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Hybrid work model is gaining wide acceptance among enterprises. Hybrid work model combines the options of both working from on-site and off-site locations. An effective work model is all about how the workforce collaborate and communicate with each other efficiently. New class of apps are available to empower communication and collaboration with real-time meetings, ad-hoc messaging, document collaboration, and business process automation. Your business can leverage collaborative apps provided by Microsoft to deliver unified experience for calling, meetings, messaging, events and more.

Collaborative app experience with Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365

Organizations using Dynamics 365 can efficiently create the best experiences without affecting your workflow in Microsoft Teams. Work can get done quickly with Dynamics 365 and Teams. The combination enables everyone in the organization to view and collaborate on Dynamics 365 data from within Teams. This collaborative app experience accelerates productivity, improves engagement, integrates experiences across channels and helps to collaborate seamlessly.

Organizations are allowed to bring in their rich and vertical functionalities into Microsoft Teams to make collaboration and communication easier and productive. This integration and accessibility can be achieved without the need to pay. Organizations utilizing collaborative apps in Teams are increasing. Here we introduce some collaborative apps that are designed to enhance collaborative experience in Microsoft Teams.

Confluence Cloud: Confluence Cloud in Teams has been designed for effective meetings where users can take notes inside a Teams meeting with Confluence notes panel. Confluence makes the notes easy to understand, more creative and allows users to format notes. These notes are then shared automatically in a Teams channel.

ServiceNow apps for Teams: This app has been designed to enhance employee collaboration and productivity. It optimizes workflows across departments including IT, HR and other departments. AI-powered virtual agent allows employees to execute routine tasks directly in Teams. Employees can get information to frequently asked questions and resolve issues without the help from help-desk employee or a customer service agent. Virtual agent can resolve common HR and IT tasks and perform mundane tasks such as automating password reset, scheduling time off, ordering new devices and all – through chat in Teams. If the virtual agent fails to resolve issues, the issue will pass to the human agent.

Employees in various locations can easily make requests and get the issues resolved directly in Teams. This improves help-desk employee productivity and satisfaction.

Monday.com in Microsoft Teams: Monday.com is a versatile app that empowers remote work. The app enables teams to organize and streamline all projects and processes. It incorporates charts, views and automation into the workflow. This app efficiently brings your teams in a collaborative workspace and evaluates team performance. You can create new boards, work on existing boards and search for important boards from within Microsoft Teams conversations and share with your team to streamline business processes. monday.com is visually attractive so your teams can collaborate more efficiently and clearly in quick time. The apps can be effortlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams.

Salesforce for Microsoft Teams: Salesforce is used by organizations to manage customer relationships. The organizations that use Microsoft Teams can bring their data and discussions into the Teams workspace for better collaboration and decision making. Team members can discuss topics relevant to their sales pipeline and cases. With the Salesforce for Teams app, you can attach Salesforce data to Teams channels, chat, and meetings to have easy access to them.  This facilitates collaboration among sales teams in a single workspace.

Workday in Teams: With Workday for Microsoft Teams, your HR team can complete routine HR tasks and collaborate easily and frictionless. Your team can complete their tasks through a user-friendly interface. With this app, employees can book time off, take pictures of the receipt of any expenses, give feedback to employees, and collect interview feedback of a job candidate and more .

If your organization is in UAE, Qatar, Oman, KSA or in any MENA region and want to take advantage of any of these applications to enhance remote work productivity, collaboration, and communication, you can consider the expertise of a reliable Microsoft Dynamics partner in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan, and India.

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