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People are more likely to get free products rather than spending their earned money. Thus driving your traffic to a particular task can lead you to money. Generally, you can make $0.50 – $20 per CPA offer.

However, there also some high-end CPA offers that pay $750 or even more for a particular action by your traffic. But is it really that easy to make money through these CPA offers? Find out how you can succeed using this earn opportunity to your full advantage.

  • What are CPA Offers?
  • How can I Promote my CPA Offers for Free?
  • How do I Start a CPA Marketing?
  • How do I set up a CPA network?
  • What are the 5 Promotional Strategies?

What are CPA Offers?

Cost Per Acquisition is a marketing strategy whereby as a marketer, you get paid when you make people to take specific action such as signing up, submit an email or fill a form on behalf of your advertiser.

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While CPA looks interesting and easy to pull off, the major barrier preventing a lot of people from earning money from CPA offers is how to get traffic for their CPA offer at zero cost. Below is the CPA free traffic methods that anyone can easily engage to earn money from CPA offers.

Of all the CPA free traffic methods, content marketing has been proven to be foolproof. For those that are new to online marketing, content marketing is when you create any contents which includes but not limited to articles, videos, audios, memes that add values to the user.

Content seeks to educate, entertain, inform or inspire people to take actions.
Contrary to popular belief, content marketing is not only about articles, but articles seem to be the most pronounced of them all.

You don’t have to spend a dime to enjoy CPA free traffic methods.

Let’s take article writing as a case study, when you want to promote your CPA offers through article writing, you really don’t have to own a website, although having one will definitely be a plus. There are many popular websites and forums that allow you to post free content.

Here is an example;

Articles that benefit the audience can be used as a medium for promoting CPA offers. There are quite a lot of high profile websites that allow you to post articles that can be used as CPA free traffic method. Among such website is Medium while Quora is one of the most popular forums globally.

Medium is a website that allows users to post articles free of charge. As a CPA marketer that wants to generate free traffic, you should learn how to professionally create articles, which if beneficial to the audience can earn you a lot of shares and back-link for marketers that have websites. Through Medium, you get to showcase whatever CPA offers you are promoting to a large audience.

Quora unlike Medium is a forum. There you can promote your offers by providing answers to the questions that people asked in the forum. Quora will allow you to directly post the link to your advertisers’ offers and you can use your website link as well.

Another way to earn money from CPA offers using CPA free traffic methods is the use of social media. Facebook and Twitter are good for articles while Instagram is gradually catching up with YouTube in terms of marketing through video.

As a CPA marketer, you can create videos with high-quality content. If such videos can go viral, you will definitely earn a huge amount of money without investing a dime.

Regardless of the methods you prefer, CPA free traffic method is a great way to earn from the CPA offers. However, you can of yourself a lot of benefits by investing your time and energy in creating quality, relevant and beneficial content.

How can I Promote my CPA Offers for Free?

CPA marketing may look like an attractive business model from the outside, but it takes a lot of work, planning, and experience to succeed.

There is a lot of fierce competition in popular niches and if you are not prepared and have a strong understanding of the market, you are going to fail.

With the rapid growth of technology in the world today you can easily promote your offer without a website using this awesome tool. You actually don’t need a website or blog or business to start posting links and earning money neither do you need millions of advertising dollars before the returns start showing up.

But that does not mean that all traffic sources are free. Some are expensive to run, for example, Native ads but can also convert well depending on the niche.

Using Medium

Medium is a one of the best site that let you promote CPA offers but you can only promote CPA link not Clickable images on this platform. Always remember this in your mind otherwise they will terminate your account and will banned you.

Using Quora

 Quora is a question and answer based website that let you share your answers, you can also add your affiliate links to your Quora answers and this will get you more clicks and leads for free.

Always keep in mind that “Don’t spam the platform” some people try to promote CPA offers for free and believe me, you can get thousands of CPA leads using Quora. Quora traffic is mostly from organic sources so the chances of getting thousands of leads on your cpa offers.

The third way and the most powerful way is to use Pinterest for promoting your CPA offer. I have find a way to promote CPA offers for free with Pinterest by making a website on Blog spot and add your links of CPA offers, Pinterest don’t let you post CPA links directly so you need to use this method.

Promote CPA Offers With Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best marketing ways of promoting CPA offers. But you must learn how to start successful email marketing.

How to start email marketing for your offers. First, you have to collect emails from your targeted audience who are looking for these types of offers or interested in your offers niche.

