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Now is the perfect moment to establish yourself as a prominent Etsy seller and follow in the footsteps of others who already have up to 49,000 orders placed in a single month. While many believe that low pricing, attractive product images, and shipping costs—such as identifying the ideal client niche and factoring in multiple seller fees—are the only factors that contribute to success.

Building an Etsy shop is a terrific way to test ideas and eventually grow your online business, as many online business owners have found.

When Etsy initially started off, it was a marketplace designed especially for makers, artists, and other creatives who wanted to sell their goods. Currently, a wide range of businesses have launched on the market, grown to other Etsy substitutes, and even eventually launched their own website.

Table of Content

  • What to Sell on Etsy?
  • Quick Selling Items on Etsy in 2024 USA
  • How to See What Sells on Etsy
  • How to Find Top Sellers on Etsy
  • Etsy Best Selling Digital Products
  • Handmade Items to Sell on Etsy
  • Easy Things to Sell on Etsy
  • Best Selling Print on Demand Products on Etsy
  • Etsy Niches 2024
  • How do I Earn Money From Etsy 2024?
  • 5 Secrets For Selling Digital Products in 2024
  • How to get Guaranteed Sales on Etsy in 2024
  • What is Etsy’s Most Sold Product?
  • What Are The Best Selling Months on Etsy?
  • How to Sell on Etsy in 2024
  • 10 Trending Products to Sell Online in 2024
  • How to Make Digital Items to Sell on Etsy
  • How Much Does it Cost to Sell on Etsy in 2024?
  • How to Improve Your Etsy SEO in 2024
  • How to Start Dropshipping Jewelry on Etsy in 2024
  • How to Sell on Etsy With Pinterest
  • Top 3 Etsy Seller Mistakes to Avoid in 2024

What to Sell on Etsy?

Etsy is the place where customers go to find the unusual, with over 40 million products for sale from entrepreneurs worldwide. Etsy serves as a bridge between small company owners and consumers who appreciate unique products, handcrafted goods, and intimate relationships. Upon opening an Etsy store, you become a part of a thriving global community of fellow shop owners and customers. Starting a business and opening a store is made simple by Etsy.

Are you considering starting an Etsy store but are unsure of what to sell? On Etsy, you can offer three primary categories of products: vintage things, handcrafted goods, and craft materials. However, your creativity is the only thing that truly limits what you can create.

Global buyers frequent Etsy in search of intriguing and distinctive products; hence, the more inventive your offering, the more successful it is likely to be. To differentiate oneself in the market, you might provide a distinctive take on well-known products like handcrafted soap.

Handmade Items

On Etsy, handmade items are products that are made or designed by you. You can physically create the items yourself, or design them yourself and produce them with the help of an approved outside manufacturer who complies with Etsy’s ethical manufacturing policies. Many Etsy shop owners who sell handmade goods offer custom orders, taking customer requests for one-of-a-kind items. Personalized items are very popular on Etsy, and many sellers have success offering shoppers ways to personalize their items with personal details like monograms and engravings.


Etsy is a treasure trove for the vintage-loving shopper, and it’s a great place for collectors and vintage experts to build their own vintage brands. For an item to qualify as vintage on Etsy, it must be at least 20 years old.

Katrina Dunlap opened her shop Etsy shop Salvage House Vintage in Olympia, Washington in 2008, initially listing just a few pieces from her personal vintage collection. Since then, Katrina has made more than 5,000 sales and increased her shop’s offerings to more than 800 vintage pieces.

When sourcing vintage items, Katrina selects pieces that match her personal style. She has also learned through trial and error what kind of items shoppers are drawn to. ‘Boots have been easy sales for our shop’, says Katrina. ‘I think some vintage items are easy to incorporate into modern wardrobes, and boots are an example of that.’

Katrina invests time into styling and photography and views both as essential tools for success. For example, styling your vintage pieces with modern items can help your customer see a vintage piece in a new light. Katrina also grabs shoppers’ attention by using playful poses for her models (often her own children).

While Katrina admires a lot of other vintage shops on Etsy that are different from hers, she never tries to replicate them. ‘Staying true to our own style and taste has helped to create something that people know is ours’, she says.

Craft Supplies

Etsy shoppers tend to be creative, often searching Etsy for inspiration and materials for their next craft project. Within Etsy’s craft supplies category, you can sell tools, ingredients or materials intended for use in the creation of a new handmade item. Craft supplies don’t have to be handmade by you, though some Etsy craft supply shops specialize in handmade supplies.

Portland, Oregon-based designer Stacey Mika opened her Etsy shop Anastasia Marie in 2011. The shop began with a focus on custom stationery but grew to include supplies. ‘When I became a mama, I shifted gears into selling packaging and craft goods to free up time instead of focusing solely on custom paper goods’, says Stacey.

Stacey’s most popular supplies are the versatile ones with broad customer appeal. ‘The silk ribbon I offer does so well because there’s more than one market interested in it’, says Stacey. She has sold ribbons to brides, fellow artists interested in improving their packaging and party planners.

Since a supply is not an end product, it’s important to spark a shopper’s creativity through your photographs, says Stacey. Try showing examples of the kinds of finished projects the supply can be used for, and show it in use.

Quick Selling Items on Etsy in 2024 USA

There is a wide variety of goods available for sale on Etsy, such as handcrafted goods, wall art, jewelry, vintage goods, apparel, and crafts. There are also decorations for parties, weddings, homes, and much more.

Get ideas for the greatest products to offer Etsy’s sizable buyer base if you want to start selling goods there. It is possible to establish a profitable Etsy home business that can adapt to the needs of your family.

Furthermore, having an Etsy store can be the best method to guarantee a steady stream of income that comes in even while you’re asleep.

1. Handmade Jewellery

One of the most popular things to sell on Etsy is handmade jewelry, and there’s plenty of scope to offer personalized items within this category. Even if you’ve never made jewelry before, it’s a skill that’s surprisingly easy to learn.

Self-taught jewelry makers often pick up the techniques from library books or Pinterest, and there are so many craft supplies available that some pieces can be made in just a few minutes. It can often be an assembly job, simply adding charms or pendants to a ready-made bracelet, necklace or earring hook, before listing the complete item on Etsy.

Buying all the ‘findings’ – as they’re known in the trade – is also easy as they’re available on eBay, specialist sites, Amazon, and even Etsy itself. Wedding items, for instance, can be a good earner, and these can be personalized to reflect the color scheme or wearer’s initials.

Swarovski crystals are ideal for this, as their sparkly beads come in a huge range of colors, shapes and sizes.

2. Jewellery Supplies

Craft supplies are another of the biggest selling items on Etsy. With so many jewelry makers using the Etsy platform to buy and sell, you already have access to a captive market. These can easily be bought from wholesalers like Ali Baba or more specialist sites before being packaged in smaller quantities to sell.

From a supply of sterling silver earring hooks to a ready-made charm bracelet or a set of colorful or metallic beads, the demand for jewelry findings on Etsy shows no signs of slowing.

Creative crafters could also offer jewelry-making kits on Etsy, containing everything required for pretty handmade items.

3. Craft Kits

You can of course, sell all sorts of supplies on Etsy, but one of the best ways to make more profit from your Etsy shop is to offer complete craft kits. They are one of the most searched-for things to sell on Etsy, and the merest glance at the Pinterest platform shows just how popular making your own is.

Good, clear photography can be essential here, as people will want to see on the Etsy listing precisely what they can create and how easy it’s likely to be. Ready-made kits – including all items kids or adults need to make something lovely – is one of the best things to sell on Etsy.

4. Stickers

Whether designed for use as removable wall decals, aimed at young kids or for making greeting cards or wedding invitations, stickers are one of the best sellers on the Etsy platform. The size also means very low shipping costs and that little storage space is required.

Stickers bought wholesale can be sold on Etsy, or some of the best-selling items include unique designs created by the seller. Free-to-use design platforms like Canva can help with graphics, and you can then sign up for a print-on-demand service.

If you find one that will ship the items too, you don’t require storage space or trips to the postal service. Used to decorate anything from a car bumper or kids’ pencil case to a whole wall, stickers are a low-investment item that is well worth selling on Etsy.

5. Handmade Cards

With a good profit margin, handmade cards are a great item to sell on Etsy. Get the right supplies, such as stickers and other embellishments, and they can be made very quickly, too.

Personalized cards are one of the types that sell best on Etsy, and wedding or party items such as invitations or thank you cards often do well. Again, these are handmade products that are affordable, quick and easy to make before offering them for sale via your online shop.

