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The prices of CMC Markets’ products are based on the underlying assets. When you invest directly in such investments, you have to pay for the cost of keeping them for a certain amount of time. For example, if you buy crude oil futures, someone has to store the oil until the date of delivery. The cost of holding an asset is called its “carrying cost.” The carrying cost only applies to commodities, currencies, and foreign exchange trades. Look at the CMC Markets review for all the information.

The holding rate used to figure out the costs of holding FX comes from the difference between the interest rates of the two currencies plus a 1% charge from CMC Markets. Find out more about the costs of holding.

What Costs Do I Need To Know About If I Want To Trade With CMC Markets?

Holding costs

 for the overnight period

When the market closes for the day at 5 p.m. (New York time), cash positions in your account may be charged a “holding cost.” Depending on the direction of your position, the holding cost can be positive or negative. Historical holding rates are shown on our platform in the overview section of each product as an annual percentage rate. This yearly percentage is added to the trade’s notional value when it was opened and then divided by 365 to get the cost for one night. Please find out how we figure out the costs of holding CFDs at the CMC markets review.

Fees For Commissions:

When you buy or sell crypto CFD shares on any platform, a commission will be taken out of your account each time an order is filled. You should see the commission rates first before trading CFDs.

Market Data Feeds:

To see share prices on a platform, you will need to turn on the market data feed for the region where the products you want to see are traded.

You may have to pay a monthly subscription fee depending on your market data classification and your account type. On the platform, the “market data” part of the “user preferences” page is where you may locate the information regarding the fees charged.

How Much Does It Cost To Borrow?

You must pay a fee when trading with CMC Markets and using any financing options. The value of the unfunded part of a trade is the transaction “borrowing cost”. We use interbank lending rates to figure out the rate that applies to the Borrowing Cost. The borrowing cost only applies to indices, shares, and commodities trades. Please look at the CMC markets review for all the information.

How Do You Determine Your Market Data Classification As A “Private Investor” Or A “Non-Private Investor”?

That will be determined by the information you provided in your application. If you fit one or more of the following descriptions, you are classified as a “non-private investor” for market data.

  • You are not a normal human being (meaning that you are not an individual)
  • Market data and related information you obtain and use for business purposes, such as running a company or managing other people’s money, rather than just for your investment activities as a principal, officer, partner, employee, or company agent.

If you wish to transact business with us, you must either be a financial institution or a member of a securities agency, regulatory body, or self-regulatory body.

Regarding your agreement and trading activity with CMC Markets, you are a financial services provider and financial advisor.

You run a business that involves getting market data or similar information, putting it together or putting it together with other data, and giving it to third parties.

If you fit any of these descriptions and want to subscribe to market data price feeds for share CFDs, you may be charged the “non-private investor” rate instead of the “private investor” rate. The platform’s “market data” sub-section of the “user preferences” menu contains pricing details.

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