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You Can Earn A Living Through Audio Transcription

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If you have good listening and writing skills, you can make money online through audio transcription services. This type of work is particularly good for individuals who want to work from the comfort of their homes. You have the flexibility to choose your own work hours and pick jobs that you can easily fit into your schedule. What you will be doing is transcribing audio recordings and files into text.

Finding clients

The starting point is to search for clients who have audio transcription jobs. You can find these clients on several websites and this will make it possible for you to make money online through audio transcription. You can search on Google for websites that offer transcription jobs. These jobs are available on companies such as Transcription 2000, Express Document Services, and so on. You can also get jobs from
freelance work sites.

Choose the type of transcription you can do

Transcription jobs are usually classified into categories so you have to choose jobs from the category that you are comfortable with. Some of these categories include legal transcription, medical transcription and general transcription. Medical transcription is given to individuals who have a background in medical services. General transcription can be done by almost anybody and it is usually the easiest.

Send in your application

Once you have found a company that has the type of jobs that you can do, you have to send in an application. Your application should be accompanied by a well written resume. Your resume should highlight your strong points and make it easy for the prospective employer to see why you are suitable for the position. You do not need a resume if you want to sign up with a freelance job site but you will have to build an attractive profile.

You have to be organized

When you start to make money online through audio transcription, it is important to create a daily schedule for working on your projects. The projects you will be given will have deadlines and a daily schedule will enable you to complete them on time. It is also important to do your work in an area of your home that is free of distractions. Most of the files that will be given to you will be in .wav format. You need a quiet environment where you can listen to the audio files. Some files will be sent to your email while some have to be accessed online.

Getting paid

The amount of money that you can make online through transcription services is dependent on the type of company that you work for and the jobs that are given to you. Some companies pay according to the number of hours that are required to complete each job while some simply pay per project.

It is vital to become familiar with the rules and policies of any company that you work for. If you follow these tips, you will soon start to make money online through audio transcription.

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