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Keeping an eye on a select group of well-known digital marketing influencers is crucial if one wants to grow their brand through participating in digital campaigns and occasionally communicating with their followers. If so, you should follow these 50 digital marketing influencers on Twitter in order for their knowledge to attract followers to your business account and help them recognize your authenticity. Engaging with them can also only improve other aspects of your website’s exposure.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk: The Belarusian-American entrepreneur, author, and speaker is also the co-founder of the restaurant reservation software company Resy and Empathy Wines. Despite this profession, he is also an internet star for his work in Digital marketing and social media marketing for the New York-based communication company named VaynerX. He is recognized for his enthusiastic interaction with followers on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  

2. Tim Ferriss: The well-known American entrepreneur, investor, and moreover, lifestyle guru is an active podcaster.  Since 2014, he has been engaged in this podcast and usually talks about multifarious industries’ success and their innovation.  

3. Seth Godin: The awe-inspiring blog writer was once a former dot com business executive. Most of his blogs are prioritized on marketing, the post-industrial revolution, and crossing barriers. Over and above, Times magazine has affirmed his blog as one of the best 25 blogs of 2009.  

4. Guy Kawasaki:
The author is an American marketing specialist turned digital marketing influencer. His own website is replete with keynote speeches about social media and entrepreneurship.  

5. Neil Patel: The self-made millionaire is a guru in SEO and a marketing expert. The bestselling author is known for his candid and interactive way of edifying people about difficult marketing concepts.  

6. Larry Kim: He is a founder of countless digital software, including MobileMonkey, Chatbot, and Wordstream. He did several publications on marketing consultation and internet marketing strategies.   

7. Michael Hyatt: The multi-personality Michael Hyatt is a blogger, podcaster, author, speaker, and so on. He is the CEO as well as the founder of Michael Hyatt & Company, inspiring millions of content creators.  

8. Ann Handley: This social media explorer and influential writer is the founder of MarketingProf. Her books have shown light to many young marketers through her educational firm.  

9. Ted Rubin: The emerging social marketing strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist, and Acting CMO of Brand innovators; knows how to hook in his potential customers.  

10. Danny Sullivan: We could say, he was the advent of SEO. His industry publications: Third Door Media and Search Engine Land are eye-openers for people who are unfamiliar with SEO, SEM, and other search engine-related subjects. 

11. Sujan Patel: The co-founder of Web Profits. He is an author as well as a living legend with enormous knowledge of SEO and its patterns.  

12. John Rampton: A hidden entrepreneur with a natural speaking and influencing personality. His contribution to the sector of marketing is prodigious.  

13. Pat Flynn: The speaker of the blog named Smart Passive Income is an American internet marketer and business owner. He has been educating everyone with his experiences in building passive income streams.  

14. Rand Fishkin: The co-inventor of MOZ Company, who has brought a huge impact to the research of search engine optimization. However, he is the founder of SparkToro and a keynote speaker for various WhiteBoardFriday Episodes.  

15. Avinash Kaushik: This Indian author, entrepreneur, and public speaker is also a champion for his pristine writing style about complex theories of data analysis.  

16. Jay Baer: His conservation helps your perspective on advertising. He is the co-founder of Convince and Converts.  

17 Joe Pulizzi: He is known as one of the top three content marketing authorities. Meanwhile, he is also a speaker, podcaster, and author in the field of informative marketing skills.  

18. Darren Rowse: A famous blogger, who actually assists his followers up to date on blogging tips and tricks. Besides, he owns ProBlogger.net and digital-photography-school.com, a website that helps amateur bloggers and photographers.  

19. Reg Saddler: Difference Theory LLC, a phenomenal advertising company that developed him into an avid social media influencer.  

20. Jeff Sheehan:  The all-rounder in social media marketing. His marketing strategies made him collaborate with magnate companies in no time.  

21. Christopher Penn: Not an actor, but a star in the technologies and marketing stuff. He is also a writer and a podcaster.  

