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Before applying for a nonimmigrant visa, all applicants, including children, must pay a non-refundable, non-transferable visa application fee, often known as the MRV charge. Whether or not a visa is obtained, the visa application fee must be paid. The price is determined on the type of visa for which you apply. This article includes the visa application fees for each nonimmigrant visa class. The majority of visa applicants in Nigeria will pay between $160, $190, or $265 at GT Bank, depending on their visa class.

Please keep in mind that only nonimmigrant visa application fees are included below. Other visa payments that must be paid directly to the National Visa Center, the US Embassy, or the US Consulate General or to the Department of Homeland Security, can be found here.

Although the fees are listed in US dollars, they must be paid in local currency. You can pay your charge at any GTBank branch or online if you have an account with GTBank.

The application fees are listed below and are for a single visa application. The most prevalent nonimmigrant visa classes have an application fee of $160. This comprises visas for tourists, business, students, and exchange students. The majority of petition-based visas, including employment and religious visas, cost $190. The charge for a K visa is $265, and the expense for an E visa is $205.

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Please keep in mind that all visa payments for K applicants must be paid at GT Bank. The tables below provide a more complete breakdown of visa kinds and fees. Following the tables is a short list of nonimmigrant visas for which no application cost is required.

Fee Amount (USD)Fee Amount (NGN)Visa TypeDescription
$16072000.00DShip/Airline Crew
$16072000.00FStudent (academic)
$16072000.00IJournalist and Media
$16072000.00JExchange Visitors
$16072000.00MStudent (vocational)
$16072000.00TVictim of Human Trafficking
$16072000.00TN/TDNAFTA Professionals
$16072000.00UVictim of Criminal Activity
$19085500.00HTemporary/Seasonal Workers and Employment, Trainees
$19085500.00LIntracompany Transferees
$19085500.00OPersons with Extraordinary Ability
$19085500.00PAthletes. Artists & Entertainers
$19085500.00QInternational Cultural Exchange
$19085500.00RReligious Worker
$265119250.00KFiancé(e) or Spouse of U.S. Citizen
$20592250.00ETreaty Trader/Investor, Australian Professional Specialty
Visa TypeDescriptionFee Amount (USD)Fee Amount (NGN)
DShip/Airline Crew$16072000.00
ETreaty Trader/Investor, Australian Professional Specialty$20592250.00
FStudent (academic)$16072000.00
HTemporary/Seasonal Workers and Employment, Trainees$19085500.00
IJournalist and Media$16072000.00
JExchange Visitor$16072000.00
KFiancé(e) or Spouse of U.S. Citizen$265119250.00
LIntracompany Transferees$19085500.00
MStudent (vocational)$16072000.00
OPersons with Extraordinary Ability$19085500.00
PAthletes. Artists & Entertainers$19085500.00
QInternational Cultural Exchange$19085500.00
RReligious Worker$19085500.00
TVictim of Human Trafficking$16072000.00
TN/TDNAFTA Professionals$16072000.00
UVictim of Criminal Activity$16072000.00

Visa Types and Conditions with No Fee Required

  • Applicants for A, G, C-2, C-3, NATO, and diplomatic visas (as defined in 22 CFR 41.26)
  • Applicants holding J visas and who are participating in certain official U.S. Government-sponsored educational and cultural exchanges
  • Replacement of a machine-readable visa when the original visa was not properly affixed or the visa needs to be reissued through no fault of the applicant
  • Applicants exempted by international agreement, including members and staff of an observer mission to United Nations Headquarters recognized by the UN General Assembly, and their immediate families
  • Applicants traveling to provide certain charitable services
  • U.S. Government employees traveling on official business
  • A parent, sibling, spouse or child of a U.S. Government employee killed in the line of duty who is traveling to attend the employee’s funeral and/or burial; or a parent, sibling, spouse, son or daughter of a U.S. Government employee critically injured in the line of duty for visitation during emergency treatment and convalescence

Other Fee

  • SEVIS Fees
    The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is an Internet-based system that tracks F, M and J visa participants (and their family members) from the time they receive their initial documentation (either an I-20 or a DS-2019) until they graduate/leave school or conclude/leave program. F, M and J visa principal applicants: Check with your U.S. school to make sure your information has been entered into SEVIS. You will need to pay a separate SEVIS fee in addition to the visa application fee. For nonimmigrant students with Form I-20, the SEVIS fee is US$200. For most exchange visitors with Form DS-2019, the SEVIS fee is US$180. 
  • SEVIS Fee Exception
    Applicants participating in a U.S. Government sponsored program (programs whose codes begin with G-1, G-2, G-3, G-7) are not required to pay the SEVIS fee.
  • Blanket L Fee (Fraud Prevention and Detection Fee) First-time principal applicants who are covered under a blanket petition for L status must pay a Fraud Prevention and Detection fee of US $500. This fee should be paid to the cashier at the Consular Section on the day of the interview. If a subsequent L-1 visa application is based on a new Form I-129S, the Fraud Prevention and Detection fee must be collected again.


Your visa application fee is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another individual. After paying the application cost, you will be sent a receipt. This receipt is valid for one year from the date of purchase and allows you to schedule an interview at the US Embassy/Consulate General in your home country.

You must plan your interview while the receipt is still valid, which means you must schedule your interview within one year of paying your money. If you do not book an interview within a year of paying, your receipt will expire, you will be unable to schedule an interview, and you will have to pay the price again and start the procedure all over again.

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