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Do your LMS or eLearning platform has all the features?

The answer to the above is a big “No”. Not all LMS are created to fulfill all the training needs of the learners. 

WordPress-powered LMS has the ability to integrate with other plugins and software to power new reporting features that matter in an LMS.

In this article, I will highlight 5 LMS (Learning Management System) integrations that will streamline and enhance your online training program.

WordPress LMS Integration To Enhance Training 

Not all LMS are created equally. LMS that fulfills all your needs is hard to find. So it’s better to choose an LMS that has almost all the basic features and provides ease of accessibility, boost collaboration, and form a connection between L&D professionals and learners.

Although, you can integrate various plugins to boost the performance of your LMS. Integrating plugins with your LMS brings the pain points into focus to enhance the training program. Let’s see the 5 must-have LMS integration to streamline your training program.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is one of the most effective ways to promote collaborative learning among learners. When learners interact with one another then they enjoy learning and exchange their ideas for easy learning. Integrating video conferencing helps you in scheduling live classes, hosting live events, and boosting the active participation of the learners. bring people together and get them involved in online training. With WPLMS, you can schedule live classes, record them for later viewing, and upload them to the LMS.

E-commerce Integration

I think your eLearning business is incomplete without integrating an ecommerce plugin or software with your LMS. Ecommerce integration is essential to monetize your learners and generate revenue and convert them into an ecommerce lms. Some of the most popular ecommerce LMS integrations are PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, and Stripe that you can integrate with your LMS to track your sales, conversion, and payment processing. Ecommerce LMS integrations are essential to selling your online training courses and other content so that you can maximize profits and build your brand.

CRM Software

Integrate CRM software (customer relationship management) into your LMS helps you in meeting the demand of modern learners as well as corporate learners. CRM software platforms like- SalesForce LMS allow you to design and deliver online training courses for sales and customer service to the learners and enhance their skills based on their business objectives. This helps the learners in learning how to keep a better relationship with the customers.

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on is the master key that opens every virtual door. This means that one username and password for your learners to enjoy a streamlined workflow across all your training platforms. A learner can access all the services from CRM to online training to video conferencing and more. WPLMS Learning management systems offer simplified SSO authentication purposes for easy access across the platform for the learners.

LTI Integration

Developed by IMS Global, LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) is a standard protocol that integrates with the LMS to find the right information and suitable learning content available on the other platform. LMS LTI integration allows you to provide a wide variety of courses, content, and other activities to the learners hosted on another website without requiring a separate log-in.


These 5 LMS integration makes learning easier and makes your LMS more compelling to streamline the training process. If you’re looking for a fully integrated LMS to meet all your training needs and along with the benefits of all these impactful integrations then WPLMS is an all-in-one LMS for you.

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