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Influencer marketing has been around for many decades. But it is recently gaining prominence as an integral part of content marketing. Today’s typical social media advertising represents an unprofitable practice compared to the use of macro and micro-influencers.

Influencer campaigns can take different forms from a promotion program to sponsored posts. The Instagram takeover of a brand by the influencer, or large-scale blogger campaign.

  • Sharing content with influencers can increase the average lead conversion by 3 to 10 times.

This is proof that influencer marketing is the new king of content. While not the easiest way to master content strategy, the results are well worth the effort. This is mainly due to the ROI that working with micro-influencers represents and that we had already commented on in a previous post.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a novel marketing strategy. It is to achieve a series of partnerships between brands and companies. And those with high visibility and prominence on the Internet, which is known as  ‘influencers’.

The Internet, and especially social networks, have generated the appearance of a series of people. They are in traditional media and would be more or less the equivalent of famous people or celebrities. They have become references for a large number of users.

This influential virtual world is characterized by many tools and charms. Some of them, like YouTubers, have thousands of channels and (in some cases even millions) subscribers and followers.

Obviously, these kinds of social networks are real rough diamonds for brands. Because of a criticism of a certain product or simply its appearance wearing a clothing brand. Or another item can raise the popular acceptance of a certain item by many integers brands and therefore make sales go sky-high.

The advantages of influencer marketing

The main benefits of using influencer marketing techniques in our campaigns are as follows:

  • The positive messages of our brand or company are amplified.
  • There is a lot of conversation on the web about our products or services.
  • Traffic to our website or the landing page of our campaign increases.
  • Influencers are very followed by a target audience with great purchasing power and very consumerists: the millennial generation.
  • If designed well, an influencer campaign does not have to be very expensive. And a satisfactory and profitable return on investment (ROI) can be achieved.
  • The brand gains reputation and prestige.

Why is Influencer Marketing the new king of content?

Working with influencers to convey your brand message brings many benefits. These actions can increase sales, exposure, credibility, customer loyalty, user-generated content, growth on social channels, and content virality.

Probably the most rewarding and goal-oriented marketing of content is to present information at the right time which allows you to successfully manage your buyer’s journey.

Why Use Influencer Marketing in Your Content Marketing strategy?

The power of influencers lies in that they are trusted actors in social networks and with a valid voice, especially if they are micro-influencers.

  • 35% of consumers read online articles to find new products.
  • 47% of consumers are looking for new trends and ideas on the Internet.
  • 70% of consumers check online content to seek a second option.

Additionally, micro-influencers can reach a giant network of targeted people who could be your next loyal customers.

Content Marketing goals that are achieved by working with micro-influencers:

  • Brand Awareness: This is perhaps the best of the results obtained, virtualization allows your product to be known by more and more people.
  • Educate: If your product or service is difficult to use, an educational campaign with influencers is a great idea.
  • SEO Authority: In a past post we talked about how influencer marketing improves your SEO positioning.
  • Social Following: Influencers can help increase your follower base on your social networks.

What do marketers think?

The majority of marketing and advertising professionals (almost 70%, according to various studies) are in favor of this type of campaign. Because they consider them effective. Likewise, a study report on the status of influencer marketing affirms that many companies are investing up to 20% of their budget in this type of campaign and the intention is to increase spending in this area.

The Ethical Question

In the use of influencer marketing, there is sometimes a conflict of ethical and professional honesty. The point is that many times, influencers are dedicated to using or talking about a certain brand or its products in public, receiving some type of remuneration or consideration in exchange.

The problem is often not enough transparency. It seems that the influencer is criticizing a product because it is his real opinion. He ignores doing it in exchange for something. In this case, there may be a lack of honesty and a certain level of deception for their followers. They don’t need to know that the commercial interests of brands and companies are behind their leader’s opinion.

At Jocial we have built a technology to help the entire collaboration process between brands and influencers. It is also free, easy to use, and allows you to deploy campaigns safely. Do you want to try it?

Start here and try applying Influencer marketing for your content strategy.

Influencer Marketing Relates to Content Marketing Strongly

Content Marketing represents on average 25% of the total marketing budget. Businesses have understood its enormous potential on the branding and SEO fronts. The objective is indeed to create, publish, and share content to build the reputation and visibility of the brand. But the return on investment is sometimes uneven. Brands face consumer mistrust. To maximize the effectiveness of these content spending, Content Marketing must now go hand in hand with an Influencer Marketing strategy. We explain why, and how.

Exit corporate channels and reach your target

Starting an official blog is a usual prerequisite for posting content. This is not enough. Indeed, making your brand known to new prospects involves publishing outside your corporate channels. Where are your potential customers? On social networks, specialized blogs, major media… Or probably a mix of all three. The challenge is therefore to see your content broadcast on these external media.

You can develop relationships with certain publications and offer them to publish your content. This is the guest post. This has the advantage of being normally free. But it is a time-consuming process, the outcome of which is uncertain. And, above all, it confines you to medium-sized sites and eliminates the very influential media. They will refuse to broadcast anything from you for free unless your product is not directly mentioned (in which case the ROI is very uncertain).

How well do you know your audience… and their influencers?

