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A prominent global financial institution, Goldman Sachs serves a sizable and diverse clientele that consists of businesses, financial institutions, governments, and private individuals with a wide range of financial services in the areas of investment banking, securities, investment management, and consumer banking. The company, which was established in 1869, has offices in all of the world’s principal financial capitals and is headquartered in New York.

Goldman Sachs’ businesses are centered on software engineering. The dynamic environment of the company necessitates strategic thinking that is original and yields clever solutions. At Goldman Sachs, software engineers create massively scalable applications and systems, design low-latency infrastructure solutions, proactively ward off cyber threats, and use machine learning in conjunction with financial engineering to continuously transform data into action.

  • Collaborate with trading, sales, asset management, banking, finance and others, to build and automate solutions to keep Goldman Sachs’ position on the cutting edge.
  • Elevate Goldman Sachs businesses by providing reliable, scalable platforms for data engineering, machine learning, networking, developer tooling, collaboration and more.
  • Innovate with UI/UX designers, full-stack engineers, data scientists, cloud engineers, and more in a collaborative, agile environment where your enthusiasm to take on new problems and learn will have an immediate impact.
  • Provide technical and design guidance and create standards.
  • Improve, optimize and identify opportunities for improved software development processes.
  • Collaborate with product owners and architects on making design decisions.
  • Develop end user applications with high scalability and high throughput.
  • Intuitively coalesce towards problems with an open mind, within the context of a team
  • Apply knowledge and experience in decision-making to arrive at creative and commercial solutions
  • Manage multiple tasks and use sound judgment when prioritizing
  • Provide digitally-advanced financial products to retail consumers
  • Collaborate with globally-located cross functional team in building customer-centric products
  • Analyze existing software implementations to identify areas of improvement and provide estimates for implementing new features
  • Update and maintain documentation for team processes, best practices, and software runbooks

Skills/Qualifications required

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer science or equivalent
  • Strong fundamentals in distributed systems, databases
  • Design and analysis of algorithms
  • Implementation of programming languages and run-time systems
  • Knowledge of finance, stochastic calculus and financial models
  • In-depth knowledge of Core Java, multi-threading, Spring and ORM frameworks
  • Expertise in designing enterprise applications
  • Exposure to Agile methodologies and Tools
  • Experience with microservice architecture
  • Experience with Javascript,Java 8, Spring, Restful API

Goldman Sachs Software Engineer Salary

  • Entry-level salary :USD 105,000.
  • Senior positions.  :USD 257,000. 
  • Median salary   :USD 165,000 with the base component being USD 120,000, stock component being USD 30,000 and bonus being USD 15,000.

Why Goldman Sachs Answer Software Engineer?

When asked “Why Goldman Sachs?” in an interview, you should reply that the company is a renowned global leader in the financial sector and provides services to some of the most significant governments, corporations, and organizations in the world.

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Then you can elaborate by explaining how your objectives coincide with those of Goldman Sachs and why you believe hiring you would be advantageous for both sides. You might also come off as modest by saying that you want to learn from one of the best financial institutions in the world.

If at all feasible, incorporate a personal anecdote into your response. This could be from earlier in your career or even before.

If you can, provide a personal anecdote that relates to this answer so that your interviewer may get to know you better as a person rather than just another applicant.

If you’re lucky enough to land a junior position at Goldman Sachs, you might want to bring up the following points from a helpful film on “The Goldman Sachs Experience,” which stars the company’s “chief learning officer,” Jason Winguard.

1. “Goldman Sachs is the best place to start a career in banking”

or, to be more precise “I am aware that you have a sizable online learning platform with webinars and specialized modules that will provide me with all the information I need to comprehend the banking sector. Additionally, I’m interested in using this resource to learn more about computer coding, programming, and the goods that Goldman has to offer in its various marketplaces.”

2. “I understand that you offer a customized-MBA like experience which I can work through while I’m at Goldman Sachs.”

or, to be more precise “I’ve heard that Goldman Sachs’ University provides a big selection of programs that are essentially equivalent to an MBA. Your attention on ongoing improvement is fantastic.”

3.  “I’m looking forward to all the networking opportunities with Goldman staff.”

or, to be more precise “As far as I know, Goldman actively encourages networking. I’m quite eager to meet alumni from my college who are already working at the company and to go to the frequent presentations, which, from what I understand, are given by Goldman’s top personnel.”

4.  “I’m really interested in Goldman’s culture of success and excellence.”

or, to be more precise “I am aware that Goldman is focused on executing things very well and exceeding clients’ expectations. That truly resonates with my own work ethic and perfectionism.”

5. “I like the fact that Goldman Sachs promotes internally and has a culture of ‘apprenticeships’ for its junior hires.”

or, to be more precise “According to what I’ve heard, several senior Goldman employees have worked there since their graduation. I appreciate that your top personnel actively supports employees’ advancement throughout the company and has that background. I know, for instance, that the company provides a lot of feedback, and I’m really looking forward to it.”

