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The affiliate marketing industry is supposedly worth around $12 billion — getting a piece of that cash for yourself is easier than you think, even though a lot of people have attempted to complicate the whole process. If you hope to earn a lot of income with affiliate marketing, it is important that you get the best affiliate marketing platform.

If you are the owner of a high-quality traffic source, you can refer to affiliate product landing pages and get paid for a click or sale. The affiliate marketing business has evolved so much in recent years that it led to the emergence of affiliate networks and technical solutions that simplify and automate affiliate marketing for everyone involved.

In affiliate marketing, it’s relatively easy to get started right away. For example, you can join one of the largest eCommerce affiliate programs and quickly become their partner. With the variety of affiliate products and peculiarities that come along, it makes sense to figure out the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing first. That is the goal of this article.

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • How Can You Choose The Best Affiliate Marketing Niche?
  • What Are The Best Affiliate Marketing Niches?
  • Which Platform is Best for Affiliate Marketing in 2025?
  • What is the Best Affiliate Platform?
  • What is the best affiliate platform in 2025?
  • Who is the King of Affiliate Marketing?
  • What is the Highest Paying Affiliate Program?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Think about affiliate marketing as an opportunity to share information about products you like and get paid for that. In a nutshell, you join a partner program of your choice, promote products to others, and receive a commission for each sale you make. Of course, to make affiliate marketing your main job, you need to find the most suitable affiliate programs for you and maximize your advertising efforts.

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The main concept behind affiliate programs is promoting other people’s products and earning a commission if someone buys.

There are some essential terms to understand when starting with affiliate marketing:

  • Affiliate link — The trackable link you get when you join an affiliate program which you can share across your website, blogs, or ads
  • Tracking — When someone clicks on your affiliate link, tracking software places a cookie on their browser and tracks their activity
  • Cookies — A file that holds information about users’ activity and can track affiliate referrals
  • Cookie period — If the user performs the desired action within it, the affiliate is awarded a commission (determined by the merchant)
  • Payouts — The commission can be paid out in many different ways, so select an option that suits your needs (determined by the merchant)

Affiliate programs are popular with businesses and brands because they are a cost-effective promotion strategy. with billions invested in the industry, affiliate marketing is growing at an incredible rate.

How Can You Choose The Best Affiliate Marketing Niche?

Many marketers wish they just had a tailored list with the most profitable affiliate marketing niches, and that’s it. Except, nothing is that simple. Essentially, the most efficient way to generate the best niche ideas is to analyze current global trends continually.

Additionally,  there is no single ideal niche in the long run. Take, for instance, the situation with the coronavirus pandemic that has swept the whole world. Many people lived under lockdown, and this influenced their main consumer preferences. The demand for online education and online dating has instantly risen.

Naturally, the amount of doorstep product deliveries has increased, as an interest in healthcare products. However, some market niches, like travel, drastically lost their demand due to the pandemic.

As you can see, nothing is permanent. Overall, there are several steps to consider when choosing an affiliate niche. Let’s take a look at the most significant ones.


First of all, it’s important to collect as much information as possible about the niches you are interested in. You can research affiliate marketing forums and communities for information about the vertical. Sometimes you can also find answers to many questions about various industries on Quora.

Also, use this insight to identify the least competitive verticals. Of course, it would also be good if the chosen vertical and sub-vertical had a sufficiently active target audience and not very strong competition.

Figure Out The Monetization

Simply put, you need to understand how much money the sale of affiliate products in a particular niche will bring you. Look for the best affiliate programs and analyze their conditions. Usually, programs with very high commissions mean the product will be harder to sell. Consider also the seasonality of sales, whether the affiliate product is prone to seasonal sales or not. Make sure you weigh all possible monetization factors before jumping into the vertical.

Check CPC of Keywords

Another valuable thing to do before choosing an affiliate marketing vertical is to check your keyword’s cost-per-click (CPC). That should help you understand how much you will spend if you compete for paid traffic (PPC) and sales in a particular niche.

