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Being able to kiss goodbye to the drudgery of a full-time job – with its soul-crushing commute, demanding boss and coworkers you can’t choose – is a dream everyone imagines for themselves at least once in their lives. 

Many people treat early retirement as just that – a pipe dream – and nothing more.

However, as with many dreams, it can be made a reality thanks to a combination of hard work, intelligent planning, shrewd financial decisions and plain old luck. 

This is not to say it is easy to land an early retirement, because if it was, everyone would be doing it. It involves a lot of sacrifice, given that you would have to put a lot of your money aside throughout your career in order to save and invest it. 

Resultantly, you would have no choice but to watch as your colleagues buy themselves new cars, better houses and sharp clothes, while you dutifully watch your dollars and cents year after year.

If you are prepared to make these kinds of sacrifices, then read on to learn three secrets which can help you to land an early retirement:

  1. Invest Your Money Wisely

You need to learn how to handle your money properly. 

When all is said and done, it is stone cold cash that is going to give you an early retirement which both allows you to lead a rewarding life and gives you all-important security until your final days. 

Given that you are retiring early, this could be anything from ten to forty years before the traditional retirement age, so you need to make sure that you have enough money to last you.

This is where investing comes in.

While no one can or should tell you how to invest your money, it is a sensible idea to learn about how to make your money go the farthest possible, and even meaningfully increase your wealth over time. 

Investing gives you the security of safe money generation (or at least money which is kept safe from inflation), and the potential added bonus of passive income. 

2. Work Alongside a Retirement Wealth Advisor

One of the arguably most important steps you need to take if you want to land an early retirement is to hire the services of financial advisors who can help you to formulate an effective plan of action. 

No one wants to spend years of their life trying to achieve such a difficult goal, only to realize that they were going about it completely the wrong way all along, which is why talking to a professional is so important.

Not only will they help you on your overall retirement plan, but they will advise you on tricky details like estate management and tax implications, which can easily land you in hot water if you do not take the correct approach. 

3. Create a Passive Income Stream

Talking of passive income: if you want to enjoy a comfortable retirement then you should consider ways to generate income without needing a job.

While investing is a potential avenue for generating a passive income, you could also set up a business which can operate with minimal input (e-commerce sites work well for this purpose). 

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