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Selecting the appropriate business intelligence (BI) product is a common priority when deciding which BI system to adopt. However selecting the best BI vendor for the tool is just as crucial, if not more so. It’s important to take into account because it will affect how the implementation process is organized, the caliber of the assistance and training provided, and the integration of systems as required.

The main goal of business intelligence (BI) solutions is to assist you in identifying patterns in your data and drawing conclusions from it so that you may make both tactical and strategic business choices. They can assist you in identifying trends among the masses of data that your company accumulates.

An increasing number of enterprises, regardless of size, are realizing the value and advantages of implementing a business intelligence platform, primarily for the purpose of deriving insights from their data.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) is software that ingests business data and presents it in user-friendly views such as reports, dashboards, charts and graphs. BI tools enable business users to access different types of data — historical and current, third-party and in-house, as well as semi-structured data and unstructured data like social media. Users can analyze this information to gain insights into how the business is performing.

According to CIO magazine: “Although business intelligence does not tell business users what to do or what will happen if they take a certain course, neither is BI only about generating reports. Rather, BI offers a way for people to examine data to understand trends and derive insights.”

Organizations can use the insights gained from business intelligence and data analysis to improve business decisions, identify problems or issues, spot market trends, and find new revenue or business opportunities.

BI platforms traditionally rely on data warehouses for their baseline information. A data warehouse aggregates data from multiple data sources into one central system to support business analytics and reporting. Business intelligence software queries the warehouse and presents the results to the user in the form of reports, charts and maps.

Data warehouses can include an online analytical processing (OLAP) engine to support multidimensional queries. For example: What are sales for our eastern region versus our western region this year, compared to last year?

“OLAP provides powerful technology for data discovery, facilitating business intelligence, complex analytic calculations and predictive analytics,” says IBM offering manager Doug Dailey in his data warehousing blog. “One of the main benefits of OLAP is the consistency of information and calculations it uses to drive data to improve product quality, customer interactions and process improvements.”

Some newer business intelligence solutions can extract and ingest raw data directly using technology such as Hadoop, but data warehouses are still the data source of choice in many cases.

Business intelligence gives organizations the ability to ask questions in plain language and get answers they can understand. Instead of using best guesses, they can base decisions on what their business data is telling them — whether it relates to production, supply chain, customers or market trends.

Why are sales dropping in this region? Where do we have excess inventory? What are customers saying on social media? BI helps answer these critical questions.

“Business intelligence provides past and current insights into the business,” says Maamar Ferkoun in his IBM cloud computing and business intelligence blog. “This is achieved through an array of technologies and practices, from analytics and reporting to data mining and predictive analytics. By providing an accurate picture of the business at a specific point in time, BI provides an organization with the means to design a business strategy based on factual data.”

Business intelligence helps organizations become data-driven enterprises, improve performance and gain competitive advantage. They can:

  • Improve ROI by understanding the business and intelligently allocating resources to meet strategic objectives.
  • Unravel customer behavior, preferences and trends, and use the insights to better target prospects or tailor products to changing market needs.
  • Monitor business operations and fix or make improvements on an ongoing basis, fueled by data insights.
  • Improve supply chain management by monitoring activity up and down the line and communicating results with partners and suppliers.

Retailers, for example, can increase cost savings by comparing performance and benchmarks across stores, channels and regions. And, with visibility into the claims process, insurers can see where they are missing service targets and use that information to improve outcomes.

Based on the essential factors in selecting the best vendor, we created a list of businesses that provide business intelligence software. We examined a number of variables, such as the vendor’s track record, their costs, the speed at which they execute changes, and the level of product support they provide.


Monitor your entire digital landscape to get real-time intelligence about competitors, clients, and just about any other information you might need. The AI software delivers reliable and relevant business intelligence data to you every day, making competitor analysis so easy. With expert analysts’ prioritized and summarized insights, you can cut through the noise to focus on what is important. You can react to industry activity immediately and never miss a chance.

With powerful analytics tools, you can get a complete, real-time view on the market. Compare prices, promotions, and other activities of your Competitors. Conducting a thorough competitor analysis. You can see the impact your products or campaigns have on the market. You can measure the value and ROI of any activity, and report on performance.

Harnessing advanced AI tech and human analyst expertise, we offer clients an innovative all-in-one competitive intelligence platform that enables users to track competitors, customers and vendors’ global digital footprint, irrespective of language. No matter if you’re on the board of directors, sales and marketing department, a customer success team, or a product manager, they can provide you with professionally collated real-time data to unearth commercial opportunities and stay ahead of your competition.


