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People across the globe are looking for new ways to earn extra money, and they sometimes go to lengths to do so. However, the online work market is so wide-ranging, and there are several sources from which you can earn money by doing things you already do in your regular life.

You may be familiar with some freelance job sites for designers and developers or sites where you can earn money as a video creator; however, these sites cater to a specific niche.

This article contains a list of websites that offer paid opportunities to everyone for doing the usual things you do daily.

  • 10 Websites That Pay Daily
  • How Can I Make $100 Daily?
  • What Can I do to Get Paid Daily?
  • What is the Easiest Website to Make Money?
  • Who Can Give me Money for Free?
  • Which Website Earns the Most?
  • Which Website is Best for Earning?
  • Who is the Best Earning App?
  • How do I Make Fast Cash?

10 Websites That Pay Daily

If you are looking for the quickest ways to make money online or on your blogs, then below are some amazing websites that will pay you to do the usual tasks you are already familiar with.

1. Fiverr

If you are good at something, you should go to Fiverr. Whether you are good at graphics or music, photo editing, creating, and designing logos or creative writing, sure enough, there will be people looking to hook you up with some gigs over at Fiverr.

2. Snapwire

If you take fantastic smartphone photos, you can sell them online. Snapwire caters to different requests from clients from all over the globe, and you need to submit a proper picture to an appropriate application, like Sea Food, Children Play, etc.

3. Udemy

Share your knowledge and expertise with Udemy and get paid by creating online courses. The average instructor earnings are $8k. There are 12M students and only 20k, passionate instructors.

4. User Testing

After registering and completing a test video, you will get tasks in your email inbox each time a new website requires user testing.

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You will be paid around $10 – $15 for each website you evaluate; testing takes about 20 minutes.

5. Foap

Foap is yet another simple platform to sell your mobile photos. Some of its clientele includes the world’s largest brands, like MasterCard, Hyatt, Volvo Group, Absolut Vodka.

If you have a decent collection of high-quality photos, chances are your photos might get purchased by them. Picture costs $10 on the app, but you’ll get $5 from each image you sell.

6. EyeEM

If you are a photographer, joining EyeEm gets you connected with their network of 25 million other photographers worldwide on their platform.

Share and distribute your photos, and you might end up getting booked for shooting gigs.

7. CashCrate

CashCrate pays you to do random things. Through them, you can watch and video, take part in contests, trying out new products, or play games.

And the best part is, you are getting paid for doing it.

8. Market Force

Market Force is a mystery shopping service provider. Technically, they hire interested personnel, like you, to sign up with them and hook you up with field trips where you get to eat and shop and do reviews.

Did you know that you will get paid for doing that?

9. TryMyUI

TryMyUI, as its company’s name suggests, wants you to try out website user interfaces and apps, and at the end of it, you will need to provide your honest and non-bias feedback.

You get paid $10 per test you do, and each test usually would not take longer than 20 minutes.

10. FundsforWriters

These folks pay you to write, and they pay rather well. For each 500-600 words article accepted, you will be paid $60. You will also be paid $15 extra if the article gets reprinted.

If you are good at content writing, do check out their website as they have a comprehensive guide on how to you started.

How Can I Make $100 Daily?

Are you looking for a new, easy, better way to make $100 dollars a day? Then why not do it online? The websites we are going to discuss below will help you to do just that.

1. Paid Surveys

Another straightforward online side hustle for you to make easy money is doing paid surveys. Did you know that there are lots of sites out there that offer you to take surveys and then pay you for them?

Granted, it’s not the most profitable venture, but it’s worth giving it a shot since it’s so easy and available.

If you’re worried about the legitimacy of this kind of income, don’t be. Paid surveys are perfectly legitimate and they’re used by thousands of businesses out there.

Companies need opinions from users and buyers in order to improve their products and services, as well as to create new ones, and the internet allows them to reach people who can provide them with reliable data, people they otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to reach.

Yes, that’s where you come in. A paid survey is basically giving your opinion on a service or product and getting paid for it!

All you have to do is sign up (for free!) on a paid online survey site and start earning money! But be on the lookout for scam sites that ask you to pay in order to use their surveys.

