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The need to develop software to provide digital interfaces, entertain users, and operate machinery and devices develops as society becomes more dependent on technology. Software developers are always needed by businesses to develop these applications and the digital resources needed to construct them. Finding a job that fits your education and experience requires knowing which organizations offer employment in software engineering.

Software engineering is the process of creating software and software products by applying engineering concepts and procedures. This covers apps for smartphones, systems software, industrial automation software, and video and computer games. Software engineers utilize their scientific background to develop applications that improve consumers’ daily lives by streamlining and connecting them.

Once you’ve gained the education and experience to begin your career as a software engineer, you can begin your search for jobs that suit your qualifications and career goals. Here are some companies to work for as a software engineer:

1. Adobe

Adobe is a software company that develops digital products for use by both professionals and amateurs. They create programs that allow users to build their own documents, apps, animations and other content and media. Their products also help users monetize their creations.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb is an internet and mobile app marketplace for the rental of rooms and homes for short-term or long-term stays. They use their online interface to connect those wishing to rent out their extra space with those looking for a comfortable place to stay.

3. Amazon

Amazon is a corporation that creates, sells and ships products to customers through the company’s website and mobile app. Amazon also creates streaming entertainment and offers an interface for merchants to sell their own products directly to consumers.

4. Apple

Apple is a worldwide technology company that builds software and tech products to simplify their customers’ daily lives. They develop household tools for users such as smartphones and home computers for casual and professional use.

5. Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is currently one of the top developers of video game entertainment, including the Warcraft series and Overwatch.

6. Bloomberg L.P.

Bloomberg L.P. creates software and technology that focuses on financial markets. They build tools that gather and analyze financial information and aid in market and equity trading.

7. Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems develops hardware and software for telecommunications and networking. They build the tools needed to keep people and equipment connected in a world increasingly reliant on the internet.

8. Citrix Systems

Citrix Systems builds technological tools that help customers create software and applications and keep connected to the virtual cloud. They create digital workspaces and information solutions for professionals and amateurs alike.

9. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud computing solutions company that builds software for individuals and businesses. Their software creates a cloud-sharing interface for the storing and sharing of digital files across multiple platforms.

10. eBay

eBay offers a digital storefront through its website and mobile app that allows users to sell products or belongings in an easy-to-use interface. Customers may also use their applications to search for and find a wide range of items to either bid on or purchase directly.

11. Expedia

Expedia is a worldwide online travel agency. They use their digital interface to help customers find, plan, and purchase travel tickets and book accommodations. They also help hotels, travel companies and other related businesses market their offerings and find customers.

12. Google

Google is a technology company that creates a wide range of information solutions for consumers and businesses. Their search engine offers data collection and analysis options that help companies and customers stay connected. They also build software and equipment that integrates technology together for ease of use.

13. Hewlett-Packard

Hewlett-Packard is best known for creating home computers, printers and other computing hardware for casual consumer use. They also create software and equipment for offices and office networking needs.

14. Huawei

Huawei is an ICT (information and communications technology) company based in China. They create software and hardware consumers use such as smartphones, home computers and tablets, and wearable technologies like smartwatches.

15. Intel

Intel designs and creates computers and computer hardware for businesses and consumers. They’re most known as makers of computer chips, creating industry-standard technology for the streamlined running and controlling of computers and computer systems.

16. Intuit

Intuit is a financial software company. They build programs for small businesses to track and manage finances and create software to aid in preparing taxes for both businesses and consumers.

17. Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is a company specializing in software, hardware and networking solutions. They build technologies such as modems, routers and network security systems.

18. Meta

Meta is a global media, software and social networking company that builds apps that keep customers connected. For businesses, Meta offers data analysis tools that help them find and market directly to interested consumers.

19. Microsoft

Microsoft builds and develops software and hardware for computing, networking and entertainment needs. This global company also offers data and information solutions software and creates some of the most-used computer hardware for individuals, small businesses and large corporations.

20. Netflix

Netflix is a developer of streaming entertainment like movies and TV shows. They are on the forefront of honing streaming technology that connects users with suggested content.

21. Nvidia

Nvidia creates hardware and software that focuses on computer graphics for use at work or home. They create graphics cards, processors and GPUs for sharp graphics in business software and video games.

22. Oracle

Oracle is the second-largest software company in the world. They specialize in creating information and cloud-computing technology for businesses and corporations. They also create hardware for streamlined corporate processes.

23. PayPal

PayPal is a digital payment platform intended for transferring funds either person-to-person or to businesses for goods or services.

24. Qualcomm

Qualcomm is a global networking and communications company that produces an array of electronics. They build software, equipment and tools to establish and connect users to each other and the internet.

25. Salesforce

Salesforce builds software for cloud computing, social media and mobile technologies. They also create artificial intelligence programs to help their corporate clientele streamline their processes and stay connected to consumers.

26. Stripe

Stripe builds financial software that connects users and businesses for payment options for goods and services. They also offer financial tracking for streamlined business management and see their financial solutions technology used by companies worldwide.

