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Users don’t want to be bothered by obtrusive advertising that doesn’t include any brand contact. The majority of customers prefer reading articles to advertisements when learning more about a firm. Users prefer to learn about a product or service through a naturally occurring tale that is included within the information.

Native advertising adheres to the platform’s style, design, layout, and language. A lot of websites have found out how to seamlessly incorporate advertising messages into the content, context, and user experience.

With native marketing, companies and brands can present their branded content in an extremely subtle yet persuasive way, giving their audience and prospects useful and purposeful information while persuading them that they value their customers and their needs and would establish a relationship based on trust and loyalty rather than financial considerations.

Native advertising, when implemented successfully, may significantly increase brand reach and assist in driving conversions.

It is a format for advertisements that mimics the setting and language of the hosting website. They are referred to be “native” since they blend in and are difficult to identify as sponsored advertisements. The promotion of a good, service, or brand is the goal of a native advertisement. In order to accomplish that, it must mostly imitate the features of the host platform, gaining it the right to the promotional mention.

The different examples below will give you an idea of the types of content you should be creating for your native ads.

1. Pepsi and TikTok Trends

TikTok is the fastest-growing social platform globally; it covers 155 countries, with an average of one in three people using this app every day. It’s also home to many different niche communities, ranging from music, dance, beauty, sport, fitness, fashion, art, food, and comedy. The list is non-exhaustive. These niches present their content in short videos.

There are many brands advertising on TikTok, Pepsi has joined these brands are using TikTok to reach a young audience and build brand awareness. Pepsi is now advertising on TikTok because the audience is engaged and the ads are more interactive. I think Pepsi is doing a great job with TikTok advertising and sales.

Their videos are creative and engaging, and they’ve been able to capture lots of attention with their content. Plus, their product seems to be a good fit for the platform, which is helping them to achieve success. With the trend of short video and live streaming, TikTok’s traffic is unstoppable. With TikTok, you are primed and ripe for opportunity in this landscape.

2. MGM National Harbor – Washington DC

Maryland-based MGM National Harbor hotel created a lovely interactive native experience in conjunction with the Washington Post to celebrate the Cherry Blossom season. “Hanami” is the traditional Japanese custom of enjoying the beauty of blossoming flowers, and this native ad let Washington Post readers do just that.

With the help of Augmented Reality technology, readers could enjoy “Hanami at Home”, and watch a cherry blossom bloom virtually through all the phases of growth. Combined with loads of information about cherry blossom-themed events at MGM National Harbor, this native experience brings the unique beauty of the flower and the hotel brand to life.

3. American Eagle Outfitters and Spotify

Spotify has the most youthful user base of any other music streaming service, with 50% of users under the age of 34. 72% of Spotify listeners are millennials, which is the perfect spot for American Eagle Outfitters.

To prove their commitment to being razor sharp on millennials, they even have a live real-time stream ‘Hear what Millennials are listening to.

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It looks like American Eagle is good for more than just comfy jeans and sweaters. The company decided to leverage the millennials platform, at the moment it has over 80 unique playlists to its name, with something for every month and big events like holidays and back-to-school season.

4. Salesforce

One of the key benefits of native advertising is that it provides the space for brands to tell a deeper story that connects with the target audience, Salesforce.org, in conjunction with The Atlantic’s Re: Think, created an outstanding native video exploring the legacy of the first Boys & Girls Club to serve black children – the Wissahickon Boys & Girls Club in Philadelphia.

The 5:29-minute long video explores the history and the impact of the club, and showcases how Salesforce technology is helping the club to streamline its operations, freeing up more time for counselors to focus on the youth. If you want to see the power of native advertising that creates an emotional and compelling experience for the audience, this is a perfect example.

5. Croatian Lottery

This native campaign for Croatian Lottery was so good, it was a winner in the Native Advertising Awards 2022. The campaign took a fairly serious subject – gambling – and made it engaging, compelling, and relevant to the target audience. Around 13% of Croatian youth are believed to have suffered difficult consequences of gambling, and the campaign aims to show young people the risks and how to keep gambling both safe and fun. The campaign kicked off with a survey asking Croatians about their views on gambling.

Then, the results were featured on a purpose-built microsite, showcasing data and personal stories around the topic. The next challenge was how to keep visitors to the site engaged and interested in the content. The answer was gamification. The campaign featured a range of fun games to build awareness about gambling and the impact it can have while ensuring that time-on-page rates remained high. 

6. All Ears on You

The campaign illustrated how listeners are entranced within audio “bubbles”. Spotify is promoting the benefits of its super-engaged audience to potential advertisers in its first global B2B campaign, with creative that pictures users of the platform encased in their beautiful bubbles of audio.

The campaign, “All Ears on You,” depicts people going about their day in a busy city full of distractions (phones, traffic, etc.) Alongside them, Spotify users are immersed in their little worlds as they listen to their audio of choice.