Here’s our selection of some of the best sites you can visit to get some extra cash from surveys:

  • Swagbucks– This is arguably the most popular paid survey site in the world. Every time you take a survey, you also earn Swagbuck points, which you can later use to redeem gift cards or cash. Swagbucks also offers you other activities such as web-searching, playing games, and watching videos. Depending on the survey and the activity you do on Swagbucks, you’ll be able to earn between $2 and $50 per survey.
  • Survey Junkie – This is one of the easiest, most straightforward survey sites on the web. It’s a free membership site where you can earn up to $50 per survey. You’ll get your first paid survey offer as soon as you sign up and you can take it when you’re ready. Survey Junkie has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and millions of members worldwide.
  • InboxDollars– The great thing about InboxDollars is that it doesn’t practice the point system – it works by offering you cash right away (through PayPal, but also, if you want, through gift cards). You can earn money by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and reading emails, but also by buying from selected stores. The surveys on InboxDollars are paid anywhere from 50 cents to $20, and each survey takes 2-25 minutes of your time, depending on its length. InboxDollars gives you $5 if you sign up with them.
  • Branded Surveys – One of the most popular surveys and market research platforms that pay people for their opinions. It’s a great opportunity to work from home and make money by doing surveys from the comfort of your own home. Join now for free, become a member and start earning today!
  • LifePoints – Another great site for earning extra cash, LifePoints allows you to take surveys and then receive points, which you can then exchange for cash (paid through PayPal), donations, or gift cards.
  • Toluna – Toluna is a paid survey site that works with big brands like Coca-Cola, Amazon, Kellog’s, L’Oreal, SONY Music, Fiat, and many more. It’s very attractive because it allows you to pick topics you like so you can have more fun doing the surveys. You can receive payment from them in cash or through vouchers. Also, they recently introduced their games section, which allows you to play games and earn money!
  • i-Say – i-Say offers you paid surveys through IPSOS, a market research firm. i-Say doesn’t contain as big of a variety of paid surveys as the other sites on this list, but it’s still a very good site you can earn extra cash from. It operates by the points system, but you can always redeem your points either for cash or gift cards.

2. Freelance Writing

If you have solid writing skills and can quickly get the hang of all kinds of different topics in a short amount of time, then you should definitely try freelance writing.

Depending on the work, the number of words, and the client’s budget, you can make less and more than $100 per day. Some word count requirements are less than 500 words, but most of them are usually between 1,200 and 2,000 words.

Nowadays, there are plenty of websites you can search for freelance work. All you need to do is sign up and list your skills and expertise. Some of the sites may ask for an existing portfolio.

These are some of the best freelance marketplace websites right now:

  • Upwork – If you’ve ever dabbled in freelancing, you must’ve heard about Upwork. It’s a site that offers different kinds of freelance jobs in sectors such as IT, software, and web design, as well as graphic design, writing, translation, engineering, and architecture. It’s a great place to search for freelance work if you’re just starting out.
  • Contently – As the name suggests, this company is aimed specifically at freelance writers. Contently works by connecting writers with top global brands. If you want to sign up for their services, you will have to upload a portfolio, so this is recommended for more experienced writers who have many completed projects and at least a few years’ worth of work experience under their belt.
  • We Work Remotely – This is another great site to search for freelance work. It offers remote jobs all around the world, for all kinds of tech and writing expertise.
  • Freelancer – This is an old classic; many established freelancers first started out on Freelancer.
  • Fiverr – It offers a wide range of freelancing jobs, among which you can find lots of writing and translation gigs as well.

3. Write Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are pretty self-explanatory. Basically, companies and businesses pay you to write good stuff about them (their services and/or their products) on your site or blog. What you need to do is talk about a product (or a brand) you like, tell your readers how you use it, and inform them how they can benefit from it as well.

Now, how much you earn depends, again, on several factors: the niche you’re in, how often you write sponsored posts, who pays you, etc.

Payments range from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand bucks per post, but sometimes also tens of thousands of dollars if your site has a lot of traffic.

an important thing to remember when writing sponsored posts is that you should generally write about products and companies that you like, trust, and actually have tried out.