They also take up little storage space and shipping costs are low. It’s no wonder sellers love to offer unique handmade cards via the Etsy platform.

6. Personalized cards

You don’t even have to be crafty to offer products in the cards category. Again, the graphic design platform Canva can help you create stunning designs in a matter of mere moments.

Each buyer can order precisely what they want before you arrange printing and shipping, so there’s no wastage or need for storage space. If you enjoy some simple design work, personalized cards offered via an Etsy shop could sell well.

Handmade doesn’t even have to come into it.

7. Photography

Anyone good with a camera can make some serious cash by selling their prints in an Etsy shop. They’re also some of the easiest items to sell as they’re easy to print and post when required. You can sell the pictures on Etsy just as they are, printed onto good quality photographic paper.

Or use inexpensive store or bulk-bought frames to enhance them. Photos can also be printed onto t-shirts, mugs, notebooks or just about anything else you want to sell.

8. Digital Art

If you don’t fancy offering cards for sale or would like to offer a wider range of products, other graphics like wall art could be a good bet. Creative ideas include inspirational or amusing quotes, song lyrics or excerpts from books or original prints you make yourself.

Personalised graphic prints that tell a story are also popular, such as those that sell as newborn baby or wedding gifts. These can be sold as printables, so you don’t even need to worry about doing that. Nor about sending them by post.

If you prefer, though, you could offer framed or unframed prints. When bought in bulk, there’s potential for a good mark-up on the frames used.

How to See What Sells on Etsy

Here are some useful pointers for choosing what to sell and how to sell it on Etsy.

1. Research Trends

Use tools like Google Trends or Think With Google to find the current buzzwords. What are Etsy shoppers searching for? What’s trending, and how to optimize your listings to rank number one?

2. Check Statistics

When thinking of what to sell on your Etsy store, take a look at Statista and other reliable sources for valuable information you can’t find elsewhere. Follow statistics and make informed decisions to ensure that you become a top Etsy seller.

3. Use Etsy

Don’t overlook the information this sales platform gives you directly. Etsy searches work wonders not only for browsing products but also for narrowing down on popular trends. Search “Trending now” or “Popular right now” to explore all the top hits within the marketplace. You can also check Etsy’s Trend Report to see the latest market insights.

4. Research Competitors

Use keyword and competitor research tools to browse through top-selling Etsy merchants and their offers. From vintage items and organic cosmetics to personalized print-on-demand mugs and t-shirts, you can find product listings for most things you can think of.

How to Find Top Sellers on Etsy

By using this function and examining their recent listings and tags, you might get inspiration from sellers who are successful in your sector. You may also keep an eye on the expansion of your own store and how well new stores in your niche perform.

This list is dominated by United States sellers, with 63 of worldwide top 100 sellers. The United Kingdom is next with 11 sellers, followed by Canada with 7. Below are the top 10.

RankSellerCategoryLocation30 Day Sales
1CaitlynMinimalistJewelryUnited States20,349
2SilverRainSilverJewelryUnited Kingdom14,872
3MyPorchPrintsCraft Supplies & ToolsUnited States11,286
4DesignArtATXArt & CollectiblesUnited States10,857
5TwistStationeryPaper & Party SuppliesUnited Kingdom9,488
6WarungBeadsCraft Supplies & ToolsUnited States8,842
7Beadboat1Craft Supplies & ToolsUnited States8,678
8ArrowGiftCoLtdPaper & Party SuppliesUnited Kingdom8,370
9HeatherRobertsArtCraft Supplies & ToolsUnited States7,991
10CitraGraphicsPaper & Party SuppliesUnited States7,656

Etsy Best Selling Digital Products

Ideas for digital products on Etsy are practically endless, at least not in the twenty-first century. This industry undoubtedly has the potential to bring in a huge amount of money for online retailers. But it’s important to keep your digital creations away from Etsy forbidden items. Additionally, the secret to becoming successful on Etsy is to master the skill of differentiating yourself from other sellers.

Now, let’s examine a few of the digital products.

1. Ebooks

In this modern era, conventional paper-based books are no longer the only way writers can publish their writing pieces. Instead of finding a publishing house, they can now customize everything and share it with others effortlessly. 

You can find 68,000+ results when searching for “ebooks” on Etsy. For that reason, ebooks gradually become one of the most trending digital products to sell on Etsy. In detail, there are items reaching 100,000+ sales. Moreover, ebook Canva, ebook templates, ebook covers, and ebook kids are this category’s most popular search queries.

2. Wallpapers

Following ebooks, wallpapers surely belong to the list of best-selling digital products on Etsy. With over 10,000+ sales, selling wallpapers on Etsy can be a gold mine for all designers out there. 

Discussing these Etsy downloads further, you may notice the most popular searches are neutral, bohemian, floral, or custom wallpapers. Also, they vary in size and version (for mobile and desktop).

3. Calendars

Don’t forget to list calendars for your digital products to sell on Etsy. Creating eye-catching printable calendar templates will likely attract a vast audience willing to pay for you.

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Not to mention, calendars are among the most practical Etsy digital download ideas. For example, you can create blank calendars that help shoppers note events, deadlines, etc. Most importantly, they are perfect for sellers who want to run wild in creativity and self-customize.

4. Invitations

Parties, weddings, gatherings, and numerous other occasions need invitations, which makes them one of the best digital products to sell on Etsy. As e-sellers create invitation templates, they can charge a bit more if customization is available.

Facts you may not know:

  • Simple invitation templates can reach up to 13,000+ purchases.
  • Sophisticatedly designed invitations (for certain occasions) can make beyond 7,000 sales.
  • Customized orders may cost up to $20 per item.

So, how much can you make from selling digital downloads on Etsy? We’re sure that there is no limit to that!

5. Cosmetic labels

For cosmetic retailers with little or no designing skills, they should pay for a designer to create labels rather than do it themselves. In fact, soap, jars, bottle labels, and many more are in hot searches on marketplaces with thousands of sales monthly. That’s exactly why cosmetic labels are recommendable digital products to sell on Etsy.

In many cases, hiring a designer takes less money and time to complete new labels. Due to this reason, you can target your potential customers with handmade and small cosmetic stores, if you have a talent for making beautiful cosmetic labels. Also, keep in mind that when designing cosmetic labels, you need to deeply understand your audience’s needs to bring out the best items that align with their brands.

Handmade Items to Sell on Etsy

There’s something about the visceral, physical experience of using a traditional handmade product that’s unrivaled by even the most advanced technology. Products handcrafted with traditional materials are rare and often expensive. This is due to the particular skill set needed to make them and their inability to be mass-produced. 

Lovers of traditional tools and accessories are more than willing to pay a premium for the experience of a one-of-a-kind product. To create something worth selling, you’ll need to develop or hone your skills in one of the following areas:

  1. Woodworking
  2. Smithing
  3. Leatherworking
  4. Glassblowing
  5. Embroidering
  6. Sewing

There are plenty of YouTube tutorials and online courses available, but these trades may require expensive tools or even special workshops. Before diving in, be sure to count the cost and assess if it’s a worthwhile investment.

Here are some examples of handcrafted things to make:

  1. Custom metal tools or knives
  2. Wooden furniture
  3. Handcrafted cooking utensils
  4. Leather handbags, purses, or wallets
  5. Glass or metal art

It’s no secret we spend most of our working lives in front of a computer screen. Increasingly, there seems to be a renaissance of creatives trading in their Macbooks for miter saws. Call it whiplash from the technological revolution or an innovative side hustle.

Either way, it’s a great way to connect with disciplines practiced by humans for thousands of years — and maybe turn a nice profit at the same time.

Easy Things to Sell on Etsy

Over 60 million things are available for purchase on Etsy right now, spread over dozens of categories and subcategories.

So, where do you even begin? Which products are easy to sell?

Handmade Jewelry

Without a doubt, handmade jewelry is one of the most popular things to sell on Etsy. And with good reason. In large numbers, people go to Etsy’s online marketplace looking for one-of-a-kind earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more.

Remember, a jewelry purchase is a distinctly personal decision; buyers want a unique piece for a unique person. Even in a market that may seem saturated, there is always room for new sellers who can create something unique and personal. 

Craft and Jewelry Supplies

With so many people buying and selling handmade jewelry on Etsy, it might not be a surprise that the top-selling category on the platform is actually craft and jewelry supplies.

This means the beads, gems, and stones used in handmade jewelry and the fine-point tools to put things together. But it also means supplies for crafters like ribbons, yarn, miniatures, crochet, and knitting patterns.

Digital Art

Today, more artists than ever are going digital. This means that artists on Etsy are selling printable wall art and small-scale prints, graphics, and labels for businesses, banners, and unique home décor, even funny or inspirational quotes.