INSIA empowers business owners by simplifying human-data interaction through a google-like search bar. Its goal is to bring business domain, technology & analytics together to transform the business processes.

The top features of INSIA are:

  • INSIA’s Google-like guided search bar lets business owners directly interact with their data in English
  • It enables non-technical users to leverage their organization’s data to make smart and informed data-driven decisions.
  • INSIA proactively pushes automated insights to users on any performance deviations.

INSIA charges businesses basis its usage. The more data you process on INSIA, the more insights you search lead to more analysis and better data-driven decision-making. INSIA pricing has two components.

  • 1. Number of searches – It is the number of queries that you fire on Insia to get any insights in a month.
  • 2. Number of events – It is the number of rows updated/uploaded/edited and deleted in a month Also, we charge extra if you activate Push AI – Push AI is INSIA AI engine that automatically pushes actionable insights to the right user at the right time proactively in natural language INSIA pricing starts from $ 150 per month

3. Kockpit Analytics

Kockpit Analytics is a respected name in the field of Business Analytics. They offer ready-to-use Business Intelligence solutions that can be used either on the cloud or on your premises. The company was started in 2014 by Mr. Ranjan Chopra, a graduate of IIT-Kanpur. Over the last ten years, Kockpit has emerged as a top Business Intelligence solution provider.

After successfully establishing themselves in NCR markets, they plan to grow their reach to the Western regions of India, Europe, and Japan.

Kockpit is an effective tool that offers detailed day-to-day business analytics. It provides full business transparency with features like revenue analysis, order and inventory analysis, production analysis, assessing employee and branch productivity, channel partner reports, and more. With Kockpit, you can generate and keep track of all your business reports and productivity levels. It keeps you updated with all necessary financial trends and analyses like profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flows, etc., at any time you need.

They also offer a variety of other solutions like:

  • Data warehousing
  • Open-source analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Advanced analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Pre-set BI Dashboards.

4. FindNiche

FindNiche is a comprehensive dropshipping niche finder tool designed to assist e-commerce entrepreneurs, online retailers, dropshipping businesses, digital marketers, and business analysts in researching and identifying potentially profitable products and niches for their online ventures. According to the vendor, FindNiche provides advanced intelligence and insights based on a growing database to empower dropshippers in various niche markets.

  • AliExpress Product Analysis: According to the vendor, FindNiche offers intelligent filters and a growing database to help users find the best products on AliExpress for their dropshipping business.
  • AliExpress Trending Products: The vendor claims that FindNiche allows users to discover the hottest and top-selling products on AliExpress, providing insights to stay ahead of the competition.
  • AliExpress Niche Finder: FindNiche utilizes AI intelligence to predict and suggest potentially profitable niche products on AliExpress with low competition, as stated by the vendor.
  • AliExpress Best Sellers: The vendor states that FindNiche simplifies the process of identifying the best-selling products on AliExpress, enabling users to leverage them for their dropshipping business.
  • Top AliExpress Category: According to the vendor, FindNiche offers analysis of over 350+ AliExpress categories, helping users find the best-selling products in each category.
  • Best Dropshipping Suppliers on AliExpress: FindNiche aims to assist users in finding reliable and high-quality dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress, as claimed by the vendor.
  • AliExpress API: According to the vendor, FindNiche provides access to AliExpress data and offers integration capabilities into users’ own applications or tools.
  • Shopify Search & Analysis: FindNiche allows users to research and source the best products to sell on Shopify from a database of over 100 million Shopify products, as stated by the vendor.
  • Shopify Top Selling Products: The vendor claims that FindNiche provides insights into the top-selling products on Shopify, helping users gain a better understanding of the most profitable niches.
  • Best Shopify Niches: According to the vendor, FindNiche offers analysis and intelligence on the best niches to target for users’ Shopify stores.

FindNiche has proven to be a valuable tool for users looking to find trending and best-selling products within their specific niche. By automating tasks that were previously done manually on multiple platforms, users have been able to save time and streamline their product research process. The software’s ability to provide insights on pricing has been particularly useful in helping users increase their overall revenue and profit margins.

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Users have expressed satisfaction with FindNiche’s user-friendly platform and helpful features, such as chat support, which have made it a favorite among beginners in e-commerce.