A woman engrossed in her music dances across a pedestrian crossing and then floated past the windows of a busy office; a man stuck in traffic turns on a podcast and can zone out; another woman chills out to a meditation track in her pod. This advert aims to reinforce to advertisers that Spotify delivers a fully immersed audience, with higher engagement than other media platforms.

7. Samsung

This is an awesome example of native content at its most sophisticated. Featured on CNN in its “Better Tech for All” feature, Samsung is using native to promote the “A Sign of the Times” campaign about its new accessible TV screens and “Screens for All” corporate vision. Once the viewer lands on the native content page, they are served a long-form article about the story of David Cowan, a sign language specialist, his personal journey as struggles with his identity as a deaf person, and his work in ASL and the role tech can play.

But this is not your regular scrolling article. It’s filled with video, audio, and clickable links, showing how native content can be completely captivating and fully accessible, and the ideal medium for true storytelling.

8. Allbirds and The New York Times

A new campaign that highlights Allbirds’ shoes are made from sustainably sourced materials is promoted on the platform’s regular newsfeed with a sponsored tag. When users clicked on the article, they are taken to a unique page on The New York Times platform with beautiful graphics and supporting sound effects.

The article is about how valuable birds are to our environment and the ways climate change is putting them at risk. Allbirds as a company has a major focus on sustainability, and, has “birds” in its name. The content`s beautiful animated graphics and soundtrack of bird sounds create an awesome experience for viewers and this goes to promote the company that sponsored the advert and even the one that advertised the brand.

9. Michelin

To succeed at native advertising, you’ve got to be creative. But there’s a science behind it as well. That is evident in the Outbrain native campaign run by the leading tire brand, Michelin, which was mapped out with very clear goals in mind – generating website views longer than 30 seconds, and a maximum cost per visitor of 1.5 euro. This was part of a larger goal to drive interested readers to content about Michelin tire products relevant to them and to direct them to the nearest retailer.

The result? Outstanding! Outbrain leveraged its Conversion Bid Strategy tool to automate bids according to pre-defined goals, and the native ads outperformed comparable social media campaigns. This is a great reason to consider repurposing social media ads for native; why not give it a go?

10. Eni Energy and CNN

This native advert from CNN about Eni(The Green River Project GRP) shows how a brilliantly simple idea can help people lift themselves and future generations from poverty to prosperity. And depicts how a country facing an exploding population and an economy reliant on gas and oil could feed its people and thrive.

The advert tells a story of a remarkable story unfolding in southern Nigeria. The Niger Delta is known not just for its vast oil and gas reserves, but also for its criminal gangs and kidnappings And yet in this insecure, sometimes hostile territory, lives are being transformed. A project pioneered more than thirty years ago, is taking subsistence farmers and helping them to make a good living from their crops.

Giving them enough money to educate their children, buy their homes, expand their farms and employ workers from their communities. CNN tells in detail about the activities of Eni through The Green River Project advert.

11. KPMG and Forbes

Forbes’ BrandVoice is a platform for native advertising and sponsored content. KPMG has leveraged this great platform to take its native content on Forbes to the next level, with a campaign called “The Great Rewrite.”

 The Great Rewrite centers on various industries and how they are being “rewritten” in a post-innovation age. The campaign look and feel are grand and ultra-modern, yet easy to navigate.

This native advertisement connects KPMG with the future of innovation, while continually adding new “chapters” about various sectors. Each chapter is packed with content, including videos, featured articles, and content recommendations.

This is a great native advertising example, just like its title, which is rewriting the rules of native in an ongoing, ever-growing, content-rich user experience.

12. Love Central Coast

If you thought Carousel ads were only on social media, then you’d be wrong. In recent years, great strides have been made in the range of ad formats supported by native networks, and Carousel is one of them. Carousel ads are very effective for brands to tell a story, showcase different aspects of a brand or product, or promote several related products or topics. Users can scroll horizontally through the carousel, and become immersed in the story, making for a very powerful user experience.

We love this example by Australian tourism company Love Central Coast, who used the Outbrain Carousel ad experience to showcase the most scenic picnic spots on the New South Wales Central Coast. Watch the experience below, and see for yourself how the Carousel leads the user to the relevant content page via an interesting, visual and content-rich ad.

13. Wendy’s

Wendy’s is no stranger when it comes to making a splash in the social world. They are known for their stand-out performance on social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok is no different. Wendy’s was one of the first big brands to post on the app over a year ago and has since driven competitors to join the app.

At face value, their TikTok videos might seem incoherent, but it’s far from that—in fact, it’s strategic. Scrolling through you’ll see anything from a styrofoam head to reposted fan content, catering all to their meme culture audience.

The randomness and the unscripted formats their adverts adopt on Tik Tok drive their loyal followers to stick around and keep Wendy’s “on brand”.

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