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College students are constantly looking for ways to meet their financial needs. Getting part-time jobs gives them that extra fund that will enable them to fulfill their obligations while carrying on with their studies. It is also a way to receive practical training that might be useful to their career pursuit and future job opportunities.

The jobs are numerous and readily available for any student who is ready to work. The following are some of the best part-time jobs to consider.

  • Best Part-Time Jobs For Students
  • Which Job is Best for Students?
  • What is the Highest Pay Part-time Job?
  • Which Online Part-time Job is Best for Students?
  • Which Part-time Job is Best for Students in the UK?
  • How can I Earn Money While Studying?
  • What Jobs are the Easiest?
  • Should I Work 2 Jobs?
  • What is a Typing Job?
  • What is the Highest Paid Part-time Job in UK

Best Part-Time Jobs For Students

Library Jobs

The college library is a good place to work because it is within the campus premises. Students can attend classes and work easily. It is a comfortable work environment that keeps the student-focused. It is also a good place for studying when the individual is not too busy with work. Some of the tasks to be performed include, keeping books, library search data entry, and interlibrary loan management.


A number of professors need babysitters for their children and pets while they are at classes. Students who are good with kids can babysit for professors and other people’s children and get paid by the hour. It is a flexible job that can be worked to fit into the student’s schedule. The experience generated by this job offer might come in useful for job references and opportunities in the future.

Computer Lab Attendant Jobs

This is one of the best part-time jobs for students who are computer savvy with great tech skills. Such an individual will not find it difficult to be accepted when such an opening becomes available. The student will be doing what he loves and getting paid just by performing some IT-related tasks. This is a well-paying job that also offers the student a chance to improve on the skills and experience that will help build up an IT career.

Academic Department Clerical Job

There is a lot of work to be done in academic departments. From time to time, they look for students to hire on a part-time basis in order to assist secretaries to lessen their workload. Working in the academic department, the student will mainly be involved in sorting documents and paperwork such as journal articles, faculty meeting notes, class handouts and so on.

Writing Jobs

Any student who has a flair for writing can conveniently take up this job as there are ample opportunities available. You can be asked to write articles, newsletters, and reports for journals, and magazines, and this could be either online or offline. The amount of money to be made depends on the number of articles generated. The more you write, the more you get paid. It is a good way to set your own income and work at your pace.

Hotel and Restaurant Jobs

This is a place to turn to earn extra cash. There are always openings for part-time work that students can easily make use of. An example is a desk clerk job. It is a job for students who desire a career in the hospitality industry as they will be gaining some experience. Perks like free lunch are also available.

Which Job is Best for Students?

A part-time job can be a great option for students who want to make extra cash or take a break from their loaded coursework. While college students can be offered grants and loans, they’re not always offered enough financial aid to cover full tuition. A part-time job allows them to work toward paying off their higher-level education.

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Similarly, high school students can save up for their future endeavors whether it be college, a new vehicle or a home. A part-time job is also an opportunity for students to consider their future career path, gain relevant work experience and expand their social circle.

Below are 10 part-time jobs for students to consider:

1. Fast food attendant

National average salary: $9.21 per hour

Primary duties: Fast food attendants take food orders, assemble them and serve them to customers. They’re also responsible for manning the cash register and should have a good sense of numeracy, a positive attitude and the ability to work at a quick pace. Students can work at various dining establishments either on campus or in their own town.

2. Server

National average salary: $11.35 per hour

Primary duties: Servers, also known as waiters or waitresses, greet customers, take food orders and serve them to their customers. Much like fast food attendants, servers must be active listeners, great communicators and have a pleasant demeanor. A server position is a great option for students who want to earn tips on top of their salary.

3. Barista

National average salary: $11.56 per hour

Primary duties: Baristas take beverage orders, make them and serve them to incoming customers. While students might have to endure early working hours, becoming a barista provides them with the opportunity to meet new people and expand their customer service skills.

4. Grocery store bagger

National average salary: $11.66 per hour

Primary duties: Grocery store baggers bag a shopper’s purchased groceries. Occasionally, they’ll be required to help customers out to their car by carrying out their groceries. Students who enjoy face-to-face interaction with customers and are efficient would be a great fit for any grocery store bagger position.

5. Retail sales associate

National average salary: $11.83 per hour

Primary duties: Retail sales associates greet and help customers, inform them of the products for sale and handle numerous customer concerns. Students should select a store that sells products they’re passionate about and have adequate knowledge of. Working at a bookstore, in particular, is a great option for students at the high school and college level.