Like with printables, selling digital art pieces means the seller does not have to worry about shipping, and the buyer gets the instant gratification of getting their purchase in their hands immediately.


If you are looking for creative things to sell in your Etsy store, stickers are one of the best choices. For new sellers, stickers are inexpensive and easy to produce and ship – create the design once, then partner with a print-on-demand service that will print and ship your product for you.

And for buyers, well, from bumper stickers to wall stickers to stickers you put on your phone case or water bottle, they are a quick and easy way to customize your life.

Party Decor

It’s simple: people like to spend money on special events. More and more, these people are spending this money on Etsy.

There, party planners search for one-of-a-kind party décor, handmade items, accessories, party supplies, invitations, and party games. Yes, we’re talking about birthdays and baby showers, graduations, and weddings, but the chances are, if you can think of a party idea, you can probably find it on Etsy.

Best Selling Print on Demand Products on Etsy

You can use print-on-demand (POD) to promote handmade, one-of-a-kind products featuring your artwork. It’s a subset of dropshipping, a method used to fulfill orders for online retailers. When a consumer places an order for a product with your design on it, you design it; a third-party printing company then produces and fulfils the order.

Products that are printed on demand, or POD, are gaining popularity. If you want to get into the print-on-demand business, you need to know what products to offer your clients.

Future growth is anticipated for the print-on-demand dropshipping model, which is an economically feasible selling structure.

You can put your designs on just about anything, but some products fit Etsy’s creative market better than others. The items listed below are those that, in our opinion, are the most user-friendly and adaptable. Any of the eight choices listed below is a good place to start.

1. Posters

The fact that posters are an affordable product for both the company and the customer makes them one of the best print-on-demand ideas. Posters are typically more affordable than wall art, and people love to decorate their homes.

Nevertheless, it is still a work of art, so take care to present a professional image to guarantee a happy client. Posters will be printed before being delivered if the graphic designs and digital goods mentioned above permit customers to download and use the files immediately.

This is one of the best selling items on Etsy because there is a high demand from customers to decorate their living or working space with motivational images.

2. T-shirts

The most widely used print-on-demand item is without a doubt the t-shirt. Everyone wears one, it’s simple to design, and it sells all year long. T-shirts in a wide range of styles are available from Printful for both adults and kids.

Choose the method that best suits your design—it could be an all-over print, embroidery, or a straightforward print. Consider incorporating a message that will resonate with your customers into your designs if you’ve already determined your niche and who you’re targeting.

Put an encouraging saying, a self-affirming phrase, a tribute to your favorite band, a proud rainbow, or anything else that will allow your customers to express themselves on a t-shirt.

T-shirts should be at the top of your list if your collection of prints on demand includes clothing, as they are the most popular item in the world. The t-shirt is a timeless classic that is a necessary addition to any wardrobe, from sports tanks to active wear.

3. Kill and Sweatshirts

You are already aware of how popular hoodies are in the best-selling category but don’t ignore the appeal of Kill and sweatshirts. They are almost as popular as hoodies and provide comfort and style.

Think about stocking Kill and sweatshirts in your online store for the ultimate in casual comfort! Additionally, they’re a great addition to your store if you sell comparable items like t-shirts and tank tops because they give your customers more options.

Don’t forget to stock up on these POD necessities.

4. Tote Bags

For consumers who are environmentally conscious and want a sturdy tote for daily use, tote bags are perfect. One of the easiest print-on-demand items to sell is tote bags. Totes have recently gained popularity as a chic substitute for disposable bags, making them a go-to item for many people.

Tote bags are not only very easy to customize and can be used all year long. Totes have evolved into a necessity for everyone. They have evolved from being plastic bag substitutes and eco-friendly alternatives to becoming popular fashion accessories.

Totes are more than just useful. These days, they can even be used as a subtly conveyed value statement. By creating attractive and durable Eco Tote Bags, you can assist your customers in finding the ideal mini-billboard for them.

5. Mugs

The mug is another best print-on-demand products you can sell on Etsy. Print-on-demand products on Etsy are frequently bought as gifts and for personal use in the home. These premium ceramic mugs for coffee come in a variety of lovely designs and have printed inners to further enhance your branding.

With the approaching holiday season, sales of mugs are about to reach a seasonal high. Mugs have earned the reputation of being a great gift. But what makes mugs so fantastic? A mug is more than just a useful item when it is given as a gift. Anyone’s day can be made better by the experience of drinking from a personalized mug.

On dreary mornings and cold winter nights, their mug will be the ideal companion, filling the air with the aroma of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Etsy Niches 2024

One piece of advice that appears to be universal when it comes to selling on Etsy is to investigate the niches. However, if you don’t know where to start, conducting Etsy specialty research might be challenging.

So what can be done to find one or more lucrative niches and become one of the successful Etsy sellers? The finest thing is that anyone may follow the simple steps and accomplish the desired results.

This list will come in even handier if you’re new to Etsy and you’re looking for ideas on what to sell on Etsy:

1. Jewelry

This is perhaps the best Etsy niche of all. As displayed by the EtsyHunt tool, it counts hundreds of thousands of sales (if not even millions) with the minor drawback of having a considerable amount of shops as competitors.

However, Jewelry can include rings, bracelets, charms, earrings, necklaces, and such. Creating a lot of sub-niches where you can easily fit in if you specialize in them. Even further, this is consistently the hottest object on every platform because it is a must-have element for both men and women.

According to an Etsy report, jewelry ranked second when referring to gross merchandise sales (GMS) on the platform in 2020. As a result, selling jewelry on Etsy is a viable option.

2. Notebook and Journal

Notebooks and journals are the newest Etsy trend. The reason for this is that many people are interested in writing. A journal is also a common choice among people who are looking to record personal experiences while traveling.

Counting over 200,000 sales, the notebooks and journals Etsy niche is really one to have in consideration. Not just because it’s a niche with good and profitable sales, but because it is clearly a low-competition Etsy niche. You won’t need to think about anything really unique to gain a spot here.

3. Stickers

It might surprise you that this small item is listed as one of the best Etsy niches. What makes them get here is that they’re inexpensive to produce and very simple to create. This affordability of this product among the public plus the huge sub-niche possibilities make this item a really good one to start with.

Stickers can be used to embellish postcards, greeting cards, notebooks, and other items. You can also use custom stickers when hosting an event for clubs, schools, businesses, and other organizations. As a result, this product has a large market.

4. Toys and Items for Babies

The main reason for investing in this Etsy niche is that people will always be willing to spend money on babies. The competition, additionally, isn’t especially high and almost any original design of toys or items for babies will have its public assured.

Etsy, as one of the largest marketplaces for handmade products, allows handcrafters to sell toys and items for babies made from wood, fabric, wool, and other materials.

Because these materials are environmentally friendly, many parents prefer them for their children’s safety. As you can check with the EtsyHunt shop database tool, some stores achieve over 2000 sales with just one item from this Etsy niche.

5. Digital and Graphic Designs

Selling digital products is a bright spot for a large number of Etsy sellers being one of the most famous Etsy digital niches. Some examples of graphic design can be store templates, desktop wallpaper, bullet journal and planner templates, print-on-demand, mobile icons, and all that can be done on a computer.

Moreover, with the exception of store templates, digital items tend to be reasonably priced. Most of them are under $10, and customers can buy them without having to wait for the goods to be delivered. You can tell just by looking that in the past week, there were several thousand sales of digital products.

How do I Earn Money From Etsy 2024?

Consider dropshipping or reselling old goods if you want to make money on Etsy without really manufacturing anything. Another option is to concentrate on digital goods like e-books, templates, and printables. Profitability depends on a combination of high-quality listings, powerful SEO, and first-rate customer support, regardless of the path you take.

  1. Dropshipping: Partner with suppliers to ship products directly to customers. You handle the storefront, they handle the stock and shipping.
  2. Resell Vintage Items: Hunt for unique vintage goods at thrift stores or auctions and resell them at a markup. No crafting required!
  3. Digital Products: Offer digital downloads like printables, planners, or e-books. Create once, sell endlessly.
  4. Affiliate Marketing: Promote other Etsy sellers’ products and earn a commission on sales made through your unique affiliate link.
  5. SEO Services: If you’re good at Etsy SEO, offer your services to other shop owners looking to optimize their listings.
  6. Shop Consultation: Leverage your Etsy expertise to guide new sellers on how to set up and run a successful shop.
  7. Photography Services: If you’re good with a camera, offer product photography services to Etsy sellers who aren’t.
  8. Design Custom Logos and Branding: While not a physical product, custom digital designs are always in demand.
  9. Sell Licenses for Designs: Create designs that other sellers can license and put on their handmade goods.
  10. Curated Collections: Create and sell curated collections of products from other sellers, presented in a unique and compelling way.