These should be brands and businesses that you genuinely feel good about, that you believe in, and don’t have a problem promoting. That way, it’ll be much easier to gain trust with your readers because if they don’t think you’re genuine, it’ll definitely hurt your site’s growth.

4. Coaching and Consultation

Provided that you’re an expert in a particular field, coaching is a great way to earn money online. This usually works really well if you first put some effort into building your brand online through your website.

Once people begin to trust you and realize that you have expertise and integrity, they will start to approach you on their own. They will ask you how you got to where you are now, how they can apply the same ideas and methods to their own business ideas or well-established companies.

At first, you may be tempted to give free advice, but as more people approach you, you will feel the urge to start charging for your consultations.

Again, the amount of money you’ll earn from your consultations will depend on the niche you’re in. Business coaches make a pretty good amount of money – somewhere around $235 per hour, and executive coaches make even more – $325 an hour!

Other types of coaches, like life coaches, also make good money, but less than the ones mentioned above, like $160 an hour.

5. Write an Ebook or Sell Another Type of Digital Product

This is a pretty easy way to make money online. For this to work, you have to have a certain amount of expertise in a field, so you know what you’re talking about and why you’re actually writing the ebook.

But you can also write something shorter – like an online guide or a tutorial. If you’re in the nutrition niche, you can create meal plans, or if you’re in the sports niche, you can create an exercise routine.

Nowadays, ebooks are really easy to promote and disseminate. You can put yours on your website for sale, but you can also sell it through Amazon, and, of course, promote it on social media platforms.

Additionally, you can make a type of digital subscription in which you will serialize your expertise or knowledge, share step-by-step guides, and churn out fresh and up-to-date content for your subscribers.

Once you get into the game, it becomes really easy to make a profit out of this. I mean, there are tons of ideas for what kind of digital products you can sell. If you’re into graphic design, you can make T-shirt designs and sell them through Amazon Merch.

You don’t need to have a supply of physical T-shirts or any kind of inventory – that’s Amazon’s job. All you need to do is create a killer design and sell it!

What Can I do to Get Paid Daily?

Jobs that pay daily come in a wide variety. Most of these jobs are online jobs, but some are in-person jobs instead of ways to make money online. All of these options were picked because you can be paid daily, but some also pay weekly or monthly depending on your settings.

Some of these jobs let you make more money than others, but all of them will give you at least a little extra income.

1. Waiter or Waitress 

One way to get daily pay is to work as a waiter or waitress at a restaurant.

Working at a restaurant you’ll get bi-weekly pay from the owner, but you’ll also get daily cash in the form of tips from your customers.

Working as wait staff is difficult, and does take some interpersonal skills and patience, but it’s a great job if you’re looking for daily cash.

Another benefit of this job that pays daily is that you don’t necessarily need any special skills to get started. As long as you’re willing to work in a fast-paced environment that can be stressful at times, you can become a waiter or waitress pretty easily. 

2. Online Surveys

Paid surveys are one of the most common online jobs, but it’s not necessarily one that pays super well. There are lots of online survey sites you can sign up with, and usually, it’s a good idea to use two or three different sites so you can qualify for the highest-paying surveys.

Taking online surveys is a great option because of how flexible it is. You can do them anytime, anywhere. Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours. 

While this isn’t necessarily to true “job”, we consider it one of the best online jobs that pay daily cash. Best of all, with sites like InboxDollars you can also get paid to play games, shop online, and much more.

3. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a great way to get paid immediately. Pet sitting involves coming over to someone’s home or apartment to make sure their pets are fed and taken care of while they are away.

Pet sitting is a good way to earn extra cash on the side without much effort. Some people would consider this a passive side hustle because you can do other things while doing your job. 

You can set your own rates, and many clients will offer daily or weekly pay, depending on how long they need a pet sitter.

4. Virtual Assistant

There are many virtual assistant jobs that pay daily cash. If you want to work online completing simple tasks, working as a virtual assistant makes sense. You can be tasked with anything from updating website content to posting on social media, or more.

You’ll need some very basic computer skills to earn quick money on a weekly basis, but this is one of my favorite online jobs that pay fast. To find work, you can network with bloggers and online publishers or use freelance sites to find a job. 

If you’re ready to get started, check out Carrie’s Virtual Assistant Accelerator course to learn everything you need to know to become a successful virtual assistant!

5. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is another great job that pays daily. You can work with a variety of students, helping them with their studies in a number of different subjects.

The pay is usually good, and you can set your own hours. You will need a quiet space to work and a reliable internet connection. Some online tutoring jobs require you to have a teaching certificate, but many do not. You’ll often need to pass some sort of exam to prove your qualifications.

If you’re looking for a job that you can do from anywhere in the world and that pays daily, online tutoring is a great option. You can use a platform like Tutor.com to find work or you can work directly with students in your area. 

The amount of money you can make will depend on the subject you’re teaching and its complexity, but in some cases, you can make over $50 per hour!

6. Proofreading

Proofreading is one of those services that everyone needs, but not everyone can do. You need a good grasp of grammar and how to adapt to stylistic choices to be a good proofreader.

Freelancing sites, proofreading services, or starting your own platform are all good ways to get proofreading jobs. Sites like Fiverr or Upwork are good places to get small proofreading jobs that can be done quickly and pay daily.

The amount of money you’ll make will depend on how good of an editor or proofreader you are, but in many cases, you’ll make over $20 per hour.

7. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of those online jobs that can pay well depending on your skills and expertise. The pay can range from $.10 to over $.50 per word written. This means a 2,000-word article could make you $200 to $1,000 or more!

Depending on what platform you use to advertise your services as a writer you can get paid daily, weekly, or monthly.

Freelance writing is another job that can give you financial freedom if you work hard enough, but it can take some time to build the skills you need to be successful. Like most other online jobs, freelance writers can be paid through their PayPal account or through a direct deposit to their bank account.

8. Transcription

Transcription is a job that sounds easy but is a lot more difficult in practice. Transcribers are typically paid by the minute of transcribed audio and can be paid anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per minute.

Transcription is a legit online job, and you’ll probably need to go through a transcription service to get jobs at first. Eventually, you may be able to market your services as an independent transcriber if you’re good enough. Both options can easily pay enough to give you financial freedom, with or without another job.

9. Sell Products On Etsy

If you know how to make handcrafts or have another product you can sell, Etsy is a legit online job that’s great for your finances. 

Etsy allows sellers to choose their payment settings. Many sellers choose to get paid weekly, but you can also sign up to be paid daily.

The trick with selling products on Etsy is that it takes time to get enough customers to get paid regularly. But, if you have the time and patience to make it work, Etsy can help you achieve financial freedom.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, especially if you’re looking for jobs that pay daily.

However, affiliate marketing is also one of the hardest online jobs. That’s because there are a lot of moving parts you have to deal with to start making money with affiliate marketing, like running a successful blog or social media account and learning how to choose products and services that work.

Don’t expect instant cash when you first start affiliate marketing. Your first few purchases will probably be days or weeks apart until you start getting more traffic on your platform.

But, you can work from home, on your own time, and you can promote products that you’re genuinely passionate about.

Depending on your success you can get paid as often as several times a day once you’re really going, or you can set it up so that you’re paid weekly, or even less often.

Affiliate marketing jobs usually pay by direct deposit, either into your bank account or to your PayPal account.

You can get started with just a few hours a week, or put in as much time as a full-time job. Either way, it will probably take a few months to really get started. If you keep going, though, affiliate marketing is one of the few jobs that pay daily that can offer financial freedom in the long term.

What is the Easiest Website to Make Money?

With well over a billion websites online, you can rest assured there is a lot of variety out there. In fact, many types of websites can actually just be created using a template because they are so well defined in 2020.

However, one thing that is very clear is that not all websites have the same earning power. If your goal is to make money by running a website, you can significantly increase your chances by picking a popular website type.

For example, would you expect an eCommerce website to earn the same amount of money as a traditional blog?

You don’t always have to spend money to make money. If you want to launch a side gig to generate regular part-time income, or if you’re looking for some quick extra cash, there are websites that can help you do it.

Of course, it depends on your definition of “quick cash.” Sometimes earning fast cash still means putting in decent time investment. That’s why our resource list of ways to make money online is in order from longest-time investment to shortest-time investment. Because time is, after all, money.