You can use Google AdWords and check the popularity and competition of keywords and the approximate cost per click. Note that high CPC can mean that this category has considerably high profits that justify these high stakes.

Test Affiliate Niches

Planning and research is clearly a good thing, but don’t spend too much time on these steps. The best way to find out how each niche and affiliate product shows itself is to start promoting. Actual sales and your profits analysis are the most reliable data you can get.

You can start testing affiliate niches with, for example, the world known affiliate programs, Amazon Associates. It is the most extensive program with a wide range of products from many niches, making it an excellent platform for aspiring affiliate marketers.

What Are The Best Affiliate Marketing Niches?

The most reliable affiliate marketing niches in profitability terms are not tied to any particular season or period. They are also called evergreen niches. In addition, by choosing one of the niches from our ranking or their sub-niches, you can confidently run a long-term affiliate marketing campaign. It means that you are unlikely to face demand problems with the affiliate vertical of your choice in the coming years.

Health & Wellness

The Health & Wellness industry belongs to evergreen affiliate marketing verticals because people are always looking for ways to improve their health and avoid diseases.

The global health and wellness market reached a value of $3.31 billion in 2020. Looking forward, the publisher expects the worldwide health and wellness market to reach a value of $4.24 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.10% during 2021-2026.

Health & Wellness is an industry that consists of all activities intended to improve the physical and mental health of the consumer. Among them are yoga, healthy eating, personal care, beauty, nutrition, weight loss, mediation, spa retreats, workplace wellness, and wellness tourism.

Making sales in the health niche is relatively easy because people are eager to try new products that can help them improve their overall health. However, there is quite a lot of competition in this vertical, so beginners should look for narrower sub-categories, like fitness, bodybuilding, weight loss, beauty and wellness.

Beauty & Cosmetics

The beauty niche is very competitive, but that’s actually a big plus for affiliate marketing. Since affiliates, like video bloggers and influencers, are the primary source of advertising in this category, brands are battling to collaborate with them. It means higher affiliate commissions for beauty products. In addition, the beauty industry itself is on the rise.

In 2020, it reached $483 billion, but by 2021 it had reached $511 billion, and with an annual compound growth rate of 4.75%, it was projected to rise to $716 billion by 2025 and $784.6 billion by 2027.

In this evergreen affiliate marketing vertical, there is also room to unfold in terms of selecting sub-niches, like haircare, nail care, skincare, male cosmetics (beard care).


The financial industry has such a wide reach that you most likely use some of these products too. For example, millions of people worldwide use credit cards, have bank accounts, take loans, invest or trade on Forex.

The financial industry includes various financial tech (fintech) companies that have rapidly attracted millions of users. Fintech is a branch of technology and the internet that creates cost-saving solutions.

The global financial services market size is expected to grow from $20.4 trillion in 2020 to $22.5 trillion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.9%. The financial services market is further expected to reach $28.5 trillion by 2025 at a CAGR of 6%. Another factor in favor of choosing a financial vertical for promotion is the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

In matters of economics, people often prioritize recommendations from friends, acquaintances, and experts. Therefore, companies from the financial sector often use affiliate marketing to promote their products. In addition, affiliate programs in the financial vertical have some of the highest commissions (usually around $100 per sale).


You may not be aware, but gaming has long become a mainstream industry. Therefore, gamers are not just buying video games but also a ton of in-game items. As a result of the industry’s popularity, Twitch or YouTube video game streamers and pro gamers became as influential as Instagram beauty models. Plus, most gaming products are sold online, which is an excellent environment for affiliate marketing.

The gaming market generated $177.8 billion in 2020. 2021’s global gaming market will generate revenues of $175.8 billion.


Gambling has become another niche that has benefited from the existence of the Internet. Thanks to the emergence of online casinos and betting sites, many people get the opportunity to try their luck and satisfy their thrill-seeking desires without leaving their homes.