22. Mari Smith: She is also known as the Queen of Facebook, because of her online marketing tricks. Her workshops have helped many brands and businesses cope with this emerging marketing world.  

23. Aaron Lee: He is an expert among Facebook and Instagram followers, as he teaches each tip to capture the audience, by reviewing marketing books.  

24.  Leonard Kim:  Leonard Kim is a personal branding specialist and the leading marketing officer of ZeU Company. A well-appreciated TED speaker and a marketing influencer.  

25.  Chris Brogan: He is more of a social media marketing influencer than a journalist, author, and marketing consultant.  

26. Tamara McCleary: Tamara McCleary is the CEO of Thulium, a social media analytics and consulting agency. Furthermore, an A1 influencer in virtual marketing, brand amplification, and technology.  

27. Michael Stelzner: In layman’s terms, he is the founder of the social media marketing world. Through his shows, podcasts, and documentaries, he still educates people on online marketing.  

28. Marsha Collier: Marsha Collier is an author of over 40 books. Plus, a radio star, podcaster, and instructor in technology, Internet marketing, and the E-commerce domain.  

29. Peter Shankman: The believer in people, trust, and customers is an advocate for various startups and for journalists.  

30. Neal Schaffer: He is the creator of Advertising Age’s Top 100 Global Marketing Blog, Windmill Networking, and his social media posts implicate the hacks, tips, and tricks for marketing.  

31.  Brian Fanzo: This Genz speaker, as well as podcaster, helps millennials understand the concepts of digital marketing in their language.  

32. Rebekah Radice: With in-depth knowledge of brand awareness, she assists people on what content they should post to drive potential clients.  

33. Michael Brenner: A great storyteller, who tells about different brands’ stories and their innovative ways to achieve success. This way of engaging people with his storytelling skill has hooked in many clients on content marketing.  

34. Mitch Joel: The president of a digital marketing agency, named Twist Image, and also the co-founder of Distort Entertainment.  

35. John Lee Dumas: John Lee Dumas’s Entrepreneur on Fire, the award-winning podcast, interviews business people and their voyage to success.  

36. Ian Cleary: An independent and supportive marketing agency that helps businesses enhance their online marketing strategies effortlessly.  

37. Brian Dean: He is also called an SEO guru. He is the founder of Backlinko. His strategic posts on social media were acclaimed by many big companies and were also considered.  

38.  Lilach Bullock:  This entrepreneur is kinda gender-biased however, always has the knacks to build any brand with a strong online presence.  

39.  Heidi Cohen: She is a celebrity on social media for her extrapolating complex concepts of marketing into a simpler way. Over and above, she also posts on the Actionable Marketing Guide to encourage inexperienced marketers.  

40. Mark Fidelman: The CEO of Fanatics Media has never stopped amazing people with his marketing trends and social media ventures.  

41. Ann Smarty: Ann Smarty is the smartest blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. She edifies people with her writing skills by providing tutorials and tools.  

42. Peg Fitzpatrick: An active social media speaker, trainer, and social media author. She has got a positive approach, which eventually, the reason to follow her on Twitter.  

43. Susan Gilbert: Excluding the historical figures, Susan Gilbert is a great marketing consultant. She is a great example to keep track of in this changing world of commerce.  

44. Barry Feldman: Barry Feldman is an online marketing super hybrid. He’s a successful blogger, author, speaker, podcaster, content marketing consultant, copywriter, and creative editor. He updates people on his creative ways to copyright content.  

45. Donna Moritz: Moritz is a Digital Content Strategist specializing in Visual Storytelling and Content Marketing. Moreover, she was always relished by her fellow writers too.  

46.  Melyssa Griffin: Similarly, Griffin is also a creative entrepreneur and a blogger with an eye for inspiring upcoming writers with her tips and tricks.  

47.  Regina Anaejionu: Austin-based business consultant, blogger, and author, who writes on coaching and teaching business.  

48. Amy Lynn Andrews: This amateur turned professional blogger, talks about her journey of succeeding as a blogger in this digital marketing field.  

