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It’s never easy to take a fantastic picture. Is there a way to fix a pixelated image and save the file when you get it at the right time and angle? Because digital pictures are made up of pixels, pixelated images result from poor quality, improper compression, or excessive zooming in. It is impossible to create a neat image from a pixelated image when there is a lack of available pixel information.

You can fix the related problem if you know the exact reasons for pixelating an image. For pixelation, most of the images look blurry and you can’t fully recover all. The following article will demonstrate you of how to make a picture less blurry on various devices. Check out the detailed procedure to solve the problem right now.

How to Restore Pixelated Images

So, here are some techniques for how to fix a pixelated image.

Method 1: Using Photoshop

Photoshop is an excellent tool for fix pixelated image. Here step by step how you can fix it:

  • Open Photoshop and go to the File menu
  • Select Open and select the pixelated image
  • Right-click on the photo and select Layer
  • Click on Create New Layer
  • Scroll up to Blending Options
  • Select Soft Light
  • Next, scroll up to the Filter tab
  • Select Noise and select Despeckle option
  • Finally, scroll to Image and select Adjustments
  • Adjust the Brightness / Contrast to reduce pixelation in the image.

Method 2:Pixenate.com Free Online Tools to Restore Pixelated Images

There are several free photo editor tools available online. Pixenate.com is one of them, and it uses a smoothing technique to fix and restore pixelated photos. Follow these instructions to try it with your image:

  • Go to Pixenate.com and upload your photo.
  • From the left navigation menu, choose “Smooth Photo.”
  • To soften the image, repeat this step numerous times.
  • When finished, select “Save to Disk.”

Method 3:How to Use Repairit to Restore Pixelated Images

Wondershare Repairit is a professional photo repair application for Mac and Windows that can quickly and effectively repair photo that are pixelated. This tool improves the problem in all versions of Windows more accurately than any other software. Corrupt photos, damaged or broken, will be corrected quickly and efficiently. We generally use three steps to recover pixelated images. These are:

  • Fix the location
  • Scanning Photo
  • Preview and Repair

Step 1: Click the Add button and start repairing the” area to add your pixelated photo.

Photo Repair

Step 2: Choose Repair and wait for Wondershare Repairit to fix the pixelated image. The application will fix the image and notify you when it is complete. Make certain you don’t obstruct the method.

Photo Repair

Step 3: To see a preview of the recovered image, double-click it. It allows you to check whether or not your fuzzy photographs have been corrected.

Photo Repair

Why Wondershare Repairit is your best choice:

Repairs many photos at the same time

The software quickly and efficiently recovers many photographs with the same or various formats.

Extract the Corrupted Files’ Thumbnail

The Software’s sophisticated feature quickly retrieves thumbnails of highly corrupted photographs while maintaining their original quality.

Using sample files, recovers corrupted JPEG images

The Advanced picture repair option in the Software uses Sample files to repair the corruption problem with Pixelated images.

Saves the Repaired Photos to a Specific Folder

The Wondershare Repairit Photo repair program allows you to save the corrected images to your preferred location.

No Cost Version

The Software’s most outstanding feature is available in both free and paid versions. However, the free edition allows you to repair and preview your limited files and save them. You must have upgrade to the paid version to enjoy more features.

How to Avoid Pixelation in Images

Use the Correct Image Format

Although raster graphics have more color tones, clarity, and detail, they aren’t appropriate when the output is extensive, such as for a billboard or other outdoor signs. In certain circumstances, pixelation will be visible. For larger prints, you can avoid this by using vector pictures.

Remember the Resolution

When it comes to avoiding pixelation, the resolution of the original image is crucial. When increasing the output size of the design, make sure the answer is high enough to provide a buffer. For example, if you’re designing for the web, a low-res image might be appropriate. But what if you need to print that design? In such instances, you’ll almost certainly experience pixelation. You have more control over it if you plan and utilize a hi-res image in your initial design or if you’re prepared to swap out the low-res for hi-res when it’s time to send it to print.

Maintain a Steady Camera

The most prevalent cause of blurry photos is camera shake. You can avoid this issue by stabilizing your camera with a tripod. Camera wobble can also be avoided by using a timed preset or a remote-control shutter release.When photography with a phone, you become the tripod! Lean against a wall or another sturdy surface if feasible.

This article discussed how to fix pixelated pictures on Windows and Mac online. You’ll probably get a pixelated image if you download a photo from a website and realize it’s not clear. Furthermore, many picture editing tools do not allow you to export your altered images in their original resolution. After retouching, your photos will be of poor quality or perhaps pixelated. It’s challenging to make a picture clear when only a limited amount of pixel information is accessible. We discussed numerous methods for resolving this issue, including how to restore a pixelated image in Photoshop, online, or a professional third-party photo repair software Wondershare Repairit. The simplest option of Repairit helps you to solve the problem correctly. So let’s try.


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