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Course Hero is a US-based education technology website, which is located in Redwood city, California. This firm controls learning platforms online and helps students access study plans, tools, and guides for a number of specific subjects. This is one of the most reliable online educational websites; still, a lot of students are looking for Course Hero alternatives.

This is because of the expensive offers of the Course Hero per month without providing a free trial. Therefore, students find it pretty hard to pay this amount from their pocket money. Course Hero itself is the most trustworthy online educational website that offers online course help through recorded lectures and interactive learning. But, due to pricey features. Most students avoid taking its services.

However, to help you out finding the best Course Hero alternative, I have a list of seven recognizing websites that help students to improve grades.

List of the Best Course Hero Alternatives for Better Grades

The online educational websites mentioned in the article have been extracted by deep research, experiencing their services, and users’ reviews. Therefore, it is guaranteed that you will get high-quality assistance for multiple subjects.

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Now, let’s explore these websites.

1.    Quizlet

Quizlet is the most prominent online educational website after Course Hero that encompasses efficient academic tools and sources for students. This website is also available in application form, which can be installed in iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Quizlet assists students from all across the globe with different subject areas.

In addition, you will be able to access detailed video lectures and content to solve complex questions. Quizlet enables students to learn through AI learning and provides them with several features, so you instantly get solutions to the required course.

Besides, you will get effective flashcards that will help you resolve all kinds of queries and problems. There are lots of other educational websites that help you get higher grades, but Quizlet does that organically by providing an effective learning plan.

Furthermore, Quizlet is one of the renowned sites that only contains relevant video lectures, images, and content, which you can rely on. According to various Quizlet users, you can use its sources and tools with closed eyes and stand out in your academics. Quizlet provides help through highly professional tutors and specialists at tremendously adorable rates.

The price plan of Quizlet is mentioned below:

Quizlet PlansPricingFeatures
Quizlet Go$1-/monthAd-free learningComplete offline access
Quizlet Plus$1.99-/monthAll Go plan featuresScanningAudio and visual customizationText formattingConstructing diagrams

2.    Chegg

Here comes another Course Hero alternative website; Chegg, one of the renowned educational helpful websites on the internet. This site has gained a reputation by delivering high-quality content and material to students. It helps you from the first day of the course till the final examinations and build your grades during the whole semester.

Chegg takes the entire responsibility of your courses and strives to get you the best results. Once you visit the site, you would find assistance in every sort of academic problem and by professionals of PhD level. These specialists bring the most appropriate and reliable strategies through their knowledge on several aspects.

This reliable website promises you to get higher grades than usual by providing you some incredible techniques. One unique thing about this site is that it provides you course relevant books on rent with 90% discounted rates.

Additionally, Chegg supports students with their homework, assignments, and all online class tasks in an engaging manner. If you are unable to comprehend complicated topics or concepts, Chegg would help you understand them in effortless ways. The process of this educational website is simple; it breaks down your lessons into subcategories and gives you the real essence of learning. This online website also offers some amazing features at economical price planning.

Chegg PlansPricingFeatures
CheggFree trial per monthBrowse textbooksBook rentals30-minute lecture
Chegg Basic$14.95-/monthReturn purchased books within 21 days90% discount on book rentalsPost 20 questions to get answers
Chegg Study$19.95-/monthAll Basic plan featuresPlagiarism checkingVideo lecturesPractice tests

3.    SkillShare

The last, but not the least platform on the list is SkillShare, which aims to improve students’ creative skills. This online learning platform is suitable for marketing and business classes as well as creative fields. SkillShare delivers lectures through high-quality experts who are currently involved in their respective fields including interior designing, film, visual arts, photography, animation, and so on. It provides a variety of lessons in different forms, such as videos, texts, and audios to improve students’ understanding and skills.

You can subscribe to SkillShare online course model anytime and sign up to access its courses. An incredible quality about this online site is that it also delivers free online classes in the form of short videos, via which you can also take advantage.

SkillShare PlansPricingFeatures
SkillShare Premium$13.99-/month$167.88-/yearUnlimited access to 30,000+ SkillShare coursesAccess to students’ community for engaged learning Allows you to view lectures offlineOffers discounts on other platforms; Adobe Creative Cloud and SquareSpace etc.
Free TrialFree-/monthAll premium plan features are free for one month.

4.    PhotoMath

Amongst so many subjects, students’ most hated subject is Math. Well, PhotoMath is one of the helping websites for online learning systems, which is explicitly designed for Math subjects. With the PhotoMath academic website, you will get multiple options to resolve your math problems, varying from simple to complex.

Over and above, this educational tool comprises a lot of features that help you prepare for math class. PhotoMath helps you with arithmetic, algorithms, geometry, algebra, and other contemporary math problems. The aim of this website is to provide solutions to those students who find themselves weak in understanding and solving math.

PhotoMath is a highly efficient Course Hero alternative site that offers all similar tools, techniques, and formulas to guide you learning math step by step. Not only this, this online platform delivers best math services that make sure to get you quick and game-changing solutions in your math learning.