27. Tesla

Tesla builds and designs methods of harnessing and using sustainable and renewable energy such as solar power panels. They’re most known for building and selling fully electric vehicles and the power stations used to charge them.

28. Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments, though known mostly for its calculators, is actually a semiconductor company. They also design and build processors for analog or embedded use.

29. Uber

Uber is a transportation company that uses its mobile app to connect users to nearby drivers for safe rides to their desired destinations. They also use their network for food delivery services.

30. Zynga

Zynga is an entertainment company that creates video games for mobile devices. They also create games for social media platforms, such as Facebook, to help their customers stay connected with shared entertainment even when they can’t be together.

What Are The Best Jobs for Software Engineers?

Professionals seeking job advancement have a multitude of options in the software engineering area. Software engineers should choose employment that allows them to work in specialized fields, optimize their income, and assume leadership positions. You may learn more about the finest jobs for software engineers and what qualifications you’ll need to meet in order to advance in your career.

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Professionals in software engineering can advance their careers in leadership positions and specialized fields by taking advantage of the best software engineering jobs. These include roles requiring specialized knowledge in particular programming languages and software categories, such as team lead, project manager, and senior software engineering roles.

Here are some top jobs for software engineers that allow software engineering professionals to explore new career tracts and specialty roles:

1. Video game designer

National average salary: $60,588 per year

Primary duties: Video game designers work for entertainment or gaming companies to assist with brainstorming, designing and testing video games. They may also work with team members to determine how to revamp an existing video game on the market. To become a video game designer, candidates should earn a bachelor’s degree in an area like software development, software engineering, game design or computer science.

2. SQA engineer

National average salary: $80,699 per year

Primary duties: An SQA engineer, also called a software quality assurance engineer, works for software engineering or development corporations to measure the quality of software programs, repairs or updates that employees complete for clients. They may also help software development teams set realistic deadlines to maintain quality and enhance client satisfaction. For those considering a career as an SQA engineer, a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer engineering or computer science is the minimum education requirement. However, a master’s degree in software engineering or quality assurance.

3. Cyber security engineer

National average salary: $81,158 per year

Primary duties: Cybersecurity engineers evaluate computer systems, networks and software programs to determine potential weak points for security breaches. They may also complete standard coding as part of their job responsibilities. To qualify for a cyber security engineering role, individuals need to first complete a bachelor’s degree in an area like cyber security, software engineering or computer science, followed by a few years of experience in a software engineering or IT security role.

4. Applications engineer

National average salary: $87,710 per year

Primary duties: An applications engineer designs software applications and updates or revamps existing software applications to align with a client’s needs. They typically collaborate with software engineers and software developers to create the application components for larger software programs. Applications engineers usually earn bachelor’s degrees in either software engineering, computer programming or computer science.

5. Software project manager

National average salary: $92,026 per year

Primary duties: A software project manager oversees a team of software engineers and software developers to ensure they design, test or revamp software programs in a timely manner. Software project managers also assign team roles, monitor project budgets, communicate with managers or clients and help their team troubleshoot and test programs throughout the process. To become a software project manager, candidates typically earn a bachelor’s degree in either software development or software engineering, followed by a few years of work experience in a software developer or engineering role.

6. Software test engineer

National average salary: $97,752 per year

Primary duties: Software test engineers work for software companies to test software programs and determine additional ways to improve programs. They do this by creating automated scripts to run through the program, developing evaluation criteria and communicating with software developers and engineers if they do encounter errors. Software test engineers can benefit from earning a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, and previous experience as a software engineer.

7. Full stack engineer

National average salary: $108,274 per year

Primary duties: Full stack engineers design, code and test the front and back end components for software programs and applications. They usually receive projects directly through clients or from a manager and have to complete coding projects by a set deadline. Full stack developers also run tests and troubleshoot problems with software to ensure functionality. To work as a full stack engineer, candidates need to complete a bachelor’s degree program in an area like software engineering or web development.

8. Javascript engineer

National average salary: $109,621 per year

Primary duties: A JavaScript engineer specializes in using the JavaScript coding language to design visual components for the user side of websites. They typically collaborate with web designers and front-end developers as they complete coding projects. JavaScript engineers can benefit from obtaining a bachelor’s degree in an area like software engineering or computer programming and earning programming certifications in JavaScript.

9. Software development engineer

National average salary: $111,190 per year

Primary duties: A software development engineer, or software engineer, designs, codes and tests software programs and applications. They can work for corporations across industries but can also work for software companies or as self-employed individuals. To work as a software engineer, candidates should have excellent coding skills and preferably a bachelor’s degree in software engineering.

10. Machine learning engineer

National average salary: $150,804 per year

Primary duties: Machine learning engineers design and test machine learning systems to help computers sort and interpret data. They work closely with data scientists to create production-level models and create automated instructions that help computers select data figures based on a data scientist’s needs.

To become a machine learning engineer, individuals typically earn a master’s degree in an area like computer science or computer engineering. However, they may also hold a PhD in the subject. They can also benefit from working in entry-level software engineering or computer programming roles to enhance their understanding of coding.

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