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Does your restaurant have an online food ordering system? If not, you would want to have one for your restaurant.

Do you know the percentage of online food orders has tripled in less than seven years? Also, 70% of consumers prefer to order directly from a restaurant.

So, read the blog to find the ten best online ordering systems for restaurants in 2023.

Why do Restaurants Need an Online Food Ordering System?

People’s Choice

70% of People prefer to order directly from restaurants, while 52% of US consumers like to order directly from a restaurant’s website.

Easy and convenient

Ordering food online is easy; users have to do a few taps on their Smartphone. They can easily avoid heat, sun, or rain and yet get their favorite restaurant food.

Quick Delivery

One of the reasons for the popularity of online food ordering systems is that it enables users to order food when they need it and get it delivered in a few hours or minutes.

Increased Sales

With an online food ordering system, restaurant owners can boost their restaurant sales and reach out to more consumers.

Streamline Operations

The online food ordering software automates the process of receiving orders. The restaurant staff should not bother answering calls, note down orders, and forward them to the kitchen. It also helps avoid manual errors and confusion.

Top 10 Best Online Food Ordering Software

#1 Foodiv

The first in our list of the best Online food ordering software is Foodiv. The app is perfect to meet the needs of any small, medium, or chain of restaurants. The restaurants can use the Foodiv app to launch their online food delivery business quickly within minutes. Restaurants can register to the app, add their restaurant details, create a menu, and start receiving orders with interactive dashboards. The Online food ordering system helps restaurants automate their restaurant operations seamlessly.

The app also allows customizing according to the restaurant brand by adding their logo, color theme, photos, and videos and attracting more customers.

Features of Foodiv App:

  • Personalized dashboard for Restaurant
  • QR Code Menu
  • Phone Call Ordering Mobile App Ordering
  • Website Ordering
  • Excellent UI/UX
  • Marketing Tools
  • Highly engaging user and admin app.
  • Quick QR Code Menu
  • 24/7 Support
  • Real-time analytics
  • Contactless delivery

#2 Gloria Food

Gloria Food is one of the best free online food ordering software. It allows restaurants to take their food ordering business online. Restaurants can take unlimited online food orders with the software and can streamline their restaurant operations.

Moreover, restaurants can manage daily operations from pick-up and delivery to table reservations. The app also offers paid features like a branded mobile app.

The software is easy to use, offers free trials, and does not have a setup fee or hidden fee.

What is in the free plan:

  • Customer & admin Panel
  • free locations and no fees/location
  • Quick menu setup
  • 24/7 multilingual customer support
  • Online ordering system for takeaway, delivery & table reservations
  • free online ordering widget for the website and Facebook page
  • Real-time analytics reports
  • Heatmaps

#3 ChowNow

The next on our list is the ChowNow app. The app allows restaurants to register them on the app for a one-time setup fee. The app will enable users to receive food orders via their restaurant website, mobile app, and social media. Restaurants can avoid commissions of third-party delivery apps and keep 100% of profits to themselves. Restaurants can start using the ChowNow app at $149/mo and a $399/location setup fee.

#4 Toast POS

The ToastPOS is a restaurant Point of Sale and management software that allows restaurants to manage their food orders and day-to-day operations. They can quickly set up their restaurant account with the food ordering software and start receiving orders. The app offers marketing tools to help restaurants boost their sales.

The Restaurants can get started with ToastPOS at $165 per month and enjoy features like online ordering, takeout, contactless delivery, and more. Restaurant owners can avail of the email marketing campaigns for an additional $100 fee. Restaurants can also avail of the all-in-one point-of-sale services, which are $999 +$75 /month for a single location and 2 terminals.

#5 Upserve

The next on our list of top online ordering systems for restaurants is Upserve. The restaurant management system is apt not just for restaurants but for all food businesses, including bars, wineries, coffee shops, bakeries, etc. Restaurants can register to the restaurant management system within minutes and integrate it with their POS system.

Restaurants get the following features:

  • Payment Processing System
  • Point-of-sale
  • Analytical Insights

Upserve offers three different subscription plans- Core, Pro, and ProPlus. The cheapest plan is the Core plan at $59/month.

$6 Square Point of Sale

Square is a full-service POS software for restaurants of all sizes. The food ordering software allows restaurant owners to take online and dine-in orders. The cloud-based system allows restaurants to get online orders, manage inventory, track sales, collect payments, and more. Restaurant owners can manage their food business from anywhere using the system on any device, including a desktop, a laptop, or a smartphone.

#7 OrderEm

With orderEm, restaurant owners can receive online delivery and takeout orders. Customers can order via the restaurant website, mobile app, and their Facebook page. Restaurants can get the online ordering system customized as per their branding. Whether you own a pizza or coffee shop, the software is apt for you. The price for OrderEm starts from $25/mo with an optional setup fee of $249.

#8 Restolabs

Another top online food ordering system for small and medium restaurants is Restolabs. The food ordering software charges $69 per month to set up the restaurants on their software. Restaurants can get a 14-day trial.

Restaurants get the following features:

  • Commission-free
  • POS Integration
  • Delivery & payment integration
  • QR Code Ordering
  • No contracts.

#9 MenuDrive

MenuDrive is the next best online food ordering system. It allows restaurants to set up an account and create and customize their food menu to receive food orders. The online ordering software offers built-in marketing tools and analytics to understand customers better and boost their engagement.

MenuDrive price starts from $149 per month and $149 for one-time implementation. In addition, restaurants have to pay a 3% + 20¢ flat-rate transaction fee and 30-40% third-party delivery fees.

#10  Cloud Waitress

Cloud Waitress is the last on our list of the ten best online food ordering software. The food ordering software is apt for startups or those who need support to switch from traditional business to online food delivery business.

The software enables restaurants to create a website if they still need one. The websites are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, helping restaurant owners to develop or customize the menu. 

The basic plan allows users to receive only 100 orders per month. The upgraded version costs $39 per store/month.


The list of 10 top online Food ordering systems will help you pick the right software for your restaurant or food business. Check the features and prices for each ordering system, and match them with your restaurant’s needs and budget. Make a wise decision by setting up an online ordering system for your restaurant and avoid paying your profits in commissions.

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