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A virtual phone system is something that can enable you to send and receive calls, messages, voicemails, mails to your clients by being anywhere in the world. You can be at home, eating a burger in McDonald’s, walking down the lane, or standing near the Effile Tower; you will be still connected to your business. You can use a mobile, laptop, or any kind of internet-connected device to maintain calls.


Virtual phone numbers

Virtual phone systems come with virtual numbers that can be bought as local or toll-free numbers. One does not need a telephone or sim-connection for that. If you are running a call center, the tool comes in handy as you can perform cold calling or respond to customer support by being anywhere in the world.

Call Conferencing

Virtual phone systems are not limited to making and receiving just phone calls. You can conduct team meetings by adding multiple participants in a single call.

Call recording

The call recording feature enables you to record the calls with a specific date, time, and name of the customer. This is done to maintain records for future use or to train the employees. The calls give a brief idea about the flaws in the business services and the employees are trained to work on that.

Call Management

The features like call monitoring, call barging, call blocking helps the supervisors and managers in controlling the telephony operations.

They can examine the conversions that the employees are having with the clients.

Real-time Dashboard

The dashboard gives you live updates about the numbers of calls in the queue. The employees can see their average call handling time and the available agents to talk to. IN a way, it gives a complete outlook of the inbound and outbound calls.

Warm Transfers

Customers usually get annoyed when they are kept waiting on the call. They need to know what has been happening behind the call. Is their complaint or query being monitored during their wait-time! Warm transfers provide all the contextual information about how the call is being transferred to the agent.


The users can leave a voice message in case they are unable to connect to the agents. This information is very useful if the user wants to convey some important data to the agent.


Custom greetings help in delivering a personalized message to the customers. The callers are welcomed with a special recorded message. Also, when making certain announcements, the greetings are of great use

Analytics and reporting

The reporting feature of the virtual phone system can represent the key metrics visually. This is in the turn is helpful for several telephony operations. These metrics help in conducting team analytics. The analyzing process becomes a bit simpler as the conversation and process analytics are done.

The virtual phone system is an in-hand affordable tool that has proved beneficial for the business community. It has uplifted the communication infrastructure and will continue to grow it. If you need to establish a good communication infrastructure for your business, the virtual phone system is a must.

As we see that all are the features of the virtual phone system, so it is also important while taking any package, you will compare the company like ring central vs other company and also their services.

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