These responses can be slightly customized based on your preferences and level of tolerance for excessive flattery. They’re only suggestions, but they’ll at least stop you from using the same canned response.

Why do you Want this Job Software Engineer Answer?

This question is used by interviewers to ascertain whether or not you would be a useful asset to their business and match the role well. This question is designed to determine whether you will work well with the current team and be able to support the goal and vision of the organization. Every business or employer wants to hire workers that increase production.

However, there is none if there is no aim or purpose. That is precisely what is implied in the response to the question, “Why Do You Want to Work Here?” Describe your goals, how you’ll use your expertise to help the organization expand, and why you’re the ideal candidate for the position.

For instance, if a corporation is interviewing candidates to fill a position as an effective Software Engineer, they would like to choose someone who can comprehend what the company is attempting to achieve with its software.

They’ll check to determine if the candidate can strike a balance between idealism and realism. Additionally, if they are not resistant to unimportant jobs like bug fixing. All of these considerations must be made prior to providing an answer to the key query, “Why Do You Want to Work Here?”

Having trouble expressing your motivation for working here? It’s easy. Your response should be succinct (aim not to stutter), your body posture appropriate (sit with a straight back and a grin on your face), and you should be assured in your response. Confidence, which is sometimes the most underappreciated component of any interview, is what enables us to succeed in one even if we lack specific abilities. Because, as the saying goes, knowledge and talents can both be acquired, but confidence only comes from inside.

Here are a few brief guidelines to help you answer with more assurance:

  • Be thoughtful and thorough, and you will have a winning answer
  • Explain why you want the position with a strong skill-set or experience to back your answer.
  • Explain how you will help the company succeed
  • Mention your past roles and success stories that you will use to enhance your present role.
  • Shed light on your knowledge will complement the company’s vision
  • Answer in a calm and polished way. 

Here are some examples:

Example 1: The technological advancements made by your organization have always motivated me. By developing the top CRMs this generation has ever utilized, you have revolutionized the calibration industry. Business owners can now run their enterprises on the go thanks to your technological breakthroughs. Since your software has made remote work simple for people all over the world, I want to help your organization realize this objective by joining as a software engineer.

Show them that you have been a longtime fan of their organization and have always enjoyed the work they do. It will assist you in demonstrating your sincere interest in the position.

Example 2: I recently read an article about your founder’s plan to use the most advanced technologies to change the dynamics of the banking industry. As a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast, I was thrilled to learn about the initiative, and my excitement increased when I learned that a position in my sector was available. I would adore to work for a brilliant individual who desires to advance technology for the benefit of a better world.

Inform them that you stay current on market news and technological developments. People who are involved in the industry are more attractive to hiring managers.

Example 3:

I’ve been a devoted user of your software for a while, and I’ve always been impressed and motivated by the advancements that have been achieved in the field. What I like the most is the commitment of your staff to ensuring that customers understand the product through the provided demos. Being a member of this creative team and using my skill set to carry on the excellent work you are doing here will be a pleasure for me.

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The candidate complimented the company’s products, but he also highlighted their high quality and dependability in terms of both their design and construction. Hiring managers are drawn to this prospect because they can tell that they have a deep understanding of and appreciation for the qualities that make this organization an excellent place to work overall.

Example 4:

My propensity for technology and my intense interest in this area motivated me to learn things that can greatly benefit any endeavor. I acquired a skill set that will benefit businesses creating effective and efficient software to address issues encountered by businesses in the IT industry. I want to contribute as a skilled software developer since I saw in your company profile that you are working relentlessly to create software that addresses this issue.

Unquestionably, HR managers are among the hardest workers, constantly striving to improve the company’s reputation. As a result, praising the company’s reputation can assist you win over the HR manager.

Example 5:

I’ve read glowing testimonials about your business on Glassdoor and other websites, and I’d be pleased to work as a software engineer for you. Working for a company with such a stellar reputation will make me feel proud. I’ll put my expertise and abilities to good use by making a significant contribution to the initiatives and giving my all to help the business succeed. I’ll be a great asset to your business, and I’ll do everything in my power to see that the team’s goal is achieved.

This answer is perfect. It has all the information required to make the choice. A candidate with this much passion for a company will go above and above for it and create value that is unmatched!


Hiring managers frequently inquire during job interviews, “Why do you want to work for us/with us/at our company?” It also has a wide range of variants. Companies frequently ask this question to ensure that you can envision yourself working for them for a very long time. Why would they hire you if you don’t care about the business?

Even though it can be the last question asked toward the end of your interview, giving the wrong answer can backfire. Therefore, giving a perfect response is quite important.

When answering such questions, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Always be thoughtful and thorough when answering interview questions. 
  • This is a chance to showcase your hard work, drive, and passion for the position. 
  • Make sure that you clearly articulate how you can help the company achieve its goals and maybe even exceed them! 
  • Use this opportunity to show off what you’ve accomplished in previous roles and why those experiences make you the perfect candidate for this position. 
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