Additionally, FindNiche’s wide range of product recommendations has helped users discover products they wouldn’t have come across otherwise, optimizing their marketing investments and returns. Overall, FindNiche has effectively solved the problem of finding suitable Shopify products by providing relevant information on market demand, competition, and pricing, ultimately saving users both time and money in the process.

5. CustomerSuccessBox

CustomerSuccessBox is a customer success platform built for B2B SaaS which helps deliver success across all customer lifecycle stages. It empowers every CSM to manage hundreds of accounts while growing a multi-million dollar portfolio, lowering the cost of delivering success per customer. Thereby enabling customers even with lower ARPA to enjoy the benefits of a customer success program. Leading customer-centric enterprises such as XebiaLabs, Raken, Zedonk, Headset, Hiver and Locus use CustomerSuccessBox to drive product adoption, retention, and expansion.

Founded in 2016 by Puneet Kataria and Amritpal Singh, CustomerSuccessBox raised $1Mn in 2018 in a Pre Series A round of funding led by pi Ventures and Axilor Ventures.

  • Run Onboarding Playbooks, Drive Upsell and achieve up to 130% MRR retention.
  • Monitor health, set up risk alerts and reduce logo churn by up to 50%
  • Automate your customer success journey touchpoints to drive product adoption and success.
  • Lower your cost of Customer Success per Account by improving operational efficiency by up to 5X.
  • Reduce onboarding time by half and increase product stickiness.

6. FinListics

FinListics is an easy-to-use and engaging sales intelligence solution that enables sales teams and professionals to obtain quick, reliable, and valuable insights about their B2B customers and prospects. FinListics can be implemented by sales leaders and teams, B2B sellers, and value engineers to produce and present customer-centric solutions and approaches.

It gives them easy access to key analytics and data on B2B companies’ industry, business and financial performance, needs, initiatives, and strategies. They can gather and analyze content for specific industries, unlock B2B customers and prospects’ performance metrics and drivers, and gain insights into their specific pain points.

Based on comprehensive and credible insights and information, users can formulate sales techniques, improvement models, and solutions aligned with customers’ needs. B2B sellers can engage in more personalized and meaningful conversations with their customers.

FinListics helps sales leaders and teams explain how the features, functions, and benefits of their solutions can impact customers’ business performance. Lastly, value engineers will be able to design business hypotheses and cases more efficiently.

  • Customer-Centric Sales Approach 

FinListics aids sales leaders and teams in employing a customer-centric sales approach by providing them with useful insights into B2B companies, prospects, and buyers. For instance, they can discover and understand their B2B customer’s and prospects’ industries and environments. They’ll collect and analyze content and information to gain insights about industry-specific performance, profitability, and growth factors and drivers, trends and risks, and market disruptors.

The software also permits them to track and evaluate B2B customer’s and prospects’ financial performance in different dimensions. Thus, they can assess their financial-related metrics and drivers based on priority, business function, currency, and peers.

As a result, they will be able to connect solutions’ features, functions, and benefits with customers’ business needs, financial priorities, and initiatives and strategies. They’ll show how such solutions can help customers solve their pain points and meet their financial goals.

  • Better B2B Relationships 

Sellers can leverage FinListics to build better relationships with their B2B customers and prospects. With industry and company-specific business insights at their fingertips, they can communicate with B2B buyers in a personalized and meaningful way. At the same time, they’ll earn their trust and loyalty and build credibility.

They can create discussions and conversations around B2B buyers’ industries, business performance metrics, and personas. FinListics lets them share comprehensive and credible data that’s relevant to B2B buyers’ specific needs. Since they have a deeper understanding of their customers and prospects, the latter can easily realize the true value and impact of the solutions they’re offering.

  • Accelerated Value Engineering Research

FinListics allows value engineers to obtain all the essential data they need to come up with projects or products of better quality and functionality at a lower cost. They can conduct research with greater efficiency and scalability using instant, reliable, and optimized information and results.

They don’t have to create paper or spreadsheet-based reports to capture and assess customers’ basic business details, industry or market analytics, and competitor financial insights. They can free up their time for more important deals, letting them improve productivity and maximize opportunities.

7. Upmetrics

Upmetrics is a tool designed to facilitate business growth through better organization of strategy. The software comes with templates to serve as a starting point for business plans, pitch decks, plus financial forecasting tools and strategic planning resources. It’s been used by more than 110,000 entrepreneurs across 195 countries to plan, launch, and scale their businesses.