The global gambling market is expected to grow from $465.76 billion in 2020 to $516.03 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.8%. The market is anticipated to reach $674.7 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 7%. The growth of online demand, therefore, provides a very healthy environment for affiliate marketing.

If you are looking for a slightly narrower niche in gambling, we recommend paying attention to sports betting. In addition to the usual popularity of sports, there are also events to which people pay special attention.

We are talking about such major events as the international football tournament UEFA EURO 2020 and the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo. During such events, interest in sports and sports betting increases, which means more opportunities for affiliate marketing.


There has never been a greater demand for online education than today. When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, people forced to sit on self-isolation began to pay even more attention to online education opportunities. You can choose online courses for any preference and interest, in different languages and any level of complexity.

The Online Education Market size is projected to reach $53.13 billion by 2027, from $8.4 billion in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 30.15% during 2021-2027.


As long as people look for any kind of romantic relations, the dating vertical of affiliate marketing will not go away. The online dating industry provides people with services that meet these needs. Such services mainly include dating websites and mobile apps. Moreover, many bloggers and coaches offer advice and teach people about romantic dating, which creates a good platform for affiliate marketing.

Global dating app revenue was $3.08 billion in 2020, with 270 million registered users worldwide.

Which Platform is Best for Affiliate Marketing in 2025?

Although many brands work directly with their affiliate marketers, some choose to subcontract that work out to specialist affiliate marketing networks. These collect multiple products from a range of creators into a giant database, giving the affiliates a choice of what they wish to promote.

These affiliate networks make life easier for the creators because they take away the need to interact with potential salespeople (the affiliates). The brands don’t have to set up systems to collect data and ensure that the correct people receive payment for sales they promote.

The affiliate networks are also beneficial to affiliate marketers who may want to promote multiple products without having to work separately with each merchant. The best affiliate programs ease the process of earning passive income and make the life of affiliates (many of whom are influencers) much more straightforward.

1. Refersion

Refersion is an affiliate and influencer marketing network, making it an ideal fit for eCommerce brands. One of your first tasks is integrating it with your eCommerce solution, with ready-made apps integrating with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Stripe, and Chargebee. Other eCommerce platforms require a custom integration with Refersions’s API. The specialist apps enable you to have Refersion up and running in minutes, although if you need to use the API solution, it will take longer to set up.

After setting up your eCommerce integration, the first thing you do is to enter any existing affiliates into the app. You can also integrate with influencer platforms Upfluence, #paid, and Cohley if you need influencer/affiliate discovery assistance.

You create Offers in the Refersion marketplace, where you state your specific requirements. For example, you can include trackable links, coupon codes, email addresses, and even product SKUs.

Refersion offers you much flexibility when setting payment details in your offer. For example, you can grant flat-rate commissions if you choose or set up very detailed performance-based commission structures. 

You can set up your offers to ensure that affiliates meet specific requirements before they qualify for payment. Any sales that don’t meet these requirements are considered Unqualified. Refersion then uses links and codes to track sales and check that your affiliate’s sales qualify for payment. You can make payments via PayPal or integrate with Payment Rails for ACH payments. You can issue digital gift cards or indeed pay with virtually any method you like.

2. Amazon Associates

Technically, Amazon Associates is simply an affiliate marketing program for one retailer. Still, Amazon is so gigantic, with such an enormous range of products, that it is very much like an affiliate marketing network. Indeed their advertising states that they have the Earth’s greatest product selection.

Potential affiliates go through an application review process to become an Amazon Associate. According to their website, “if you’re a passionate reviewer, stylist, content creator, or curator who would like to refer your audience to products on Amazon, you may be the right fit.” They require you to make at least three sales during your first 180 days.

Amazon also requires that the sites where you promote their products must have robust original content (even when advertising is removed). Their rule of thumb is that you have at least ten posts. You aren’t restricted to operating a blog or traditional website, however. Amazon is happy for you to sell using mobile apps and social networks pages as well – as long as there are sufficient content and engagement.

