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You must be familiar with online shopping as everyone is buying and selling online these days. E-commerce websites are booming with their business. A lot of demand is in the market for certain products. You must have an eye on the newest smartphone which is yet to be released. How can you purchase that product? Some products are available for pre-order for the customer so that they can book the product and they will be the first to get the product for reviews. Why should your E-Commerce website provide a pre-order feature to your customers? Simply, you can attract more customers and you can earn a profitable amount. Pre-order is for a limited number of customers so that customers can buy the product before it’s available in the market. Here we will talk about the Woocommerce plugins for pre-order and how it can be beneficial for your company. Best Woocommerce expert developer uses some plugins for the pre-order facility which can be used to pre-order certain products that are not yet released in the market. Pre-order has some good advantages for the business. 

You can understand the market better and the hype for the product. Let’s say if a mobile company announced that they are going to release a new device but the product is not yet available in the market. If they let the customer pre-order they can understand the market and the demand of that product in the market. 

You can even promote your product to a large number of customers by attracting a small number of customers who can pre-order the product. People will get hyped about your new product as everyone is willing to buy or try a new product every day. You can use the pre-order technique as your business marketing. 

Pre-order makes your product assure. The customers who have pre-order your product are going to buy your product no matter what, you get a guaranteed sale of your product. Pre-ordering a product makes sure that your product is going to deliver to your customer before it’s available in the market and if the product has some issues you can make changes to it before releasing it into the market. 

But the real question is how you can add the pre-order feature in your Woocommerce? Well, there are lots of plugins that can be used to add the pre-order feature on your website. Let’s look into some of the plugins which you can use to provide your customers with the pre-order feature.

WooCommerce Pre-Orders

Using this plugin, you can add a pre-order feature on your Woocommerce site. This lets the customer book a certain product before it is released on market. This plugin also offers flexibility to make your process automatic or manual. You can choose from what payment method you want your customer to pay for the product. The customer can choose the payment at the time of delivery of the product or they can pay at the time of ordering the product. But for that, your Woocommerce site should have a payment gateway that will allow your customers to choose from any payment method. You can purchase this plugin for your Woocommerce site and can accept the license. There are lots of other features of this plugin. 

You can customize your pre-order page and it will look completely different than the normal site. It also provides flexibility to manage your pre-order store. You can send email to your customers and can cancel or delay the order whenever you want. It also provides a flexible payment option. How you want to get paid from your customer but for that, you need to add a payment gateway to your Woocommerce website.

YITH Pre-Order Plugin

Another plugin that is used to add a pre-order feature on your Woocommerce site. You can use this plugin for your new or existing customers. You can even use this plugin for an existing product or which is out of stock. Customers can pre-order those products as soon as they are available again it will be delivered to the customers in this way you won’t lose any customers. This plugin also provides a discount to all the customers who have pre-ordered any product. You can notify your customers about discounts for the product via email. You can simply manage all your out of stock products using this plugin. It also keeps the pre-order product separate from the normal product and will send a notification when the product is available. You can subscribe to this plugin for all the advanced features but there is also a free version of this plugin with limited features.

WordPress Woocommerce Pre-Order Plugin

This is another plugin that is used for pre-order of the products that are in high demand or are out of stock. Using this plugin, you can collect a partial amount from the customers at the time of pre-order or you can take the full payment. Customers can either pay partial or full payment for the product at the time of order. The best thing about this plugin is customers can even pre-order the out-of-stock products so as soon as the product is available they will get the product. Using the WordPress Woocommerce pre-order plugin user get the notification of their product when they make the order and when the product is available. You can get the license of this product to add the pre-order feature on your Woocommerce site.

 Preorders for WooCommerce

Using this plugin, you can create hype in the market by making your order set in pre-order. This plugin also lets the customer pre-order the out of the stock product so that whenever the product is available again they will receive the product. You can set the payment option as per your choice. Do you want to get paid upfront or after the product is delivered to your customer? It is a user-friendly plugin where you can manage all your pre-order products in your store. You can add a discount for the pre-order products and can send a notification to your customer when the product is placed for pre-order and when the product is available. It is an easy plugin tool that you can buy for your WooCommerce site.

WooCommerce Pre-Order Sales, Time Counter & Bulk Discount

Another plugin you can use to manage your pre-order products. It offers lots of customization options to improve your sales and conversion rate. You can set any product for pre-order and you can get paid for the product when the order is placed or when the customer received the product. You can set a special discount on your pre-orders. You can set a custom price and adjust your pre-order product price. You can send emails to your customer and notify them when the product is available. Set a special discount for every product. You can also check the status of the product when it’s going to be available. There are lots of other features available in this plugin you can get the license of this plugin to add all the pre-order features on your WooCommerce site.

If you want to offer your customers with a pre-order use any of the plugins which will help to boost your sale on your site. You need to manage your pre-order products and know how you can use them to gain profit in the market. Keep a check on the out of the stock product and when they are going to be available. Keep updating your customers about the product when it is available. Let them know about the payment option. Notify your customer using emails at every stage. Keep the information clear, keep them updated about the product availability. 

Pre-order feature is very important and is useful for your business as the customers can enjoy any product before it is even available in the market and you can gain some profit by providing the product in pre-order. Customers can pre-order any product even when it’s not available in the market it is a great way for promoting a product and your business as more people will know about the product and it will create hype in the market and more people will buy the product. Woocommerce expert developer use plugins to provide their customers with the pre-order facility on their site. There are other plugins available which you can use to set any product for pre-order. Use any of the plugins mentioned above to set a pre-order for any product on your Woocommerce site. Users can experience a better buying facility and you can increase your business sale.

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