Upmetrics shines with its ability to help founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners stoke their growth through tools and templates. With this software, you may find it easier to get a new business off the ground, get funded, or plot the direction of your organization for future growth. 

Business plan templates: If you had to pick just one thing to use Upmetrics for, it would be the business plan templates that make it easy to put your ideas and goals into a written plan. There are more than 200 different sample plans to use as a reference for spinning up your new business, whether you’re starting a restaurant, a property management organization, a consulting firm, or just about anything else in between. 

Upmetrics also provides a 40-minute business plan course that takes you through everything you need to know. This is great if you’ve never started a business before or are entering an industry you’re not familiar with. Even if you have prior experience writing business plans, Upmetrics still makes the process of writing high-quality business plans easier and faster by starting from one of their well-crafted templates. 

Brainstorming: Not only can you leverage Upmetrics’ templates to quickly draft up a business plan, you can also use them as inspiration when you’re still in the pre-formation stage. 

It starts with the industry-level categorization. Template categories contain multiple different options for specific business types. For example, the service-based business category contains 68 unique templates, ranging from car washes, daycare centers, and spas to insurance agencies, HR consultancies, law firms, and more. 

Upmetrics even comes with a brain board for brainstorming the problems your potential business is trying to solve, and your unique value proposition. The software prompts you to brainstorm customer segments, KPIs, marketing channels, revenue streams, cost structure, and everything else you need to get set up for success. 

Canvas modeling: You can use Upmetrics to create one-page visuals that describe key elements of your business. These are super handy for sharing your business plan with stakeholders, investors, and others in a much more striking and engaging way.

Canvases can pull items from your Upmetrics brain board and organize them in an appealing one-page grid format. Start with a template for a startup company, with fields populated for the value proposition, customer segments, revenue model, and more. Or, choose a more unique canvas, like the social lean canvas for new businesses trying to make a social impact, which foregrounds fields like organizational purpose and intended impact. These types of canvas models really force you to think beyond basic business ideas and go deeper on problem solving or defining success. 

Pitch presentations: A big part of moving your business idea from dream to reality is making effective pitches. Upmetrics delivers a simple way to turn your business plan into a pitch deck for investors. Create a visually stunning and professionally designed deck with ease while assuring all of the essential information gets covered. 

These pitch decks are also really useful if you’re meeting with a banker and need to secure a loan. Plus, they can help you pitch your ideas to new strategic partners and even be tweaked to explain your business concept to prospective employees. Regardless of the different ways you plan to use the pitch presentation features, Upmetrics is an easy way to take all the key information and brainstorming results from your business plan or canvas and pull them into an informative and highly visual overview of your business. 

Excellent value: Upmetrics starts at just $9 per month, which is a solid value when you consider the alternative of hiring a consultant who will charge hundreds of dollars per hour to guide you through the business planning process. With its combination of ease-to-customize templates and brainstorming guidance, Upmetrics can help you go from a bunch of disconnected ideas to a potent plan without needing to pay someone else for help. The low price point is particularly appealing to startups that may not have a ton of cash right now and need to be cautious about where money is going.

Upmetrics has a simple pricing structure, with four different plans to choose from. 

It starts with a limited free demo version of the software. You get limited access to the platform and anything you create in it, from business plans to pitch decks, gets branded with an Upmetrics watermark. This is basically a glorified free trial with no time limit on it. 

The entry-level Solo plan costs $12 per month ($9 per month if you choose to pay for a year upfront) and gives you the basic tools to formulate business plans from scratch. However, this tier does not include the Upmetrics business plan course, strategic planning features, and plan analytics.

The next steps up, the Team and Premium plans, cost $19 and $64 per month, respectively. Those two plans come down to $14 and $48, respectively, when you pay for a full year at checkout, essentially giving you three months of access for free. The main differences are that the Team plan is limited to five workspaces, five strategic canvas models, and five team members, whereas the Premium plan comes with unlimited everything. 

Subscriptions are covered by a 15-day money-back guarantee. 

8. BigID

Today’s world runs on big data. This data is so huge, fast, and complex that businesses need robust data analytics software to process and make sense of the data they collect. This is where BigID comes in. The data intelligence platform boasts features that make it easy for organizations to manage their data and meet ever-evolving security and data privacy regulations.