Amazon sells a vast range of products, and associates can promote virtually anything in its stock. They also recognize all purchases made by people referred by Associates, not just the specific product advertised on the associate’s site.

This means, for example, that if somebody clicks on a link on your website leading to a particular book, but ends up buying an expensive television on Amazon instead, then you still gain the commission for that television sale. 

The downside of Amazon Associates, however, is that the commission fees are comparatively small. The percentages vary by the type of products, but many are as low as 4 or 5%. In fact, the payout on physical video games and video game consoles is only 1%, and televisions are only 2%.

3. ClickBank

ClickBank acts as a marketplace where their affiliate members can find products to promote and market. They harness the power of their digital marketing partners (affiliates) combined with a vast library of over 6 million unique products to reach 200 million customers around the world.

One of the most significant advantages for affiliates on Clickbank is that some of the products offer commissions as high as 75%. Affiliates can select the digital products and offers they wish to promote from Clickbank’s online catalog. You can even choose to market products that offer customers upsell options as part of the purchase process. Upsells deliver more value to customers and put more money in your pocket.

Many of the products available on ClickBank sell on a recurring subscription basis. As long as the customer continues the subscription, you’ll continue earning money month after month, year after year, long after the original sale.

4. eBay Partner Network (EPN)

eBay is well known as one of the world’s largest online marketplaces. It has 1.4 billion listings at any one time. Perhaps surprisingly, 80% of all merchandise sold is new.

eBay operates its Partner Program to encourage people to send potential purchasers to the platform. eBay’s partners send their users to shop at the eBay global marketplace. A percentage of those users will likely buy something after being referred to the site.

And, once they do, the referring partner gets credit for that sale. eBay manages its own affiliate network, so they provide partners with the tools, reports, and resources they need to succeed.

The eBay Partner Network works like Amazon’s program, in that it pays different rates for each type of product, and the percentages are all relatively low, compared to some of the more specialist affiliate programs and networks. However, you balance these lower rates against a potentially higher volume of sales.

eBay also offers a Premier Program for those who drive a high amount of traffic to eBay. This is an invite-only program for partners who send substantial business into eBay and offers them benefits like exclusive content to help them increase their earnings, early access to new tools, and other incentives.

5. FlexOffers

FlexOffers refer to their affiliate merchants as advertisers and affiliate salespeople as publishers. 

They have recently begun their FlexOffers.com PublisherPro affiliate marketing network. They feature the latest products, promotions, and online-only offers on their network from top global brands and niche advertisers alike. Their affiliate marketing content can also easily integrate into any site as banner ads or text links, or as unique promotional copy created by their editorial staff.

FlexOffers informs publishers about enticing advertiser campaigns that they can promote on their website, via email campaigns, through social media, and by many other means. Publishers receive a commission each time the traffic they send to a source completes a commissionable action, such as making a purchase, filling out a form, or completing any other action for which the advertiser is willing to pay.

Over 12,000 advertiser programs are available on the FlexOffers.com network from nearly every retail category imaginable.

Advertisers generally pay a flat amount or a percentage of the sale as the commission. When those commissions reach a minimum amount ($25 in most cases, although $1,000 for wire transfers), a payment is issued to the Publisher. Those payments are generally issued monthly and on net 60 terms.

6. JVZoo

JVZoo describes itself as an all-in-one platform for digital commerce. They sell over 9.5 million products across 22 categories. JVZoo has a gigantic Digital Product Library made up of over 200 niches and categories.

JVZoo provides a newbie-friendly and easy-to-use network with the tools and solutions needed to run a successful and profitable online business. They offer a safe place for product creators and marketers from all over the world to meet and work together.

Affiliates have instant access to all of their affiliate tools and training. Potential affiliates can sign up for free and gain immediate access to JVZoo’s Marketplace to find the perfect products to promote to their audiences.

Commissions are paid to affiliates from the vendors, direct to a designated PayPal account.

