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Brands looking to use influencer marketing can choose from a variety of services provided by the influencer marketing platforms of today. Although most of them began by helping with influencer search and discovery, influencer marketing involves more steps than that. Many additional tasks are required in order to run an influencer campaign successfully.

A lot of these include content, which is the foundation of social media, and influencer marketing that works. You will need to review the content your influencers utilize in your ads, even though they usually create it. For future use, you may even choose to store the greatest content they produce in a content library. You may organize your material by using several of the top influencer tools, which also function as venues for creating content.

To help with your influencer marketing efforts, every content creation platform listed in this piece offers content evaluation tools or some sort of content repository.

1. Grin

Grin describes itself as an all-in-one creator management platform helping eCommerce companies. It recognizes the importance of brands utilizing creators as brand storytellers.

It customizes its pricing to match the needs of your brand. With its eCommerce focus, it should be no surprise that Grin integrates easily with major eCommerce software like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. You can easily manage everyday tasks from inside Grin, including managing and shipping products to your influencers, creating sales tracking links to pay commissions, and creating exclusive discount codes. Grin pulls all the registered users from your eCommerce site and then finds potential influencers.

You can use Grin to manage your campaigns, working with influencers throughout the process straight through to the content going live, at which point it notifies you. You build a content gallery with every photo and video from your campaigns available for download, which you can then repurpose. In addition, the reporting function has a real-time counter of sales that occur as a result of your campaigns.

Companies in the health & fitness, apparel & accessories, beauty & personal care, and food & beverage industries who need automated content discovery, storage, and analytics solutions

2. Brandwatch Influencer Marketing Software

Brandwatch emerges as a pivotal tool for content creators and marketers, offering an arsenal of features designed to optimize content marketing. The platform facilitates seamless integration of content planning, enabling users to manage, preview, and schedule campaigns through a comprehensive content calendar. Collaboration is at the forefront, with shareable live reporting and workflows that ensure alignment across teams. Marketers benefit from real-time insights, tracking audience reactions and trends to create content that resonates, thereby bolstering the relevance and impact of their social strategies.

A quintessential feature of Brandwatch is its capacity to optimize workflows for consistency. The centralized content library is a reservoir of assets that can be easily repurposed, ensuring efficient utilization of resources. Every piece of content undergoes approval flows, ensuring that only authorized and on-brand content reaches the audience. Moreover, the platform extends the reach of content through its seamless integration with paid promotion, making the conversion of posts to ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn effortless.

The case study involving Samsung provides a testament to the transformative impact of Brandwatch. Prash Mistry, Social & Digital Insights Lead at Samsung, elucidated how the platform has been instrumental in measuring campaign performance, monitoring potential crises, and tracking trends across diverse audiences.

Brandwatch equipped Samsung with the capability to access billions of online conversations, offering real-time insights that are crucial for gauging campaign reception, performance, and competitive analysis. The speed and accessibility of these insights have proven pivotal for timely and informed decision-making, thus enhancing the brand’s agility and responsiveness to emerging trends and potential crises.

Ideal for Enterprises who need a comprehensive content marketing platform that includes content strategy, content planning, and content creation

3. Upfluence

Upfluence has a massive database of 3 million influencers, with every piece of their content analyzed for reach and engagement. It contains all the tools you need to streamline your campaigns, including campaign briefs, draft reviews, email templates, payment instructions, influencer status and actions, pricing offers, and influencer payment management.

You can write and save influencer campaign briefs detailing your objectives and expectations and let influencers respond to your offer directly within the platform. The agency’s inclusion of draft review is particularly useful for content creation and management. Your selected influencers can create content for your campaign, and you can use the tool to moderate and approve it. Content creators submit their drafts and open two-way communication between the influencers and your team.