BigID’s data intelligence platform enables organizations to know their enterprise data and take action for privacy, protection, and perspective. Customers deploy BigID to proactively discover, manage, protect, and get more value from their regulated, sensitive, and personal data across their data landscape.  BigID helps customers proactively manage and protect their data, reduce risk, and get more value from their data.  With BigID, customers can make better decisions with their data, achieve compliance, scale with evolving data privacy and protection landscape, and ultimately reimagine how they manage their data.

HPE and BigID are partnering to provide customers with data privacy, security, and governance solutions. Customers running HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric can now deploy BigID to scan data sources in the HPE container environment to provide the following benefits: 

  • Automatically discover, catalog, and classify all data and metadata for structured and unstructured, across the cloud and on-prem 
  • Identify sensitive, personal, regulated, critical, and duplicate data – including unique identifiers and Intellectual Property 
  • Manage privacy requirements with a privacy portal, automated data rights fulfillment, consent governance, preference management, and data mapping 
  • Transform data security with access intelligence, data remediation, data deletion, labelling, and risk scoring 
  • Reimagine data governance with data quality, data stewardship, data retention, and metadata exchange and enrichment 

9. Zoho DataPrep

Zoho DataPrep is a comprehensive data preparation tool that helps companies to connect, transform, enrich and explore data and use it in analytics and machine learning. The particular tool can be used to prepare data for a variety of files, data warehouses, feeds, databases, REST APIs and more. It also comes with built-in connectors that enable users to import data from Zoho CRM or Zoho Analytics. With Zoho DataPrep, companies can organize the data into different profiles, such as data distribution, outliers, statistics and quality, so that it can be easily analyzed.

The software also comes with different machine-learning abilities that help in sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, language detection and more. In addition, it even includes an AI-powered transformation engine that helps with data transformation and intelligent suggestions alike. Further, user rulesets offered by Zoho DataPrep can be used to streamline data transformation, modification, removal or disablement of any transforms at any time, besides the application of the same transformations in other data sets.

10. SurfaceAI

SurfaceAI is an up-and-coming solution that ranks 762 among all Business Intelligence Tools according to our research analysts. SurfaceAI is most applicable for companies of all sizes. Corporations that have used SurfaceAI include Expleo Solutions, StrongBox IT and TREC-STEP. And is accessible from a limited number of platforms including Windows devices.

  • Easy RPA Integration, 3-Step Process Capture
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Non-intrusive Desktop Application
  • Optimized for Non-technical Users
  • Process & Automation Insights
  • Process Repository
  • Smart Capture & Enrichment

11. JobsPikr

JobsPikr is a job data delivery platform that extracts data directly from the company websites. It runs on top of automated crawlers powered by machine learning techniques to extract latest job listings directly from the career pages of company websites and delivers the data feed in the form of pre-packaged bundles segregated by geographical regions.

JobsPikr simplifies labor market analysis and workforce planning with its job data analytics capabilities. Gain precise insights on local talent, skills, and job requirements to enable quick, data-driven decisions.

  • Smart and intuitive dashboards: to ascertain current global trends for hiring or research requirements
  • Easy-to-use interface: providing labor market insights to streamline hiring processes and workforce planning.
  • Adapts to your requirements: comprehensive and accurate data that can be consumed either as feeds via JobsPikr’s API or as insights on the platform itself

12. Essatto

Essatto does many of the things that your Accounting or ERP system can’t easily do. Typically businesses find themselves doing these activities in a myriad of Excel spreadsheets which can be time-consuming, error-prone and leave the business exposed to Keyman risk. In many instances, businesses simply do not have the time to undertake these activities so they simply are not done, leaving the business exposed to lost revenue opportunities, unnecessary cost overruns or unforeseen exposures that may have been averted.

These activities include comprehensive Budgeting and Forecasting, Combining Accounting/ERP data with data sourced from other External Systems, Automated Data Consolidation and Streamlined Management Reporting.

Essatto delivers a one-stop reporting, analysis, forecasting & data-warehousing industry data solution allowing you to reduce risk & improve management decision-making. They have taken a Tier 1 Enterprise Database that typically costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to roll out and developed a comprehensive reporting, analysis, budgeting & re-forecasting tool for a fraction of the cost.

Essatto enables you to get complete control of your business planning and performance. Access more complete data to identify cost savings, gain more clarity and insight around your numbers, and increase profitability for the long term. It’s all about making your data more accessible, easier to interpret, by building drillable dashboards and creating intelligent reports.