49.  Mariah Coz: Coz offers coaching programs and abets in building an empowering, evergreen response experience for high-end clients efficiently.  

50. Bryan Harris: The showstopper of VideoFruit, and promotes the proposition of online marketing strategies with the GoViral approach.  

Who is the Highest Influencer on Twitter?

It’s challenging to become the most followed account on X (previously Twitter), as the platform is used by an astounding 237.8 million users daily. Despite the fierce competition, these individuals and companies have succeeded in dominating their respective fields.

1. Elon Musk (164.6m followers)

Elon Musk’s X presence has only grown over the years. He’s skyrocketed to the top of this list, especially after his announcement to purchase Twitter (and changing the name to X). 

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Musk has become a household name over the years, from launching products like electric cars to rockets (in one case, literally launching an electric car into space on a rocket). With his interest in cryptocurrencies and memes, he’s become a magnet for X followers.

2. Barack Obama (132m followers)

In second place, we have the ex-President of the United States, Barack Obama. It’s no shock that holding the most powerful office in the world gets you a lot of followers. But who knew he’d still be the second-most followed person on X six years post-presidency?

With this behind him, Obama mostly posts about his daily activities, such as the work being done by his Obama Foundation.

3. Justin Bieber (111.5m followers)

Justin Bieber has been a near-constant following since his career started. He’s remained in the limelight, updating his style and look as he’s gotten older and become one of the biggest stars on the planet. And definitely the biggest popstar on X.

Some of Bieber’s more notable followers include Jaden Smith, Queen Latifah, and Iggy Azalea. Posts come sparingly; they’re just as often random thoughts and the type of content any other X user might post.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo (110.3m followers)

Cristiano Ronaldo is up at number 4. Along with captaining the Portuguese national team as well as Saudi Professional League club Al Nassr, he’s had stints at the biggest clubs in the world, including Juventus F.C, Real Madrid, and Manchester United.

Ronaldo has some big-name followers, including Lil Wayne, Jack Dorsey (the former CEO of X), and Usain Bolt. Ronaldo’s recent posts have gained incredible traction, with hundreds of thousands of likes on the below post. Fans are keen to see what he shares next.

5. Rihanna (108.5m followers)

Into the top five, and Rihanna is next on the list. Another musician, and still not the last, we have this megastar and beauty product entrepreneur. With a slew of hits to her name and her Fenty business going from strength to strength, she has grown a huge X following.

Rihanna’s X account has the usual promotional stuff, including info about her latest releases and collaborations.

6. Katy Perry (107m followers)

In sixth place, we have Katy Perry, the world-famous pop star. From humble beginnings singing in churches, Perry has now established herself as one of the biggest music acts in the world.

The second most influential woman on X, Perry uses X to post her thoughts and personal messages rather than flooding the feed with promotional posts (although they come up every so often too).

7. Taylor Swift (94.8m followers)

Being one of the biggest pop stars on the planet brings you fame and fortune, as well as X followers. The release of Taylor’s recent album, Midnights, led to a huge increase of engagement on her posts, which now get hundreds of thousands of likes. Impressive.

8. Narendra Modi (93.4m followers)

Our first politician on the list is India’s Prime Minister Modi. He’s been an avid X user since 2009, realizing early on the influence social media can have on politics. 

Having been in power since 2014, his following has gone from strength to strength. Modi uses his account for exactly what you’d expect of a politician and head of state. He campaigns for his party, talks about issues affecting India, and posts about diplomacy between his country and others.

9. Donald Trump (87.4m followers)

The new entry in our chart: Donald Trump is back on X. Previously banned from X for over a year, Trump’s account has now been reinstated. Trump’s X profile currently features his mug shot pinned at the top of his feed. 

10. Lady Gaga (83.8m followers)

With huge successes in music and acting, with an upcoming appearance as Harley Quinn in the new Joker film in 2024, Lady Gaga finds herself as the 10th most followed person on X. Her followers include Miley Cyrus, David Guetta, and Oprah Winfrey.

Her account is mostly updates on her music and acting, along with the activities of her Born This Way Foundation.

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