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Most Companies Around The Globe Are In Need Of Freelancers

The Web is filled with opportunities, hundreds and thousands of them, for you to make money but picking up the one which can be regarded as the best for you is often the most difficult thing for you to decide. Today, all big companies and individuals, especially from US and Europe, are coming online to outsource their work. With so many diverse projects at hand, they do not aim for hiring someone with full time employment services; rather desire to find people who can volunteer for their projects, get the work done on time, take money and go!

Who Is A Freelancer?

With so many hands volunteering their services, it becomes easy for the company to find someone who could do their work in a lesser amount, meet the deadlines and ensure quality along. A person offering his service in this regard is termed as a freelancer, a sort of a contractor who gets paid the stated amount on the completion of the task assigned by the company trusting in his capabilities. No doubt freelancers are able to make handsome money by the end of the month if they have a high level of skill in their own field and a drive for work.

Freelancer Coders Are The Most Sought After Freelancers

Programmers, coders or developers, whatever you may choose to say, are the highly paid freelancers as they are always in demand. Most of the companies are always in search of a freelance coder who could build some desktop or mobile or web based applications for them, who could assist them in writing queries for their database or develop a website for their organization. They want excellent brains like you that can write and sell codes to them and make money, a considerable figure.

If you’re an untried developer, new to this field and you are thinking of starting your career as a freelance programmer or even if you ought to be a highly experienced developer with lots of spare time at hand and wish to utilize it most fruitfully; then I must tell you becoming a freelancer is not a child’s game. There may be 100s like you volunteering for the same project, you need to sell your skills and talent and give them a perfect reason for selecting you to complete their project. Following are some tips which will turn out to be rewarding in your journey of becoming a freelancer coder, to be clear, a successful one.

Guidelines On How To Make Freelance Coding A Booming Business

  1. Giving Your Freelance Coder Career A Great Start

Giving your freelance career a start is the most challenging step; there may be days before you start to earn through this kind of job. It is so because it takes time, sufficient time, for any company in quest of a freelancer, to trust on your skills and realize your capabilities.

Build A Portfolio To Show Off Your Coding Skills

Thus, your first step here will be to have a portfolio, a detailed one and equally impressive. It should speak out your talent offering the employer a perfect match for their project. Display the samples of your work, code snippets in your portfolio revealing the fact that a mastermind coder sits inside you. Being a green developer, it is possible that you may not have many work samples to show, but do exhibit even the little contribution you made to a team project and how it helped the assignment become a success.

Develop A Website To Endorse Yourself

Build a website or even a blog works well, to promote yourself. Let people know you and like the quality of your work at the same time. Write and share code on your website with other developers, this will bring in more attention. Use your blog to write articles to disclose your experiences as a coder or you may talk about how you developed some software, how some bug crept in and how it took you days to successfully make it work. Reveal your contact details so that companies and individuals in need of you, wanting to make use of your programming skills can reach you.

  1. Where Can I Find Freelance Coding Projects?


Freelancing Websites Are The Perfect Solution

The best place where someone skilled can really find work are the freelancing websites; Freelancer, Elance, ODesk, RentACoder are some of the many sites helpful in this regard. Register yourself on a freelancing website and provide there enough information about yourself; speak about your educational qualifications, your skills, the niche area where you command respectable expertise, it may be as a software developer or a web developer or as a database developer, the projects you have worked on, may be solely or in a team, to attract the attention of the prospective clients.

Working Of Freelancing Sites In Brief

Companies and individuals on the lookout for talented people use these sites to upload their projects giving an estimate of the total cost of their projects. Many candidates like you bid on these projects, out of which the client selects the one matching his requirements in the best way and closes the bid. On the completion of the project you are paid the amount you bid, only if you manage to satisfy the client totally and complete all the tasks assigned to you timely. A small portion of the money you earned is taken up by these freelancing sites.

  1. Handling The Clients – The Experience Can Be Good Or Bad

Working on freelancing websites gives a boost to your career; you make money, earn enough confidence in your skills and even win that of your clients, beneficial for you in gaining the future projects, but most importantly what you gain through this work is experience. An experience working on that language, you chose and also in handling the clients. You may not think of this when you are bidding blindly, without giving much thought, on their project, but your conduct with the client will decide whether you can complete the project timely, if you are entitled for the assigned amount and whether you should be considered by the client for future prospects.

