc. Customers will be able to browse through the templates, and choose one they like to base their design with.

Based on the components chosen by the customer, you can adjust the pricing as well. Some of the other interesting features of this plugin are integration of Google Fonts, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

PickPlugins Product Designer

With this plugin, you can let your customers effortlessly customize the products they are purchasing from your store. It allows customers to add different visual elements like clip art, QR code, text, etc., to their products. The plugin lets you feature unlimited templates on your store. Moreover, it offers seamless WooCommerce integration.

Zakeke Interactive Product Designer for WooCommerce

Create an immersive shopping experience for your customers with real-time 3D product previews. Allow product customization and view them before buying. Receive a ready-to-print for all the custom orders and configure percentage or fixed rate on product margins. This plugin allows customers to personalize any product such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, watches, promotional items, etc. 

Custom Product Designer

Zakeke Interactive Product Designer

Thankfully, you can now entice more visitors to your website. It will have a better impact, especially if you run a graphic design online business. You can present this product designer plugin with the ready-to-print file for custom orders in this plugin. Also, in each customization, you increase your margins or percentage of your price ranges.

At first, you may have heard about product customization. Another advantage of this plugin is that you’ll know exactly the things your client looks for. Moreover, the 3D product previews of your items invite more visitors and result in better sales.

Well, it’s a nice thing to have one, but eventually, you can receive hundreds or even thousands of customization email requests flooding your inbox. Some clients might even send not-ready to print files, so you still need something to make it printable.  

This WooCommerce Product Designer plugin will make things easier by letting your customers add texts to the product and change designs to let you know about their wishes. You may also add clip arts and images so that your customers can choose their preferences. It also has a Realtime 3D view for them to see the full view of your product.

Product Designer

In this plugin, you can use a shortcode to generate it on your website. You can add several images, clipart, and custom arts with this. The visitors or customers can even use wonderful font designs and colors according to their taste. As soon as you get more familiar with how this work, you’ll see its features and functionalities working so well.

First of all, this product designer is WooCommerce-ready. So, you don’t have to worry about compatibility. You and your clients can use unlimited clipart. Each clipart has a designated category and ajax pagination.

After creating the customization, the design preview is to check if something is missing and the need for improvement. With its more than 50 hand-picked Google font, you and your audience can design their product magnificently. What’s more, it comes with unlimited product slides that you can freely use.

If you want to enjoy other premium features, you can opt for the Pro version. The barcode, QR code, curve text, unlimited pre-saved templates, and custom clipart are some of the added features. Nonetheless, the overall functionality of this product designer is enough to create wonderful and enticing item customization.

MyStyle Custom Product Designer

Finally, you can use these WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins for free. With this, you can choose the products you could use for personalization or customization. It is perfect, especially if your website focuses on customized items. Instead of asking your customer’s preference through messages or email, they can customize your product’s picture for better reference.

Another great feature of this plugin is the live preview of each product after customization. It will allow anyone to make important changes before saving it and sending it to the seller or admin. You can use canvas prints, t-shirts, phone cases, and more for this. It’s up to you how you’ll use it to boost your sales.

The great thing about it is that it is easy to install. You can download it directly on your plugin dashboard. It’s also up to you whether to use the catalog of manufacturers’ products or use yours. In this way, you can have a print-ready image for your items.

Developers use the tools in MyStyle Customizer for world-class designs. Since it is WooCommerce-ready, users can also integrate it with WooCommerce products. Also, another functionality that you truly need is the customization options you can use.

Fancy Product Designer

With this plugin, everything will be easier on your WooCommerce website. It comes with various features that would truly help boost your sales instantly. You can customize products as many as you can. There’s no limit at all.

The functions and features are perfect and compatible with any items you use. These could be for your t-shirts, banners, and more. Each applied design has effective layers of systems to keep track of everything. Rest assured that you’ll have precise customization since it has individual product views and interactive upload zones.