Though each of these approaches has unique guidelines and difficulties, they all present excellent ways to make money on Etsy without actually doing any crafting!

5 Secrets For Selling Digital Products in 2024

Digital products are items you can own and use on your mobile gadgets. Even though you can’t physically touch them, they’re still valuable. The popular ones are: 

  • eBooks: These are the books you read on a computer or tablet instead of holding a physical copy. It’s a convenient option for those that are on the move.  
  • Software: These are the computer programs or phone apps you use, like web browsers. 
  • Online classes: These are courses you take on the internet, where you can learn new things or skills – think of LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and the like. 
  • Music downloads: Fewer fans buy CDs because today you can get songs or albums from the internet. 
  • Digital art: With access to a number of pictures or designs online, you can use them in different ways. Like what digital artists can do with icons, logos, and many more. 

What makes them even better is they’re accessible after purchase, much cheaper to create and sell, and are shareable to global folks. That’s why they’re a smart choice for both creators and buyers in our digital world. 

1. Identify your digital product niche

Picking the right niche is a key part of making your digital product business work. Think of it like finding the perfect spot in a big forest where you’ll find the most treasure. Here’s why it’s a big deal: 

Choosing the right niche helps you focus your energy and resources. It’s like zooming in on a specific group of people who really want what you’re selling. 

How to find a good niche

  • Know your stuff: Start with what you know and love. Your expertise can be a big help. 
  • Check the market: Use tools to see what people are searching for online. Look at forums and social media to see what’s hot. 
  • Look at the competition: See who else is doing what you want to do. If there’s room for you, go for it. 

Examples of good niches

  • Fitness for older folks: Someone made a fitness app just for seniors and it really took off. 
  • Special diet recipes: One person focused on making eBooks with recipes for folks with special diets and did really well. 

You can use AI tools, like ChatGPT or Bard, to brainstorm niche ideas, check if they’re good, or even get ideas for your products. It’s like having a smart buddy to help you in this treasure hunt. 

2. Create high-quality digital products 

Creating digital products that people really want involves some smart steps: 

  1. Find a problem or need: Start by figuring out what people in your niche really need. Your digital product should solve a problem or help with something they want. 
  2. Do some research: Look into what your target audience likes, what bugs them, and what they’re ready to pay for. 
  3. Get a clear idea: Plan out your digital product carefully. Know what it’s for, what it does, and how it fixes the problem you found. 
  4. Make good content: If it’s an eBook or something like that, make sure it’s got useful info and practical solutions. If it’s software, it should be easy to use and do the job well. 
  5. Make it look nice: How it looks matters too. Software should be easy on the eyes, and eBooks or digital art should be visually pleasing. 
  6. Test it out: Before you show it to the world, test it with some users to find and fix any problems. 
  7. Decide how to give it: Choose how people will get your digital product, like a download link or email. 
  8. Set a price: Think about how much you’ll charge. Make it fair and competitive. 
  9. Spread the word: Tell people about it through social media, email, and content. Get them excited. 
  10. Listen and improve: Keep an ear out for what customers say and make it better based on their feedback. 

Remember, the best digital products solve real problems or meet genuine needs in your niche. Make them user-friendly and helpful, and you’re on the right track to creating valuable digital stuff that people will love. 

3. Identify the cost of your digital products 

Setting the right price for your digital product can make a big difference. Here’s a quick guide to help: 

1. Different pricing strategies

  • Tiered pricing: You offer your product in different versions at different prices, so people can choose what suits them. 
  • Subscriptions: People pay you regularly, like every month or year, to use your product. 

2. Finding the right price

  • Costs: Think about how much it costs to make and market your product, so you don’t lose money. 
  • Check the competition: See what similar products cost and what people are willing to pay. 
  • Value to customers: Think about how valuable your product is to your customers and price it accordingly. 
  • Try different prices: Experiment with different prices to see which one works best for your audience. 

3. Discounts and deals

  • Limited time offers: Offer discounts for a short period to create urgency. 
  • Bundles: Combine products into a package to give more value for a higher price. 
  • Loyalty programs: Give discounts or special stuff to repeat customers. 
  • Affiliate partnerships: Team up with others to promote your product in exchange for a cut, often with discounted prices. 

Make sure your pricing matches your product’s worth and what your customers expect. Adjust it over time based on how things are going in the market and what your customers are saying. 

4. Build a professional online presence 

Having a website or platform that’s easy for anyone to use is super important. It’s like having a comfy and friendly spot for your online guests.  

A user-friendly website ensures that visitors can get around without any problems. It’s like having clear signs and a helpful buddy when you’re in an unfamiliar place. 

4 tips for making your website better

  • Keep it simple: Make sure your website looks tidy and well-organized. Use menus and headings that are easy to understand. 
  • Make it look nice: Choose colors and fonts that are pleasing to the eye and easy to read. Spruce things up with pictures and graphics that grab attention. 
  • Speed it up: Nobody likes waiting, so make sure your website loads fast. Slow websites can be annoying for visitors. 
  • Get found in searches: Use words and phrases that people might type into search engines. This helps more people discover your website. 

Almost everyone uses their phones to surf the web. That’s why it’s super important that your website looks and works well on smaller screens.  

A mobile-friendly site is like having your shop open to customers no matter where they are. It makes life easier for your visitors and gives your website a better chance to show up in search results. In our digital world, a user-friendly, mobile-ready website is like rolling out a warm welcome mat for your online guests. 

5. Set up an eCommerce website 

When you want to make an online store, choosing the right tool is a big deal. Tools like Web.com’s website builder can help. Here’s how you can do it step by step: 

  1. Sign up and pick a plan: First, create an account with Web.com. Then, choose a plan that suits your business and budget. 
  2. Get a website address (domain): Think of a unique and easy-to-remember web address for your store. It should match your brand and be simple to spell. 
  3. Design your store: Make your website look the way you want. Choose a design that fits your brand and organize your products neatly. Web.com’s website templates can make this easier. 
  4. Add your products: Create listings for the things you’re selling. Use clear pictures, detailed descriptions, prices, and options like sizes or colors. 
  5. Set up payments: Make sure you can safely accept payments. Connect payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, or credit cards. Make sure your platform keeps customer info secure. 
  6. Create rules and policies: Include important legal pages like a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and a Refund Policy. This builds trust with your customers. 
  7. Test your store: Before you launch, double-check everything. Test your products, payment process, and checkout to make sure they all work correctly. 
  8. Market your website before and after launch: Once everything’s ready, launch your online store. Start telling people about it using social media, emails, and make sure it shows up in web searches. 
  9. Keep an eye on your website: After your store is running, keep an eye on how it’s doing. Listen to your customers and make improvements when needed. 

Creating an online store can be a great way to do business. With the right tool, a secure setup, and a good shopping experience, you’re on the path to success. 

How to get Guaranteed Sales on Etsy in 2024

1. Write persuasive product descriptions

In a saturated market, product descriptions are super important. Why? They provide your products’ key features and benefits and help customers make informed decisions about what they’re buying. Plus, great product descriptions make your Etsy page feel more professional, which helps buyers trust your brand more. 

Here are some tips for eye-catching descriptions:

  • Put the most important details at the beginning—It’ll grab your buyer’s attention and encourage them to keep reading.
  • Break up your text—Check for any big wall of text in your product description and make them more readable by breaking the info down into bullet points, smaller paragraphs, etc.
  • Link to your other products—Etsy allows URLs in an item’s description if they lead to another page inside the marketplace. So, when you’ve captured your customer’s attention, put it to good use and get them interested in your other products. 
  • Focus on benefits, not features—Take this example: instead of saying that a towel is made from 100% cotton (a feature), mention that it’s super soft and has excellent absorbency (its benefits).  

Although Etsy doesn’t allow formatting, you can use a website like YayText to highlight and stylize essential words. Copy and paste the transformed text back into Etsy for a more attention-grabbing product description.

Remember, some people won’t read your descriptions thoroughly, so make sure to highlight the most important details in your photo gallery, so it catches their eye.

2. Take captivating product photos

The photos you display are the first point of contact with your customers. And first impressions last. Top-tier product photos create an association with high-quality products, so make sure great images are a priority. 

As the old saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. Give as much information through your photos as possible and complement your gallery with stellar descriptions.

