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There were times when travelling used to be a challenge, travellers running after travelling agents carrying all travelling documents. But now, the times have changed and the travel applications have completely altered the scenario resulting in the boom of the travel app industry. Now each travel app development company is trying to bring innovation to make their application stand out.

You might be thinking about why mobile apps for the tourism industry are so popular? In this article, we are going to tell you about the key reason which resulted in the huge popularity of these apps. And also, how you can develop your very own travel application. 

So, let’s first look into the various types of travel apps:

Types of Tourism Apps:

Although, every day there is some unique innovation in these travelling apps. But some common types are given below:

 Booking Apps:

These applications focus on aiding the users to book intricate requirements of their travel. Like flights and accommodations etc.

Location Tracking Apps:

These applications are quite useful as they help people to travel from one point to another in a foreign country.

Language Translating Apps:

These applications are very useful and come in very handy for tourists who yearn to talk to natives in their home language.

Tourism Itinerary Planning App:

These apps are one-stop-shop as they contain all necessary features:

  • Booking
  • Currency converter
  • GPS and Maps 
  • Calendars with marked events
  • Reminders etc.

The advancement in technology has surely served the tourism industry. 

The tourism application development industry has brought ease for travellers and efficiency in the travelling process. Of course, the above are the most common types of travel apps. Yet with every new feature and innovation, these types can change. 

Why are travelling apps popular?

The travel industry is booming and the online travel market is indicated to become a $1,901 billion worth business by 2022. However, the travelling industry has been affected by the wave of Covid 19. But with gradual ease in Corona restriction, the travel industry seems to be back on track. 

Yes, each travel app development company focusing on the repercussions of Covid has intelligently built apps that tell you about the levels of safety in the country on the basis of health situations, vaccination requirements, and coronavirus restrictions in every country.

Despite the above reasons we have jotted down a list that explains why mobile applications for tourism are popular

Key Reasons behind the rise of Travelling Apps:

The wide-ranging benefits of travel apps have made them popular. Let’s look at the advantages you can have whilst use a tourism app during your travel.

Reduce Paperwork:

Many travelling applications contain options for saving all related documents. As a result, paperwork is optimized and travellers can carry their documents wherever they want and can open them when needed.

Travel Bookings made Easy:

Travel and tourism applications are easy to use. You can book your flights and hotel rooms in just one click. These applications also provide you with a variety of options in accordance with your travelling budget.

Cashless Transactions:

Most applications allow you to make online payments and online money exchanges like bill payments etc. Thus, allowing you to make easy payments via digital payment without having the burden of carrying cash.

Independent Travelling:

Yes, you are free from the constraints of travel agents or travel agencies, carrying heavy loads of money and travelling documents. You can book your own flights, have your travel documents with you anywhere anytime.


Yes, many travelling apps are one-stop shops, meaning they have multiple options like booking flights and hotel rooms, currency converters, online payment options, GPS, maps and the option of storing digital documents etc.

Powerful Marketing Tools:

Via travelling apps, tourism companies have enhanced their visibility in the competitive travelling industry. Thus, catering to more customers by offering the best deals and discounts for travelling.

Convenient and Portable:

Travelling applications can be connected to Geolocation services like Google Maps and GPS to provide maps and even last-minute route changes. Now you only need one app on your mobile phone. The days of carrying maps and voluminous guide books are long gone.

Feedback and Response:

Another feature offered by travelling apps is the option of feedback and suggestions section by which travelling companies or hotels etc. can know about customer response. In accordance with this feedback and response, they can know the demands of their customers.

In short, Apps are the best way of staying connected with customers.

Travel App Development

Travel App Development:

Travel apps became an indispensable part of the tourism industry. As they help the travelling agencies in the enhancement of their business by offering the feedback to customers. Thus, also surging up their profits. So, if you have an idea or a thought in your mind to launch a Travel app then go for it as soon as possible.

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