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Juice is a drink that is made of natural ingredients fruits and vegetables. It can also refer to liquids that are flavored with other biological food, such as meat or seafood. Juice word comes from old french in about 1300. Fruit juice is prepared mechanically squeezing fruit or vegetables. For example, orange juice is extracted from the fruit of the orange tree. Fruit can be also prepared at a home with fresh fruit and vegetables with a help of a hand and electric juicer. Drinking juice has many health benefits. Orange juice has many health benefits, it has vitamin c, folic acid, potassium that offers health benefits. We can also drink orange juice for skin lightening.

  •  100% fruit juice:

Research says 100% fruit juice does not cause diabetes. 2018 review concluded that 100% fruit juice increases the risk of tooth decay. Cucumber, aloe vera, oranges are the best juice for skin and hair. 

Here is some top fruit brand name. They are introducing yummy fruit juice and smoothie with innovative flavors. Healthy juice has many benefits it reduces tan color also. 


 Nestle has an exceptional position in the global food industry. Nestle introduces Juicy Juice Fruitifuls. The company is present in 189 countries in the world. Nestle sold juicy juice to Harvest Hill Beverage Company. Nestle juice has 35% less sugar than regular juice. Juicy juice does not contain any added sugar. This brand was founded in 1866 in Switzerland. It’s a very healthy drink. You can drink it every day as a morning drink for glowing skin.


Frooti is mango flavor juice, the most successful drink product by Parle Argo. It’s an Indian brand introduced in 1985. 33.7 grams of sugar footie contain in per 250 ml. Footie has many size varieties. The tagline of this drink is “Mango frooti, fresh and juicy” kids most favorite drink is frooti. It is the best choice to satisfy mango thrust any season. Frooti exported to many countries Japan, the Us, UK, and many others.

3) The coca-cola company:

The coca-cola company is the most recognizable brand all over the world. with offering 4000 drink options through more than 500 brands. 21 brands generate 1 billion per year. The headquarters of coca-cola is Atlanta, Georgia. Its introduce on 18th May 1886, 135 years ago.

5) Cares:

In the year 1986, this company was founded. It’s a part of the pioneer company. Its headquarter was located in South Africa. It offers products in more than 80 countries. Ceres juices, super fruit, and others offer a variety of products. This brand of juices is 100% natural, they did not add any artificial color or sugar. These juices of the brand have a delicious taste. these juices are full of vitamins and minerals. This can be whitening your skin in 7 days.

6) Tropicana:

In 1947 in Bradenton, Florida USA this brand was founded. This is one of the best brand packaged fruit juice in the whole world. In 60 different countries, this juice is available. this brand offers high-quality natural fruit juice. There is no artificial product added to this juice. In the year 2004, this brand started in India. Juices are provided natural nutrients to the body. After you tried these juices you feel more energetic and fresh.  

  • Conclusion:

Drinking fresh fruit juice good for your body system. You feel more energetic. fruit juice boosts your immune system. It makes you hydrated that good for your skin. cranberry, tomato juice offers many benefits. Fruits are an excellent source of vitamin c and minerals. Fruit juice is available in the market but you can also make it at home. You can make Homemade drinks for clear skin.

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