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The newest trend in web development is called Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), which combine the greatest aspects of mobile and web apps to provide smooth, entertaining user experiences. PWAs operate offline and on any device that has a current web browser. They are dependable, quick, and safe.

It is projected by Statista that there will be 6.2 billion smartphone users globally by the year 2028. The need for reputable and knowledgeable Progressive Web App Development Companies is rising quickly as companies want to take advantage of this trend and provide their clients with the greatest online experience.

A legitimate PWA development company should have a track record of creating high-quality PWAs that meet the needs of their clients. They should have the expertise, experience, and communication skills to develop a successful PWA meeting your requirements. Here are some criteria that can help you identify a legit Progressive Web App Development Company:

  • Technical Expertise: A reputable PWA development company should have a team of experienced and skilled developers with a solid technical background in developing PWAs. The company should have the necessary expertise in building web apps using modern web technologies like React, Angular, or Vue.js and deeply understand the latest PWA development standards.
  • Portfolio and Case Studies: A legitimate PWA development company should have a portfolio of completed projects and case studies demonstrating their ability to deliver high-quality PWAs to their clients.
  • Customer Reviews: Check for customer reviews or testimonials to learn about the experiences of previous clients who have worked with the company. You can check online review sites, social media platforms, or the company’s website to get feedback from past clients.
  • Communication and Collaboration: A reliable PWA development company should communicate clearly and transparently with clients. They should be willing to collaborate with you and understand your needs, goals, and preferences.
  • Pricing and Contract: A reputable PWA development company should provide a clear and transparent pricing model with no hidden costs. They should offer a detailed contract outlining the project scope, timelines, deliverables, and payment terms.
  • Post-Launch Support: A legitimate PWA development company should provide post-launch support and maintenance to ensure your PWA runs smoothly and remains up-to-date with the latest standards and technologies.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Development companies should offer a range of services to cater to the specific needs of its clients. Here are some of the critical services that a PWA development company should offer:

  • PWA Development: The core service of any PWA development company is to develop Progressive Web Apps that offer a native-app-like experience to users. This includes designing and developing the app’s user interface, integrating various functionalities, and ensuring optimal performance across different devices and platforms.
  • PWA Consulting: A PWA development company should offer consulting services to help businesses understand the potential benefits of PWAs, assess their existing web applications, and identify the best approach to PWA development.
  • PWA Testing: Testing is crucial to PWA development to ensure that the app is functional, user-friendly, and performs optimally. A PWA development company should offer comprehensive testing services to ensure the app meets the highest quality standards.
  • PWA Maintenance and Support: Once the PWA is deployed, it requires ongoing maintenance and support to ensure it continues optimally functioning. A PWA development company should offer maintenance and support services to ensure the app is always up-to-date, secure, and user-friendly.
  • PWA Optimization: A PWA development company should offer optimization services to help businesses improve their app’s performance, speed, and user engagement. This includes optimizing the app’s code, images, and content to ensure that it loads quickly and provides a seamless user experience.
  • PWA Marketing: Finally, Progressive Web App Development Companies should offer marketing services to help businesses promote their app and reach their target audience. This includes developing marketing strategies, creating promotional content, and running advertising campaigns to increase app downloads and user engagement.

Examples of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web applications that use modern web technologies to provide users with a native app-like experience. Here are some examples of PWAs with a brief explanation:

  • Twitter Lite: Twitter Lite is a Progressive Web App that offers a fast and reliable experience on mobile devices. It uses modern web technologies to provide an app-like experience without requiring a download or installation. The PWA is optimized to load quickly even on slow network connections, and it offers many features of the native Twitter app, including push notifications and offline support.
  • Flipkart: Flipkart is India’s largest online retailer and has developed a Progressive Web App to offer a seamless shopping experience to its users. The PWA provides fast loading times, smooth navigation, and an app-like experience. It supports offline browsing and push notifications; users can add the app to their home screen for easy access.
  • Starbucks: Starbucks has developed a Progressive Web App that allows customers to place orders and pay for them directly from their mobile devices. The PWA offers a seamless experience, with fast loading times and smooth transitions between screens. It also supports offline browsing and pushes notifications to alert customers when their order is ready for pickup.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest has developed a Progressive Web App that offers a fast and reliable experience on mobile devices. The PWA is optimized to load quickly, even on slow network connections, and provides an app-like experience with smooth scrolling and transitions. It also supports offline browsing and pushes notifications for new pins and boards.
  • Trivago: Trivago has developed a Progressive Web App that offers its users a fast and intuitive hotel search experience. The PWA provides quick loading times, smooth navigation, and an app-like experience. It also supports offline browsing and pushes notifications to alert users of price drops and new deals. The PWA allows users to save their searches and favorites, and they can add the app to their home screen for easy access.

Top 10 Progressive Web App Development Companies

The abundance of options available to you may cause you to feel overwhelmed when searching for a PWA development company to create or improve your online application. We have put together a list of the best Progressive Web App Development Companies that provide excellent services and have a track record of producing remarkable outcomes to assist you in navigating this terrain.

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We’ll present you to ten of the top PWA development firms in this blog article and emphasize their salient attributes, offerings, and clientele. Now let’s get started and investigate the best progressive web app development firms that can fulfill your company’s requirements and advance your online application.

1. Tigren 

With tremendous experience working in web and PWA development, Tigren keeps its pioneering position in this field. In order to develop a quality PWA for clients, we always look for the most efficient regarding each client’s situation. We do our best to build PWAs that meet requirements in design, functions, and performance.

Their clients come from all over the world, they consider Tigren one of the best outsourcing software development companies in Asia. Some outstanding projects that you can refer to are ShopEddies, Truclothing, Boonthavorn, etc.

