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The first question that eventually pops into our minds is


And trust me when I say this, you aren’t the only one wondering whether you have done your bit to keep yourself shielded, keep your things EXCLUSIVE, which in today’s world always seems less. Hackers are all over the place, one minor slip, and boom! Your privacy isn’t yours anymore. It could have just been released out to the world. After all, there are thousands of branches to the evil other than striking at the root. You would be miserable if such a threat is thrown at you, and you know why? All because you don’t know how to defend. No worries, you have clicked on the right website if you were looking to defend yourself from such ultimatums. But first, we may have a look at why we got to protect ourselves. Aren’t we already protected?

Why do we have to protect ourselves?

The straightforward answer to this query would have been known to most of you. Still, for some of you who do not, anyone having a computer and a network can be hacked, not only your cameras, every information stored in your device can be compromised by just a click from the other end. And when I say every piece of information, I mean EVERY single bit of information. And hacking your cameras could make things much worse. Use this link to know about IP login username and password guide. Quaking in your boots, right? Some strangers can see every bit of things you do in a day. You all would be thinking like damn! Our privacy is really at peril.

So let’s hop on to the chief reason we have written this article in the first place.

How to protect ourselves from such a threat?

I would start from scratch.


    First and the very fundamental and common way to protect your privacy is regularly updating your browser. You might have installed the best router at the time of installing it, but what about now? It wouldn’t be standing at par with the new software the hackers use now and then to just swoop inside your system, and trust me, you won’t be having the faintest idea, or as I say, you would be standing there turning your blind eye on. You need to keep a check on any updates regularly. It will be a wiser option if you turn on the automatic update option. By doing so, you would be a step closer to keeping yourself secure.


 Secondly, when putting a password on your network, make sure it’s a strong and robust password, and you must also keep your passwords getting changed constantly. Don’t just put your password like ‘name12345’. This would be a treat on the platter for the hacker and could be decoded within seconds. Install password generator and put a password including capitals characters, numbers, different characters. All you have to do is ‘NOT BEING OBVIOUS.’


Make sure your browser’s security is WPA 3 (Wi-Fi protected access 3). This is the latest and the hardest to penetrate security you can put on your network. WPA 2 is also pretty safe, but what’s the harm being a little more on a safer side than most of the people out there. It won’t grant access to any foreign devices without the necessary passwords. This one has to be done as soon as possible, and no outdated protocols must be left untouched.


A built-in firewall can be one of the best security measures in your routers. Almost every router has its built-in firewall. But don’t try to change its settings. It would make things worse for you because, as I term, they are a lot tricky. So, we would advise you to call your internet provider to substitute a few settings which can actually build a wall between your privacy and the hackers. Although the default firewall settings could be enough, this makes your system a little more protected than it already was.

· Quad9 DNS settings

At some of the big institutions like IBM and The Global Cyber Alliance, cybersecurity advocates maintain a Quad9 Domain Name System service. Set this as your DNS service. Once you do so and try to open a website link, Quad9 from its IBM Databases will analyze billions of websites and make sure you surf safely.


In the end, it all comes down to your welfare while surfing the internet, and we will do everything in our authority to make it certain that your experience doesn’t give you second thoughts about your privacy. These were some of the measures you could take in order to protect yourself from hackers getting into your cameras and watch everything you watch, experience everything you experience, and worst of all. Your identity would be their identity altogether.

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