Here are some tips for good photos:

  • Offer various angles 
  • Pay attention to detail 
  • Mix it up: have different layouts and lifestyle shots
  • Make your customer feel connected to the product you’re selling (in other words, create a vibe that resonates with your audience)
  • Use photos to give details your audience might not read
  • Keep the backgrounds interesting

3. Stand out with product videos 

According to the Etsy Seller Handbook, adding a video to your listing “can provide increased transparency that boosts buyer confidence and conveys valuable information that they can’t get from photos alone.” Plus, a study done late last year shows that 78% of buyers say “they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.” 

And it makes sense: a video conveys a better understanding of a product than a photo does. It shows texture, shades of color, extra details you might not capture through photos, and (for clothing) how the product moves.

4. Pay attention to Etsy SEO 

When thinking about how to get more sales on Etsy, this is one of the fastest ways to do it. Knowing what search terms the Etsy algorithm is looking for and fine-tuning your content with the right keywords will connect you to more buyers. In other words, it makes you more visible. More visibility equals more sales.

Here’s what you should do to rank on Etsy:

  • Do your keyword research
  • Optimize the key components of your listing (title, tags, attributes, and categories)
  • Have top-notch quality content (written and visual)
  • Keep your customer and market experience scores high
  • Offer competitive shipping prices

5. Provide helpful answers to FAQs 

Invest time in putting together a comprehensive FAQ section. This way, you’re giving your customers all the possible information they might need upfront. It’s especially important if different customers keep asking the same things. Provide useful, straightforward answers to remove any barriers for them to make a purchase. 

You can scout other seller pages (if they have similar products) for their FAQ sections. Chances are, you’ll get a good sense of what people want to know before buying.

6. Offer free shipping 

Almost all online shoppers really value free shipping. According to a 2021 Consumer Trends Report, 80% of consumers expect free shipping when ordering products over a certain amount, and 66% expect free shipping for all online orders.

Also worth noting is that shipping fees are frequently named as one of the main reasons shoppers abandon their carts, and the average abandonment rate is 69.8%. Don’t let that be you!

Offering free shipping will make it easier for US-based shoppers to find your products since Etsy’s algorithm prioritizes shops that offer free shipping.

Etsy also offers a free shipping guarantee to US buyers. This feature automatically applies free shipping to US buyers for any individual item $35 and up and any order totaling $35 or more from your shop.

But remember, free shipping is only free to your customers. You can even things out by including the average shipping costs in your product prices and making sure you’re not paying for shipping out of pocket.

7. Be present on social media platforms 

At this point, it’s no secret that social media strategy can improve customer retention, boost brand loyalty, give you comprehensive insights (by using analytics tools), and more. Use it to your advantage, but don’t spread yourself too thin: pick a platform or two, and focus on them.

Posting interesting and relevant content will help generate interest in your store. Here are some social media content ideas for your Etsy business:

  • Customer photo reposts
  • Customer reviews
  • Styling tips
  • Product design processes
  • News stories that are relevant to your industry
  • Fun trivia
  • A day-in-the-life 

Tracking your progress (pinpointing which posts are drumming up interest and which are falling flat) is imperative. So what are the metrics you should track? 

That largely depends on your goals, but here are a few:

  • Reach (number of people who see your content)
  • Impressions (number of times people saw your posts)
  • Audience growth rate (number of new followers)
  • Engagement rate (number of reactions, shares, comments, etc.)
  • Click-through rate (CTR) (how often people click a link in your post)
  • Conversion rate (how often clicks turn into sales)

8. Set the right prices

This is super important. When considering what price you should set, keep in mind that buyers typically look for good quality products at a decent price point. Your pricing should reflect the value of your product while also keeping it affordable.

Here are two key steps to follow when pricing your products:

  • Scout the market for similar products and set your price according to what you find
  • Do some testing—raise or lower the prices for one or several of your products, track what sells, and decide whether or not you should adjust the pricing on your listings

Lowering the price can have a positive impact on sales. But lowering the price too much can have a negative effect. The main issue is how it affects the perceived value of your product from the customer’s point of view. While getting a good deal is always desirable, too low of a price can raise suspicion.

What is Etsy’s Most Sold Product?

Each item below has been measured with the following data points in mind:

  1. Number of listings: The number of results each item returns on Etsy.
  2. Average searches: How many times the item was searched on Etsy (on average).
  3. Average clicks: How many clicks the item received on Etsy (on average). A click is recorded when a buyer inputs a keyword into Etsy, then clicks on one of the items in the results.
  4. Average click-through rate (CTR): The percentage of the number of searches that turned into clicks. The higher this percentage is, the better.
  5. Average price: The price Etsy sellers ask for each item (on average).
  6. Most competitive keywords: A brief list of related keywords that return a high number of results.
  7. Popular tags: The tags Etsy sellers use the most for each item.
  8. Least competitive keywords: The top 10 related keywords that return the lowest number of results.

Here are the top 5 best selling items on Etsy

  1. Beads – 8 million listings | 102% CTR | $20.00 average price
  2. Pins – 2.2 million listings | 87% CTR | $15.00 average price
  3. Pendants – 5.3 million listings | 83% CTR | $34.13 average price
  4. Stickers – 3.7 million listings | 82% CTR | $3.50 average price
  5. Books: 2.6 million listings | 81% CTR | $13.10 average price

What Are The Best Selling Months on Etsy?

Even though the business climate and the economy are getting worse in the last months all around the world, things don’t look so grim if you focus on the Etsy marketplace. The sales on Etsy have been growing for the third month in a row. Considering that November is usually the busiest month of the year, Etsy’s sales have all the chances of reaching an all-time high on Black Friday.

November and December are the two months of the year that every Etsy seller is eagerly waiting and preparing for. This is true for the buyers as well. On Black Friday, customers are always impatient to see what kind of deals the sellers have prepared for them. And right before Christmas, customers are restlessly looking for presents for their loved ones

How to Sell on Etsy in 2024

If you feel like Etsy is the marketplace for you, here is how you can easily create a seller account. 

1. Go to etsy.com/sell

The first step is to visit Etsy’s seller page and click on “Get started.” Then enter your email address, name, and password to start the registration process. 

2. Start your shop

After you finish the registration process, you are now ready to start your shop! Before starting your shop, Etsy will walk you through a couple of questions (that you can skip) to provide you with any relevant information or recourses you may need to get started. 

After you go through these simple steps, click on “Start your shop.”

3. Enter your shop information

In this step, you’ll be taken to the shop preferences page, where you’ll name your page, enter the product you want to sell (fill in what you can, you can edit this later on), and set up billing and shop security. 

If you don’t have a product yet, just enter random information in the “Stock your shop” section to move on to the next step. The product will not go live, and you can always edit and add new products once your shop opens. 

Take your time going through these steps to ensure your shop and information is set up correctly. 

4. Customize your Etsy storefront

Once your shop is open, you can now work on customizing your shop and giving it some personality! 

This includes:

  • Customized banner: Etsy allows you to add a unique banner to your store to show your potential customers what your shop is about. Include your shop name, images of your products, or other information about your business.
  • Shop owner information: Include a photo of yourself or the company logo and contact information.
  • Featured items: Add featured items to your storefront, so customers know what you offer.

Below are some additional tips:

  1. Utilize social media. People love seeing behind-the-scenes of small businesses and getting to know the shop owners on Etsy. I find lots of people include photos in their Etsy reviews which makes creating the content pretty easy. It also helps you get discovered off of Etsy and brings people to your store.
  2. Analyze your competition and adjust accordingly. If your competition’s main photos all have a white background, maybe try using a colorful background to draw eyes to your listing.
  3. Add a video. Most sellers will have the option to add a video to their listing. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but show your product in action. This really helps with conversions.
  4. Join an Etsy Seller Facebook group. You’ll be amazed by what you can learn from seasoned sellers and how willing they are to help you out.  

10 Trending Products to Sell Online in 2024

It can benefit you to include a few things that are currently in demand to your product selection, even though you shouldn’t base your complete line on trending items. In this manner, in the event that the fad wanes or the market becomes overly crowded, you will still have other products to turn to. Numerous lists of popular goods to sell in 2024 are available. After looking over a number of these lists, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular items that are reasonably simple to add to any niche.

1. Teeth whitening

From charcoal powder (yes, you read correctly) to whitening strips, you would be surprised to learn how many teeth whitening products there are on the market. The demand for these types of products is even more surprising. To advertise teeth whitening products, it’s a good idea to work with an influencer. As consumers might be skeptical about the effectiveness of such a relatively novel product, an influencer can provide social proof for reassurance.

