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 5 Things you didn’t know about Kevlar Jeans

No other outfit is so widely embraced, loved and worn worldwide like the jeans. The appeal of jeans seems to be eternal and come in an array of styles, cuts, and colors. They are used by men, women, and children of all ages across the world.

When it comes to motorcycle safety and fashion, the rule is to always wear all of your gear such as helmets, gloves, and boots. A revolution has made in moto fashion that is known as Kevlar. Kevlar jeans, jackets, and shirts are flooding the market, providing a solution for days when you don’t want to appear like a linebacker in a café racer.

Kevlar’s secret sauce is its mass production of a soft, wearable material that is five times stronger than steel, heat-resistant, and surprisingly light. You’ve probably heard of bulletproof Kevlar vests and Kevlar jeans. But what is Kevlar, how is it made, and why is it often used in motorcycle apparel?

What is Kevlar?

Kevlar was Invented in 1965 by DuPont. It is a brand name that has achieved market domination in the “aramid fibers” category.

This tough material has become the go-to fiber for products that need durability and strength such as fishing line, face mask, bullet proof armor and, of course, motorcycle gear. The material’s capacity to protect the wearer from heat, punctures, and abrasion is particularly impressive.

Leathers are still considered to be the king when it comes to abrasion resistance but still Kevlar jeans have become popular because of it numerous other benefits.


Kevlar jeans are best known as the knee protectors provide a very high level of protection. These high-quality jeans are cooler than leather and feels like a soft pair of PJs thanks to the addition of 2% elastane. These jeans have barely visible seams and there are none on the knees, so you can dress them up or down for work, dinner with friends or a night out. They’re also the best jeans for driving in the city, as they combine safety, comfort, and inconspicuous style options.


While looking great off the bike, Kevlar motorcycle jeans and motorcycle pants protect your body from unexpected situations while still protecting vital areas of your body

Single layer

 The most affordable option tends to be Kevlar weave jeans. Kevlar-infused denim is thinner and more stylish than ordinary denim, but because these pants are only lined with 10-20% Kevlar, they may not provide the same level of slide protection as pants lined with 100% Kevlar.


In terms of sliding, Kevlar jeans are the best, but without armor, they are not effective against impact. Those pants with fully-lined Kevlar and pocket armor inserts in the knees and hips are going to be the best.

Buy Strong Yet Stylish Women’s jeans

Yes Kevlar jeans also produces women’s top quality jeans and is also in one of the leading top quality jeans producers. Kevlar commenced EndoGear for one motive, and one motive only that is that we have been wiped out of trying to find out using pants that regarded top notch and nevertheless supplied a sufficient quantity of protection. However, after an awful lot tough paintings, we’ve discovered a manner wherein you may now no longer experience the want to good deal among ladies’s using equipment that appears top notch and denims that shield your frame even as you’re using your motorcycle at the road. Truth be told, we will exhibit it. With regards to great motorbike using pants, fashion without substance is a spoil already with inside the works. We treat your usual safety, however, we additionally did a few paintings to make sure that our great ladies Kevlar coated motorbike pants appearance astounding. “Our pinnacle charge first-rate ladie’s bike pants are perfectly sized without being excessively tight and agreeable without being excessively massive.” When you slip into a pair you will forget about you are sporting Kevlar® fabrics. Available in extraordinary sizes our series of Biker Jeans Women has adjustable armor wallet on the knee location and a mesh lining for air circulation.

Kevlar Jeans Vs. Leather Pants: Do Kevlar Jeans Really Protect You?

When it comes to motorcycle gear, we all want to stay safe, but we should also keep comfort and style in mind. It is not practical at times to wear full leathers, especially while commuting. Some riders must choose between safety and work attire.

Leather pants perform better than Kevlar Jeans. The abrasion resistance of leather is superior.

That’s why professional motorcycle racers wear it. But Kevlar Jean can always be a viable option for riders looking for style, comfort and protection.

Which ones should I buy then?

When shopping for your denims, remember what you’ll be the use of them for – will you be driving speedy returned roads, commuting or maybe touring? And what’s going to you do while you’re off the bike – will you be carrying them in an workplace all day, or will you be taking walks round in them for numerous miles? “If you’re going city using and sporting the jeans all day at the same time as off the bike, recall a lighter, probable part-covered pair, or a fully-covered pair that doesn’t make any sense” too heat while you’re now      driving. Whether you’re on or off the bike, examine the thickness of the lining – an AAA-rated pair of denims might (aleven though now no longer necessarily) be pretty bulky, so will be pretty warm to wear. Equally, a few part-coated denims have very thick safety regions that cause them to much less snug than different fully-coated pairs. “The weave of the aramid lining can actually have an impact on how heat they are – some manufacturers use a ‘loop-returned’ or flannel weave (like toweling), that”

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