Ideal for Brands who need to work with all kinds of influencers – from nano to top-notch influencers – and access a robust content creation and management platform

4. Creator.co

As its (current) name indicates, Creator.co focuses on the creator economy. The platform’s focus is as much on creating content as it is on distributing that content. Because its creators generally fall into the micro-influencer category, the quality of their content is more important to Creator.co and its users than it is to many other influencer marketplaces. Creator.co is a prime example of an influencer marketing platform doubling up as a content creation platform. And unlike many of these platforms, Creator.co is designed and priced to appeal to small and medium businesses.

You can select from two versions of Creator.co. One is self-service, where you use the platform as a tool to assist with your influencer collaboration. Alternatively, you could pick a plan that operates more like an agency, where you can leave Creator.co to do most of the work for you. In the latter case, you create and define your campaign and ideal influencer, and the system chooses from 100,000+ registered creators who shop and actively participate in campaigns. If you prefer to search for influencers yourself, you can filter and invite from a database of 500+ million social profiles featuring advanced insights on each creator.

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Creator.co offers “Deep Insights” reports for any influencer, with in-depth data highlighting an influencer’s suitability for your brand. Creator.co’s built-in Amplification feature is particularly useful for most brands. It moves an asset directly into Facebook Ads Manager.

5. LTK (formerly rewardStyle)

Priding itself as the best platform for “creator-guided shopping,” LTK’s (formerly rewardStyle) operations involve about 200,000 creators in over 100 nations. This network offers tools that creators can use to upload content and insightful product reviews that promote their small online stores and the products of 5,000-plus retailers and 1 million brands. 

Mobile and desktop tools are available through LTK Creator to publish searchable and shoppable images or videos on social platforms or through the LTK mobile app, which has a ready monthly audience of 300,000 consumers. LTK content—which focuses on fit, function, and value—becomes trackable on all platform types, from blogs to social media.

App users can follow LTK creators (including shoppers), like products, build collections, and share them with friends. At the same time, brands can notify the LTK community about their sales, promos, and price drops through the app.

Meanwhile, brands can tap LTK’s image library, which contains over 11 million pieces of original content from premium creators available for commissioning, licensing, and distribution across various marketing channels.

The platform’s strength lies in its end-to-end campaign execution via LTK Connect, which offers collaborations with high-engagement creators—10, 50, or an unlimited number, depending on your chosen subscription. Services include casting, audience demographics, audience insights, and payments.

6. Influencity

Influencity is a one-stop hub with all the features you need to deliver a strategic content marketing campaign—from influencer discovery to campaign creation, management, and analysis. Besides giving users access to over 170 million influencer profiles and the ability to manage and track relationships, the platform can help you manage your workflow by defining team roles, assigning tasks, and monitoring progress.

The project management tool keeps the team aware of the status of a campaign and forecasts how influencers would benefit your brand financially before you decide to start hiring them.

Influencity also allows you to create shareable, “visual-first” reports indicating your campaign’s performance and ROI. Tracking improvement over time helps you determine what part of your strategy would and wouldn’t work in future campaigns.

Picking an influencer that matches your brand’s target audience and campaign goals is crucial to creating appropriate content. Influencity provides deep insights into influencers, including their content style and niche topics, so you can pick talent with the most potential to make the highest impact. The platform thoroughly checks TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube for influencer metrics and verifies follower size. Influencity can also compare key performance indicators and portfolios to help you decide the best influencer for your business.

7. Klear

Using sophisticated algorithms and AI, Klear divides the 900 million influencers in its database into over 60,000 topic categories and offers deep analytics about their audience’s demographics and psychographics. Although Klear started by focusing on analytics and data (initially on Twitter), the agency expanded its offerings (and social platforms), moving towards an end-to-end experience.

Klear can help with your content creation by its social listening component. You can monitor specific accounts and hashtags and view any relevant content, helping you stay on top of trends. By doing this, the monitors you set teach the algorithms behind the scenes the kind of accounts and content you consider relevant to your brand. This, in turn, helps the AI to “understand” your brand. This helps Klear’s discovery tool prioritize the search results most relevant to your brand.

Klear offers in-depth information about each influencer it recommends. It gives an overall influence score for each influencer calculated relative to other similar accounts, and it also provides a score for each social channel. Most importantly, it calculates a “True Reach” for every social profile.

