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You may have always wanted to design your own home or start a career as an interior design expert, splash some colors on the walls, and add some good-looking paintings, the lanterns that you saw while you were out shopping. But then, there are way too many things to fit into one home of ours.

To solve this problem, the interior design schools can come in handy. Some of the best schools have brought their programs online to make them available to a larger audience. These schools offer synchronous and asynchronous classes held on various online platforms. This allows you to take as many courses as you may like, choosing from the vast knowledge bank every school has to offer.

What is The Home Design Institute In Paris?

The Home Design Institute is an educational center from Paris that offers courses in Interior design and landscape design. You have the choice to opt for free or paid courses depending on the level of expertise you would like to gain in the field of interior design. You can visit HomeDesignInstitute.com to get comprehensive details.

One of the best schools to look into is HDI that brings world-class knowledge from the lecturers, who are practicing interior designers across the globe. This professional online course prepares you for taking on live projects, interact with clients confidently, and execute projects with utmost care and precision.

Why Should You Join Interior Design Institute, Paris

They offer all students a fantastic opportunity to join our classes, and here are the nine main benefits of learning with us.

  1. Distant Real-Time Learning

The trends in the modern days studying are focused more and more on online learning; You can be at the same time in the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of your home while watching the live lecture with a cup of tea. The world changes at a fast pace, so we need also to change our approach to it.

Most of our classes are available online, but there is even more: we offer you Real-time learning in a virtual classroom, using the popular platform ZOOM. This method proves to have positive results and becomes a leading strategy in the market of online education. In addition, our professional classes are organized in small compact groups, in which the comprehension is simple and fun.

  1. Professional Instructors

Our team does unique research to find the best professional instructors with high qualifications in their field. They will lead you step by step through multiple classes divided into modules.

Anyone who participates in the live lectures can interact with other students, ask questions, and get more clarity and guidance on the course material. A great advantage in learning is having accessible course materials online, posted after each course module in PDF or links to all video records of the previous lectures.

  1. Boosting Your Creative Imagination

All our students will be equipped not only with professional knowledge in the sphere of Interior Design but also with multiple different innovative ideas. After finishing the course, they will create their unique project and design a room, landscape planning, or even do sketches and architectural plans from scratch! Our lecturers will provide you with more skills and excellent opportunities to create your business project and help your clients.

  1. Combination Of Theoretical And Practical Knowledge

The professional trainers at our Home Design Institute will assist you in gaining in-depth knowledge, become familiar with the History of Interior design, and give you perspective on the latest modern trends of home and garden design.

They will teach you the most important technical programs used by architects and specialists as AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3D Modeling so that you can develop your project.

  1. Creating Projects And Portfolio

Our courses will give you the essential guidelines for your design project, using all the practical knowledge you have! From each lecture, you will receive detailed explanations and particular practical skills, which can change your future and give a fresh start to your carrier.

The final sessions of the courses are dedicated to practical tasks: each student should develop his remarkable portfolio, to work on his project applying all the learned knowledge. Creating a portfolio is an important step to successful development as a professional in Interior Design for our students.

  1. Receiving Digital Certificate At Home Design Institute

Our working team has the aim to make accessible, and at the same time high-quality education, so we can be assured to create good specialists.

That is one reason why each student will be given the final test examination and opportunity to have a Digital Certificate online upon the course end, which he can post on his official website right way! This is proof of success and positive results from all our courses, making our audience grow more.

  1. Great Carrier Development

If you are experienced in Interior Design or Architecture, and this is your lifetime passion or carrier goal, our courses are the best gift you can have! In the last years, there is a growing demand for professional interior and landscape designers so that every specialist can find his niche in the huge market.

Interior Designers are interacting with other architects and engineers and have a circle of clients. This connection network creates more opportunities for all specialists to boost their carrier to a higher level.

  1. Free Short-Term Courses

 Suppose you are still uncertain and cannot decide to participate in our professional live courses. In that case, we give you a fantastic chance to enroll in a FREE online interior design course!

They are beginner-friendly, accessible, and can be viewed at any convenient time through our video records of each lecture. Take the initiative, start a new venture, be inspired to create a new project, and uprise your business venture with innovative ideas and a unique portfolio!

  1. Video Records And PDF Materials

Regardless of which course you choose to enroll in, you have the advantage of picking out your convenient time for study. Even when you cannot participate in the live classes, we upload links with video records and PDF materials after each class! This is a flexible approach to satisfy all customers with changeable working hours and a busy working schedule.

Go ahead, take this extraordinary chance, and sign up for your successful future with the courses at Home Design Institute! Don’t hesitate, be ready and willing to change your life and enhance your carrier!