Every people have a common question, how can I collect my offers or products interested audience emails? It’s very easy. You can collect your offer niche interested audience’s Emails in two ways.

1. Take an AutoResponder and create a landing page, shared it niche relevant Facebook groups and Boost on Facebook.

2. Hire freelancers for emails finding from the freelance marketplace like Fiverr at a cheap rate.

After building a list of your audience names and emails, you should write a letter on your offer which will be profit, if they take this offer. And put your offer link to any targeted words.

Now you need an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for sending mail to your audiences.

You can use ConvertKit for sending emails to my audience. Here you will be able to send unlimited mail users just by one click. And you’ll be seen who have opened your mail.

Promote CPA Offers On Classified Ads Sites

It’s one kind of free method for promoting CPA offers. You can post ads based on the target location. But many offers don’t accept Craigslist or classified advertising. You should advertise here only for that offer which accepts it.

Also, you can use classified sites for traffic generation on your specific content of your website which contains your offer link.

Promote CPA Offers On Instagram

Instagram is another best way for promoting CPA offers. But this method is most effective for Mobile Phone related offers(e.g. apps download or other). I’m giving step-by-step formula in below.

Step (1). Create 3-5 Accounts On Instagram

You can create some Instagram profiles. But you can’t able to create more than 5 accounts on it. If you want to use more accounts, then you can use proxies or buy accounts from other. Create the professional type of profiles and put your Covered offer link in Bio option.

Step (2). Start to follow of your niche relevant profiles’ followers

After making profiles start to follow your niche relevant profiles’ followers. Try to make a goal that you follow every day 400-500. When you’ll follow them, they will back to you.

Step (3). Start posts contents with your offer link

Start posts content with eye-catching images and put your covered CPA offer link in the initial of the text of the post. Above all, Only Instagram can help you to make so much money from your offer, If you’re able to promote it perfectly.

Make A Niche Site For Promoting CPA Offer

A niche site is another best way for promoting the offer. If you are a CPA marketer or affiliate marketer, You should have a personal website. A personal website is the best method for promoting any types of products or service.

Do you want to create a website for your offer niche? Here are some guildelines you can follow.

Niche Selection :

You know good what’s your offers industry like internet marketing, health, software, and others.

You need to research your niche for an idea. You’ll get some information about your niche like demand, competition when you’ll research. We recommend you to research market for your niche before starting your niche site.

You can research your niche freely by Google Adwords Keywords planner or you can hire a freelancer from Fiverr for market research/keywords research. After selecting a perfect niche for a website, you can start the next step.

Buy Domain And Hosting :

Find out a reliable domain name that includes your niche primary keyword.  We recommend selecting a short domain name.

After selecting a good domain name, buy the domain and hosting from Bluehost.

It is an incredible hosting service provider. It provides a free domain, which means that you don’t need to pay for the domain name. Because it’s 100% trusted that provides faster loading speed and easy to use for beginners.

Website Site Design :

Site design is the main part of a website before contents publishing.

You need website control platforms which are called CMS (Content Management System). There have many CMS like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Wix. I recommend you to use WordPress.

Because WordPress is very easy to use and have many good plugins which will help you to control your site with SEO friendly.

After uploading or installing WordPress in your site, you need to design your site or theme development by a designer and you can also buy a paid theme.

It provides a responsive and SEO friendly theme. Themes are very faster for loading of it which is important for Search engines rankings. Keep your site design simple and eye-catching.

Contents Writing And Publishing

Great Content is king for any websites. If your contents are very good, your CPA offers conversation will be increased. You’re not doing face to face marketing, you are an online marketer. So you have to represent your services or products by content.

Start to write some reviews contents on your offers minimum 400-500 words per content. You should include the important features of your offers which will be profitable if anyone takes this offer.

You can try to write content by yourself. And you’re not able to write, you can hire a good writer from iwriter by a cheap budget.

After writing contents, you need to check your contents for confirming grammatical mistakes and plagiarism issues.  Post your contents on your site with good relevant unique images and put your referral links.

Website SEO :

SEO is a short form of Search Engine Optimization. You need more traffics on your website to get more leads to your offers. SEO is the best marketing way for driving targeted traffics on your site.

You can rank your site organically on Google first page very easily if you do SEO for your site. 

Organic SEO has two parts On page SEO and Off page SEO.

OnPage  SEO :

On-page SEO is an internal thing on your website. You should optimize your posts.

Title: Focus keyword need to be placed in your post title and length 55-65 character is good. Make it simple and readable.

