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Working with various patient types in their homes is a requirement of a career in home health care. You do clinical health care duties in this line of work, such as tending to wounds, performing physical examinations, managing and providing medication, and keeping track of general health.

Workers in the home health care industry are mostly physical therapists or registered nurses who give treatment following hospitalization to assist patients in regaining their independence or learning new skills. People of different ages and with a range of diseases can receive the care they require while still feeling at home thanks to this form of care.

You require the same certification, licensure, and education as a registered nurse to work in home health care. For state registration, you must pass the NCLEX-RN exam. Depending on your state’s requirements, you may be able to start your on-the-job training with just a high school diploma or GED, but eventually, you may need an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Some states might call for more education. In contrast to those with less training who find positions with private organizations that provide training through a nursing assistant position, many nurses who work in home health care are hired by agencies, which often require certification.

The average pay for home care aides can range from $10 per hour for new aides with a year or less of experience to as high as $14 per hour for more seasoned aides who have worked for ten years or more, according to data from Payscale.com, which looked at over 500 agencies and employees.

Although this is uncommon, certain hinge care organizations have paid as much as $14 per hour in exceptional circumstances.

The highest-paid home care agency include;

1. Home Watch Caregivers: It is one of the higher-paying HHA agencies. Home health aides make an average hourly wage of $17.67. The annual pay is around $23,103.

2. Maxim Healthcare Services: The hourly wage at Maxim Healthcare is $10.89. To reach the $21,910 annual pay, you may need to work an average of 6 to 8 hours every day.

3. Visiting Angels: The average pay rate for the Visiting Angels is $11.33. When you have patients all year and can work at least 4 hours each week, your yearly home health aid income can exceed $31,502.

4. Synergy Homecare: Synergy Homecare is one of the highest-paying HHA agencies, with a weekly fee of $11.03 per hour. The average yearly income for a home health aide is $18,542 per year, and you must work at least 32 hours per week to earn it.

5. Senior Helpers: Senior Helpers earn an average of $11.07 per hour. This might earn you around $21,157 per year if you work roughly 20 hours per week.

6. Right at Home: The hourly rate for Right at Home is $10.71. The annual pay for Right at Home is $20,749. In order to earn this annual payment, you must work an average of 37 hours per week.

7. Interim Healthcare: The hourly wage for a home health aide is $10.68. The average annual wage is $26,087 dollars. This is after putting in approximately 46 hours per week.

8. Bayada Home Health Care: The average hourly wage for a home health aide is $10.59. If you work an average of 43 hours each week, your annual compensation will be $23,992.

9. Help at Home: It stands out as one of the highest-paying HHA agencies, with an hourly rate of $10.46. You can expect to earn $19,887 per year as a Help at Home. However, you’ll need to work an average of 36 hours every week to get there.

10. Comfort Keepers: The hourly fee is set at $10.20. The yearly Comfort Keepers’s wage is $19,353 per year, making them one of the highest-paying HHA organizations. However, you must work an average of 36 hours every week to earn this amount.

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The greatest states to launch and earn the highest salaries as a home care firm are;

1. California:

Once considered one of the youngest states, the state’s senior population is expected to rise at a higher rate than the national average during the next decade, reaching 8.4 million people by 2040. In California, the average cost of in-home care is $4,600 per month ($55,000 per year).

In comparison, the average annual cost of a nursing home in the state is around $125,000, which can cost families millions of dollars over the course of a patient’s life.

2. Oklahoma:

The state of Oklahoma has roughly 800,000 seniors, accounting for 20 percent of the state’s overall population, and this number is expected to climb by 37 percent over the next decade. About 200,000 of them live alone, with the number rising as more individuals approach retirement age and continue to work.

Oklahomans pay an average of $4,200 per month for home care, which is less than the national average and totals $50,400 per year. A nursing home costs an average of $60,000 a year.

3. Texas:

More than 3.8 million persons over the age of 60 live in Texas, accounting for around 15% of the state’s population.

According to the most recent forecasts, this population will expand to 12 million in the next three decades, making this the state’s fastest-growing demographic.

In Texas, the cost of home care varies depending on where you live, but it averages $48,000 a year, whereas a semi-private room in a nursing home costs around $57,000.

4. Missouri:

Missouri presently has almost a million and a half seniors, a number that is expected to increase by half a million over the next five years. Its state average for home care costs is $4,200 per month, or $50,400 per year, or about $100 per month less than the national average.

A semi-private room at a nursing home will set you back $60,000, a figure that is expected to rise soon.

5. Kansas:

It is predicted that there are half a million seniors living in Kansas, with that figure expected to increase by 100,000 over the next decade.

In Kansas, a family may expect to pay an average of $48,000 per year for senior home care. While a semi-private room in a nursing home will set them back an average of $67,000 per year.

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