2. Anti-snoring products

According to the Merck Manual, more or less 40% of women and 57% of men snore. Considering how big the market is, there is no need to sleep on whether or not you should explore these types of products. From mouth guards to anti-snoring nose clips, there is also a decent selection of products that you can add. While it might be a trending product in 2024, snoring will remain a sensitive and stressful situation for almost half of all consumers. 

To market anti-snoring products, you can follow a similar approach that you would use for teeth whitening products. Be sure to include lots of social proof, like testimonials and product reviews, in your social media posts and on your product pages to normalize the use of anti-snoring products. 

3. Nail extensions

Nail extensions (also known as fake nails or acrylic nails) is a huge market segment that has grown more popular over the years. If you are already selling beauty products, your range will be incomplete without including nail extensions. While you are at it, you can also include accessories for creating nail art. As nail art is so visual, there are many easy ways to market these products. In addition to posting photos of beautiful nail creations, you can, for example, also create how-to videos to help your target audience nail it.

4. Fake lashes

According to Fortune Business Insights, it is anticipated that the fake lashes market in the United States will have a value of about $1.96 billion by 2028. Not only does the growth look promising, but fake lashes also offer many upselling opportunities as you can add the accessories needed to apply it and other beauty accessories like curlers, glue, and tweezers. To market fake lashes, you can implement a similar video marketing strategy that you would use for nail extension products and create a few tutorials and how-to videos.

5. Hair clips

A blast from the past that is trending again in 2024 is the modest hair clip. As they come in different colors and styles, you can attract the attention of young and old. Neon barrettes, in particular, are quite popular as well as those with inscriptions. Similar to fabric face masks, female consumers are using this seemingly simple product to make personal statements. One of the perks of adding these to your collection is that they are inexpensive and lightweight which help keep shipping costs low. 

6. Hair extensions and wigs

Like snoring, hair is also a sensitive issue. For many women, almost every day is a bad hair day. So, if you choose to start selling hair wigs and extensions in 2024, you will always have an audience with a growing issue. Just double-check the Ts and Cs of your eCommerce platform as some prohibit the sale of human hair. In this case, you can always sell hair wigs made from artificial hair. 

You can also bundle it with hair clips or scrunchies. Last year, Pinterest identified hair scrunchies as one of the big trends. You can either buy them in bulk or make them yourself without having to spend a fortune. Plus, they are also lightweight which makes shipping easier. Forget the limited styles that rocked the 90s – in 2024, the modest scrunchie is made from high-quality, luxurious material like silk or leather. 

7. Yoga mats

With lockdown regulations and stay-at-home orders restricting the movement of people all across the globe, exercising at home is on the increase. Unlike the name suggests, yoga mats are actually quite versatile and activities like aerobics and pilates also generally use a yoga mat as part of their routine. If you sell other fitness products, you can also bundle certain items together like a yoga mat and a resistance band or perhaps a yoga mat and a water bottle. 

8. Shapewear

Shapewear are garments worn by women underneath their clothing to help shape their body.  However, some women have even started wearing it as regular clothing. If you want to include shapewear in your product range, be sure to include a wide selection that includes tank tops, shorts and bodysuits so that it is easier for your target audience to find the item that will match their specific needs and shape.

From shapewear with built-in bras to high-waist tummy tuck items, there are many kinds of shapewear that you can market to women who have recently given birth. Just be sure to market it wisely so that you don’t cause any offense. 

9. Activewear

Seeing that activewear, also called athleisure, is so comfortable, it makes sense why it is so popular (and, it is no longer just yoga pants). From shorts to sports bras, nowadays consumers do not mind being dressed in activewear from top to toe. Also, as there is no shortage of fitness influencers, it should be relatively easy to market these clothing items to your target audience. 

10. Swimsuits

According to Morgane Le Caer, a fashion insights reporter at Lyst.com, sporty one-piece swimsuits are currently in demand. Other styles that are also popular include high-waisted bikini bottoms, tie-dye, crochet bikini tops and animal prints. So, if your store sells women’s fashion, it could be easy to add these trending styles and see if they make a splash.

How to Make Digital Items to Sell on Etsy

The following steps, which are stated from start to finish, comprise the process of selling digital goods on Etsy.

1. Pick a Profitable Niche

For starters, do a little market research to find a profitable niche for your digital downloads. Visit Etsy and type a few ideas into the search bar to see what pops up. What’s selling well? How much do other sellers charge? Is there a gap in this niche you can fill? 

Your digital downloads have to be different than what’s already out there. Identifying a specific market will help you know what to target — and maybe even justify a higher price tag for specialty content.

For example, there are tons of digital planners on Etsy. If you also want to make digital planners, you’ll need to create a niche for yourself. That might mean designing a planner that doubles as a scheduler and a food planner for busy moms. 

2. Set up an Etsy Shop

With your unique idea in hand, it’s time to set up your Etsy store. Visit the Etsy website or app to create a seller account. 

Before you fill out the profile fields, you’ll need to create a memorable, descriptive, unique shop name. Upload a custom logo and inject a little personality into your shop description to attract more shoppers and seem more credible.

3. Create Popular Digital Products

If you want to master how to sell digital downloads on Etsy, you’ll need to create in-demand downloads that people crave. Do you want to sell digital files, like Cricut SVGs, that people can use on their own machines? Or do you want to make printable products, like coloring pages, that people print at home? 

You’ll need a different skill set depending on the products you want to make. For example, if you want to make wedding invitations, you can create them with a Canva Pro subscription. For more advanced products, like Instagram presets or website templates, you might need Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Lightroom.

Once you’ve created your products, you’ll need to list them individually in your Etsy store. But beware: Etsy fees are $0.20 per listing. That adds up, so create product listings for your top-selling products first to generate sales. 

4. Strategically Price and Discount Your Products

Next, you’ll need to decide on a price for your digital downloads. At a minimum, you need to recoup your costs. Etsy charges you $0.20 per listing, as well as a 6.5% transaction fee and a payment processing fee of 3% + $0.25 per transaction.

If you aren’t sure what you should charge, check the price ranges of similar products on Etsy. This doesn’t have to be a race to the bottom, but you do need fair prices to attract buyers.

You can also attract buyers by offering discounts. The Etsy platform allows sellers to put certain items on sale — you can even generate discount codes for past customers, social media subscribers, and your friends.

5. Collect Good Reviews

Reviews are the best way to master how to sell digital downloads on Etsy. Ninety-three percent of online shoppers say reviews influence their buying decisions, and that’s also true on platforms like Etsy. 

As a new shop, you’ll need to encourage people to leave reviews. That isn’t easy, but you can encourage reviews by: 

  • Giving friends and family a discount code to buy the download and leave a review
  • Answering all shopper DMs ASAP
  • Replying to all reviews, both good and bad
  • Asking customers to submit a review after they download the product
  • Offering free downloads to shoppers who leave a review

6. Follow Etsy SEO Best Practices

Etsy is a platform that functions like a search engine, so if you want to make money selling digital downloads on Etsy, you need to invest in search engine optimization (SEO).

Fill your shop and product pages with descriptive keywords that people are searching for. You should also add keywords to your product photos before uploading them to Etsy. Image meta-data counts for SEO, so don’t forget to rename all photo files. 

If you aren’t sure where to find keywords, you can look at your competitors to see what phrases they’re using. If you have a budget, paid keyword tools like Sale Samurai can do Etsy keyword research for you.

7. Try Etsy Marketing Strategies

Once you set up your shop, you’ll need to attract shoppers. Try promoting yourself with: 

  • An email list: Offer free versions of your digital downloads to people who subscribe to a monthly newsletter. You can incentivize signups by giving subscribers freebies every month, as well as exclusive discount codes and sales. 
  • Social media content: Create a Facebook page, Instagram account, and TikTok to promote your digital downloads. 
  • Influencer partnerships: Why not give your digital downloads to high-profile influencers in your niche? Some will happily give you a shoutout in exchange for free downloads.

Many beginners run Etsy Ads to boost their sales, but they’re pretty expensive. If you’re just starting, it’s better to get organic traction first.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell on Etsy in 2024?

Selling on Etsy can be a lucrative endeavor, but it’s important to be aware of the mandatory fees associated with running an Etsy shop. These fees include:

  • Listing fees
  • Transaction fees
  • Payment processing fees
  • Advertising fees

By understanding these fees, you can better manage your expenses and optimize your shop’s profitability.

Listing Fees

One of the primary fees you’ll encounter as an Etsy seller is the Etsy listing fee. Etsy charges a flat fee of $0.20 per item listed, which is valid for four months and renews automatically upon each sale or after four months if the item remains unsold. This means that even if your item doesn’t sell, you’ll still be charged the listing fee.