6. Valet parking attendant

National average salary: $12.38 per hour

Primary duties: Parking attendants park someone’s vehicle. They’ll also track numerous car keys. Employees in this position must be excellent drivers and have valid driver’s license.

7. Library assistant

National average salary: $13.18 per hour

Primary duties: Library assistants keep libraries organized, helping others find books or resource materials and making sure the library is operating efficiently. Whether they’re working in their on-campus or local library, students with a passion for literature would be a great fit for a library assistant role.

8. Social media assistant or specialist

National average salary: $13.69 per hour

Primary duties: Social media assistants are marketing professionals who oversee a company’s social media efforts and online presence. They’re responsible for increasing audience engagement through newly developed content and various online campaigns. Technologically savvy students who enjoy spending time on social media platforms would be a great fit for this role.

9. Tour guide

National average salary: $14.09 per hour

Primary duties: Campus tour guides show prospective students around their university campus. The tour guide position offers a flexible schedule and can appeal to students who would rather stay on campus and avoid commuting. Tour guides must be friendly, speak of the campus in a positive light and be good communicators. They’ll also need to know the campus fairly well and be ready to answer a wide variety of questions.

10. Babysitter

National average salary: $16 per hour

Primary duties: Babysitters are responsible for temporarily caring for children while their parents are away. They should be patient, and attentive and enjoy spending time with kids of all ages. Students interested in or who are currently studying child development will find a babysitter position beneficial for their future careers.

What is the Highest Pay Part-time Job?

Below is a list of part-time jobs with high earning potential.

1. Personal shopper

Average salary: $13.85 per hour

Job duties: Develop a loyal customer base and deliver consistent, high-quality shopping experiences. Maintain deep knowledge of various stores and their products. Make purchase recommendations based on the client’s needs.

Requirements: High school diploma or GED preferred.

2. Receptionist

Average salary: $14.75 per hour

Job duties: Receptionists work in a variety of settings. Duties may include answering phone calls and emails, helping clients make appointments, welcoming clients, data entry and taking messages for key staff.

Requirements: A high school diploma or equivalent is preferred for most receptionist positions. Communication and organizational skills are essential to this career.

3. Security officer

Average salary: $14.76 per hour

Job duties: Security officers are responsible for keeping watch over a specific place of business. Duties may include inspecting buildings, apprehending trespassers or unauthorized individuals, reporting security breaches or violations and reviewing security cameras.

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent is typically required. Some businesses may require a driver’s license as well as a clean background check.

4. Bank teller

Average salary: $14.83 per hour

Job duties: Greet customers when they arrive and direct them to the appropriate station within the credit union. Process deposits, withdrawals and other banking transactions for a high volume of customers.

Requirements: Basic math skills, completed training by the bank.

5. Customer service representative

Average salary: $14.87 per hour

Job duties: Communicate with customers on behalf of a company. Communication may be done in person, over the phone, via email or website chat. Customer service representatives ensure customer concerns are addressed and feedback is relayed to the right teams.

Requirements: A high school diploma or equivalent will be required for most jobs, however, some roles may require a special license if in finance or insurance industries.

6. Warehouse worker

Average salary: $17.17 per hour

Job duties: Organize, retrieve and maintain inventory as shipments arrive at the warehouse. Replenish stock when it runs low and keep the warehouse organized and clean. Data entry or machine operation may be required in some warehouse roles.

Requirements: A high school diploma or equivalent may be required. Ability to lift and move inventory that may be heavy.

7. Administrative assistant

Average salary: $17.25 per hour

Job duties: Administrative assistants work to support customers, employees and management teams. Job duties are varied and typically involve administrative work such as answering calls and emails, setting appointments, data entry and supporting the needs of the business.

Requirements: Administrative assistants typically need a high school diploma or equivalent, although some employers may desire a bachelor’s degree.

8. Delivery driver

Average salary: $17.50 per hour

Job duties: Pick up orders and safely deliver them to their intended destination. Delivery driver job duties vary depending on who they work for and may involve planning routes to ensure an efficient delivery trip as well as documentation of goods that have been delivered.

Requirements: Delivery drivers are required to have a valid driver’s license. Many companies also want to see a clean driving record or may require applicants to take a driving exam.