Klear Connect is an integrated messaging feature. It acts as a hub for all influencer communication and collaboration. You can use it to directly invite influencers to join a campaign, share campaign briefs, and direct messages with an in-app messaging tool. In addition, you can open a campaign and see where each influencer stands at a glance. 

The platform includes a Content Approval tool that lets you review and approve all influencer content before it goes live, ensuring all content aligns with campaign goals. Include feedback if content is not approved, and maintain positive communication throughout the collaboration process.

8. indaHash

IndaHash presents itself as a pioneering content creation platform, emphasizing influencer-generated content to elevate brand engagement and sales. It’s tailored for brands seeking to harness the power of influencer marketing to create content that resonates deeply with diverse online communities.

Your brand can leverage IndaHash for seamless collaboration with influencers, ensuring authentic and compelling storytelling. The platform’s standout feature is its ability to transform influencer-generated content into versatile assets across various channels, including social media, email campaigns, and even out-of-home advertising. With IndaHash, you gain full image rights, ensuring legal security and brand consistency.

IndaHash’s robust performance dashboards and analytics tools enable you to monitor and optimize content effectiveness, ensuring a high return on investment. The platform’s content approval process and campaign management tools further streamline your marketing efforts, making it easy to set objectives, track progress, and achieve impactful results.

9. Rapidely

Stepping into the world of content creation, Rapidely’s focus seems to be dual-fold – not just content creation, but also its effective planning. With a keen eye on the needs of brands, especially those hungry for a potent social media presence, Rapidely brings more than just a toolbox. At its core, Rapidely stands as a prime example of a content creation platform bolstered by AI, especially appealing to businesses seeking efficiency without compromise.

There’s a straightforward interface that Rapidely provides. Brands can dive in, strategize, and develop content that aligns seamlessly with their unique voice. Rather than just being another platform, Rapidely embraces GPT-4 technology, centralizing social media content planning and creation. It’s more than a mere aid – it’s a gateway for entrepreneurs and professionals to break free from the mundane and elevate their content strategy.

Delve deeper into its suite, and you’ll discover tools that allow easy management of multiple accounts, team collaboration, and more. A notable feature is the Monthly Calendar Generator. This isn’t just a tool – it’s your shortcut from planning to execution. With just a few clicks, users can see their content calendars flourish with customized posts.

Rapidely further flexes its capabilities with the Carousel Maker, a godsend for brands wanting to craft detailed carousels for social media, be it for educative or insightful content. And let’s not forget the platform’s proficiency in curating catchy captions – all aimed at making genuine connections.

But the platform isn’t content with just visuals. Audio plays a role too. Brands keen on staying relevant with Reels can tap into Rapidely’s extensive library of trending sounds, a feature ensuring they’re always in tune.

Creating a post with Rapidely is straightforward. Users direct the AI, specifying their needs, and the platform delivers, ensuring that the content is in sync with the brand’s ethos and objectives.

10. Open Influence

Open Influence has placed much emphasis on image recognition. Open Influence’s AI uses image recognition to label images with descriptors, all of which become searchable. It gives you surprisingly accurate and relevant results. This makes it easy to look for people whose style and audience fit your brand. You can then do a look-alike search to find other influencers just like that one. Interests are indexed for engaged users only—not audiences as a whole.

You will see more than just influencer names, profile pics, and stats when you scroll through search results. You’ll also see five of an influencer’s most relevant posts to your search. 

You can also see influencers’ content in a Mood Board. Once you have a combination of influencers in a list, Open Influence will show five relevant posts per influencer, arranged all together in rows on the screen. This shows you how their styles mesh with one another, as well as your own. In addition, it gives you a sense of the types of content they would create for you.


Brands now have an ally for growing their content production, because content will always be king. There is no justification for falling behind with the content development platforms mentioned above. You may locate the top content producers, provide them with incentives to create outstanding material and keep an eye on their work. You may successfully and economically expand your brand with the help of these tools.

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