French Chateau for sale

When we think of French chateaus, the first thing that pops into our minds is the royal family. However, duchesses and dukes are not the only ones who can own castles. There are many castles on sale all over the world, from five-story fortresses to old monasteries.

In other words, owning a French Chateau doesn’t have to be a fantasy. Actually, there are amazing French Chateau for sale.

Buying a French chateau property can be a great investment, but like any real estate venture, it requires some consideration. If you plan to purchase a castle that needs repairs, set a larger budget. There have been cases where buyers purchased a chateau for $65,000, only to spend another $800,000 on repairs and upgrades.

Even though the process can be time-consuming and costly, it is a thousand times more rewarding than the typical house renovation.

Keep in mind that you are renovating the chateau to create a home. Besides focusing on aesthetics, try to find ways you can improve comfort and energy efficiency. Many chateau, especially older ones, may need to be adapted to work with local infrastructure.

Depending on the chateau’s condition, you probably won’t have access to basic utilities during the renovation. You can either stay in a cold room in the chateau and look at the experience as an adventure or simply book a room somewhere nearby until the chateau has proper access to light, heating, and water.

Here are some benefits of purchasing and renovating a historic castle:
  • Living in a castle! Having a personal castle is an immense source of pride, especially for homeowners with an interest in architecture, art and history.
  • Preserving a culturally relevant site. Storied castles and chateaus are a part of history. Many castles are over 600 years old and have been renovated through the years by different owners. That’s another reason they are so charming.
  • Return on investment. After renovating, the castle’s price will significantly increase, especially if it was severely damaged when you bought it.
  • Learning specific skills. Owning a castle property requires intimate knowledge and understanding of architectural and past building practices. Tips and tricks learned along the way can help in the purchase of other properties as well as the preservation of magnificent historical structures.

What’s The Difference Between a Castle And a Chateau?

You don’t have to be a lord of the manor or of nobility or gentry to own your own château in France, there are many French Chateau for sale with asking price starting from around €500,000. Although the French word for ‘château’ is generally translated as castle it is more likely to mean a country house or a manor house.

Without confusing you too much a typical French château is actually described in English as a palace or country house, for example, Chateau de Versailles does not resemble a castle and was located in the countryside which is why in English it is known as the Palace of Versailles.

As a result we are left with a wealth of prestigious Chateaux, Country Houses, Manor Houses and even a few actual Castles scattered throughout France all available to be your next home.

Owning a chateau in France may mean that your home was once occupied by French royalty or nobility, labelled the British “stately homes” your chateau is more than likely to be filled with history and extravagance.

Why buy French Chateaux?

At present, large estates are offering superb value for money compared to other prestige property around the world. Boasting acres of land, lakes, outbuildings and their own capacious floor spaces, chateaux give one the opportunity and space to choose how to live and work.

Taking the figure of 1 Million Euros as an example, chateaux costing this will far outweigh, in real terms, the real estate offered by other luxury and prestige property of the same price.

In many locations, you are paying for exactly that – location – and will no doubt be jostling with other similar properties for the best view. French chateaux offer the rare ability to look out from your window and survey no land but your own.

The rise in disposable income and the freedom to travel between countries ensures that there is strong interest in buying such property for a family home or a tourism business – perhaps for fishing, an equestrian school, hunting, outdoor sports, walking or wildlife watching.

The fairytale bulk of French chateaux is also one of its main attractions, particularly for weddings or hotel accommodation.

What bride would not wish to be married within an ancient chapel bathed by soft light streaming through its stained glass windows, then withdraw across the lawn to the main building with its ornate decoration a background to the big day and the sounds of history echoing from its walls?

Many such properties also have existing income from timber or wine production.

If you are looking for French chateaux for sale, be it for pleasure or business, we have many beautiful properties to choose from with prices of approximately 300,000 EUR to over 20 Million EUR.

These properties take many forms, from smaller Logis and manor houses to fortified farmsteads and enormous stately homes encompassing many hectares of land with woods, lakes, guest houses and outbuildings.

A chateau, because of its size and history, usually has over 1 hectare of land – usually this is much more, even with lower budget examples. While there is a limited supply of French chateaux that are up for sale at any given time, there is likely to be a great variety. You may wish to buy a large building with little land to make your money go further.

Or you may wish to buy a smaller Logis-style property, but utilise the land for horses, hunting or wildlife. However, there are many examples of chateaux for sale on the market with a large floor space and several dozen hectares, but they are understandably more expensive but not overly so. 1 million EUR can easily buy you 500m2 of floor space on several levels plus 20 hectares of land.

Whether a chateau dates from the 10th or 20th century, it will have its own style and history of decoration. Some can be a mix of styles from different periods as fashion and the owner’s availability of funds changed. Other chateaux appear not to have changed since they were built.

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