9. Construction worker

Average salary: $17.51 per hour

Job duties: Construction workers use tools and machinery to build various projects. They work with a team to complete whatever project the manager has outlined.

Requirements: Construction workers must have physical mobility in order to lift and move heavy objects. There are various licenses and certifications that construction workers can pursue if they wish to operate more advanced machinery.

10. Brand Ambassador

Average salary: $19.11 per hour

Job duties: Embody professionalism and brand personality as an interactive, customer-facing representative. Distribute marketing materials like samples, flyers or coupons. Answer questions about the brand or product and inform customers about upcoming specials or events.

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent preferred.

Which Online Part-time Job is Best for Students?

Since each country has different protocols for employment, based on how many hours you can work for, what your minimum wage should be, who can employ you and who cannot, etc. So make sure you are well aware of these rules before you apply for any part-time jobs. Part-time jobs have amazing benefits for students not only because of their monetary returns but also for the work experience they provide.

Below is a collated list of the top 5 online part-time jobs that you can take up as a student.

1. Data entry

Data Entry jobs might seem mechanical, but the upside here is that they don’t demand any high-end skill or time investment from your end. This makes them one of the most sought-after part-time jobs abroad. The schedule for this job can easily fit in your routine with the classes and assignments.

Skills required:

  • Good typing speed – 55 wpm or more
  • Basic computer/software skills
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to operate standard office equipment
  • Time management skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Basic research skills
  • Basic knowledge of database structure
  • Data collection

2. Online tutor

Since you are a student, it is highly likely that you must be well-versed in a subject or a skill that you can teach others. It could be a subject from your course or something different altogether, depending on your skills and interest. You can teach locally or use online teaching platforms like Udemy and Coursera and make substantial money while brushing up your skills and imparting knowledge.

Skills required:

  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Patience
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Presentation skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Time management skills

3. Proofreader

If language is something that intrigues you and you have a sharp eye for detail, then proofreading is a part-time job worth considering. You can earn around $100-$150 per 1,000 words by registering yourself on freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.   

Skills required:

  • Sound knowledge of grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • A keen eye for detail
  • Ability to focus for long hours
  • Organizational skills
  • Time-management skills

4. Product tester

Another way, you can earn some extra money is by testing and reviewing products by different companies. To get clients as a product tester, you can sign up with platforms like User Testing, Upwork, etc., and send proposals. One of the perks of being a product tester is that you get to use the beta app and sometimes even get products before they are even launched!

Skills required:

  • Strong analytical and reasoning skills
  • Understanding of the product
  • Preparing test plans
  • Understanding the testing process
  • Attention to detail
  • Creating documentation

5. Freelancer

The job market is booming for freelancers today and people are even pursuing this full-time rather than going for salaried jobs. From writing and graphic designing to translating, editing, drawing/painting, singing, playing an instrument, and even organizational skills, you can choose to freelance and get paid for providing services in almost anything.

With sites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. you can easily monetize your skills and get consistent clients. Freelancing is among the most popular part-time jobs for students because it gives you the freedom to work according to your interests and bandwidth.

Skills required:

  • Time management
  • Self-discipline
  • Business skills
  • Hunger for learning
  • Stress management skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Convincing and negotiation skills

Which Part-time Job is Best for Students in the UK?

Lots of international students get part-time job to help cover their living expenses. Not only does it help you better manage your finances, but it also gives you valuable UK work experience: You’ll make friends, learn what a UK work environment is like, and develop new transferable skills. But what sort of jobs do students usually take? And how much can you earn per hour?

Let’s take a look at 10 great part-time jobs for international students in the UK:  

1. Server 

What you could make: £9/hour on average  

Are you a people person? If so, working as a server could be the job for you. Whether you work in a restaurant on-campus or in a traditional British pub, serving jobs are almost always plentiful across the UK. If English is your second language, you’ll also get to practice your speaking and listening skills in a fast-paced environment – which is a big plus. 

On top of your wage, you might get tips. But don’t expect a huge amount – tipping isn’t as customary in the UK as it is in other places, like in North America.  

2. Teaching Assistant  

What you could make: £9.85/hour on average  

Working as a teaching assistant is a great part-time job in the UK for students. You get the opportunity to help with lectures, provide feedback to students – and best of all, gain professional UK experience in your industry or topic of study. Oftentimes, teaching assistant jobs are reserved for graduate or postgraduate students, but sometimes there are positions open for undergraduate students to assist with lower-level classes.  

