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Compact drones have long become assistants in many areas of professional activity and handy amateur gadgets for enthusiasts from all over the world. However, this widespread use of drones has brought with it entirely new threats and has made a drone jamming device both a popular and useful tool.

Why are drones dangerous?

A common feature of all dangerous applications of civilian drones is their unauthorized flight over a certain territory, whether it be a mass gathering of people, an industrial enterprise, or even a military facility. 

Malicious operators and amateurs who break the rules out of ignorance use all the good qualities of drones for their dubious purposes. They benefit from the compactness of devices and ease of use, stealth, and noiselessness.

Incidents involving civilian drones, resulting in serious losses and irreversible consequences, required the development of systems to combat drones. Such systems, different in the principle of operation and degree of technical perfection, have been successfully used by the military for quite a long time. 

Nevertheless, not all military solutions can be applied to the civilian market. This is due to the legal framework that imposes certain restrictions (for example, on the frequency range and the use of radars), the cost of the systems, and the difficulties in training specialists for this equipment.

How to jam drones

There are already quite a few civilian systems for detecting and suppressing drones on the market now. You can click and see all the available options in one place.

They solve the problem in different ways and with different efficiency. Drones are detected using: different jamming devices:

  • radars;
  • cameras;
  • infrared sensors;
  • radio scanning and microphones. 

Suppression is provided both by jamming a certain frequency range, and by the physical impact on the offending device. 

Anti-drone systems are constantly being improved to increase the likelihood of detection and guaranteed elimination of danger. 

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