And they go beyond what other service providers do. They offer free post-development support for their clients in 3-6 months. They understand how tricky PWA can be for first-time users, so they make sure to provide adequate support for their clients.

Expertise: Progressive Web App development, E-commerce development, Magento development, and other web/app services.

Why choose:

  • Innovation guaranteed
  • Free support guaranteed
  • Reasonable price offering
  • A Creative team with great experience
  • High-quality services
  • Quality development approach

2. Bamboo Agile

Bamboo Agile has been a major player in the web development field since the company’s inception in 2002. Based in Tallin, Estonia, the company has collaborated with clients from dozens of countries globally to create powerful web applications in a variety of domains.

Some of the team’s most notable web projects include an operating system for schools, numerous EdTech applications, a multitude of advanced online stores, HR software, and a telehealth application.

Expertise: Web application development, MVP development, eCommerce development, Shopify development, UX/UI design, etc.

Why choose:

  • MVP consulting
  • Complete transparency
  • Flexibility in processes and pricing
  • Proven industry experience

3. Appinventiv

The second name in our list of Progressive Web App development companies is Appinventiv. This firm is an award-winning organization that provides impeccable technology solutions to startups. The company started its journey in 2015 and today has more than 650 technologists, engineers, and professionals dedicated to bridging the gap between customers’ ideas and reality.

The sole goal is to facilitate richer customer experiences and more thoughtful, innovative solutions through on-time delivery and post-development support. To date, they have successfully delivered over 1,000 projects. 

Expertise: iOS/Android app development, Blockchain development, Flutter app development, PWA development

Why choose

  • Rich experience working in PWA development 
  • Growth-oriented services 
  • Timely Delivery 

4. Monterail 

As a full-service software development company, Monterail handles restaurant web applications with exceptional features and functionality. With a value-based approach and a team of 110+ experts, they deliver incredible mobile and web applications to businesses of all sizes.

The company is an official Vue.js partner and has delivered over 300 projects to over 170 clients worldwide.

Expertise: Web application development, mobile development, application development, HR software development, etc.

Why choose:

  • One-stop service
  • Technical Lead Support
  • Experts with many years of experience

5. Divante 

Divante is an expert in delivering best-in-class e-commerce solutions and products for the B2B and B2C sectorSupportinging customer sales. It defines entirely new ideas, implements the latest technologies, and provides an unprecedented user experience. They leverage state-of-the-art technology with modern JS, microservices, and headless architecture to develop custom PWA solutions

Divante services and products enable them to expand their business and increase their competitive advantage.

Expertise: Ready-to-use PWA solutions, Storefront Cloud development.

Why choose

  • Time & material project work 
  • Ongoing support & maintenance
  • Creative Services & experience 

6. Appschopper

AppsChopper, a Webby Central LLC Company, is a creative app design and development agency with offices in New York, Walpole, and Boston. They are a team of creative mobile app experts who create elegant designs, engaging experiences, secure code, and test their usability. They combine both web and mobile worlds by building superfast progressive web apps and using the right tools to serve customers.

Expertise: PWA development, Mobile Apps Development

Why choose

  • Customer-oriented solutions 
  • A Creative team with great experience
  • Value-driven and focused 

7. Sparx IT Solutions 

Sparx IT Solutions is a NASSCOM-recognized, ISO:9001, mobile and web solutions provider serving since 2007. Their state-of-the-art software solutions help clients modernize traditional and complex challenges. Sparx uses the latest technology to provide various digital solutions, including mobile and web application development. 

Expertise: App development, E-commerce development, blockchain, DevOps automation.

8. Asper Brothers 

Asper Brother is a Polish company that develops software for SMEs, companies, and startups worldwide. They rely on fraternal solidarity – that’s how they do it. They have 30+ engineers working on UX/UI, backend, frontend, and DevOps.

Expertise: Progressive Web App Design, Progressive Plugin Development, Android App Development.

Why choose:

  • Skilled Workforce
  • Advanced Methodology
  • Expeditious Support
  • Flexible Hiring Models

9. Angular Minds

Angular Minds is rated as the leading AngularJS application development company, providing a high-quality and wide range of web and mobile application development services for the web, iOS, and Android platforms. The company also provides web development services to its global clients.

As one of the top iOS and Android app development companies, the Angular Minds team has extensive experience developing innovative Android and iOS platform solutions.

Expertise: Web app development, mobile app development, business enterprise services.

Why choose: 

  • An experienced team 
  • Innovative Approach 
  • Great Services & experience
  • Agile Development

10. Scand 

Scand is a custom software development company based in Minsk, Belarus, in the heart of Eastern Europe. They have over 20 years of IT experience, over 700 successful projects for hundreds of clients worldwide, and over 250 experienced engineers.

Expertise: E-commerce Solutions, Media and Entertainment Solutions, Social Network Development

Why choose: 

  • An experienced team
  • Innovative Approach
  • Good Idea analysis and execution

11. Inverita 

InVerita is a values-based custom software company focused on developing web, mobile solutions, quality assurance, and team scaling services for clients. Headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine, with offices in Chicago and New York, the company pursues unique values ​​that place quality of delivery, customer satisfaction, and personal employee growth above sales and profits.

Expertise: Custom software development, IoT software development, mobile app development, web development.

Why choose:

  • Extensively experienced experts
  • Outstanding web app development
  • Ongoing support & maintenance
  • Creative Services & experience

In order to improve user experience, businesses of all sizes are now implementing the newest technology, such as Progressive Web Apps. Businesses that switched to eCommerce and implemented eCommerce PWAs to provide the finest conversion experiences are no longer concerned about mobile network speed.

What are you waiting for? Create your own Progressive Web App (PWA) or use the aforementioned advice to find a progressive web app development firm that is right for you. Choose a provider based on your company’s needs and circumstances.

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