Consider these top resources to make money online:

  • Fiverr.com
  • Upwork.com
  • Etsy.com
  • TaskRabbit.com
  • Merch by Amazon
  • Neighbor.com
  • OfferUp.com
  • Wonder.com
  • ThredUp.com
  • Swap.com
  • Gazelle.com
  • CardSell.com

Depending on whether you’re looking to earn extra money quickly or build a long-term income stream, each of the websites listed above offers unique advantages (and sometimes disadvantages) tailored to different needs and interests.

Who Can Give me Money for Free?

Here are 10 legitimate ways to get free money online:

Join a Focus Group

If you’re that person who always has an opinion on everything, why not get paid for it? Join a focus group, and you’ll get paid for your thoughts and feedback about an array of products, services or concepts. Keep in mind that though many focus groups are held in person, you can find groups that meet online as well.

Check out 20|20 Panel and User Interviews to get you started. Keep in mind that focus groups are often more involved than other ways to get free money, but the payout (which varies) can be worth it.

Start Some Freelance Work

Even if you already have a 9-to-5, whether at a brick-and-mortar workplace or with the kids as a stay-at-home parent, you could pick up some freelance work in the evenings. Freelancing is great because you can use your particular skill set, whether that’s writing, tutoring, translating or programming, to make some side cash. Check out sites like Upwork, Freelancer.com or Gengo to get started.

Review a Mock Trial

Do you love a good court procedural? Are John Grisham adaptations and “The Lincoln Lawyer” right up your alley? Then reviewing a mock trial online might be a good fit for you. Websites like Ejury.com pay you for watching a mock trial, answering a few questions and providing comments. The payout per case is $5 to $10.

Earn While You Shop

If you’re shopping for certain products and services, you could snag some discounts and free money by adding some browser extensions like Swagbucks’ SwagButton and CouponCabin’s Sidekick. These extensions send you alerts about discounts, coupons and cashback opportunities while you shop, which can put some dollars back in your pocket while you’re shopping online.

Sign Up for Surveys

If you sign up for online surveys, you can make some extra money or receive gift cards for sharing your opinions. Check out online survey sites like Survey Junkie, OneOpinion, InboxDollars and Opinion Outpost to get started. When it comes to compensation, some of the survey sites pay $2 (or less) per hour of work. This isn’t a way to get rich quick, but it can give you some extra pocket money.

Watch Videos

Videos are another great way to earn a little extra cash. Sign up with Swagbucks or Inbox Dollars, and you can choose to watch movie previews, TV shows, news, commercials and more on your mobile device or laptop. In exchange, those sites will give you points, which you can redeem for your choice of cash via PayPal or gift cards to different retail establishments. On sites like Swagbucks, the payout could be up to $90 a month.

Listen to Music

For audiophiles, there’s some easy money out there for you, too. You can register with music review sites Slicethepie, Playlist Push and HitPredictor to listen to songs and rate them. You’ll receive a payment for each review, but these are variable since they reward quality reviews.

This means the more detailed, varied and constructive review you give, the better the payout you should receive – though this is more an art than a science. Payment is received via PayPal.

Play Games

Gamers might enjoy earning some dollars for their efforts. With apps like Coin Pop, you can earn coins that can be exchanged for gift cards or cash via PayPal. Keep in mind that the payout is pretty small and depends on how much time you spend playing games on the app, but the rewards add up over time. Note that you can also play games for money via sites like Swagbucks.

Which Website Earns the Most?

1. Amazon

Amazon is an American electronic e-commerce cloud computing company based in Washington. This company owns Amazon Publishing, Gears, Amazon Studio Kindle e-readers, fire TV and e-commerce website many more.

  • Website Name: https://www.amazon.in/
  • Category: E-Commerce, Publishing, reader, Fire TV and many more.
  • Founder: Jeff Bezos
  • Annual Revenue: $177.86 Billion
  • Alexa Rank: 74

2. Thomson Reuters

Reuters is an international mass media communicator, headquarters in Canada. Reuters is also providing financial market data. Reuters works on “Value-Neutral Approach “

  • Website Name: https://www.thomsonreuters.com/
  • Category: Mass Media, Financial marketing data
  • Founder: David Thomson, James C Smith
  • Annual Revenue: $11.17 Billion
  • Alexa Rank: 2265

3. Facebook

Facebook is online social media and social networking service company from Menlo Park California. Facebook was launched on 4 February 2004. Facebook can connect people from any country by using their customized profiles. Nowadays Facebook marketing is also used by the entrepreneurs for ads and marketing service of their products.