One useful feature for affiliates is that they have one link for all products in a sales funnel. This includes one-time offers, upsells, downsells, cross-sells, etc. Affiliates can entice prospects to buy from their affiliate links by offering exclusive bonuses. They can upload a bonus product that is automatically delivered with the purchased product.

7. LeadDyno

LeadDyno offers easy-to-use affiliate marketing software and gives users access to its affiliate network, E-CommerceAffiliates.com

LeadDyno offers everything you need to drive affiliate sales. Each new affiliate gets access to a customized Affiliate Dashboard. It’s unique to each referral partner, and it contains everything that he or she needs to promote a brand’s store and its products.

E-CommerceAffiliates.com is free for LeadDyno users to join. It is dedicated to e-commerce products.  They are actively looking for great editorial websites to add to their network. Each product on the network has an affiliate program attached to it. Currently, it has more than 1800 affiliate programs, across 21 product categories.

8. MaxBounty

MaxBounty gives access to a global network of marketing channels to increase sales, leads, sign-ups, app installs, or any other action businesses deem essential to evolving their brand.

MaxBounty also provides opportunities for affiliates to promote their clients’ products. Affiliates can promote high-converting cost-per-action campaigns from hundreds of advertisers seeking their blogging, media-buying, social media, and email marketing expertise.

Affiliates can select the verticals in which they promote products – the areas where they best specialize. They can earn money for their performance through CPA, CPS, CPL, and CPI pricing models. 

There are more than 2000 active campaigns. One advantage for affiliates is a quick payment period – with MaxBounty offering weekly payment. They also give the best affiliates additional earnings through numerous performance-based rewards.

9. Pepperjam

Pepperjam had the vision to create a transparent affiliate marketing platform that enabled easy relationship creation and connection building. 

They have built their platform, calling it Ascend, designed to provide everything businesses need to manage their affiliate marketing. 

Pepperjam also runs an affiliate network of their own, using Ascend as the core technology behind it. Successful marketers can apply to become a Pepperjam partner. Pepperjam is more selective than many of these networks, however, and are unlikely to select people without a proven track record.

Peppeerjam pays its publishers (affiliates) on the 1st and 15th of each month. 

10. Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing is one of the more established affiliate networks. They are always looking for people who have loyal social media followers or consistent website visitors to become affiliate marketing publishers. As a publisher, you can partner with thousands of leading and emerging brands across a variety of industries to provide your visitors with a more personalized and organized advertising experience, with links to products they’ll care about.

They provide educational tools and training to help you develop and improve your affiliate marketing program and help jump-start your commissions. Platinum-status publishers receive consultations and early access to new technology.

Publishers can easily sign up as affiliates on Rakuten’s site. They set a two-step process for using affiliate marketing:

  1. Join the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network.
  2. Apply to join specific advertisers’ affiliate programs.

Each advertiser has specific criteria that you need to meet to be approved into the program. Your website content must also be relevant to the advertiser’s products and meet brand guidelines.

What is the Best Affiliate Platform in 2025?

Nobody knows the answer to that since it’s only 2022. however, It will likely be one of the top affiliate platforms today:

  • ShareASale
  • Fiverr
  • FlexOffers
  • Madrivo
  • CannAffiliate
  • Travelpayouts
  • affiliaXe
  • Payolee Partners
  • Clickbank
  • Amazon Associates
  • Rakuten Affiliate Network

Or an newcomer could completely take the affiliate marketing world by storm and surprise everyone.

Who is the King of Affiliate Marketing?

Ralf Schmitz was born in Andernach. With his friendly and sympathetic nature he quickly builds up trust with his audience. He is a marketer from practice – for practice. His lectures are full of valuable practical tips – he likes to do without empty words.

He is one of Germany’s most successful affiliate and online marketers and belongs to this scene, like the Rhine or the Kölsch to Cologne. His colleagues and friends therefore gave him the name “Affiliate King”. An institution of the online world, omnipresent on the net, amazingly likeable and always a smile on his face.