  • An all-in-one solution, Essatto combines Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Budgeting and Forecasting in a single application.
  • Supercharge your ERPs like Odoo and Xero with complementary features like projected cashflows, multi-scenario budgeting & forecasting, entity consolidation, and management reporting.
  • A cost-effective solution that improves performance by being able to analyze business profitability by job, customer, product, branch, and more.

Essatto combines the capabilities of multi-scenario budgeting, forecasting, and data management platforms into one easy-to-use tool. Providing a single, centralized solution, it can compile information from your specialty suite of data sources and equipment. Drive business. growth with faster access to accurate and up-to-date information, saving you valuable time in making decisions, and boosting the efficiency of business actions.

Essatto enables you to eliminate keyman risk, manual data input, and data cleansing by automating your reporting. Create interactive drillable dashboards and reports that remain accurate and up to date, with integrated Excel read and write back to facilitate self-serve reporting. Easily build custom hierarchies to summarise and report group data.

13. Graphite Note

Graphite is an automated predictive analytics platform with a data storytelling capability.
It helps experts without a data science background to bring the power of machine learning to their data analysis.

Graphite connects to raw data and uses AI templates to automate the entire predictive process and provide answers to various business questions that can’t be answered merely by querying the database, like time-series forecasting, customer segmentation, lifetime value, behavior prediction, churn analysis, and more.

The innovative thing about Graphite is that users can create a Data Story and easily share AI results with their team, helping to understand complex insights and apply them to business decisions.
Graphite is rethinking the whole business intelligence space by combining 3 essential elements: your data and traditional analytics, predictive analytics algorithms, and human communication.

Graphite Note is a cloud-based predictive analytics platform, that helps businesses in retail, technology, media, and other sectors generate predictions and insights using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), churn analysis, behavior patterns, forecasts, and more. The platform offers various features such as RFM analysis, pre-made templates, customer segmentation, lead conversion, and retention analysis. Graphite Note also enables retailers to predict customer lifetime value, manage cohort analysis, and categorize inventory data.

Graphite will

  • run Predictive Analytics algorithms on raw data
  • help you to combine visuals and narrative to share insights with your team – so they can understand them
  • automate the entire predictive process and provide answers to various business questions that can’t be answered merely by querying the database, like time series forecasting, customer segmentation, customer lifetime value, behavior prediction, churn analysis, and more…

14. Kopilot

Kopilot software platform is a financial management tool for businesses to plan and anticipate sales in an easy and effective manner to not only reduce the workload but also increase the overall efficiency of your organization. The program offers features for managing, spending, and tracking revenue recurring in order to improve corporate planning. To pre-finance your business, you can create customizable invoices and track critical cash-flow parameters using the Kopilot platform.

You can create reports to automate workflows and the platform works well with Harvest, Quickbooks, and other programs. It enables you to do budgeting and forecasting in order to increase your revenues at scale. Kopilot facilitates cash management along with KPI monitoring and predictive analysis to always keep you ahead of your competitors.

Users get a customizable dashboard to monitor and track all of their data, key performance indicators, and analytics from a single place. You also get features for performance metrics with the Kopilot platform to help you plan efficiently for the future. Additionally, the platform offers profit and loss statements along with modeling and simulation.

Kopilot is a financial management software that gives you full visibility over your finances. Through this platform, you can track your sales and evaluate your performance based on your KPI. You can also monitor your expenses in real-time and assess your burn-rate to help you adjust accordingly.

Staying on top of your monthly and yearly profits is made easy with Kopilot. You can then use this data to compare it to your profits from the previous year, which can help you evaluate your business growth and success. This platform also enables you to keep track of overdue invoices and expected payments to assist in maintaining your credibility.

Kopilot provides planning tools that you can use to manage your incoming revenue and expected expenses, which helps you gain more control over your finances. This platform also provides sales forecasting tools so that you can better reach your business goals.


  • Sales Tracker
  • Sales Reviews
  • Sales Forecasts
  • Sales KPI
  • Expenses Monitoring
  • Burn-Rate Tracker
  • Monthly Profit Tracker
  • Year-to-Date Profit Monitoring
  • Revenue Planning
  • Expenses Planning
  • Overdue Invoices Tracker
  • Expected Payments Monitoring
  • Receivables Aged Balance
  • DSO and DPO Counter
  • Client Segmentation


  • Financial Monitoring

Kopilot offers financial monitoring tools that can prevent overspending, errors in accounting, and cash mishandling. This platform enables you to track your sales, expenses, profit, and cash flow in real-time to help you determine your financial health. For better visibility, this platform also enables you to monitor your DSO and DPO, which can help you assess your performance in terms of collecting and closing payments.