Meta description: Write your full content summary within 165 characters. You can add Meta description by Yoast SEO plugin very easily.

Body Contents: Body content is the full content after the title. Make a small paragraph for your contents and decorate your content. Don’t do keywords stuffing. The keyword density is 1.5%-3% for better SEO.

That is means you should use your keywords 2-3 times for 100 words. And also you should use subheading in your body content.

Setup Yoast SEO plugin: Yoast SEO is an awesome WordPress plugin for your site SEO.  It helps you to fix on page SEO problem easily.

Off-page SEO: You need to get support from other sites for ranking. This is a link building strategy that is called off page SEO.

How do I Start a CPA Marketing?

Choose CPA Networks:

The first and foremost thing to start is to choose a good CPA network. Below are some CPA networks. They are affiliate marketing networks that offer a large number of CPA campaigns with very renowned brands.

  • ShareASale (For Worldwide traffic)
  • vCommission (Works well for Indian Traffic)
  • Cuelinks (Works well for Indian Traffic)

There are many other popular CPA marketing networks such as MaxBounty, PeerFly, ClickBooth, CPAWay etc. You can try these as well based on your requirements and niche.

Apply For CPA Offers

There will be many CPA offers that will not be auto-approved. You will have to request approval. There is no trick to get approved all the time but there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of being accepted.

Some things that might help you get accepted:

  • Make sure your profile is complete with all the details. You have to make advertisers realize that you are a legitimate business that can send them leads.
  • Have your own website with domain-specific email address (e.g. admin@catchupdates.com). (Generic emails do not bring credibility so I never recommend) (Email Marketing is an art)
  • There will be certain advertisers who will be interested to know what else you will try to promote their products. Explain to them why you are choosing this to promote (such as you have a review article, it is in your niche, you are planning to create a landing page, you have organic traffic source (coming from a search engine) which can result in better CTR etc etc.)
  • Be honest in all your communications.

Embedding CPA Offers Into Your Site

Once you have been approved, you will get your affiliate URLs (unique links exclusively for you). There will be banners, customized text links, videos and widgets etc for the CPA campaigns which you can embed/integrate into your blog to showcase offer to your readers and proposing them to try it out, thus providing high CTR.

In order to get the most out of the CPA fling, we recommend creating review articles/landing pages on them (wherever possible) and then including affiliated URLs with CTA (Call to Action) in the end. This approach tends to bring better results

How do I set up a CPA network?

1. Start With the Partners: Find Advertisers

If you don’t have access to any compelling offers, you can be sure that you won’t attract any marketers to your network. They won’t be lured by promises—there are so many networks out there. 

Marketers already have their pick of partners in the affiliate network space that can help them earn good money. What’s even worse for you is the fact that the number of experienced digital marketers is limited. And this makes them pretty busy.

They don’t have time to scan millions of offers to find a good one. It’s more comfortable—and often more profitable—for them to join an already established network that has a set of high-quality, converting offers. 

Specialize in a vertical to attract more partners

Just as it’s wise for affiliate marketers to specialize in a vertical—for example, mobile games, apps, etc—the same applies to affiliate networks. There’s not much success to be had in trying to position yourself broadly.

Starting an affiliate network specializing in a few verticals is always a good idea. This way, you can find experts within those domains who will be interested in finding offers that they know how to promote.

Affiliate networks give brands access to some of the most successful marketers out there, who wouldn’t be willing to work with them exclusively. And they can promote their products effectively. That’s why there’s still demand for experienced marketers who can make that sales chart go sky high straight away.

So, if they won’t come to you that easily, how do you start? By establishing partnerships with advertisers. “Which” advertisers is quite important here, to be honest. Of course, big brands with big budgets and high demand would be perfect, but they are probably too big to start working with another affiliate network. Most likely, they’re already working with some and are happy with them.

That’s why a niche or a vertical can be your main advantage. Find partners within the niche—some that are already experiencing a nice amount of traffic—and establish a relationship with them. 

How Can You Protect Your Advertisers Brand Reputation?

With affiliate advertising, advertisers don’t look like they have that much to lose. If you don’t make any sales, they don’t pay a thing. But the truth is more complicated and you should still be careful. They can be worried about their ad placements and will definitely monitor referrals—i.e., where the traffic is coming from.

Let’s give you a vivid example. Last year, YouTube experienced losses due to some major brands leaving their advertising platform. Why? Because some brands’ ads appeared with inappropriate videos and that put them in a, well, bad light, to say the least.