3. Tutor  

What you could make: £24.50/hour on average  

If you’re looking for a job that makes an impact, tutoring could be a great fit. Depending on where you work, you might tutor children, teenagers, other university students, or people with special education needs (SEN). Sometimes, workplaces will require you to have a degree in the subject you’re tutoring, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re an undergraduate student.  

And the best part? Tutoring is very well-paid for a part-time job – so even if you only work a few hours a week, you’ll still bring home a good paycheck!  

4. Dog walker 

What you could make: £11.03/hour on average 

Feeling stressed at university and looking for a way to unwind? Try dog walking. In fact, just being around a dog can lower levels of cortisol – the stress hormone. Walking a dog can also decrease loneliness, and of course, help you get your exercise in for the day. What job could be better than that?  

5. Retail Worker  

What you could make: £9.34/hour on average  

There are usually lots of retail positions available across the UK – especially in the months of November and December when customers rush to the stores during the busy holiday season. Work in a bookstore, pet store, clothing store, technology store – or any type of store that interests you – and you’ll get to practice your customer service skills on the sales floor. You might also earn a commission on the items you sell on top of an employee discount!  

6. Translator 

What you could make: £12.58/hour on average  

Speaking a second language can make you an attractive candidate in the UK job market – and it can also bring some opportunities of its own! For example, being a translator is one of the many great part-time jobs in the UK for international students. Whether you’re translating articles, research, marketing text, or company websites, this is a job that will keep your language skills sharp.  

Even more, translating is a skill you can carry with you for the rest of your career; that is, even if you’re not a linguist by trade, translating could be a great side hustle down the road.  

7. Research Assistant  

What you could make: £14.49/hour on average  

If you’re a graduate or doctoral student, you could have the chance to work as a research assistant at your university.  As a research assistant, you’ll likely be paid a salary instead of by the hour, and while many of these jobs are full-time, one-year positions, there are some part-time posts out there. Overall, being a research assistant is a great opportunity to work on some cutting-edge investigation, be mentored by thought-leaders in your industry, as well as get published.  

8. Hotel Receptionist 

What you could make:  £8.97/hour on average  

Interested in meeting people from around the world? If so, why not get a job in the hotel industry? As a hotel receptionist, you’ll be able to practice your customer service and language skills. And large hotel chains also often provide great company benefits, such as discounted stays in cities around the world. It’s a perfect job for students who like to travel on a budget.  

9. Barista 

What you could make: £8.72/hour on average 

If you love coffee and early mornings, working as a barista could be a great job. Plus, you’ll get to learn how to make a whole range of delicious drinks. You’ll also become a real coffee aficionado. Yum! 

10. Prep cook  

What you could make: £9.75/hour on average 

As a prep cook, you’ll cook meals, take instructions from the head chef, and practice food hygiene in the kitchen. You’ll be able to learn how to make a whole range of different dishes and cuisines and practice your new recipes out at home to impress your friends and roommates. The skills you learn as a prep cook – cutting, sauteing, baking, frying, broiling, and everything in between – are things you’ll take with you for life. So, why not give it a try?  

How can I Earn Money While Studying?

Below we are providing you with some easy and some not-so-easy ways to make money in college.

1. Join An Internship

This is the most obvious one on the list. Doing internships not only helps you get some extra money, but it also helps you to develop skills and gain the experience required to get a good job in the future. You can sign up on Internshala to find paid internships in your domain of interest.

2. Sell Your Notes

If you are someone who always has all the notes of the class, you ultimately become the most popular person as the exam approaches. Why limit your note-taking talents to the few people around you? Convert your notes into ebooks and let the hard work you put in making notes help you make money. 

3. Listening To Songs And Making Playlists Can Help You Make Money

You can make decent money by listening to music. There are a lot of websites that pay you money to listen to your favorite songs and create playlists. One such website is Musicgateway where you can earn good money simply by listening to music and curating playlists.

Don’t consider it as a primary means to earn money but as a good passive source of income without having to put a lot of efforts.

4. Become A Playtester and Play Video Games Online 

Playtester is a very lucrative option if you love playing video games. Websites like Playtestcloud offer $9 for 15 minutes of playtesting and survey. Even companies like EA are on the lookout for playtesters, all you have to do is sign up and if selected, play games and give your feedback.