So, feel confident with trustworthy math coaching of math and receive unique answers and solutions to your problems. A conspicuous thing about PhotoMath is that it uses animation to solve your questions, which keeps you engaging through fascinating visualization.

So, get stepwise math solutions through PhotoMath at affordable rates.

PhotoMath Basic$02.99-/monthStepwise detailed solutionsReliable approach to the problem
PhotoMath Plus$19.99-/monthAll PhotoMath basic plan featuresMath solutions in the form of animated videosDedicated app for students and parentsAccess to PhotoMath tools
PhotoMath Plus$59.99-/yearAll above features for one year.

5.    Shmoop

Shmoop is another top-of-the-line website that helps students to get higher grades. This online educational platform is designed for all kinds of students who want direct or indirect help regarding their education. The students of schools, colleges, universities, and other educational organizations can get their services.

Other than this, all lessons available on Shmoop are fun based and highly effective for students that interact with you and apply some amazing learning strategies to keep you academically ahead. Moreover, this website delivers the most competent content to improve your learning speed and performance. In order to get you proficient learning systems, Shmoop offers some incredible features and tools that provide a variety of knowledge regarding individual course content.

Essentially, the purpose of this online website is to facilitate students and it is constantly improving its services to provide better experience to the students. Also, numerous educational institutes have collaborated with Shmoop in order to access its various tools for their students.

Shmoop is an award-winning online educational website that has been continuously providing high-quality content and features to students, and offers more than 400 personalized content for multiple subjects. This is one of the reasons, Shmoop is the most trusted website amongst students and instructors.

Shmoop is also considered as one of the leading helping websites for online learning because of its emphasis and dedication towards students’ learning. Therefore, it offers short lectures that are the breakdown on long videos, academic features and tools, and course guide. However, the pricing plan of Shmoop depends on the package you choose, which are mentioned below.

Student Plan$14.00-/monthUnlimited access to all study guides, tools, and coursesMore than 10,000 educational videosOver than 1000 study plans
Teacher Plan$14.00-/monthUnlimited access to course content, tools, and guides, and reading programs400+ courses and teaching plansVirtual classroomsCustomized learning support
Homeschool Plan$300-/yearAbove 400 courses and teaching guides1000+ study guides,virtual classrooms, & gradebooks10,000 online learning videos
Campus PlanCustomized (yearly)Unlimited personalized access to teachers and students

6.    MasterClass

MasterClass offers lots of online creative courses such as writers, actors, musicians, artists, etc. This online platform not only delivers a unique style of classes, but most of their courses encompass around 20 lessons in order to get you an in-depth understanding of the topic of your choice.

Thus, if you want to learn such an artistic profession virtually, there could be no better option than MasterClass. This online platform delivers lectures based on videos along with some practical pieces of advice and illustration. Through this forum, you could be able to participate in class discussions, direct lectures, and workbooks.

However, this is not a free platform. The members need to purchase monthly subscriptions and utilize as many sessions as possible per month. Once you are subscribed and signed up, you would have unlimited access for a specific period.

Individual Plan$15-/monthUnlimited access to online courses, worksheets, and discussionsProvides extra workbooksAllows watching lectures on one screen only
Duo Plan$20-/monthUnlimited access to all online sourcesOffline access to lectures and videosLectures can be watched on 2 screens at a time
Family Plan$23-/monthAll above featuresYou can watch lectures on six different devices

7.    Udemy

Udemy is one of the renowned online courses platforms in the learning industry that provides its services to more than 40 million students as well as thousands of teachers. This online platform helps students with multiple subjects.

However, Udemy is composed of highly skilled instructors who handle students’ projects and hold a chain of skills. They offer academic assistance in any form, such as text, video content, image, presentations, assignments, PDF documents, home works, and everything you want.

If an instructor wants to teach online through a reliable source, Udemy is one of the best. You can get registered to teach a particular subject. Yet, the competition amongst teachers is pretty high.

Personal  Subscription$30-/monthAccess to over 6000 coursesFree trial for seven daysAccess to academic toolsProvide certified lecturesHigh-quality study plan
Business Subscription$360-/yearIncredible tools to improve users’ skillsDownloadable lectures and resourcesCourse previewLifetime access to paid coursesSelf-paced learning

Wrapping Up

So, here are six best educational helpful websites that are considered as Course Hero alternatives. Each of the above sites is perfect for students, instructors, and the entire educational organization. Yet, these websites share some state-of-the-art approaches and strategies to students for improving their grades. Not only this, but these sites give you access to numerous tools that are helpful in your learning.

In addition to this, the price plans of each of the above options are super economical and offer varied prices to get their services. you can always check out their price plans and pick the most suitable one. So, whether you have been assigned with a complex math, chemistry, or English assignment, an upcoming exam, hire the most reliable online academic website to remain stand out in the class.

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