Even in the niches, if the advertiser considers their product to be their brand, they will be super cautious about ad placement.

Don’t forget about fraud

Ad fraud can be a serious problem for affiliate networks. While cost models like CPM can protect networks from feeling the financial burden of ad fraud, advanced fraud common in mobile acquisition and lead gen campaigns are another matter. 

If your affiliates are sending you nothing but bot traffic, then you can quickly lose advertisers when they see few results, or worse payout for junk leads that never bring any profits. That’s where you need an anti-fraud tool to block the harmful bots.   

Ask yourself a very important question… Are You Experienced Enough to Build an Affiliate Network?

Is there something that you can offer the advertisers? Exactly. If you are just a beginner, you don’t have anything, actually.

So for beginners who have heard about affiliate networks and think that this might be their thing, some advice: gain experience in online marketing and sales first. Running an e-commerce store or going from zero to hero as an affiliate marketer would be perfect.

Why? Because if you know how to drive traffic and conversions to your partners’ offers, you can offer them just that. It’s a common practice—first show that your network brings profits, and from that point, you’ll be able to move to step number two, which is…

2. Find Affiliates

After working with advertisers and proving that your network is profitable, to build your affiliate network you need to find affiliates that will help you maintain the performance while you start to minimize your own efforts in advertising.

When pitching your network to affiliates, you need to have some solid numbers. They want to know whether the offers are worth their time. But you know that, right? That’s why you’ve started promoting on your own. 

What should you do if the offers aren’t that good? If they have some potential, work with your partners to optimize them—change copy, visuals etc. Other wise, I’m afraid you’ll just have to go out and find some better ones. 

Good offers can build up interest, but there’s more to the success of an affiliate network. For example, the payment structure—it should be transparent. You need to make sure that all the commissions and pricing are clear to the affiliate. To keep the marketers with you, you’ll need to be as flexible with the payments as you can. 

Pay them on time and when they want it, or, again, set clear rules that they can accept. Moreover, negotiate good conditions with the advertisers and offer the maximum possible commission.

That’s a lot of effort—and we’re not done yet. Next: How do you know how everything is performing?

3. Keep Track of Your Network

You need to track every aspect of the network’s performance and be accurate in doing it. After all, behind conversions or other goals is real money. You’ll want to use a reliable tracker that supports affiliate networks.

Voluum supports the part of the tracking that affiliate networks need. We are seeing an increase in the number of affiliate networks that want to base their analytics on our infrastructure. Of course, you can’t run your whole network with Voluum only, but our clients are happy with the tracking capabilities.

With the new Collaboration Tools, you can use the whole suite—Workspaces, Multi-User, and Shared Reports—to keep up with all the sides of your business.

A. Assign users to workspaces

Workspaces and multi-users allow you to provide limited access to affiliates who sign up with your network. 

You can use Workspaces to group offers in any way you want and to show them to the affiliates of your choice. You can also share all your offers and even lander elements if some of your partners include landing pages.

With Multi-User, you can invite affiliates to track their own performance and work on their offers. Even if they use the same offers, they’ll see only the results that they’ve generated.

B. Share real-time reports

In the meantime, you can use Shared Reports to get in sync with your advertisers. This feature allows you to share all the data you choose with just one link. So you can generate a real-time report to make sure that your data and your partner’s is instantly synchronized.

You can also use these real-time reports to let the affiliates see their performance if they choose to use another tracking solution.

Shared Reports is a really powerful solution that more and more affiliate networks are using.

Alternative – provide campaign URLs to affiliates

There is an alternative system that doesn’t require adding all your affiliates as users. Instead, you create a campaign for each offer that an affiliate registers for. That could be a direct linking offer or an offer with a lander. 

Next, give the affiliate the campaign URL for the campaign you just created. From the affiliate’s perspective, it is their offer URL and they can use it in their own tracker if they like.   

What are the 5 Promotional Strategies?

Get the most out of social media

One of the most obvious advantages to using social media is that they’re typically free (unless you choose to invest a portion of your budget towards promoting social ads) and most take less than an hour to get set up.

These things considered there’s no excuse to not give them a try and see what works. Set up a time frame, 3 months for example, for a trial period on a new network. Every company is different and certain social media networks are more suited for you depending on your target audience.

Make sure to track the success of each. Increase your presence on networks that are working and discontinue use of ones that aren’t.