He created the Affilidays, a huge networking convention that takes place every two years in Cologne. The latest was in 2018 with over 500 visitors, who, as always, were enthusiastic about the know-how that was imparted here. The special thing about these events is that it is always a “NO PITCH” event – packed with content without any sales on stage, whereby networking is very important.

Today Ralf Schmitz with his microbusiness makes more than 1.2 million € annual turnover with information products and 4 employees. In 2010 he emigrated to Mallorca with his wife, whom he likes to call the best in the world. Since January 2011 he has alternated between Mallorca and Florida and in 2018 the Cologne location was added.

When he discovered the subject of affiliate marketing, it was love at first sight. It fascinated him and at the same time left him the freedom of self-determination. This special type of marketing can also be directly equated with recommendation marketing. He started advertising third-party products and received a fixed commission for successful referral. So he developed the hottest business in the world.

Ralf is now one of the really big names in this business. His name stands for experience, quality, honesty, trust, authenticity and respect. Without much prior knowledge, he acquired the know-how of this business and successfully implemented it.

As he likes to say: “You must not give up on your path to success as an online marketer. With a little courage, perseverance, passion and corresponding goals, anyone can become a success marketer.”

Astrid Arens, speaker & top business expert for neuro-communication/marketing says: “The Affilidays with Ralf were a real enrichment in content, trust, honesty and cohesion. He is a great person with charisma and the necessary portion of humor that makes his lectures unique.”

What is the Highest Paying Affiliate Program?

An affiliate marketing network curates products from different brands and then works together with the affiliate marketers. In other words, it runs the affiliate marketing programs for many brands and acts like the middleman between the brand and the affiliate. Examples of well-known affiliate marketing networks are AWIN, CJ Affiliate, and ShareASale.

With an affiliate program, the brand oversees and runs the entire process. Instead, brands often use affiliate marketing software, like ReferralCandy or Refersion, to manage the program on their own. They can also appoint dedicated affiliate managers to liaise with the affiliates. One of the benefits of operating your affiliate program directly is that you don’t have to pay any affiliate network fees. 

1. Refersion

Refersion is a platform that e-commerce store owners can use to incentivize their customers for promoting their business. It allows merchants to design different types of offers, create links and coupon codes, customize commission structures, track sales, and integrate the software with their e-commerce solutions. Refersion integrates directly with major platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. It also has API keys available for customized integration with other programs. 

The software enables merchants to quickly view how every affiliate contributes to their ROI through three key performance indicators—effective earnings per click, average order value, and total revenue per affiliate. 

Refersion values continued engagement with its affiliates. Its dashboard has a Message tab, where brands can directly exchange messages with their affiliates. Through integrations with Mailchimp and Klaviyo, online sellers can email newsletters to update partners about new products, fresh creatives, or images to help market their brand or any changes to commissions.

  • Commission: The platform offers affiliates 15% for all referrals who register with the platform using their link or by responding to an email for a direct-billed Refersion subscription.
  • Payments: Users have three options for paying affiliates: via the integrated PayPal feature, gift cards sent to affiliates via email, and by check or deposit.
  • Resources and support: Refersion’s customer success and development team can help optimize their settings. To start, the Refersion Marketplace is a great place to find potential affiliates. Get discovered by over 8,000 affiliates when you place an offer here.
  • Cookies: The platform’s cookie length is flexible—merchants can choose between two days to two years.

2. Canva

Just like Canva is one of the favorite graphic design tools among novices, its affiliate program is also one of the best programs for beginners. Not only is it free to join, but there are also no minimum sales. It’s ideal for design influencers or bloggers who are active in the design niche.  

  • Commission: You can earn as much as $26 for each new subscriber that signs up for the Canva Pro plan ($12.99) using your affiliate link. If the user signs up for a monthly plan, you’ll earn a monthly commission of 80% for the first two months of the membership. If the user signs up for an annual plan, you’ll receive a one-off commission of 25%.
  • Payments: You can get paid by means of e-transfer or PayPal. Payments are processed monthly.
  • Resources and support: To help affiliates get started, Canva shares a how-to guide, ad templates, community tips, and news. They also offer round-the-clock email and live chat support.  
  • Cookies: 30-day duration

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the top marketplaces for freelance services. From design to writing, it offers a wide range of services. As its services include virtually any need, it doesn’t really matter who your target audience is. 