  • Business Planning Tools

Kopilot provides business planning tools that can help you maximize your opportunities and strategies. Through this platform, you can conduct sales forecasting to give you an idea of what to expect based on your current performance. You can also plan your revenue and expenses so that you can determine losses that you can cut and investments to maximize. While planning, you can also plot overdue invoices and expected payments to better visualize your financial health even before the deductions.

  • Actionable Analytics

Kopilot generates actionable analytics that can help you make better business decisions as well as evaluate your overall performance. You can compare your current sales and profits to last year’s performance. You can also determine your cash burn rate to get an idea of how much you’ve been spending within a time. This platform enables you to get tracking reports quickly and efficiently to focus on improving your financial performance.

Since businesses have unique business demands, it is reasonable they abstain from settling on an all-in-one, ”best” software system. At any rate, it would be futile to try to chance on such an application even among sought-after software products. The correct thing to undertake would be to write the several critical aspects that call for consideration including critical features, plans, technical skill aptitude of staff members, company size, etc.

After which, you should do your research systematically. Read some Kopilot reviews and explore each of the software systems in your shortlist in detail. Such detailed product investigation ensures you circumvent poorly fit apps and subscribe to the one that meets all the functions your company requires in sustaining growth.

If you are considering Kopilot it may also be a good idea to examine other subcategories of Business Intelligence Software collected in our base of SaaS software reviews.

There are well-liked and widely used applications in each software group. But are they necessarily the best fit for your enterprise’s special needs? A popular software application may have thousands of customers, but does it provide what you need? For this reason, do not blindly shell out for popular systems.

Read at least a few Kopilot Business Intelligence Software reviews and mull over the aspects that you wish to have in the software such as the cost, main tools, available integrations etc. Then, select a few solutions that fit your requirements. Try out the free trials of these platforms, read online opinions, get information from the seller, and do your research thoroughly. This in-depth homework is certain to assist you in choosing the finest software platform for your firm’s special requirements.

  • Business Owner does not have business education or does not what to look at. Kopilot answers the most critical business questions a business owner can ask. It provides answers through metrics, short analysis. Everything is color-coded to snap the trend. Are you smashing it? Is it challenging? Is it that bad? You know it in seconds and, most importantly, why.
  • Business Owner wants updated and reliable data. kopilot syncs seamlessly with Harvest, Xero, Sage Business Cloud Accounting, and QuickBooks Online. The setup takes less than five minutes, and the virtual CFO is operational. Each time a business event occurs, it is reflected in Kopilot. Information is accessible both on desktop and tablet.
  • Business Owner does not know what to do or how to fix the situation. Kopilot refers the user to additional articles according to the challenges the company is facing. Kopilot comes with a full set of additional – and practical – resources to guide the user in implementing corrective actions (payment reminder template, processes to complete, etc.).

Organizations benefit when they can fully assess operations and processes, understand their customers, gauge the market, and drive improvement. They need the right tools to aggregate business information from anywhere, analyze it, discover patterns and find solutions.

The best BI software supports this decision-making process by:

  • Connecting to a wide variety of different data systems and data sets including databases and spreadsheets.
  • Providing deep analysis, helping users uncover hidden relationships and patterns in their data.
  • Presenting answers in informative and compelling data visualizations like reports, maps, charts and graphs.
  • Enabling side-by-side comparisons of data under different scenarios.
  • Providing drill-down, drill-up and drill-through features, enabling users to investigate different levels of data.

Advanced BI and analytics systems may also integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automate and streamline complex tasks. These capabilities further accelerate the ability of enterprises to analyze their data and gain insights at a deep level.

Consider, for example, how IBM Cognos Analytics brings together data analysis and visual tools to support map creation for reports. The system uses AI to automatically identify geographical information. It can then refine visualizations by adding geospatial mapping of the entire globe, an individual neighborhood or anything in between.

According to a report on digital reinvention by the IBM Institute for Business Value: “Looking five years out, 58 percent of 1,100 executives we surveyed in the Digital Reinvention Study expect new technologies to reduce barriers to entry and 69 percent expect more cross-industry competition.”

“Advanced analytics enable deeper business intelligence and consumer insight to be drawn from big data, producing information that ranges from descriptive to predictive.”

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