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By doing early outreach operations for lead qualification and appointment arranging, lead generation companies establish sales chances. The top small business sales lead generation companies give a variety of services, including lead intelligence and data enrichment, and appointment setting depending on your sales objectives.

It might be difficult to select the best B2B lead generating company, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the market or the possibilities available. This article will assist you in determining your needs and preferences and suggest a provider who meets those needs.

Businesses wishing to obtain new leads might purchase the consumer and B2B data that lead generation companies collect. To ensure that the buyers receive pertinent contacts, they segment and categorize the data using a variety of techniques.

Through a combination of AI-enabled research and committed sales development representatives, B2B lead generating firms and software solutions obtain their leads from a variety of sources. The top businesses strive to provide qualified sales leads.

Large lead generation businesses that provide comprehensive services include:

  • Building B2B contact databases
  • Database management
  • CRM integration
  • Account-based management
  • Personalized marketing campaigns
  • Sales enablement software for your sales team
  • Scheduling appointments

Look for a company that can tailor its services to your needs or specializes in your niche. 

The State of Marketing report from Hubspot states that 61% of marketers view generating traffic and leads as their main difficulty. For you to find a good fit for your business, we have compiled the greatest lead generation firms. For a more thorough explanation, scroll below.

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A typical lead generation business is not Cognism. It is a high-end sales intelligence platform with a UK base of operations. Its database of B2B contacts is internationally compliant. In the EMEA, NAM, and APAC markets, you can conduct company and contact searches.

  • Access to B2B emails and human-verified mobile numbers (GDPR & CCPA compliant, US & European DNCs checked)
  • Unrestricted individual and page-level viewing and exporting (no credits)
  • Integrations with popular CRMs and sales tools to prospect into owned accounts
  • Cognism Chrome Extension that works over Outreach and Salesforce to enrich records without switching to another tool
  • Access to key account and lead information on company websites (e.g., company details, their technology stack, and key decision-makers)
  • Access to prospects’ connections to close multithread deals
  • Sales triggers, technographics, and Bombora’s intent data

2. Cience 

One of the top-rated and fastest-growing lead generation companies is Cience. It provides managed lead generation services. It’s excellent for new businesses and those without sales personnel. Through a unique platform, it enables you to communicate with customers and keep track of your leads.

  • Demographic, firmographic, and technographic data
  • Building and maintaining CRM
  • Multi-channel outbound campaign launches

3. Belkins

Belkins carries out lead generation services in various industries, including healthcare, construction, and e-learning. It offers lead research with over 10 prospecting tools and email nurturing campaigns. It works with SMBs and startups struggling to connect consistently with prospective clients. 

  • Deliverability team (sales development representatives and account managers)
  • B2B appointment setting
  • Copywriting services to enhance your campaigns

4. Callbox

This lead gen company for small businesses provides comprehensive lead management and automation platform to enterprises and scaling businesses. Callbox uses a global B2B database to build target lists. It also provides telemarketing scripts and email templates for direct outreach campaigns, e.g., webinar promotions.

  • An account-based multi-channel marketing approach 
  • Lead nurturing tools and smart calling to qualify leads
  • Partnered with HubSpot to facilitate handing off qualified leads

5. RocketReach

RocketReach is one of the top lead gen companies that helps IT businesses and startups in sales, recruiting, and marketing. It has a global database of emails and direct dials to enhance lead scoring. You can also use their extension to discover leads on sites like Google, AngelList, or Crunchbase.

  • Bulk lookups to fill in missing data points
  • API to integrate contacts directly into your app
  • Email analytics to fine-tune conversations and track performance

6. Minuttia

This is one of the top B2B lead generation marketing companies offering content marketing and SEO services. They can help B2Bs and Saas companies appear on top of search results to generate leads organically. 

  • Work with B2B and Saas companies
  • Ofer content Strategy, creation, and audits
  • Website UX design and search engine optimization

7. LeadGeneration

LeadGeneration (WebiMax) agency offers services of lead gen specialists who build B2B marketing campaigns for you on multiple channels. You get a dedicated project manager to help you identify your ideal customer profile and produce better-quality leads.

  • Integrations with HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, Salesforce, and more
  • Exclusive lead lists and lead replacement policy
  • Combination of inbound and outbound lead generation methods

8. Martal Group

This B2B lead generation company consists of 100+ sales executives and has four curated databases with 100 million contacts. They specialize in generating leads for B2B technology companies in the IT, SaaS, and telecom industries.

  • Weekly customized lists of pre-qualified leads and marketing campaigns
  • A dedicated management team that monitors intent data
  • Customer onboarding flow for new customers 

9. Smith.ai

This company provides 24/7 sales lead generation services for SMBs. Smith.ai combines the power of AI technology and North-America based receptionists to capture and convert prospective clients.

  • 24/7 handling of phone calls, live chats, Facebook messages, and SMS
  • Lead screening and intake form competition
  • Appointment setting

10. Cleverly

This is a LinkedIn lead generation agency. It is focused on social media advertising and LinkedIn marketing. Their services include website design, copywriting, and conversion rate optimization.

  • LinkedIn contact lists and cold outreach sequences
  • Recruitment services, e.g. candidate list building, A/B tested copywriting
  • Dashboard with key metrics and Zapier integration 

Choosing which tasks to outsource is a crucial duty of people in sales management. Your team will have more time to devote to the sales activities needed in the later phases of the funnel, such as giving sales presentations, creating proposals, and closing agreements, if you hire one of the top small business lead generating services. Many of these lead generation businesses also enhance their product offerings by providing services for CRM, social media selling, and data enrichment.

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