With Fiverr’s affiliate program, there are actually a few products that you can promote, making it a good choice for beginners. These include Fiverr Logo Maker, And.co and, obviously, Fiverr itself. 

  • Commission: Each commission is different for each product. Depending on which category is purchased, you can earn anything from $15 to $150. 
  • Payments: You need to have $100 in your account before you can claim a payment. Payouts are made once a month via PayPal, Payoneer or wire transfer. The latter method is only available for payouts of more than $1,000.
  • Resources and support: You’ll get a dedicated affiliate manager and access to tutorials and a portfolio of creative assets. To help affiliates keep tabs on their campaigns, they can use the intuitive dashboard. 
  • Cookies: 30-day duration

4. SEMrush

If you blog about content marketing, SEO, PPC, PR, and marketing in general, be sure to check out the affiliate program of SEMrush. What makes its affiliate program so attractive is that it offers you numerous ways that you can earn a commission. Unlike many of the other programs that reward you only for new sign-ups to paid plans, with this program, you can earn money for new trials too. Plus, the cookie duration is also a lot longer than most other programs.

According to its website, 25% of Fortune 500 companies use its tool. So, you can rest assured knowing that you’re in good company. 

  • Commission: $200 for every new subscription sale, $10 for every new trial and $0.01 for every new sign-up
  • Payments: Approved transactions are paid only 20 days after the end of the month in which they were locked. 
  • Resources and support: You’ll get access to exclusive SEMrush creatives. Account managers are also available to offer support. 
  • Cookies: 120-day duration

5. GetResponse

GetResponse’s free-to-join affiliate program is ideal for bloggers and content creators whose target audiences need an online marketing strategy. One of the attractive features of its program is that it offers two programs. 

  • Commission: You can either opt to get paid $100 for each new sale that you refer or 33% of every referred customer’s payments. The latter approach can help to create a sustainable stream of long-term revenue. 
  • Payments: Depending on the program that you pick, payouts will be once a month or 60 – 75 days from the time of referral. 
  • Resources and support: You get access to free marketing materials like videos, sales copy, and banners. They also offer detailed referral statistics so that you can keep tabs on how much you’ve earned. 
  • Cookies: 120-day duration

6. ConvertKit

Influencers and bloggers who get that email marketing is important and whose audiences would be interested in signing up for an email marketing tool can check out ConvertKit’s affiliate program. Unlike many of the other programs on our list, ConvertKit uses the recurring model. This means that you’ll earn the set commission every month for as long as the referral’s ConvertKit account is active. For example, if you have helped ConvertKit to get 10 accounts on its lowest monthly plan, you can earn almost $90 each month. 

  • Commission: You’re paid a recurring 30% commission for every sale made via an affiliate link. 
  • Payments: No information is readily available. Interested parties will have to reach out to ConvertKit for more information about how payments are processed.
  • Resources and support: Unlike most of the other programs, ConvertKit offers their affiliates a training course to help them get started. Then, to help them drive sales, affiliates get access to evergreen webinars, video, and graphics assets.  
  • Cookies: 30-day duration

7. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the leading CRM platforms. As their plans range anything from $50 to more than $3,000 per month, the earning potential is massive. According to its website, the average commission payout in 2020 was almost $300. 

One of the advantages of its program is that it gives affiliates the freedom to choose if they want to receive a recurring commission or a flat rate. What’s more, it also doesn’t have any minimum sales requirements. 

