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Ovens keep you cool, chilly evenings warm inside your RV, but you don’t look at it often. Don’t wait for an RVer fellow to remark, “Hey, you really need to see our heat outs. They’re only lovely.

This will not happen. It will not happen. It’s another story, now a fireplace. A fireplace may be stunning alone, offers a lovely flames view, and produces enough heat.

It is important to inspect and understand that Gas Log Service Wake County, NC might need local gas fireplace servicing. An early inspection can stop such issues.


When done properly, it’s as safe as a built-in fireplace to install a contemporary electric or propane RV chimney. It may be safer than a gas space heater since it will not pass by accidentally.

The installation must comply with the manufacturer’s clearance and ventilation criteria. It is necessary to maintain the appropriate clearances between the fireplace and surfaces and build a non-flammable wall barrier in the event of a gas fireplace.

Search for a proximity switch in the electric fireplaces. It switches off the fireplace to prevent fire when it senses an object too near.

Make sure that, in addition to a gas leak detector, you have a propane fireplace and a low wall alarm. Mount a smoke detector for any sort of fireplace high on a wall or on a ceiling.

Looking for a room for an electric fireplace, try finding out from the RV company where if the optional fireplace was ordered from the RV. Normally there is a shallow cabinet covering the area. Retire the doors and perhaps some material at the rear of the cabinet and an electric fireplace may be available. There can also be an outlet that may be connected to the fireplace.

Choose a fuel

Your fuel choice is mostly personal, although your RV lifestyle might impact you if you are traveling often, unless you can get it delivered via a company like https://nelsonpropane.com. The position of your fireplace, the freedom of space surrounding the room, and the sizes of your RV might also impact you.

In certain conditions, electricity and propane may be employed. The real flames with propane can be attractive or frightening. The mimicked fire of a fireplace can gratify or extinguish your esthetic sense.

Both fuels are clean, but unprecedented propane fireplaces pose health issues. The interior air is better due to the ventilated fireplace, which burns away air and pumps the gas through a fan or chimney.



  • Clean surgery.
  • Usable during boondocking.
  • Heating bigger RVs often exceeds the rating of electric fireplaces.
  • To see real flames.


  • If there is no propane and you don’t have an electric heater on the campground you can leave it without heat.
  • Too many compact RVs have a higher BTU output.
  • Installing more than electricity is expensive to purchase.
  • In confined spaces, it can be hot.
  • It can utilize more propane in combination with other devices.
  • To ensure a sufficient fuel supply, you may need more propane tanks.
  • In unventilated installations, high humidity, resulting in mold, is possible.
  • Dangerous accumulation of air in the unventilated system.
  • For healthier ventilated installations, cutting through the outside of the RV is necessary.

Electrical smokestack


  • Operation clean
  • More affordable to buy, fireplace with propane.
  • Lower than the propane unit is to operate.
  • Probably safer than propane because there is no flame or fatal gas. If the fireplace is too close, the nearby sensor turns off the fireplace.
  • The ceiling or wall need not be cut, as no fireplace or fresh air ventilation is necessary.
  • No indoor air deterioration.
  • Can be utilized even if you have no propane in hookup campsites.
  • Simpler DIY setup.
  • For smaller RVs, it’s not too hot.
  • Simulated LED models Color changing of flames.


  • Cannot be utilized during the extraction if the generator does not operate
  • It produces fewer BTUs than the larger fireplaces for propane, therefore larger RVs cannot be heated.
  • It is not genuine flames; synthetic lights flames.
  • Some flames have a tacky appearance.
  • A few bright fans.
  • On some models, Fireworks sound false.

Flush or mounting of the surface

The wall mounts or recessed designs are equipped with gas and electric fireplaces. What you buy depends on your space, clearance, or ventilation requirements, but your choice should be a question of preference, provided you follow the fireplace manufacturer’s guidelines.

The requirements for clearance vary according to manufacturer, design, BTU rating, and fuel option. Electrical fireplaces often require a distance of one to a half-inch from the fuel surfaces, but don’t assume – follow the specifications. Propane fireplaces are probably going to require greater clearance and non-combustible furniture between the surface of the chimney or wall and the flu.

Even with a wall covering, a propane fireplace may seem appealing. The P9000 Dickinson Marine is a nice example. A nice example. This 8.5x14x5.5-inch unit is commonly used in RVs designed for boats. It takes a steel chimney however, if necessary for good drainage, the chimney can be installed at ground level.

The wall adjoining the combustion chamber and flue also needs metallic shielding. For a more brilliant look, the P9000 is stainless steel. Make sure you obtain the version of propane and not the model of solid wood-burning fuel. It can handle up to 4,500 BTUs and burn up to a pound of propane for seven hours. The full installation will probably cost $1,200 or less with a siding and a fireplace.

There are plenty of electric RV fireplaces. Most RV companies are installing Electric. Electric. In most circumstances, you require between $250 and $500 without the necessity for a fireplace or wall cover. If you frame and trim the enclosure, estimate another $ 100. Electric costs for input and output wiring can also be incurred. However, it’s cheaper than installing propane.

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