To avoid paying multiple renewal fees, you can configure your listings to renew manually by selecting “Manual” instead of “Automatic” in the “Renewal Options” section of the Listings Manager.

Transaction Fees

Another key fee to consider is the transaction fee. Etsy charges a 6.5% transaction fee on the total sale price, which includes shipping, customization, and gift wrapping fees. The way this fee is applied can vary depending on the seller’s location and whether the cost of sales tax is included in the listing price. It’s essential to be aware of Etsy transaction fees when planning your pricing strategy.

It’s essential to factor in transaction fees when setting your prices, as they can impact your overall profit margin.

Payment Processing Fees

When using Etsy Payments, be prepared for payment processing fees. These fees are charged at 3% + $0.25 per transaction and may vary depending on the seller’s location. If you are familiar with dropshipping high risk merchant accounts, then you may also need to be aware of processing fees. Etsy Payments allows buyers to use a variety of payment methods such as:

  • Major credit or debit cards
  • Etsy Gift Cards
  • Etsy Credits
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Understanding these fees is essential to ensure smooth transactions and maintain profitability. You should also understand merchant processing fees and rates! Feel free to visit our articles in the link to learn more about that.

Advertising Fees

Advertising on Etsy can be a powerful tool to drive traffic to your shop, but it’s important to be aware of the associated fees. Etsy offers two advertising options: Etsy Ads and Offsite Ads, with fees based on daily budgets or attributed orders. For example, Offsite Ads fees range between 12% and 15% of the total sale price depending on your shop’s annual sales, with a maximum fee of $100.

By choosing the most effective advertising options and setting appropriate budgets, you can make the most of your marketing efforts without incurring unnecessary costs.

How to Improve Your Etsy SEO in 2024

Follow these easy steps to improve your listing performance and reach more Etsy buyers in 2024.

Step 1. Research the best Etsy keywords for your products

Product trends come and go. And so do the top-performing keywords for your market. So, if you want to find the best keywords at any given time for your products, one of the easiest ways to do it is with Marmalead.

Once you link your Etsy shop to your Marmalead account, you can see exactly which keywords are expected to outperform the rest. You can even add hundreds of keywords for your product market to a list, then check back throughout the year to find out when search and engagement are about to spike.

Keeping an eye on keywords is one thing. But researching the best keywords for your product market is entirely different. Because if you don’t know how to find effective keywords, your SEO strategy won’t be off to a great start.

Step 2. Drop your worst Etsy keywords to make room for better ones

Life is too short to drink cheap wine. It’s also too short to use poor-performing Etsy keywords. To improve your Etsy SEO in 2024, you’ll need to get rid of your worst keywords to make room for better ones.

Again, this means using your Etsy shop stats to determine how your existing keywords perform for your listings.

  1. In Etsy, go into your Etsy Shop Manager.
  2. Navigate to your Stats on the sidebar.
  3. Scroll down, and you’ll see your Etsy Listings. Choose whichever listing you intend to optimize.
  4. Scroll down to see a list of Search Terms buyers are already using to find your products.

These search terms will tell you exactly which keywords are performing well for that particular Etsy listing and which keywords aren’t. The keywords with the least number of visits bring less organic traffic to that listing.

If some of your keywords aren’t on this list at all, they’re not bringing any organic traffic to that listing.

Find out which keywords aren’t performing and drop them. But make sure you replace them with keywords that are expected to perform better!

Step 3. Use long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords for Etsy are an important part of your SEO strategy. And we never miss an opportunity to talk about them. And although we bring up the importance of long-tail keywords from time to time, many Etsy sellers simply aren’t using them.

Ranking in Etsy search results is easier with long-tail keywords than with common search terms. This is because there’s less competition for long-tail keywords, which means fewer Etsy listings battling for placement.

When you use long-tail keywords on your Etsy listings, you increase the opportunity to achieve a high conversion rate. While specific long-tail keywords are used less often in search, Etsy shoppers who use these search terms have narrowed their product hunt to exactly what they want to buy.

Step 4. Use all 13 Etsy tags

This is a no-brainer. Etsy allows you to upload 13 tags for each of your listings. So don’t publish your Etsy listing without using all 13 of them!

If you’ve racked your brain to think of more tags to include on your Etsy listing, it’s time to use a keyword tool for help. Your tags are the most straightforward way to attach effective keywords to your Etsy listings. With each tag you include on your listing, you’re telling Etsy’s algorithm that you want to rank for that search term.

Step 5. Use focus keywords in your Etsy listing title, tags, and description

Etsy’s algorithm now considers keywords and phrases within your listing descriptions when ranking your listings on Etsy.

In other words, the keywords you use across your listing titles, tags, categories, and attributes have all been essential when it comes to matching your listings to the right buyers. And now, the keywords you use in your descriptions are just as important.

Focus keywords are Etsy keywords that are used in your title, tags, and description. This helps let Etsy’s algorithm know that your listing is extremely relevant for whichever keyword appears in these three areas.

So pick the most important keyword you’d like to rank for your Etsy listing and make this your focus keyword.

Basically, you’re letting Etsy’s algorithm know you want it to pay special attention to this search term when it’s scanning your listing and running its SEO checks.

Ideally, your focus keyword should be one that gives you the best opportunity to perform extremely well while remaining hyper-relevant to your product. So, you shouldn’t waste your focus keyword on an irrelevant one or one that lacks promising stats.

Step 6. Promote your Etsy shop externally

If you’re a new Etsy shop, one of the best things you can do to improve your Etsy SEO is to promote it to your friends and family on social media. They’ll immediately be excited about the idea of your Etsy shop, which should lead to more than a handful of sales and some potential positive reviews.

Not only will this start your Etsy experience on a high note, but this should also lead to some more word-of-mouth sales between acquaintances and other social circles.

If you’re following all of the other steps in this list appropriately, the handful of initial sales you can gain from your social media followers will give you a much-needed boost to your overall shop performance.

How to Start Dropshipping Jewelry on Etsy in 2024

 Follow these steps to start dropshipping jewelry on Etsy:

Create An Etsy Seller Account

Before we can begin dropshipping jewelry on Etsy, we must first create an Etsy Seller Account. To get started, go over to Etsy’s website and click ‘Register.’ Then, input a name, e-mail address, and password. After that, we simply click ‘Get Started,’ and will be directed to Etsy’s homepage.

At the bottom of the page, click ‘Open your Etsy shop’ and proceed by clicking ‘Let’s do this.’ Then, click ‘Start your shop,’ and we’re ready to set up our Etsy dropshipping store.

Start your shop dropshipping jewelry on Etsy

We need to choose our store’s language, country, and currency for our store preferences. Then, click ‘Save and continue.’  Once that’s done, we can name our store and establish our brand.

Create Your Brand

The next step to setting up our Etsy dropshipping store is crafting our brand. An essential part of creating a brand is, of course, creating our brand/store name. We need to think about how to attract our audience, especially if we’re entering the jewelry market.

Etsy Name your shop

Pro Tip: If we are going to dropship minimalistic jewelry, our brand should also communicate that. For example, if we decide to have more high-end products or focus on a punk niche, our design must also align with that.

After we’ve created our store name, it’s finally time to create a product listing. Here, we have to upload images or videos of our product. Plus, we need to provide the product title, description, category, and other relevant information.

Etsy Create a listing

Besides the product information, we must also enter shipping arrangements and return/exchange policies. However, there are ready-to-use templates on Etsy we can easily apply to our store. Otherwise, we can also come up with our store policies. 

After that, we must also set our payment options, billing details, and shop security. Then, we might have to go through a verification process. 

Verification Process

Once we’ve added our initial product to the list, we must undergo the verification process. This process involves providing personal details, like our name, residence, date of birth, etc. In addition, Etsy will request our payment and bank information, which we’ll use for receiving payments and processing payouts.

To finalize our application, we must also submit an official government-issued ID. Only then will Etsy carry out the verification process. Sometimes, the verification process only takes one day following the submission.

Find Jewelry Products For Your Etsy Store

After creating our Etsy seller account and crafting a brand for our jewelry dropshipping Etsy store, it’s time to find jewelry products we can add to our shop. As mentioned, product research is vital for the success of our Etsy jewelry dropshipping store.

With that said, here are some effective product research methods we can employ:

  • Manual Search / Looking at Best Sellers on Etsy
  • TikTok Ad Spy Tool
  • AutoDS Winning Products Hub
  • Supplier Best-Sellers
  • Product-Finding Blogs
  • Google Trends
  • Google Lens

The most simple yet effective product research method is conducting manual searches. Specifically, looking at best sellers on Etsy gives us an idea of what products are selling out. Likewise, going through our supplier’s best-selling products under the jewelry category does the same.

