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People adore their pets and want to provide the finest possible care for them. Most pet owners understand that grooming their pets is important for providing exceptional care and keeping them clean, healthy, and pest-free. Grooming is a luxury service that many people do not have the time or skill to provide for themselves. They would rather resort to a professional with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to groom their pet while simplifying their lives.

Although pet owners will go to any length to ensure their pets are well-cared for, many do not have the time to take them to the groomer. Pet owners are constantly on the lookout for services that will come to them. This is where mobile pet grooming services come in.

Mobile pet grooming services provide pet owners with a handy pet grooming service. Professional groomers clean animals at their clients’ homes rather than requiring clients to come to them, which is more convenient for the clients.

Starting a mobile pet grooming business may be a terrific business endeavor for you if you have a passion for animals and want to become a business owner. Here are some things to think about before you start.

Owning a mobile pet grooming business can be both challenging and rewarding. Here are some of the benefits of owning a mobile pet grooming business, can provide:

  • No Exposure to Other Pets or People – Mobile grooming is a safe option for pet owners and dogs. It allows them to avoid interacting with other people and exposing them to other pets. It’s a great option for reactive dogs or puppies who have yet to have their vaccinations. Plus, pets won’t be exposed to ticks, fleas, or other contagious conditions, which is a risk when pets visit a traditional brick-and-mortar grooming salon.
  • No Need to Rent a Space – You can save considerably on operation costs by owning a mobile pet grooming salon. The only expense you have is a monthly van payment, or you can choose to own the van outright by paying in all cash. Either way, the monthly payments for a van are much less than renting a space.
  • Set Your Own Hours – Running your own business has its advantages with how often and when you work. You get the flexibility to choose your own hours and when you take on clients.
  • Happier Clients – People love the convenience of having a service that comes to their homes instead of loading up their pets and driving out of the way to drop them off and pick them up. They are more relaxed knowing they are nearby and happier with the service and the convenience.

Before you start any venture, you want to ensure this is the right business for you. You’ll primarily be managing dogs and cats if you decide to take them on, and your interactions with people will be limited.

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As with any service profession, you’ll need to ensure you have great communication skills. You want to be able to listen to pet owners’ concerns, questions, and needs and clearly convey your services and whether you can meet their expectations. If you’re passionate about working with animals and can communicate well with their owners, you’re on the right track for a profession fit for you.

For a mobile pet grooming business, many of the investments will be upfront and only be required one time until you need to purchase replacements.

  • Commercial Vehicle – Choosing the vehicle in which you will run your business is perhaps the biggest decision you will make. You’ll likely want to choose a commercial van or trailer, but you can always start smaller while you build your brand and reputation. Many factors go into choosing the right van for your business. Still, with the equipment you need, you’ll want to ensure your vehicle or trailer is big enough to hold your supplies and allows you to work comfortably.
  • Grooming Equipment – A mobile grooming salon requires the same equipment a traditional brick-and-mortar grooming salon needs to operate. You’ll need clippers, sheers, brushes, a grooming table, dryers, and a tub if you offer bathing services. Operating your grooming equipment will require you to have a battery-powered generator, power connections, a water tank with a water heater, and waste disposal containers.
  • Pet Cleaning Supplies – If you are offering bathing services for your mobile pet grooming business, you’ll want to stock up on quality cleaning supplies. Choose shampoos, conditioners, specialty cleaning supplies for ears and pad care, and other luxury cleaning and care services you want to offer.

Create a Business Plan

Creating a business plan is essential to help you find success. A business plan helps you define your business offerings and prevents you from overspending. Your business plan should include analysis and data of your potential clients and local neighborhoods, marketing materials, cost evaluations, and service schedule and costs. A business plan can help you if you need to secure a business loan, as many banks and capital investors will ask to see a comprehensive business plan.

  • Analyze Your Potential Clients and Market – Get to know your local neighborhoods and the clients who would want to purchase your services. Create a customer profile to understand their needs. It will help you create a marketing plan and choose services that best fit your client base.
  • Define Your Services – Clearly define your services and what you plan to offer. Will you be bathing and grooming only? Or will you offer add-on services like nail trims, feal and tick removal, and more? You’ll want to determine what your services will be worth.
  • Define Your Service Area – You want to define the area you plan to serve clearly, depending on where you are willing to travel. Remember that many clients may live in apartment buildings or may not have driveways that can fit your vehicle of choice. Be prepared with accommodations for those clients to not cut off services for those who may need them.
  • Create a Budget – Prepare a budget by evaluating your estimated monthly expenses and any one-time upfront costs. Keep a list of potential ongoing costs such as:
    • Equipment maintenance like the sharpening of blades and sheers
    • Fuel costs
    • Marketing costs such as ad spending and flyers
    • Supply replenishment
    • Vehicle maintenance like oil changes, tire checks, and air pressure

A prepared budget prevents you from overspending and ensures you can earn a healthy income.