5. Sell Courses Online

One way to monetize the community you built through content creation is to make and sell courses in the area of your expertise. The most important thing to ensure is that you provide value to your customers. If you can make people see the value you’re providing, you can sell them your courses and make good money.

What Jobs are the Easiest?

Easy jobs that pay well come in a lot of categories since everyone has their own idea of what “easy” really means when it comes to work. Depending on the person, an easy job might be defined by one or more factors such as:

  • Low stress levels
  • How enjoyable the main tasks are
  • Minimal contact with the public
  • Few, if any, deadlines or other time pressures
  • Minimal criticism
  • Physical comfort or few physical demands
  • Short hours or no on-call or overtime demands
  • Small workloads or lots of downtime
  • A lack of critical or life-or-death decision-making
  • Low educational requirements
  • Little, if any, need to think deeply
  • How quickly the necessary skills can be mastered
  • Few responsibilities

Millions of Americans want easy, high-paying jobs that don’t cause stress, fatigue, or burnout, all of which are widespread problems. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports that about 40 percent of the nation’s workers have jobs that come with high or extreme levels of stress. And other surveys and studies have shown that many people consider their jobs as the top stressor in their lives and that no other life stressor is more strongly associated with health problems.

Here are 10 easy careers that pay well, ordered from lowest median annual wage to highest:

1. Groundskeeper or gardening/landscaping assistant: If you don’t mind work that keeps you physically active, then this type of job might be one of the easiest you can find. From cutting grass and removing weeds to planting and pruning trees, shrubs, and flowers, the work often has a way of decreasing a person’s anxiety and creating a sense of connection to the earth.

  • Lowest 10%: $10.96/hr | $22,800/yr
  • Median: $15.26/hr | $31,730/yr
  • Highest 10%: $23.23/hr | $48,310/yr

2. Taxi driver or chauffeur: Do you know all the quickest ways to get from point A to point B in your city? Do you enjoy meeting and chatting with all kinds of different people? Driving a taxi or limousine offers a relatively simple way to make a living. And it’s an industry that can also provide easy second jobs to supplement other income sources.

  • Lowest 10%: $9.53/hr | $19,830/yr
  • Median: $15.54/hr | $32,320/yr
  • Highest 10%: $24.51/hr | $50,970/yr

3. Virtual customer service representative: All you really need for this job is a reliable phone line, Internet connection, and computer. All kinds of companies hire home-based customer service reps to take calls and handle basic orders and inquiries. But, relative to many other easy online jobs, this one tends to pay fairly good wages.

  • Lowest 10%: $11.59/hr | $24,120/yr
  • Median: $17.23/hr | $35,830/yr
  • Highest 10%: $27.80/hr | $57,830/yr

4. Phlebotomy technician: If you want a relatively easy medical job, you probably don’t have to look any further than this occupation. Once you’ve mastered the skill of drawing blood for diagnostic testing, donations, transfusions, or medical research, you can enjoy a job that doesn’t feel too demanding. Plus, emerging technology could soon make it easier than ever for phlebotomists to find suitable veins in their patients. And this occupation often provides a great way to enter the thriving healthcare industry and gain experience for more advanced positions later on.

  • Lowest 10%: $12.83/hr | $26,690/yr
  • Median: $17.46/hr | $36,320/yr
  • Highest 10%: $24.40/hr | $50,740/yr

5. Skin care specialist or esthetician: This profession involves helping people relax and feel better about themselves and their skin. Since most estheticians tend to facilitate a calm atmosphere for their clients, they also get to benefit from the environment they set. As a result, the work tends to be pleasant and satisfying. Plus, making people feel good can be extremely rewarding.

  • Lowest 10%: $10.99/hr | $22,850/yr
  • Median: $17.55/hr | $36,510/yr
  • Highest 10%: $31.06/hr | $64,610/yr

6. Optician: When people of all ages need corrective lenses for their vision, they will generally work with an optician throughout the process of picking the right contact lenses or glasses. These professionals work with people in a calm environment to find the right solutions for their vision and prescription (from an optometrist). Opticians get to use their experience and professional knowledge to take precise measurements and recommendations. Plus, they don’t carry the responsibility of testing or diagnosing.

  • Lowest 10%: $12.54/hr | $26,080/yr
  • Median: $18.53/hr | $38,530/yr
  • Highest 10%: $29.90/hr | $62,180/yr

7. Notary public: In many states, it’s easy to get jobs in this field. Even in states with the most stringent requirements, becoming a notary simply involves going through a very short amount of training, passing an exam, purchasing an official state seal, and following proper recordkeeping practices. Then you can get hired to observe and certify that documents (such as contracts, deeds, or government applications) are signed by the people identified on those papers. Job tasks don’t get much easier than that.