This is where Influencer Marketing makes its entry. Identifying influential media outlets and commissioning them to write and distribute articles about your product or offer. In short, you outsource the creation of content and its distribution. By the way, that’s exactly what a centralized platform like Jocial offers. Guaranteed results and productivity gains.

Content on the influencer side: quality and authenticity

A bygone strategy was to publish as much as possible to increase the chances of links and artificially boost SEO. It is a manipulation doomed to failure. So, quality content, even rarer, will naturally generate a multitude of links, often of better quality.

What is quality content? Honest content that responds positively to the question: Is it interesting or effective for my audience? Here’s what it means: Content must be authentic and effective. Influencers have built their success on this skill of providing interesting content, so they are the creators of choice.

By using an influencer, you tell an authentic story about your product, via a source you trust with your audience.

An SEO-friendly strategy

By broadcasting outside your blog and so outside your domain, you are generating backlinks to your site from other domains. This is a positive signal that Google will interpret by improving your page rank, that is, your average position in search results.

Influencers carry large and qualified traffic. Also, a link to your website on a legitimate site will boost your page rank more than ten links on confidential blogs. Netlinking flies high!

Last positive side effect? If the influential medium also posts the content on their social networks by mentioning your account, their followers could become yours! The growth in your number of subscribers is also a positive signal for your position in the search results… Google sees it all!

A multiplied conversion rate

This is something that the content being broadcast can be authentic and enhance the image of the brand. But, all this is difficult to measure. At the end of the day, the marketing department has the necessary objectives and, appropriately, more. In this case, using influential media to write information means an expense that must be written.

No worries. Content created by influencers has a conversion rate three to ten times higher than that promoted directly by the brands themselves. And the ratio goes up to a factor of x22 versus the recommendation of an average consumer! What convinces your hierarchy if they still hesitated to release the budget for Influencer Marketing …

Influencer marketing platforms

Among the easy-to-use levers that connect brands and influencers, such as influencer bloggers or especially Instagrammers, many platforms emerge.

This is the case for the Submit influence platform, which allows you to reach targeted communities among many influencers. Increase your visibility and sales by quickly setting up your influencer marketing campaigns.

You can easily target any sector like digital, travel, fashion, lifestyle, etc … and then choose the most suitable channel. Whether it’s a blog, YouTube, or Instagram, spread your message there and set your goals. You’ll be able to monitor the effectiveness of your promotion in real-time.

Submit already has many years of experience in SEO and net linking campaigns. It seemed logical that it is heading towards the influencer marketing which has been growing rapidly in recent years.

Influencer Marketing Agencies

The agencies have a deep knowledge of the web environment and social networks. They know very well how to work with influencers and bloggers. They can make their actions profitable by associating them with KPIs to measure digital actions and get a real return on investment.

You also need to know how to use the right levers to align with the advertiser’s objectives. Ultimately it is a question of adapting the marketing strategy to the features of the product, service, or brand.

Influencer marketing has many advantages. Because in this type of marketing we can use specialized influencers.

This feature has the advantage of offering precise targeting. Take for example a company looking to launch a new cosmetic product, it will certainly have a better chance of making the buzz via a makeup YouTuber. The content offered will be adapted to the audience and will automatically generate more engagement and traffic on the site. This will result in more conversions for the brand.

Among other things, the company gains credibility here. The subscribers (or followers) of an influencer maintaining a relationship of trust with him. Thus make him an ambassador of choice.

The real benefits of influencer marketing for brands

From an economic point of view, using an influencer is less expensive than traditional communication. The return on investment is more easily measured. And the wastage rate (leads lost in the conversation path) can sometimes be relatively low.

On the professional side, influencer marketing can develop the SEO of a site. In particular via the mentions and the number of links that will point to the latter. Insofar as brands use influencer bloggers.

Influence marketing is mainly worked with influencers from different fields. Besides in this type of marketing, there is also another key success factor which is the specialized agencies.

How do influencer marketing agencies work?

Influencer marketing agencies generally support advertisers in the implementation of their communication campaigns. They use their know-how on the development of marketing strategies, the knowledge, and know-how of influencers.

These agencies have proven knowledge of the mechanisms and constraints related to this type of marketing. Such as legislation, content creation, analysis of return on investment, and real impact of campaigns.

Today, it is possible to find influencer marketing agencies on the web that have developed their application or platform. They make it possible to propose campaigns. And thus maintain relationships with influencer brands by building trust.

Thanks to them, it is easier to identify influencers by sector of activity, by type of audience and to categorize them through many parameters related to their presence on social networks.

It can be further emphasized that any influential marketing firms tend to communicate 360 ° to work more effectively on a complete project.

Other elements complete this information. This is the case for bloggers with measures of traffic and positioning on the Google search engine.

These online applications thus measure the degree of influence of these influencers. So that to better meet the expectations of advertisers on specific needs.

Other companies offer direct communication to advertisers through an interface dedicated to this type of interaction. For example, in the case of Jocial, this includes those who have a complete website to ensure a relationship between influencers and advertisers.

All the influence measurement and channel metrics tools are integrated to help choose profiles and platforms.

The agency will support them throughout the campaign to manage it, take corrective actions, and check the results.

Their role is thus also to assess the degree of success of a campaign and to share it with their customers to enable the calculation of an ROI.

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