You Can Make Money Online With Amazon Mechanical Turk

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Amazon Mechanical Turk or is an online market place created for people to perform tasks that computers cannot do. It provides a marketplace for people (requesters) who have these tasks to find workers to do them. This article will explain how you can make money online using Amazon Mechanical Turk.

The types of jobs that you can find on Mturk

You can find a lot of human intelligent tasks that will enable you to make money online using Amazon Mechanical Turk. These include activities such as website testing, writing reviews and so on. Companies and individuals who have these jobs post them on the website. Amazon Mechanical Turk works like any other freelance job site. Registered workers can pick any task (HIT) that they can perform. Once you have selected a HIT, you will be given a time limit to complete it.

Most HITs or Human Intelligence Tasks are easy to execute and a lot of them can be done within a few seconds. Tasks that take longer time usually pay more. Sometimes,m you could simply be asked to look at a collection of images and point out their differences.

Making money on Mturk

Most jobs on Mturk have very low payment rates because of their simplicity. High paying jobs are also available but they take longer to complete.  Some jobs pay as low as $0.1 but they can be completed in a few seconds. As an Mturk worker, your goal should be to perform several of these tasks within one hour so that you can make a more substantial amount. For example, if you choose a $0.1 HIT that can be completed in 20 seconds, you can easily do three every minute and 180 in one hour. This means that if you work for one hour, you can easily make $18. HITs are posted regularly and some hits can have thousands of tasks.

How Amazon Mechanical Turk workers are paid

The moment you submit your HIT, Mturk will transfer money from the requester’s account into your worker account. You have two withdrawal options. Your money can be withdrawn into your Amazon gift card account which can be used to make purchases on and affiliated websites. You can also choose to withdraw your money through your bank account. Sometimes, you can receive bonuses for doing a good job. A lot of companies will add a bonus to your payment if they are happy with your work.

You can see how easy it is to make money online using Amazon Mechanical Turk. It can easily provide you with a few hundred dollars every month depending on the amount of time you spend working on the site. Some freelancers who spend a lot of time on this site make more than two thousand dollars every month. You can easily make this type of money if you choose writing jobs. Keep Mturk open in your browser and refresh it from time to time so that you can know when high paying HITs are uploaded.

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