What You Should Know About Making Money With Google Adsense

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Google Adsense still remains one of the best ways to monetize online content on blogs and websites. This is the most popular PPC program online that enables webmasters (Adsense publishers) to earn money when visitors click on the adverts that are shown on their websites. Approval is one of the main problems that are faced by people who want to make money with Adsense. It might not be easy for you to make money with Google Adsense if you are ignorant of Adsense best practices.

The age of the website

Getting an Adsense account is your first priority if you want to make money with Google Adsense. It used to be easy to get approved but things have changed nowadays. There are a lot of things that Google considers before approving a site for Adsense. If you do not want your site to be rejected, there are a few things that you should know. Let your blog be at least three months old before you submit it. The older your website is, the more likely it is for your account to be approved. Google waits for three months before accepting new domains in order to establish domain ownership. This will not be a problem for you if you are using a subdomain of another website or a Blogger blog.

Type of content

It is also important to have a lot of articles on the website that you submit for Google Adsense. You should have at least twenty posts. These posts should also be your original work and must not be copied content from other websites on the internet. If you want to use content from article directories, wait until your account has been approved.

Make regular posts

During the period preceding your application, you should make regular posts on your blog. This should be at least once a week. Some people suggest that you write blog posts daily but this is rather extreme. Most people do not have the time to post on their blogs every day. It is alright if you can make just one post every week. This will create a record of consistency that will work in your favor when you apply for an Adsense account.

You should have decent content

Google does not approve sites that have gambling and pornographic content. There are also other offensive contents that are not accepted. These include bigotry, hate, racial discrimination and x-rated materials. You should not use spun content on your website. Ensure that your articles are written in correct English that is readable by human beings. Don’t use auto blogging software on your blog until you are approved.

These are some of the factors that will help you to get approved so that you can start to make money with Google Adsense. When you get your account, you will have to learn how to optimize your ads so that you can make more money. It is also vital to follow the Adsense TOS so that your account will not be banned.

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