  • Website Name: https://www.facebook.com/
  • Category: Social networking service.
  • Founder: Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Huges
  • Annual Revenue: $40.65 Billion
  • Alexa Rank: 3

4. PayPal

PayPal Holding Inc is an American company used for online payments. This founded 19 years ago and headquarters are located in Jose California. PayPal is considered as fast and secure medium for online payments.

  • Website Name: https://www.paypal.com/in/
  • Category: Financial services, Payment Systems, Credit Cards
  • Founder: Ken Howery, Luke Nosek, Max Levichin, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk
  • Annual Revenue: $13 Billion
  • Alexa Rank: 44

5. Google

Google is one of the conventional search engine used worldwide. It was introduced in 1996 and headquarters are in Menlo Park California. This company leads in the development of the Android mobile app and Google Chrome.

  • Website Name: https://www.google.com/
  • Category: Internet, software computer hardware.
  • Founder: Sunder Pichai, Ruth Porat
  • Annual Revenue: $133 Billion
  • Alexa Rank: 16.

6. YouTube

YouTube LLC is an American video sharing, web hosting provider worldwide. It was introduced in 2005. Headquarters of YouTube is in California. It allows to upload, share, videos, offers Media Corporation and a good source for online marketing.

  • Website Name: https://www.youtube.com/
  • Category: Video Hosting Service
  • Founder: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim
  • Annual Revenue: $15 Billion
  • Alexa Rank: 2

Which Website is Best for Earning?

The best part about money-making sites is that you can be your own boss and work flexibly. These websites are completely reliable and user-friendly, and you can choose the niche as per your skills. So do you want to make money online?

If yes, then online earning sites are the best way to make money in today’s digital world. Along with trusted websites comes a few websites that might be a scam or frauds, so it is essential for you to find genuine websites to make money so that your hard work does not go to waste.

Here are some of the websites that we strongly recommend as they are reliable, legal, user-friendly, and time-worthy of making money online:

1. YouTube

The art of storytelling commenced with the age of digitalization. Now it has become easier to communicate effectively by using visual channels, and all the credit goes to YouTube for this. You can also use YouTube for earning money, and this option is best suited for people who can create content that appeals to people.

The best part about YouTube is that anyone can upload a video on any topic they want. You can earn through various ways, such as the more views you get, the more money you get from YouTube. The other way is that if you get advertisements on your video, you would be able to earn around $1 to $3 per 1000 video views.

But, for becoming successful, it is substantial for you to select a niche around which you will create the content.

2. Amazon

Needless to say that it is one of the most reliable online earning sites. They provide you with a massive variety of products to choose from to sell and buy. For selling your product on Amazon, you would first need to create a seller account, and once the registration process is complete, you can upload your product there.

You can also earn by their affiliate program whereby selling other products; you would be able to earn a good amount of commission. It is a very big e-commerce platform; it is visited by millions of potential buyers every month; hence, the chances of the product being sold are also high.

You would be amazed to know that in 2020 they earned $3.86 billion and in this one-fifth was fueled by third-party businesses. Also, as per data, more than 45% of online product searches in the US start on Amazon only. The earning potential on this platform is limitless, so you should take advantage of this giant online store.

3. Upwork

This website is a linking pin between businesses and freelancers globally; they can connect & collaborate on different projects on Upwork without any hassle. It is a trusted platform and used by millions of users. This is an excellent website to start and make a high-paying gig as per your skills.

Here, you can connect with people hiring freelancers; they do not offer opportunities. The first step to start is by completing the registration process, which is very simple. Here you get the work as per your experience; the more experience and reviews you have, the more chances are to get good money.

Usually, the commission rate lays around 5% to 20%, and the good part is that you can get all types of freelancing jobs here, such as content writer, web designing, graphic designing, typing, virtual assistant, etc.