  • Lowest 10%: $12.10/hr | $25,170/yr
  • Median: $18.62/hr | $38,720/yr
  • Highest 10%: $31.26/hr | $65,020/yr

8. Small engine mechanic: This specialized area of the skilled trades can be an excellent fit for someone who prefers to work hands-on with engines, but on a smaller scale that often is less strenuous than other automotive careers. Small engine mechanics can work in relaxed settings like marinas, golf courses, and dealerships, focusing their expertise on motorcycles, watercraft, and outdoor power equipment.

  • Lowest 10%: $13.75/hr | $28,600/yr
  • Median: $18.77/hr | $39,050/yr
  • Highest 10%: $28.98/hr | $60,280/yr

9. Garbage or recyclables collector: Throughout many regions of the U.S., the field of the refuse collection provides good-paying jobs that are easy to get. And the actual work isn’t usually very challenging. Many people even find it enjoyable. So it’s worth looking into this option.

  • Lowest 10%: $11.48/hr | $23,880/yr
  • Median: $18.80/hr | $39,100/yr
  • Highest 10%: $32.47/hr | $67,530/yr

10. Personal trainer or group fitness instructor: This fun, active profession gives you the chance to work with individuals or groups to improve their fitness level, overall health, and stress management skills. While you might have to work hard to motivate clients at times, the payoff of being part of someone’s journey to better health makes this a standout among easy, good-paying jobs.

  • Lowest 10%: $10.40/hr | $21,640/yr
  • Median: $19.48/hr | $40,510/yr
  • Highest 10%: $36.81/hr | $76,550/yr

Should I Work 2 Jobs?

Whether you’re saving for a wedding, paying off a student loan, or struggling to put food on the table – you’ve probably toyed with the idea of getting a second job. The prospect of earning two incomes is certainly an attractive one, but it also seems like a lot of hassle.

Is it worth getting a second job while working full time? 

In many cases, working a second job will help you reach your financial goals faster. However, before taking the plunge, you should consider the following points:

  • Will your existing employer allow you to take on a second job?
  • There may be some tax implications (it is your responsibility to inform the IRS of changes to your income)
  • Cities and urban areas tend to have lots of part-time/flexible work, whereas rural areas have fewer opportunities. Nevertheless, there are plenty of second jobs you can do from home.
  • What are your family commitments? Could you fit a second job around these commitments?
  • Working two jobs requires lots of energy, pre-planning, and a positive attitude.

The primary reason for working a second job is to increase your income. But there are some additional benefits to working a second job:

  • Develop your Skills – Let’s assume you’ve worked as a health aide for ten years. During this time, you’ve developed strong interpersonal skills, but you’ve never had the chance to develop your IT skills. If you found a data-entry job that you could do in the evenings, this would allow you to become more IT savvy. Working two jobs can diversify your skill set and make you more employable.
  • Refocus – If you feel unfulfilled or bored during your leisure time, you could occupy yourself with a second job.
  • Job Security – In today’s economy, many of us worry about losing our job. If you have two jobs in separate industries, the likelihood of losing both at once is quite slim.
  • A Low-Risk Way of Trying a New Career – Working two jobs allows you to try out new industries/companies without committing to them exclusively. Indeed, many full-time freelancers started by freelancing around their day job.

While second jobs can offer you a lot, they are not all created equal. Some second jobs offer very few of the perks listed above and might be more hassle than they’re worth. That’s why it is essential to choose a second job that fits in with your lifestyle.

Second jobs need to be flexible and fairly low-pressure if you’re going to maintain them for more than a couple of months. The type of job you choose will be limited by what is available in your local area, and what you already do for a living. Nevertheless, here are some popular second job options:

  • Retail – Some retail stores hire evening workers to tidy up the displays and replenish stock. You’ll be kept busy so the time should pass pretty quickly.
  • Hospitality – if you’re looking for flexible evening and weekend shifts, consider working in a bar or restaurant. If you usually sit at a desk all day, working on your feet might be a pleasant change.
  • Security – Depending on where you live, it might be quite easy to pick up some evening security work.
  • Tutoring – Tutoring can sometimes be worked around a 9-5-day job. If you have expertise in a particular subject, you could charge as much as $40-50 per hour.
  • Evening Receptionist – In bigger cities, gyms, health centers, and law firms tend to recruit evening receptionists.

