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In this article we will be looking at what exactly a mail drop is, how it works on an iPhone and what all features it provides to its users along with the limitations Maildrop users must be aware of. Also, about what to do if Maildrop is not working. 

Table of contents :What is Mail drop on an iPhone?Devices which are compatible to this Mail drop feature
How does Mail drop work?Points to keep in mind
The steps to guide how to use Mail Drop on your iPhone device.
Limits of the Mail Drop serviceThe attachments you want to share would not be sent if you are exceeding the limits given below
What to do if Mail Drop is not working? 

If you ever looked for how to send files that are more than 25 MB in mail then you must be aware of the Mail drop program. Most of the email platforms that we use have a specific size limit that is implemented while we share files through those email platforms. Email platforms like AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and Hotmail have limited the size of the files that can be attached to send. 

Fortunately, the users of the latest version of the iPhone or even those who are equipped with iOS 9.2 or the versions that came after that can share extra large files with the help of the Maildrop iPhone service. 

Before getting to how the users can access the Maildrop service, let us have a look at what Maildrop is exactly.

What is Mail drop on an iPhone?

Mail drop is an Apple feature which is developed by the company to provide it’s users with the service to share files such as images, presentations, videos, documents and other using the Mail application only. Mail drop has a huge storage of 5 GB, which allows the users to attach a file within the limit of the 5 GB to share via email. 

The recipient of the file will have a deadline of 30 days in which they can access the file shared to them or else it will expire within the 30 days. 

The Maildrop iPhone provides its users a storage limit of 1 TB which is provided to the users. It is the storage limit to send files, if the user has already reached the limit of 1 TB then they have to wait for at least 30 days, so that the files will expire on their own and the space will be cleared for more files to send. 

Let us look at the devices which are compatible to this Mail drop feature – 

  • iPad 
  • iPhone 
  • iPad touch 
  • Mac 
  • From computer via iCloud website 

How does Mail drop work?

The next question that would come up in the mind of the reader will be how does Mail drop work? We will in this section look forward to this question only. 

The first thing will be that the users need to have access to an iCloud account on the device they are using. The access to iCloud account is required because the files you want to share of large sizes will be uploaded to the iCloud instead of sending them directly using email to the people you want to share with. 

  • Points to keep in mind

There are few points which the users need to keep in mind while using the Mail drop – 

  • The recipients will have to keep the fact in mind that they have to open the attachment sent to them within the time period of 30 days. 
  • The file will automatically expire after 30 days and won’t be available. 

Now that you know how a Mail drop works, let us move forward and get to the most important thing the users need to know to use Maildrop. 

The steps to guide how to use Mail Drop on your iPhone device.

The most common issue that the users face with the Maildrop is how to access it? Mail drop iPhone does not have any specific button or tab by pressing on which you can directly go to the feature. 

When you try to share files exceeding the size limit then the device you are using will ask you whether you are interested in using the Mail Drop service for sending the file or not. 

Let’s have a look at the step by step guide to send a file of large size from your device via mail  –

Step number 1. – The initial step users need to go through is to open the ‘Mail app’ on the device you are using. 

Step number 2. – After opening the Mail App, users are supposed to look for the ‘Compose New Email’ tab that might be located in the right corner of your screen at the bottom, after you find it click on it. 

Step number 3. – Now, you have to enter the email address of the recipient, the person whom you want to send the email along with the file attached to it. 

Step number 4. – After you have entered the recipient’s mail you will have to attach the file that can be a video, an image, a document or anything. Once you have attached the file you can type the subject as well as the message you want to send to the recipient. 

Step number 5. – Now, you have to press on the option that will be there in the top right side of your screen, which is ‘Up Arrow’ 

Step number 6. – Once, you click on the Up Arrow tab, you will see an option will be prompted on your screen telling you that the file you have attached is exceeding the size limit and is quite large to send as an usual mail, and hence, you might want to use Mail Drop to share the file you want to. 

Step number 7. – Now, you have read the prompt on the screen and you know that you have to use the Mail Drop option to send the large file you wish to share. 

Step number 8. – At this step you have to click on the option ‘Use Mail Drop’ to send the email and the file attached to it, as you can see in the image attached below. 

Step number 9. – After you have clicked on the Use Mail Drop option, your mail will be sent and the recipient can access the file you have sent within 30 days.

However, Mail Drop eases your work and allows you to send huge files via your email but there are some limits of this service too. 

Limits of the Mail Drop service 

Just like everything has its advantages and disadvantages, every service like Mail Drop has its benefits as well as limitations. 

Now that you are aware of what Mail Drop is, how it works and its uses, take a look at the limits of the mail drop too, which would further help you in future. 

  • The attachments you want to share would not be sent if you are exceeding the limits given below – 
  • If the size of the email is more than 5 GB, you can try to send the message in multiple files or can even compress the attachment or resize it to make it as small as possible. You can refer to the link given below to compress a file – https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/zip-and-unzip-files-8d28fa72-f2f9-712f-67df-f80cf89fd4e5
  • If you have exceeded the limit of sending the emails, in simple words if you have reached the maximum number of recipients then no new mails will be sent or no new files would be attached. 
  • If the email app of the recipient has a smaller message size, then it will prevent the attachment from being delivered to the person you want to. 
  • It might take some time to upload the files in the Mail Drop, it all depends on the speed of the network connection you are using.
  • The recipients might not be able to download the file if they don’t have storage on their device or if their internet is not working quite properly. 

What to do if Mail drop is not working?

If you are worried about what to do if the Mail Drop is not working, do not worry we are here to help you only. We will be providing you with a few ways that can be used by you to fix the not working Mail drop.   

  • First of all, you need to make sure that you are not exceeding any of the limits that are mentioned above.
  • Also you have to ensure that you are following the points that were asked to keep in mind earlier in this article. 
  • Now, instead of the file if you are trying to send a folder, Mail Drop iPhone won’t work, you are supposed to attach files one by one and rush to upload a whole folder. 
  • You can also refer to http://support.apple.com to fix your problem. 


So, now you know about all the factors you need to know to use Mail drop iPhone, you can refer to this article whenever you face problems or have some doubts regarding the same. 

As previously stated, Mail Drop is a service by Apple, to provide its users with the feature to share large files, which has proven to be quite useful for the users. 

To sum up, you now know how to use the Mail drop and what mistakes you are supposed to avoid while using it, and now you can use any device which is compatible with the service by following the steps that are provided to you. Also, you now know what to do in case of Mail drop not working properly on your device. Emailspedia.com hopes that you have found the information provided by us reliable as well as useful and you can refer to it in the future too.

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