Moreover, the AutoDS’ TikTok Ad Spy Tool shows us the trending products on TikTok. With this tool, we can filter by engagement, likes, views, etc. Meanwhile, the AutoDS Winning Products Hub provides valuable data and analysis of our competitor’s ads. Additionally, we can read through blog articles with curated lists of top-selling items, such as AutoDS’ Product-Finding Blogs.

Furthermore, we can access Google Trends to identify seasonal product demands. Similarly, we can use Google Lens to backtrack potential suppliers for top-selling products and find other relevant product information.

Select A Jewelry Dropshipping Supplier

Now that we know what products to add to our jewelry dropshipping Etsy storefront, we must select a jewelry dropshipping supplier. With a dropshipping model, finding a supplier can make or break our business. That’s why we must carefully choose our supplier using specific criteria. Keep reading, as we’ll share this in detail in the next portion of this article.

Import Jewelry Products Fast And Easy 

Once we have our suppliers, we can import jewelry products to our Etsy store. It may seem like a hassle to import products from one store to another. However, with AutoDS dropshipping automation solutions, we can import jewelry products quickly and easily.

Promote Your Etsy Dropshipping Store

To summarize, we now have our Etsy seller account, we have a brand, we know what products to sell and where to find them, and we’ve automated our product-importing process. The next step towards success is promoting and marketing our Etsy jewelry dropshipping store.

There are different ways we can promote our jewelry dropshipping Etsy storefront. First, we can use paid ads on platforms like Facebook to put ourselves in front of our target audience. This strategy increases the chances of conversions and puts our name out there.

On the other hand, we can opt to promote our Etsy store for free by creating content. Platforms like TikTok make promoting products more accessible, especially for small business owners. Observe how ads in the jewelry niche and create your own content to attract views and buyers. 

Beginner’s Tip: Remember to always attach a link to your jewelry dropshipping Etsy store in any promotional content so it’s easier for customers to find products from your shop and buy products directly from your store.

Fulfill Your Jewelry Dropshipping Orders

An efficient order fulfillment process is a big part of the customer experience and plays a major role in our Etsy dropshipping success. There are two main methods of order fulfillment: Manual and Automatic.

Manually fulfilling orders entails visiting the supplier’s website and purchasing the product with our customer’s delivery address. However, a downside to this method is the increased risk of errors and potential delays once orders start pouring in. 

However, with the automatic order fulfillment method, we can use tools to streamline and automate our process. For example, Fulfilled By AutoDS uses automation to manage, accept, and process customer orders completely. This automation tool effectively saves us hundreds of hours so we can relax and focus on growing our business.

Provide The Best Customer Support

Lastly, we must provide excellent customer service and support to our buyers. Customer satisfaction greatly impacts the success of our jewelry dropshipping Etsy business for many reasons. 

Firstly, providing great customer service leads to higher customer ratings and more positive reviews. The higher our ratings, the more interested buyers will trust our store and make a purchase. 

Second, our customer service can be a big differentiator against our competitors. Aside from our branding, pricing, and products, we can stand out through excellent customer support. 

Lastly, how we service our customers leaves a lasting impression. Therefore, ensuring they are satisfied increases their chances of returning to us for their next jewelry purchase. Moreover, having loyal, returning customers helps increase our longevity in the market.

How to Sell on Etsy With Pinterest

1. Set up your Pinterest Business profile

If you don’t have a Pinterest Business profile, you need to set one up to advertise on the platform.

You can visit Pinterest’s Business site to sign up for an account.

Once you set up a profile, you must fill it out completely. You’ll want to build a Pinterest profile that’s like your Etsy shop. The branding should be identical to your shop so that you can create brand consistency.

Make sure you fill out your profile completely. Add your brand name, a link to your Etsy shop, and a short description of your shop. You’ll also want to add an icon and background photo to your page that reflects your brand.

The important part is that you remain consistent with your business profile. That way, if someone clicks on your brand name in the ad and visits your Pinterest profile, they’ll get a consistent feel for your brand.

2. Claim your Etsy shop

After you set up your Pinterest profile, you’ll want to claim your Etsy profile. Claiming or linking your Etsy profile allows you to get access to website analytics and help people find where they can discover more of your content.

So, how do you claim your Etsy shop?

First, start by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of your feed.

After clicking on these dots, you’ll see a drop-down menu. Select “Edit settings.”

In your settings, you’ll see a menu on the left-hand side. Select “Claim.”

On this page, you’ll see the option to claim your Etsy profile. By claiming your profile, you add your name and profile to Pins from your Etsy shop.

By following these steps to claim your Etsy website, you’ll ensure that you get credit on any pins you post.

3. Create Pinterest boards and pin content

The easiest way to promote your Etsy products on Pinterest is by taking content you already posted and advertising it. To do that, you need to have content pinned to your profile.

Before you start running Pinterest ads for Etsy, you need to create boards for the different types of products you offer. You’ll want to create multiple types of boards and fill each one with content from your Etsy shop.

For example, let’s say you have a jewelry shop on Etsy.

If you’re creating Pinterest boards, you can create boards for your:

  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • And more

You can break down these boards even further.

You could compile your necklaces into different boards like:

  • Vintage necklaces
  • Pearl necklaces
  • Gold necklaces
  • Silver necklaces
  • Rose gold necklaces
  • Long necklaces
  • And more

Creating these more refined boards allows you to attract people looking for specific types of products. It’s always better to have multiple, specific boards with a few products pinned to them, rather than having a broad category (like necklaces) and pinning every possible piece to it.

By creating Pinterest boards, you’ll create a pool of content you can use for your Pinterest ads.

Top 3 Etsy Seller Mistakes to Avoid in 2024

Accepting that things go wrong from time to time is essential to building a sustainable business. A true entrepreneurial gladiator is defined by how he or she handles unforeseen setbacks.

Mistake #1: Giving up on improving product photography.

When Lori Cook of Kilted Woman started selling her Scottish-inspired seaglass jewelry, one of the biggest challenges she faced was mastering product photography. “It took me at least a year to improve my photos; even now they could still be better”, explains the Washington state resident.

Over time, and with the aid of natural light and cohesive backgrounds, she’s developed a style that reflects her brand. “It helps to have elements that speak personally to buyers”, she says. Using all five photo slots gives you ample opportunity to stage photographs with props that illustrate the purpose of your product, and appeal to your target market’s interests.

Mistake #2: Waiting to track your inventory.

Selling in person and online means keeping track of inventory is doubly important — especially when the items you make are one of a kind. “Once, I forgot to close my online shop while at a craft show,” says Ruth Bleakley of Concertina Press. “I sold out of multiple one-of-a-kind journals at the show and online simultaneously.” Luckily, the Floridian had enough materials to reproduce the journals precisely, but it taught her a valuable lesson about keeping track of her inventory. Now when she sells in person, she makes a point of deactivating the items she’s selling in her online shop. In the future, she’ll update her shop in real time from her iPad using the Sell on Etsy card reader.

Creating systems for tracking products and supplies early on can help things run smoothly as your business expands.

Mistake #3: Underpricing your products.

When BeaG of Belgium-based William’s Giftshop started selling her work online in 2006, she racked up sales quickly but saw little profit. After crunching the numbers, she was shocked to learn she was making just 50 cents an hour for her labor. Realizing she was underpricing her work, she updated her prices to better reflect the value of time she spent making. “I sell fewer items now, but make a larger profit overall”, she explains. With less volume, she’s able to spend more time interacting with customers and exploring additional creative projects.

Bottom line

Looking at whether the items you’re selling on Etsy are the right items for the platform is important, and not just from a marketplace policy standpoint. Compliance with marketplace policy given, some items are a better choice for selling on Etsy than others. Digital downloads, for example, are a great way to make money on the platform while requiring no logistics and minimal customer service.

Certain handmade items, on the other hand, may be more difficult to profitably sell on the platform. Things like handmade leather goods of your own design, for example, can easily be copied and sold for pennies on the dollar by dropshippers or sellers operating from areas with lower production costs, making it more difficult for sellers who sell their own handmade creations to get noticed among the sea of competition. Whatever you’re selling, you’ll want to be sure that it is indeed a good fit for selling on Etsy.

Selling on Etsy is a great way to profit from one’s creativity. With the tools and tips presented in this article, even creators who have little knowledge of running an online store can become successful Etsy store owners.

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