What is a Typing Job?

Typists perform a variety of typing-related tasks for organizations, such as transcribing audio recordings, encoding handwritten documents, and other general document processing. Typists must have fast and accurate typing and 10-key typing speeds, and they may deliver their work in hard copy or electronic form.

In the typist role, you are expected to work efficiently and accurately to turn provided information into legible documents. A key element of this role is maintaining confidentiality with sensitive information to protect the firm from information leaks. Success in this role is demonstrated by quickly and accurately encoding data, and promptly generating reports and other documentation.

Typist Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Generates written or computer-generated documents and reports
  • Proofreads documents before submission
  • Files records and copies of physical and digital documents
  • Tracks hours rendered for specific tasks
  • Provides transcripts of meetings and audio recordings
  • Takes notes and memos during meetings  

Typist Job Requirements

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Exceptional reading and listening comprehension abilities
  • Outstanding typing skills 
  • Strong organization and time-management skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Proficient in MS Office
  • High school diploma or equivalent

What is the Highest Paid Part-time Job in UK

The number of part-time employees in the UK continues to decrease, with the number of part-time workers down 158,000 over the past quarter. This, along with the drop in self-employed workers, is driving the overall decrease in employment in the UK at the present time. 

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However, there are thousands of part-time jobs available and pay can vary enormously. To help people decide what the right job is for them, Glassdoor has curated a list of the Highest Paying Part-time Jobs:

1. Lecturer

Median hourly salary: £27.50

  • What does a lecturer do? 

A lecturer teaches higher education students (at college or university) about a specific subject. Teaching is delivered through lectures, seminars, webinars, practical demonstrations, field visits or e-learning. Lecturers may also mentor students and assist them with their dissertations for Ph.D. studies. 

  • How can I get a job as a lecturer?  

To become a lecturer, you’ll need a degree in the area you want to teach. You may even need a Ph.D. or be working towards one, also in the area, you want to teach. Some universities require lecturers to have teaching qualification, such as a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE). For vocational courses, they may ask you to have several years of practical experience in the field.

2. Maths Teacher

Median hourly salary: £17.97

  • What does a maths teacher do? 

A maths teacher may work in a secondary school setting teaching maths to year 7-11 students. Or, they may teach privately. The responsibilities of a maths teacher include preparing lessons, sourcing resources to support lessons, teaching in class, marking homework and assessments and supporting students. 

  • How can I get a job as a maths teacher?  

To be a maths teacher, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or a related subject and have gained a Qualified Teaching Status (QTS). Studying for a QTS takes around 12 months. 

3. Research Assistant

Median hourly salary: £13.46

  • What does a research assistant do? 

Research assistants are needed in various sectors by public institutions (universities) and private companies. A research assistant will assist on a research project by collecting, compiling and analysing data, preparing reports and maintaining records.  

  • How can I get a job as a research assistant?  

Most employers require research assistants to have an undergraduate degree in the subject you want to research. Some will ask that you have a minimum 2:1 degree.

4. Tutor

Median hourly salary: £11.96

  • What does a tutor do? 

A tutor provides extra learning support to children and adults either privately in their home or at a tuition centre. This can be on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting. Tutors may choose to focus on one area, like maths or English, or provide all-around educational support. 

  • How can I get a job as a tutor?  

You don’t need a qualification to be a tutor, but knowledge in the area you want to teach will help. Most employers will require you to have a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before you can work with children. 

5. Driver

Median hourly salary: £11.00

  • What does a driver do? 

A driver is responsible for picking up goods from a supplier and delivering them safely and on time to customers. The products you transport can vary and could include food, furniture, construction materials, etc. 

Drivers may be required to cover a long distance and depending on the company you may have to drive abroad. 

  • How can I get a job as a driver?  

To work as a driver, you’ll need a full, clean driving license. To drive a vehicle that can carry between 3.5 to 7 tonne, you’ll need to pass the Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) medical, theory and practical test. 


Being employed in a part-time job while enrolled in college shows that you are a hard worker. It will help you build a skill set that you’ll bring into your career and beyond the workforce. These skills include time management, communication, and problem-solving, among others. Take this time to explore your interests and fully prepare for your career, and expand your resume and your character while taking charge of your finances.

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