Social media is easy, but there’s still a right way to use it and a wrong way. Do your research and don’t fall victim to commonly made mistakes. For example, do you know how to tweet something? You may think you do, but just in case read over a list of “Twitter terms” and make sure you truly know how to use a hashtag.

Review the type of language used on each network and make sure to share relevant content that your target market is interested in. As a general rule, 90% of the content you post should be about sharing knowledge and educating.

The other 10% should be about your product. Once you understand the logistics of these networks you can be sure you are utilizing them to their fullest potential. 

2. Generate conversation with swag!

Start by asking what your target audience would want. Take into consideration size (does it easily fit in your bag?) and quality (will your logo wash off after one use?). Make sure it is purposeful and useful.

No one needs extra clutter so get some feedback before you place an order. If 3 out of 5 people surveyed say they would toss it don’t waste your time and your company’s money. There’s no question that swag can be a great promotional strategy, but it’s only going to generate conversation if it avoids the trash.

Remember, these items are custom to your brand so always leave enough time for the order to be created and request proof. It’s better to spend a little extra attention and catch a mistake on the proof than not realizing it until after a large order has been received.

Understand the point of ordering this swag and make sure that the point is met once you start passing it out. Find creative ways to test and see if the ROI was met. Maybe the goal was to increase your mailing list. How about requesting a business card or email address before you give someone your new swag?

Maybe you want to encourage more followers on a social media network or increase attendees at a promotional event you are hosting. How about offering the swag as an incentive for new likes, shares or giving them away at your event?

Business cards are a creative way to incorporate swag without giving people more than they want. A windshield replacement shop with a business card that doubles as a pocket sized ice scraper or a graphic design firm that includes a ruler along the bottom of their card gives someone another reason to hang onto your contact info (other than keeping in touch).

Don’t let those age-old logo printed stress balls deter you from finding a creative way to use swag as an effective promotional strategy.

3. Offer incentives with targeted landing pages

So you’ve created an e-book or you are offering a webinar that might appeal to two different types of people within your target audience. Why not create two different landing pages that offer the same content but tailor the language so it’ll best relate to each group.

The goal of your landing page is to create conversation and targeted landing pages always have a higher click-through rate, which means more leads and better ROI. Make sure you have a clear idea of who these target audiences are and what they are looking for. What words are they searching for? Why do they want this information?

Once you know this you can adjust the copy so that your landing page comes up in a Google search, for example, or once on the landing page the reader is compelled to download your offer or sign up for your event.

Don’t forget these key aspects to creating a basic landing page:

  • A strong headline
  • A clean, attractive design
  • Dynamic copy
  • Ease of use
  • An eye catching, clickable button

4. Appeal locally and create an event

There are lots of excuses to get together with potential leads and like-minded businesses in your area. Networking, marketing and knowing the competition are a few obvious ones.  

You can also take advantage of this face-to-face meeting to pass out swag, personalize your brand and explore potential new markets. This is also a great promotional strategy because it gets your name out in the local community.

Consider different types of events that might appeal to your target market. Maybe it’s a seminar that’s purpose is to educate your audience on a particular topic. Maybe you want to do something less structured, like a social mixer.

Encourage people to attend by marketing the networking potential and offering an incentive, like snacks or prizes. Even though you are the host, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get to know your local competition and build relationships within the community.

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Save money by utilizing social media to promote these events. Many of these networks also have an RSVP function that can help you gage what to expect as far as attendance. You can also utilize social media to brainstorm ideas for events and get a feel for what your target market would be interested in.

A Facebook post asking readers what topics they want to know more about can generate conversation and give you specific feedback. If you already have an idea throw it out there. A post-reading, “Like this if you would be interested in attending a marketing mixer” can give you an idea of whom and how many people would come.

5. Boost your brand with education

You probably have a wealth of knowledge about a particular subject. Maybe you have been blogging about it every day for months, sending out newsletters weekly and actively posting on social media networks.

Well now it’s time to compile all this information into one downloadable book, an e-book. If this seems like a lot of work let me remind you that you have already created this content.

All you are doing is gathering it and repurposing it into an e-book, which not only makes your site appear more credible but it also makes your content more accessible to your readers. With an e-book, readers can learn all about creating a logo, for example, in one spot instead of searching through several blog posts.

Use call-to-actions embedded in targeted emails at the end of relevant blog posts, or share on social media to increase the traffic to the landing pages made specifically to download this offer.

If you are targeting the right audience and creating dynamic content your click-through rates will increase as well as shares, followers, likes and potential leads. Not only can this increase your ROI but all this activity will make your website more popular to search engines.

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