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Have you ever visited a random website and come across a live chat service? You all must be nodding your head in approval. How can we be so sure? Well because almost all websites have this option now. You access a website and boom a live support agent starts asking you if you need any help. This might seem creepy sometimes but trust us, this feature is a lifesaver.

It seemed like a far-fetched thing some decades ago, when we would spend most of our time drooling over movies showing robots taking care of most things. However, things have drastically changed after the advent of the internet. This incredible technology has made things simpler and more convenient for you. Who would have thought, that conversing with robots would become so easy?

In today’s digitally advanced world, chatbots have taken over the responsibility of providing around-the-clock assistance. They’ll give you well-versed responses. Ask them anything and they’ll assist you in the best way possible.

In addition to this, these chatbots play a very significant part in constructing an unbreakable brand image and offer the most incredible customer support. As we have mentioned above, because of the amazing technological developments, chatbots have become extremely radical and modern. They now possess the ability to carry out a number of duties that essentially require them to interact with humans and resolve their problems instantly.

Looking at the countless features of chatbots, many companies have started making use of these incredible bots. Even telecommunication companies have incorporated these bots into their daily functions. If you are looking to get help from Suddenlink Español, for example, you will be able to get your queries resolved in no time thanks to its support chatbots that cater to both English and Spanish speakers.

Hence, it is clear that many companies are accepting the importance of chatbots and are utilizing them to add more value to their functions. Keeping all of this in mind, we have enlisted the top five most innovative chatbots on the web. So put on your reading glasses and keep reading.

  1. Visual Chatbot

The main purpose of this bot is to interpret different images. Using this Chatbot, you can effortlessly upload images. In addition to this, the visual part of this piece of technology will promptly send you a text, explaining its thoughts and views on that particular picture.

Experimenting with this Chatbot can enlighten you with a lot of its functions. Let us warn you though. Playing around with this technology can be extremely addictive. We are saying this because all the pictures are quite captivating and attractive.

  • Tourism Bots

We all love traveling, now don’t we? However, booking the most economical plane tickets and hotels can be a very exhausting job. And this makes the overall traveling experience quite stressful for us. Don’t fret just yet, because we have something exciting to tell you. Stressful days are now over as the tourism bot will take care of all these bookings for you.

In addition to this, it will plan the whole trip for you, keeping in mind your budget, and will help you prepare the itinerary as well. How cool is that? So the next time you think of traveling abroad, keep this amazing bot in mind.

  • Insomnobot

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? We understand insomnia is a very uneasy condition that not only disturbs your sleep cycle but also makes you depressed and anxious. Staring at the roof, with no one to talk to, can give rise to feelings of loneliness.

It is at this time that you would crave the attention of a friend. A true companion who could just listen to your fears and make you feel better. Insomnobot understands this condition of yours and is ready to lend you an ear whenever you feel alone at night. It is a conversational agent whose main purpose is to hear you out and talk to you in times of distress.

  • NBC Bot

Keeping up to date with the current affairs of the world can be a tough job especially when you are always busy working. Who has time to sit in front of the television and listen to long, tedious headlines right? NBC bot does this task for you.

It keeps its users updated at all times by helping them catch up with incredible agents through social media platforms like Facebook who enlighten them with breaking news topics and also shows them video content when necessary. So the next time you feel like you are falling behind on the news, just reach out to this bot and get all the updates.

Final words

Innovative chatbots can end up adding value to our lives. They not only make things easier and more convenient for us but also try their best to resolve our issues. So the next time you feel down, less educated, or overwhelmed, just keep in mind that you have a Chatbot friend who will solve all your problems.

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