Create Templates For Facebook Fan Pages To Make Money

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Facebook is undisputedly the largest social network on the internet. The wide reach of this social network makes it a very useful advertising medium for a lot of businesses. Companies can easily connect with existing and prospective clients by putting up a page on this website. You can take advantage of this opportunity by helping as many companies as possible to put up fan pages. Here are a few tips for creating templates for Facebook fan pages to make money.

Getting fan page templates

If you are a creative designer, you may choose to create your templates from scratch. However, the easiest way is to buy ready to use templates that you can easily customize. You can find thousands of free templates online but they are generally limited in flexibility as well as design. The best option is to buy those that will be easier for you to customize.

Choose templates with simple designs

The best templates are those that have uncluttered designs. Users will be overwhelmed if a Facebook page has complicated designs. It should be easy for them to move around and find navigation links. Furthermore, it is much easier to customize a template that looks clean. You will have room to add a lot of extras and the page will not look cluttered. You should also consider the industry of the business that you want to design the page for.

Customization options

Templates should fit properly within the 520px width limit specified by Facebook. If it does not have a perfect fit, there will be ugly scrollbars on the sides of the page that will hinder navigation. Check the available options for customizing any template that you want to buy. Look for options that will enable you to create the type of page that will satisfy the demand of your clients. This is why you should go for premium templates rather than free ones.

Consider the software requirements

In order to edit a template, you are going to need the right software. Prior to buying, check the files of the template to make sure you have the software that is needed for editing. Most designers use PSD or HTML. These files can be edited with Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft FrontPage or Dreamweaver. If you do not have any of these software packages, you can download trial versions on the internet.

Create templates for local businesses

Once you have found the right source for templates, it is time to create templates for Facebook fan pages to make money. Start by making a list of businesses in your local area that do not have Facebook fan pages. Create a fan page for these businesses using the appropriate templates. You can get design ideas by looking at the fan pages of similar businesses. When the design is ready, send the company an email showing them what you have created. Inform them that the page is available for sale. Let them know the benefits of having a Facebok page. Facebook pages can be sold for 200 to 500 dollars. You can also charge each company a maintenance fee every month.

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