This plugin has organized settings that you can work with consistently. Moreover, the supported data formats that you can use are JPG, PNG, and SVG. It doesn’t stop there. Those images you want to upload on your website could be from social media websites, accounts, and more.

Its Advance Color System makes customers come back. It comes with Color Picker Tool allowing them to change the designs according to their likings. Any customization you want – text transformations, image transformations, and font designs – are available in this plugin.

Product Designer Plugin

When you have numerous products in your WooCommerce store, it’s difficult to take orders manually and customize them later as per customer demands.

There are several WooCommerce product designer plugins available to help your customers customize products easily and save you time.

With a plethora of options available, you need to be very selective when choosing a product designer plugin.

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce is an aesthetic plugin that allows customers to select attributes for product variations. Customize product variations into radio images, colors, or labels and check them in the quick view option. To personalize the development process you can disable the defiant plugin stylesheet and type your own CSS. 

MyStyle Custom Product Designer

Users can design their own products supported by a live preview throughout the designing process. Create photo-realistic products, generate print files for orders, and exact high-resolution specifications.

With the MyStyle plugin, you can personalize major items such as phone cases, t-shirts, canvas prints, etc. Host the customer designs on the cloud with MyStyle Platform and Amazon s3.

Badge Designer Lite For WooCommerce

Customize the default sale badges into appealing badge designs for WooCommerce. This personalized plugin allows users to add text, images, icon labels to their products. You can use these badges during sales, discounts, or give special features to your items.

Product Designer Wordpress Theme

If you only have one product to promote online, then this collection of the best single product WordPress theme will help you launch a professional eCommerce store.

1. ExProduct

ExProduct is a highly customizable single product WordPress theme that’s well suited to technology-related stores.

If you check out the ExProduct demo stores, you’ll see that there are options that have been set up for selling smartwatches and apps. Therefore, if you plan to sell this type of item from your single product store, then ExProduct could be a good choice.

However, as there’s also a demo store that’s been created for selling soft toys, this is a versatile theme and checking out ExProduct is still recommended, no matter what type of goods you’ll be selling.

If you do check out the ExProduct store demos, you’ll see that the homepage layouts are packed with different sections that can help you promote your product and your business. For example, the smartwatch store demo starts with a full-width slider that does a great job of displaying photographs of your product or images associated with your brand.

As the visitors scroll down the page, they can see a section that displays the key features of your product, followed by more images, complete with a color switcher for showcasing the different variations available.

The rest of the default homepage layout includes a video player, an image gallery, buy buttons and other calls to action, and a panel that contains user reviews. Other homepage sections include a contact form, a product specification area, and a panel that displays logos from stockists or other relevant parties.

However, as this is a very flexible single product WordPress theme, you can easily decide which of the available sections you want to display on your homepage or any of the other pages of your site. Other aspects of your website can be easily customized too, thanks to the inclusion of a premium page builder plugin and a detailed set of theme options.

If you’re looking for a theme with a feature-packed pre-built homepage layout, that can be easily customized, ExProduct should be of interest.

2. Proland

Proland comes with a varied selection of templates for promoting your product.

Combining this theme with the WooCommerce plugin gives you a quick and easy way to start selling products online with WordPress. As this is a single product WordPress theme, its templates are ideal for effectively describing the benefits of your product to your audience.

The homepage template has lots of sections by default, enabling you to tell the story of your product as your visitors scroll down the page.

If you want to add a blog to your single product store, Proland has the necessary templates for that. Thanks to this, you can share the latest details about your product or any other relevant information with your audience in a format that matches the design of the rest of your site.

Proland comes with a premium page builder plugin to give you control over the design of your site.

3. Quark

Quark has just one online store demo, but it’s been designed to work well for a wide range of products.

If you want to keep things simple, then choosing Quark and its one website demo will certainly save you time when it comes to deciding which demo to use. However, you’re certainly not limited in any way with this theme, thanks to its feature-rich design and functionality.