4. Zirtual

If you have great administrative skills, this is the best platform for earning money. Since the last couple of years, the demand for virtual assistants has risen immensely. As a virtual assistant, you can work from anywhere and handle the tasks that clients don’t have time to manage, like paying bills, booking travels, scheduling meetings, handling social media accounts, etc.

There are many people who have no time to manage their meetings and keep track of their things, so they look for people who can organize all such things for them. Zirtual helps in connecting candidates to people who are looking for a virtual assistant. You can earn around $10-$15 per hour as a beginner, and it increases as your experience increases.

5. Swagbucks

This website started in 2016, and in just a couple of years, it has become one of the best money earning websites. There are no special skills required to start earning money through this app; all you have to do is see videos on YouTube and browse online shopping websites. The best part is that when you sign-up for their free account, they give you a $10 welcome bonus.

Once the account is created after that, they will give you a few daily tasks, and you will get rewards on completion. You can also take surveys, play games, shop online, discover deals, and buy gift cards to earn more points.

Thus, if you like doing window shopping and watching video content, this is the perfect platform for you. The points you earn from them can be used on various platforms like Amazon, Walmart, etc. You can also get this money transferred to your bank account or in the form of gift coupons, depending on the task.

Who is the Best Earning App?

If you’re looking to make some extra cash using your phone during your spare time, consider using a money-making app. A money-making app is an app or browser extension that can help you earn extra cash, whether from selling goods and services, getting cash back, or a combination of the two.

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The best money-making apps are free to download, offer a variety of ways to earn money, are compatible with iOS and Android devices, and send payments quickly.

  • Best for Bargain Shoppers: Rakuten
  • Runner-Up, Best for Bargain Shoppers: Shopkick
  • Best for Automatic Payment: ibotta
  • Best for Photographers/Videographers: Foap
  • Best for Investors: Acorns
  • Best for Surveys: Google Opinion Rewards
  • Best for Fitness Buffs: Sweatcoin

How do I Make Fast Cash?

Here are 7 strategies to earn fast cash today, plus some tips on how to cut costs, boost your income and build an emergency fund, so you don’t find yourself scrambling for spare change next time around.

1. Sell spare electronics

You can sell your used phone or tablet on sites such as Swappa and Gazelle, but to get cash today, using an ecoATM kiosk is your best bet. Consider selling old MP3 players and laptops, too.

2. Sell your gift cards

Exchange websites offer cash for gift cards. The site CardCash pays up to 92% of a card’s value. GiftCash is another option. Most sites like these take a few days to issue payment, especially if the card needs to be mailed in. CardCash’s website says some cards can be transferred online though, which can lead to faster cash.

3. Pawn something

As a way to borrow money, pawnshop loans are not great. But they’re quick, and if you can’t repay the loan, the pawnshop simply keeps the item you used as collateral. That’s a lot better than ruined credit and calls from debt collectors. You can often sell outright to a pawnshop, too, instead of borrowing against an item. Jewelry, musical instruments, firearms and up-to-date electronics fare best.

4. Work today for pay today

Searching for this phrase online turns up lots of results. We’ve researched 25 legitimate side jobs that can provide a quick income boost, ranging from driving passengers or packages to freelancing from home.

You can also try the Craigslist jobs or gigs sections, which often have postings for short-term work in food service, housekeeping and general labor.

5. Seek community loans and assistance

Local community organizations may offer loans or short-term assistance to help with rent, utilities or other emergency needs. NerdWallet has compiled a database of payday loan alternatives available to residents in each state. Local churches may make small loans at low rates. Community centers and nonprofit associations in your area may also offer small loans.

6. Ask for forbearance on bills

Some creditors such as utilities and cable television companies don’t charge interest on late payments, so find out whether they’ll accept delayed payments. Use whatever money you save from not paying those bills to cover emergency needs. If you can’t pay consumer debts such as auto loans or mortgages, explore your options with the lender first before turning to toxic high-rate loans.

7. Request a payroll advance

Ask your employer for a cash advance on your pay, which usually doesn’t cost you any fees and which you repay via payroll deduction. Some companies also offer low-cost loans to workers in crises. You also might consider Earnin, an app that offers workers advances that they repay in a lump sum on payday at no interest. It does ask for a voluntary donation, though, and requires access to your bank account and work time sheets.

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