Following the tips given below will give you a delightful experience of handling the clients, the experience which will be amply rewarding for you in the long run, even in full time employment in a reputed firm.

Communicate With The Client

It is important and advisable at the same time to be in contact with your client. Though it is impossible for you to communicate too much with the client, exchange a few words with him whenever possible. Show him the progress of your work on his project, request for his valuable suggestions and keep the client well informed even if it seems that you would be a little late in delivering the project to him. This will build confidence in the person hiring you, making him realize how much efforts you are taking to satisfy your customer. Even if you strike up with something innovative that can be added to his project in the given time frame, share your ideas with him and wait for his approval. This will reflect your interest in his work and creativity too.

Be Polite And Well Mannered When Talking To The Client

Be humble and polite with the client in every situation. There may be a situation when the client may suggest an unwise or better say ridiculous addition or change to his software; remain calm and make him understand in the most gentle way possible why such a thing can’t happen or why it may not work for his project, don’t simply let him feel that he is stupid. Make sure you’re selective about the choice of your words and do not offend him in any way. No doubt he is your boss at that time and as popularly said, bosses are always right!

Be Wise In Your Selection Of Project And What Amount You Chose To Bid For It

  1. Find A Project With Skills That Counts As Your Strong Points

Select to bid on a project that is meant for you; you must excel in the skills required by the client for the completion of his project. Suppose, you are comfortable working on the .Net platform and may have no or minimum knowledge of Java, just being excited by the niche it belongs to and may be the amount the client is offering, you opt to bid on a project involving the use of highly advanced Java. You, being a beginner need to find tasks that you are an expert in so that you can complete it timely and satisfy the customer as well, this will bring in more “green stars” to your account.

  1. Bid Wisely For The Project

At the start of your freelancing career as a coder, it is recommended to bid an amount as low as you can manage with. It is indeed difficult to realize that your time isn’t any worth but that’s how an IT world goes about; with no prior experience in the field, you are not entitled to even a decent pay. So keep your hourly rates low at the onset, your major goal for the first few months ought to be getting experience, a precious commodity indeed. With excellent work samples and radiant testimonials, you can demand a much higher fee for your service, but wait for the correct time to strike the clock.

  1. Do Not Take Up An Impractically Deadline Project

It is widely observed that people with no experience as a freelancer do not pay heed to the deadline set by the client for the completion of his project. Relevant required skills and a big amount promised is enough to catch hold of their interest, without thinking that it may be impossible to finish the given task in the time left at hand. Jumping upon such projects will just waste your time and would earn a bad name to your account, as surely enough you’re no magician who would just turn his magic wand and here the project is ready in no time!! Be practical and reasonable enough when making decisions.

  1. Learn To Be Disciplined And Well-Organized

Prepare a time table for yourself to decide how many hours each day you need to give to your project in order to complete it before the deadline is reached. Do not create a situation for yourself where you keep postponing the work until tomorrow and when the time comes to communicate the progress of your project to the client, you hardly have any matter ready to showcase. This will make the clients lose their trust on you. Moreover, doing all the work at the last moment results in poor quality of work. Hence learn to organize your time wisely and be disciplined.

  1. Keep Your Skills Up – To – Date


Belonging to the IT sector and that too when you are a programmer, it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest technologies coming up in the market. For instance, if you’re a .net developer using visual studio 2005 to make your projects, then you need to practice using the other higher versions of vs introduced by microsoft. There are always some more features added to the new technologies which can help you make your work simpler. It may be possible that initially what required you to do hard code is now available as a feature in the latest version. Thus it’s important to revise your skills from time to time.

Try and learn more programming languages since the language requirement of each client differs. If you excel in .net languages, then enroll in an online course on java, if you work on sql server then now aim for oracle, if you use html 4 to show off your website designing skills, then now consider html 5 or even asp.net.  The more you learn, the more will be the opportunities available to you to choose from. Getting hold on greater number of software enhances your rank and brings in more clients and hence more money.

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