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EdTech app market is growing at a fast pace and set to create new trends in the market in terms of revenues. From school to higher-education colleges or universities, you can witness different institutions utilizing the technological evolution through EdTech solutions.

Modern-age EdTech solutions are simplifying communication and accessibility to quality resources with interactive tools for learning, training, and education.

These applications can play a transformative role in keeping your EdTech solutions personalized and customizable.

Features help business leaders to make their products more competitive and result-oriented.

As the EdTech market becomes more competitive, it becomes significantly important to consider top features for your mobile app.

This blog post will help you comprehend the six primary features that can scale any EdTech app in the market.

1. Live Classes

Streaming is a popular feature incorporated within EdTech apps. Learners can attend lectures using interactive interfaces and strong backend infrastructure. Your EdTech apps may feature tools to support the dynamic requirements.

Live classes have become a significant element of the modern-age eLearning infrastructure. Students in remote locations are attending lectures hassle-free with robust mobile app architecture.

2. Assignments & Assessments

Learners can accomplish their assignments through multiple options. It may include representation of their academic growth through these assessments. From using gamification to technology solution architecture, learners are using EdTech applications to create dynamic learning experiences.

The platform creators would allow EdTech app users to keep track of their assessment through an analytical content management system.

3. Mock Tests

If you are using an EdTech to train or educate yourself, you can find comprehensive and result-oriented mock tests. You can complete mock tests to prepare yourself for competitive examinations and other certifications.

Mock tests can be gamified using technology tools to generate loyalty points and make learning more interactive and breakthrough-oriented.

4. Rich UI/UX

The primary goal of using EdTech applications in the traditional learning space is to make education more accessible, compatible, and adaptive.

With a clear and clutter-free UI, you can provide your app users a sophisticated experience.

With the transforming technology, application creators across the world are using different tools like immersive technology, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and more to identify unique features and functionalities.

Any education app development company you hire should focus on utilizing and optimizing latest tools and technologies to build lucrative UI/UX.

5. Privacy & Security

You can utilize transformative privacy and security features to enable your EdTech app to combat against security issues. By adopting the latest standards and protocols, EdTech app developers can maximize the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the application.

Privacy of EdTech applications would allow users to streamline personalization goals without hampering the flow of data.

Users would not want to experience a compromised app architecture where users cannot utilize the best of the application’s capabilities.

You can experience sophisticated access to every functionality available in your EdTech apps.

6. Gamification

By keeping your app gamification strategy well-optimized to your audience, you can boost your growth as a business leader. Implementation of game elements in your EdTech app would not only enhance the overall experience, but also inspire growth alongside learning.


As the EdTech market touches new heights, business leaders have an opportunity to work with competent EdTech app developers and realize their unique ideas.

You can connect with our team of dedicated EdTech development experts to discuss your vision here at SparxIT.

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