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Many people consider marriage the luckiest event of life. It is a special feeling to tie the knot with the person you love. So, it can be suffering to consider the idea of separation.

But divorce is a prevalent thing in today’s world. Married couples are separating from one another over many issues. The average cost of divorce in Canada is increasing every day, and it is beneficial to avoid any issues in a marriage.

The best way to avoid marital problems is to know the reasons for divorce. So, what are common reasons for divorce? Let’s have a look.

5 Common Reasons for Divorce

Divorce can be a shock or a relief. You never know what life can throw at you. It is not uncommon to feel betrayed and unloved by your spouse.

The divorce takes place for many reasons. Both spouses can feel the need for separation due to several marital issues, and no relationship can end for one factor. Several factors clog up together for years and lead to marriage separation.

So, it can be helpful to know about the common reasons for divorce. You can judge your situation accordingly. Also, you can be careful not to make these mistakes.

Here are 5 common reasons for divorce. Almost every marriage ends due to these factors.

Different Types of Abuse

One of the most common reasons for divorce is abuse. It is a very disgusting factor causing divorce as well. Many people think that marriage gives them rights over their spouses. There are certain legal and conjugal rights over one another. But marriage never allows you to abuse your spouse physically or sexually. Such domestic abuses can result in serious punishments for the abusers.

Abuse can also be financial and emotional. Throwing vulgar comments, yelling, and other mental tortures are some forms of emotional abuse. Some people do not provide financial support to their spouses. Such financial abuses can result in divorce.

The children, parents, and other family members can also face abuse. A spouse can physically, emotionally, and even sexually abuse other family members. No one should stay in such a marriage.

Lack of Intimacy

Married couples should be intimate with each other, and they should involve in sexual relationships. There should also be an emotional attachment with one another.

Marriages often break down due to a lack of sexual and emotional intimacies. Your partner may not attract you anymore. There may not be any sexual or emotional feelings towards each other. What is the point of being in such a marriage?

Small acts matter a lot in marriages. Your spouse should feel loved and cared for. Even if there is no physical intimacy, emotional support can be a huge thing. When all these go away, marriages result in divorce.

Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is a prevalent reason for divorce. It can cause the marriage to lose its sanctity. One partner may become completely addicted to such substances. Thus, the partner may involve in abuse and other harmful behaviors.

Addiction can come in other forms as well. Gambling, pornography, and infidelity are other examples of addiction, all of which can break a marriage from its core. There is no other option but to separate in such situations.

Lack of Communication and Compatibility

Getting married too early in your relationship is not uncommon. You may think everything works perfectly in the beginning. But soon, the honeymoon phase can run out.

This can cause communication problems between the partners. You may feel shy or blocked from talking to your spouse properly. Lack of communication brings other problems to the table as well. It can become frustrating and mentally draining to take decisions all alone. Getting couples therapy can be an option. But if that does not work out, divorce is the result.

Change of Heart

The final reason for divorce is a change of heart. This may sound harsh and silly. But not feeling anything towards your spouse can be a widespread thing.

A situation can come in your life when you do not feel anything to your spouse. You do not love the other person anymore. There can be no abuse, addiction, or misunderstandings, and you do not feel the same way anymore.

But such a change of heart can bring other problems to the light. There may be no more intimate moments together. You and your spouse may end up cheating on one another. It is better to separate than making things worse.


Any couple can relate to the common reasons for divorce at any part of a marriage. It is not wrong to feel unwanted or unloved. It is not wrong to not love someone anymore. But you should always consider fighting for your marriage if such situations occur.

However, it would help if you never tolerated abuse and addiction. These things can bring many problems to your life. The home will no longer remain a happy and safe place for you or your kids.

So, consult with your lawyer in such situations. And prepare yourself for a divorce.

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