  • Commission: With the recurring-rate program, you can earn 15% monthly commission. With the flat-rate program, you’ll receive 100% of the first month’s revenue as a one flat-rate payment. 
  • Payments: Interested affiliates must reach out to HubSpot directly for information about its payout schedule. 
  • Resources and support: You’ll get access to a big creative inventory that include demo videos, banners, and even copy examples. 
  • Cookies: 90-days

8. Hostinger

Bloggers who like to write about website management, web development or online business can check out Hostinger’s affiliate program. While its commission is some of the highest, the minimum payout is $100 and you have to wait 45 days. All in all, considering the level of support affiliates are offered, it’s one of the best affiliate programs for newbies. 

  • Commission: You can earn at least 60% commission for every hosting package sold (one-month hosting plans are excluded). Commission is not paid for hosting upgrades or renewals.
  • Payments: Commissions are only paid out after 45 days. The minimum payout is $100 for transfers via PayPal and $500 for payouts via bank transfer. 
  • Resources and support: You can easily keep track of your campaigns via the control panel or reach out to your personal affiliate account manager for support. Hostinger also shares marketing material, like banner packages, that’s customized to fit your style. 
  • Cookies: 30-day duration

9. WP Engine

WP Engine’s affiliate program is an award-winning program that’s hosted by ShareASale. One of its perks is that it includes exclusive custom discounts and deals that you can share with your followers. Plus, you can also earn bonus commissions for sending at least 5 referrals per month. One con is that you don’t earn commission for add-ons or plan upgrades. 

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All in all, it’s one of the best-paying programs for content creators who focus on WordPress plugins and themes. 

  • Commission: For each new purchase, you can earn a one-time payment. The minimum amount for WP Engine hosting plans is $200. The commission rate for a StudioPress theme purchase is 35%. 
  • Payments: Payouts are made on the 20th of each month. Though, commission will only be paid if the new referral didn’t cancel within the first 62 days (for WP Engine hosting plans) or 60 days (for StudioPress theme purchases).
  • Resources and support: You’ll have a dedicated WP Engine affiliate manager. There are pre-designed banners and landing pages as well as custom co-branded assets. 
  • Cookies: For WP Engine, the duration is 180 days, while for StudioPress theme sales it’s only 60 days (though, it’s still longer than most programs). 

10. Weebly

Like WP Engine, Weebly’s affiliate program is also hosted by ShareASale and it also offers regular opportunities that affiliates can earn a bonus. It’s free to join and open to affiliates from across the globe. Though, one negative is that you’ll need to have at least $50 in commissions in your account before you can receive a payout. 

  • Commission: You can earn 30% commission.
  • Payments: Affiliates are paid by means of check, direct deposit or Payoneer. Payouts are made once a month. 
  • Resources and support: Weebly doesn’t make any special mention of which resources you’ll receive to help you. So, it’s best to reach out to them directly. 
  • Cookies: 120-day duration

11. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the top eCommerce hosting providers and the host of choice for WordPress. As the plans are really cheap (they start at $2.95), you stand a very good chance of getting referrals to sign up. In fact, according to its website, it paid out more than $5 million in commissions in 2020 alone. One of the drawbacks of its affiliate program, though, is that you should have at least $100 in your account in order to receive a payout. 

  • Commission: You can earn $65 for each qualified hosting purchase. 
  • Payments: Commission fees get processed about 45 – 60 days after the end of the month. Affiliates have the option to get paid via PayPal, wire or ACH transfer. 
  • Resources and support: As they offer a big selection of creative assets, you can use ads or banners that work well with the branding of your website. Affiliate managers are also available round the clock. 
  • Cookies: 90-day duration

Affiliate marketing can make your rich, but it won’t happen overnight and it’s not a fast process. The top tier of affiliate marketers, known as “super affiliates,” often spend years building an audience to earn six-figure salaries.

Affiliate marketing is evolving like never before; here are the statistics to prove that – 

  • Recent research suggests that by 2025, the affiliate marketing industry will soar to nearly $7 billion.
  • 80% of companies at any given time utilize affiliate marketing strategies in their digital marketing plans.
  • 90% of marketers indicate that affiliate programs were either essential or very important to their advertising strategies.
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