Create a Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is one aspect of your business you want to spend quality time crafting and creating to reflect your values and brand. It’s a step you can work on throughout building your business and is best started once you have a good idea of your customer base and the local area you’ll be serving. You’ll want to develop a marketing plan to get your mobile pet grooming business name in the right hands.

  • Define Your Brand – Your brand defines your values and how you want to be viewed by the public. It can help you stand out with a unique logo, business name, and mission.
  • Build a Website and Social Media Accounts – Most reputable businesses will have a website highlighting services and customer testimonials. Social media accounts don’t act as a replacement for a professional website, but they are essential for a social media plan.
  • Create social media accounts, a website, and flyers to distribute to local businesses like pet shops and veterinarians.
  • Social Media Management – Social media is a powerful tool for getting your business name out there. You want to post often and create relevant content that reaches your customers and encourages them to hire you to groom their pets. Facebook and Instagram have built-in marketing tools you can use and collect valuable insights to help you pivot and perfect your marketing plan.
  • Build Social Proof and Reputation – When you first start out, you want to build up your reputation. Businesses rely on word-of-mouth recommendations, and when searching for a related business, potential clients will read reviews before moving forward. Reach out to friends and family and offer your services to them for free. They can leave honest reviews and help build your social proof that you are a respected and trusted mobile pet grooming business.
  • Visit Pet Stores and Local Veterinarians – Building local partnerships can help you bring more business to your mobile pet grooming business. Contact local vet offices and pet stores and ask if you can advertise or partner with them to get more exposure to your business.

How to Make Money With Pet Grooming

If you have a pet, you are surely aware of how frustrating it is to be unable to locate someone to groom your pet at an inexpensive price. This is a widespread issue that affects many pet owners around the country. That is why a pet grooming business can be so profitable, and generating money from it may be relatively simple if you play your cards well.

Here are some simple steps for making money with pet grooming:

1. Get Your Hands on Some Essential Pet Grooming Equipment

Pet grooming is a great way to make money on your own schedule. But if you are just beginning to groom pets, you need all the appropriate tools to do the job well.

Acquire pet grooming kits that contain everything you need to start grooming such as a powerful vacuum pet dryer, heavy-duty dog comb, professional clippers, pet grooming tables, stainless steel scissors, tubs for bathing and drying, gentle mitts for cat fur, and more.

2. Make Money with Pet Grooming by Offering Home Services

One of the easiest ways for you to make money with pet grooming is by offering home services to pet owners. This makes it convenient for pet owners who are too busy to take their pets to a groomer’s location.

Remember, however, that after the service, you will also have to clean up the mess.

3. Get a Mobile Pet Grooming Station

Getting in a pet grooming business means at some point you will have to decide between having a physical location or being a mobile dog groomer.

This portable unit should come with everything you will need to set up an appointment, take care of your pet, and charge for your services. There is also a wide variety of tools and accessories that help to make the mobile station more easy and convenient for pet grooming.

4. Get a Physical Pet Grooming Station

This is the most expensive option and depends on how much money you want to earn as a pet groomer. A physical location is great for building trust with customers. Most pet owners would prefer to visit a physical station than place their pets in the arms of someone who drives off. A physical location will also make operating easier as you won’t be on the move so much. 

5. Attract Customers near You with Google My Business 

To make money with pet grooming, you should consider registering your services with Google My Business. People would be more willing to patronize you if your pet grooming station appears on Google Maps when they search. Even if you operate from home, it is always a good idea to put it on Google My Business. 

No worries, setting up the account is completely free. Here is the information required to set it up.

  • Photos of your grooming salon
  • Photos of the building 
  • Days of operation and operating hours
  • Your address 
  • Prices of your services 
  • Discounts if available.

6. Use the Power of Social Media to Your Advantage

People love the feeling that comes with watching or viewing adorable transformations of cute pets on social media. This makes social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, a powerful tool for promoting your pet grooming business.

Just make sure you get permission from their owners before you post them. In case you are just starting and need content to post on social media, you can offer free services to pets of family and friends to get what you need.

Additionally, you can start a blog where you share tips about pet grooming techniques, best practices, and the benefits of pet grooming for pets and their owners. This blog will help boost your credibility as a pet groomer, and monetizing it will help you earn more money. So, get the attention of potential customers and boost your profile by showing videos or photos of moments before and after you serviced your clients. 


The demand for mobile pet grooming services is steadily increasing. There has never been a better time to start working for yourself and creating your own pet care business. You can begin your journey toward developing your dream mobile pet grooming business with a little hard work, commitment, and ingenuity.

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