The homepage layout makes use of a full-width slider to welcome your visitors and introduce them to your product. After that, you can use the pre-built sections to display photographs of your project, add call-to-action buttons to your site, and highlight the key product features.

Quark isn’t just a single-page theme though. As well as the homepage layout, there are also lots of page templates for the other content your site might need. This includes a very well-designed product tour template that you can add your text and images to in order to describe and explain your product and what it can do.

There’s also a full set of blog templates that you can use to start a content marketing campaign to attract more visitors to your store, hopefully increasing sales of your product.

When it comes to customization options, Quark doesn’t disappoint. The hugely popular WPBakery Page Builder plugin is included as part of the package, giving you an easy way to edit the demo content and create your own custom templates for your single product store.

Slider Revolution is included too, enabling you to edit the pre-built sliders and produce your own interactive slideshows if needed. Furthermore, side wide settings, like the color and font choices, can be personalized through the theme options control panel.

Although only having one store demo, Quark certainly won’t restrict your options.

4. Emso

Emso is a single product WordPress theme with a focus on gadgets and tech items.

The Emso demo has been set up to promote a single tech-related product, so if you have this type of item, then this theme should be appealing. However, even if your product doesn’t fall into that category, don’t overlook Emso. As this is a highly flexible theme, it can be adjusted very easily to suit a wide range of items.

Out of the box, the homepage of your single product website will have a stylish and modern design to help you promote your products in a professional way. The large section at the top of the homepage is ideal for displaying a photograph of your product before visitors scroll down to find out more about it.

The specification table is a great way to share the technical details or other essential information about your product. Adding a promotional video to your homepage is straightforward too, thanks to the media player section that’s already been added to the default layout.

Other useful homepage elements and sections that can help you promote your product online include the testimonials panel for sharing feedback from customers and the logo area for publishing the details of brands you’ve worked with or stores that your product is available from.

To help you make any changes to the pre-built content of this theme, Emso comes with a drag-and-drop page builder tool that makes it easy to change the position of the sections used in the templates.

You can also use this tool to create your own custom page designs for your single product website and insert additional modules and elements into the existing templates. You can also make other changes to the appearance of your site through the theme options control panel, such as switching the fonts and personalizing the colors.

Emso has everything you need to launch a stylish single product eCommerce store and comes with lots of customization possibilities.

5. Strollik

Strollik has multiple pre-built eCommerce store demos covering a wide range of product categories.

Although the main single product store demo of this theme is focused on selling strollers, Strollik has grown far beyond just covering that type of item. Now in the Strollik store demo portfolio, you’ll find 20 different designs, covering fashion, sport, technology, and other types of products.

Once you’ve made a decision on which demo to use as the foundation for your eCommerce store, you’ll be able to import the pre-built homepage layout and the other content into your WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks.

Regardless of which of the demos you do decide to use, you’ll be getting access to a homepage layout that includes lots of different sections to help you promote your product.

With sections that include large displays for publishing product photographs and user reviews to name just a few, you can use the homepage of your website to tell the story of your brand and why your visitors should choose your product. Templates for the inner pages your store might need make it easy to add an FAQ, about, and contact pages to your website.

To help you customize your single product store, the premium Slider Revolution and WPBakery Page Builder plugins are included in the Strollik package at no extra cost. Thanks to this, you can easily add interactive presentations to your website that show off your product as well as customize the pre-built content with this drag-and-drop content editor.

So if there’s anything that’s not quite right about the Strollik demos or you think they could be improved in some way, you should have no difficulty carrying out any customization work thanks to the intuitive interface of the WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your single product eCommerce store there are examples of real online shops using this theme on the Strollik website that can help.

Final Words

Completing customer demands correctly results in increased customer satisfaction and sales. Therefore, offering your customers the ability to customize their products is a great incentive to keep them coming back for more. Thus, by using any of the above-mentioned WooCommerce product designer plugins, you can enable this feature on your site and see your sales climb higher. 

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